Food Reviews – Madam Saigon

Had dinner at Madam Saigon Millenia Walk yesterday.

Bf and I were disappointed, really.

We didn’t order much because we were still feeling full from our late lunch (Toastbox @ MBS). Plus, the small bites were about the same or more expensive than the main course which we thought, wasn’t really value for money.





This order was a HUGE MISTAKE! We’d though the spring rolls would be fried but goodness…! We loathed this spring roll because it’s filled with loads of bean sprouts, disgusting peppermint leaves (I think?) and the skin somewhat similar to soon kueh, is quite hard, dry, stiff and difficult to chew.

Sauce for the spring rolls. Tasted like the sweet sauce for chee chong fun.

Bf’s sliced beef and meat ball noodles πŸ™‚
I’m not a really a fan of beef Β and definitely not for meat balls.

My chicken noodles. Wanted something light on the stomach πŸ™‚

Interesting cover caps for the condiments πŸ™‚
Both noodles are not value for money. They tasted just like any other normal noodles which you can get it at a cheaper price at food courts/hawkers/coffeeshops.

But I shall not complain about the price since the restaurant was located at Millenia Walk and well, it’s a restaurant.

Nevertheless, I won’t recommend anyone to patronise Madam Saigon and I doubt I will eat there ever again 😦

Overall rating :


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