Lifestyle – Speak Up! – Chinese man sues wife for being ‘ugly’

You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen this piece of news on the front page of My Fat Pocket a few days back or perhaps chanced upon it on Yahoo! News etc.

When I first got to know about this absurdity, lots of flash thoughts flooded in and I took great interest in it.

The first question that got to my mind was, on what grounds on divorce did Jian Feng (ex-husband/plaintiff/petitioner) file his petition?

Having to have studied English Law (Family Law was my favourite subject!) back in law school and had few months of internship experience with Singapore’s Family Law,  it’s no surprise that I started to dig up more info…

Perhaps the word ‘Divorce’ was loosely used because being ugly amounts to no grounds to file for a divorce. The right term would be an annulled marriage. Now, what’s the difference between an annulled marriage and a divorce? Read it here (Singapore Law) and here (English Law).

So technically speaking, based on the grounds for a voidable marriage under English Law and Singapore Law, ‘being ugly’ could be catgorised under the the ground that ‘either of you did not validly consent to it, whether in consequence of duress, mistake, unsoundness of mind or otherwise’.

Mistake as to the identity of the party that is.

Following English Law,  a mistake as to the identity of the other party is generally sufficient to make a marriage voidable, but a mistake as to his attributes, or as to the effect of the marriage, is not.

The word ‘attributes’ would surely cover appearance unless the petitioner mistook the other party as someone else, for example, Lin Chi-ling or Zhang Ziyi.

Taking great interest and adopting a holistic overview, I took the liberty to research on PRC Family Law.

Chapter 4 of the Marriage Law of PRC Article 32 states :

Article 32:  Where either the husband or wife applies to get divorced, the departments concerned may make mediations, or he or she may file a suit at the peoples court for divorce. The peoples court shall make mediations in the process of hearing a divorce suit; divorce shall be granted if mediation fails because mutual affection no longer exists. Divorce shall be granted if any of the following circumstances occurs and mediation fails: a) either party is a bigamist or a person who has a spouse but co-habits with another person; b) there is family violence or maltreatment or desertion of any family member; c) either party is indulged in gambling, drug-abuse or has other vicious habits and refuses to mend his or her ways despite of repeated admonition; d) both parties have lived separately due to lack of mutual affection for up to two years; e) other circumstances that have led to the nonexistence of mutual affection as husband and wife. If either party has been declared by court as to be missing and the other party applies to be divorced, divorce shall be granted.

I know the gazillion words are boring you out and the topic might not be of any interest to you, but technically speaking, pursuant to Art 32 stated above, false pretences by the wife can’t possibly fall under any of the categories (a) to (e). But to squeeze the law dry, perhaps (e) is the most probable, but it does state ‘mutual’ affection. The husband certainly did not feel any affection towards his ex-wife and most probably resent towards her right now…

Plus, under ‘Voidable’ marriage, in Chapter 2 Article 11, it does not state on what grounds can a marriage be annulled but merely stated ‘intimidated marriage’. Whatever definitions provided for by PRC Law, surely ‘being ugly’ could not have intimidated the husband right? 😉

So, the judge allowed the divorce based on ‘False Pretense’ (Extracted from Yahoo! News and My Fat Pocket) which does not belong to any of the grounds for a voidable marriage nor for a divorce petition.

And apart from filing a divorce and being granted his wish, the ex-husband went on to sue the ex-wife as well. Perhaps under Contract Law – under Misrepresentation, but surely it does not make sense, albeit a marriage is a contract? Offer, Acceptance, Consideration and Intention to create legal relations are the elements of a formation of a valid contract. And because the ex-husband sued her, he was awarded a whooping sum of $120k in total. By a male judge of course.

A marriage contract should not be seen as just a contract, what more a commercial contract.

All that ‘sanctity of marriage’ lovey-dovey is all crap.

And apart from that, women in China can still be said to face sex discrimination and anti-feminism is still being drowned under waters. Read here for another similar interesting article.

 “Law is the highest reason implanted in Nature, which commands what ought to be done and forbids the opposite.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero (106–43 B.C.) 

Is this then really true? In all honesty, it’s really the people who create and command..

Lifestyle – Speak Up! – Cab drivers in Singapore earning up to $7k/month

If you have been active on social media as well as reading the newspapers, you would be familiar with this ‘hot’ topic right now in our sunny island.

$7k a month? Yes, that’s right and your eyes ain’t playing any tricks on you.

This juicy piece of news sparked up interests, filling in the public’s curiosity and even, virtual commentators as usual.

It all started when The Straits Time published this article “Ex-manager earns $7,000 a month as cabby” and in came the usual uproar, spamming social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and what not.

You know, the usual popularisation of such eye-catching news, just like the Amy Cheong incident, the late Dr Richard Teo who pours out touching stories and sharing his memorable thoughts as a cancer victim or another similar story like how Sakae Sushi is offering a $3k salary to dishwashers… Well, you get the drift.

How are such stories an eyesore to the public, in particular, jobs we consider as ‘lowly-paid’ ones that are allowing such employees to earn such an amount considering the lower job requirements? Those slogging their asses off are definitely cursing and swearing but should this be the case?

Back to them main story of this post, the public is certainly awed with such a fact – $7k/mth and questions its credibility as well as truthfulness.

Well, it is understandable that the public is believing what they have read, half-heartedly because such successful stories are considered to be a one-off kind of thing.

Try reading this article and you would understand why.

Cab drivers, similar to sales executives, are driven by the profits they make.

Driving for 12 to 15 hours a day is really no joke and personally, I have experienced several bad encounters as a cab passenger. You can’t blame me for complaining when the cab driver is repeatedly dozing off whilst driving and the car is swaying left and right! Can you imagine how dangerous it was – for both the cab driver as well as myself?

I understand that they want to earn as much as possible, but the stark difference between cab drivers and other sales executive – running on their feet, hungry for $$, is that the former faces much more danger and higher risk to his/her life in their job when they are worn out. They are maneuvering a vehicle for goodness sake and accidents do happen!

Apart from that, such one-off successful story shouldn’t be made a sweeping statement, “Let’s all quit our full-time job and be a cab driver la! Can earn $7k leh!”

Unless you are prepared to face fluctuating income (same as commission-based earners), sit (I feel you, desk-bound ppl!) and drive for 12 to 15 hours, 5 to 6 days a week, risk your own life as well as others’, face ugly customers/ppl (can’t be helped, applies everywhere…) etc, let us all try to appreciate our current job a little more, shall we? 😉

Plus, as the case has always been, we should always read whatever news with a pinch of salt.

Happy mid-week people!

P.S. I know I havent been posting up Food reviews recently.. Maybe I’ve been missing out on all the good food… 😦 But will be posting up the next review very soon! So stay tuned! 😀



Vanity Trove November 2012

Beautiful surprises come knocking on my door every month with awesome beauty care products!

Pamper yourself with monthly surprise gifts with Vanity Trove! 🙂

Vanity Trove Nov 2012 edition comprises  of :

1)  Za‘s Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel (Sample)

2) Ichikami‘s Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Treatment samples

3) Skin Inc‘s Pure Happy Hand Dew (50ml, full-sized)

4) Mekhala‘s Soothing Tamarind Facial Cleanser (15ml)

5) A pair of Adore‘s sanitary napkins for night and day

6) Uriage‘s AquaPRECIS Moisturizing Refreshing Cream Gel (5ml)

7) Some samples of BRTC‘s BB Creams and gel

8) Discount voucher for Mekhala and BRTC

The first thing which wow-ed me was the Skin Inc’s product because I’ve always wanted to try out Skin Inc’s stuffs for the longest time! 🙂 Plus, comparing the sizes, it’s the only thing that makes the $25 worth while!

But come to think of that, seems like pathetic receiving sample sizes for the rest… 😦

The samples of BB Creams were the least to excite me since I don’t use BB creams/liquid foundations. Compact powder FTW 🙂

The rest are fine I guess, good to try out new products in search of other holy grail beauty care loots 🙂 But not advisable for those who have sensitive/acne prone skin.

I’ve to discontinue the automatic payments made to Vanity Trove which I did for Bellabox since I’m running out of space in my room for all these beauty treats!

Like now.

Nevertheless, enjoy your beautiful surprises! 😀


Officially a blogger at My Fat Pocket! :)

As the title suggests, I am now blogging at My Fat Pocket, together with other awesome bloggers!

So, do check out my updates on this url link instead! 🙂


Jean ❤

Sponsored Beauty Review – Secret Key Snail + EGF Skin care series

Finally, I have found my holy grail for oil-control products!!!

It’s none other than Secret Key’s Snail + EGF Repairing Series!!!

I know there are many skincare products that are value-added with these snail extracts/essence and I know you might just be cringing away while reading this – the same I did when I first found out about the recent new discovery of snail extracts used in skincare products. Cruel, disgusting and what not.

But but but, you’ve to hear me out on this! Or well, at least read on… Because I am extremely satisfied and pleased with Secret Key’s Snail + EGF Repairing Series!!!

As you might already know, my skin belongs to the combination type category, so it gets oily along the T-zone areas (Forehead, Nose and Chin). This results in constant touching up on powdering my face, which is highly discouraged since the more you pile on, the more prone your pores are to get clogged, which leads to whiteheads/blackheads, pimples and annoying acne!!!

With Secret Key’s Snail + EGF Repairing Series, I find myself touching up lesser and the awesome thing is, it sorts of mattifies your skin! From its toner, to its emulsion, to its essence and gel cream, none of them leave any oily feeling nor any residue on your face! I now wake up to a less oily face in the morning! I’m really sooo elated to have been sponsored with such great products! 🙂 Of course, I’m not flooding compliments only because the items were sponsored. Even sponsored reviews are subjected to my unbiased and open opinions 🙂 I can vouch via my my previous reviews!  So no worries on that! 😀

I was sent Secret Key’s Toner, Emulsion, Essence, Gel cream as well as the Eye cream 🙂

Below are more info on Secret Key’s Snail + EGF Repairing Series 🙂

Toner :


  1. Apply using cotton pad instead of hands/fingers – less hassles
  2. Absorbs well into the skin
  3. Dries out fast enough for the next skincare step – Moisturise
  4. Bottle made of plastic – easy to handle


  1. It’s a tad oiler than water-based toner
  2. Getting it out is a little troublesome because it does not have a nozzle-spray but a small opening on the bottle

Emulsion :


  1. Feels light on skin
  2. Cream-based but not over-creamy and no oily texture
  3. Bottle made of plastic – easy to handle


  1. Getting it out is a little troublesome because it does not have a nozzle-spray but a small opening on the bottle

Essence :


  1. Small open bottle, easy to carry around. Perfect for travelling.
  2. Doesn’t leave any white residue
  3. Bottle made of plastic – easy to handle
  4. 1 full pump is sufficient for the application of the whole face


  1. Smaller size than emulsion

Gel Cream :


  1. Small open bottle, easy to carry around. Perfect for travelling.
  2. Doesn’t leave any white residue
  3. Bottle made of plastic – easy to handle
  4. Gel-based is definitely lighter than cream-based
  5. Cool feeling when applied on skin – soothing feel.


  1. No nozzle spray, round and broad open container makes application a little difficult

Eye Cream :

  1. Small open bottle, easy to carry around. Perfect for travelling.
  2. Cool feeling when applied on skin – soothing feel.


  1. No nozzle spray, round and broad open container makes application a little difficult
  2. Only bottle made of glass – heavier and to be handled with care
  3. No immediate effects – to be applied and monitored over a period of consistent usage

Overall review : As skin care products are to be used together in terms of their same series as they carry out the same properties and functions, thus assisting one another in achieving their promised benefits, using Secret Key’s Snail + EGF Repairing Series together is highly encouraged as well! 🙂

Secret Key’s Snail + EGF Repairing Series really helps to keep the oil at bay, beneficially mattifies your skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth and more supple!

Overall rating :

If you have been wanting to try out Secret Key’s products, visit Secret Key’s shop at Qoo10 now! They carry other series such as the White Pearl Illuminating series, NEW Stem cell Multi Triple BB Cream,  Nutrition Cream and  Pore Brush as well! Selling myriads of Secret Key’s products which you would definitely be spoilt for choice! :)

Happy shopping at Qoo10 with Secret Key today! :D

Sponsored Beauty Review – Nails Etcetera with Priscilla!

Did another manicure session with Nails Etcetera with Priscilla! You may read my previous post on the previous designs I did with Priscilla! 🙂

Removed my previous gelish nails for around 1 hr and then proceeded with my new designs! The removal process was quite straightforward but during the soaking period, my nails felt it was burning! I guess this is quite normal for removing gelish nails? Haha!

Anyway, pictures! 🙂

Wanted something more outstanding with different combination of colours, so chose this design! 🙂

By the way, Priscilla has recently invested in this Gelish Nail dryer which offers shorter drying and waiting time! Really amazing! I was really impressed! 🙂

One of Priscilla’s most expensive investment… Definitely worth it! 🙂

So, if you are looking for excellent professional nail services, why not give Nail Etcetera a try today?

Quote my name ‘Jean Gan’ to be entitled to 10% discount with Nail Etcetera!

You may also wish to check out other awesome designs by Priscilla on her blog and Facebook Fan page!

Priscilla is also currently having a rewards programme which allows you to redeem  a Free Express Gelish Manicure!

It’s very simple to qualify, just follow these steps :

Nails Etcetera -Home Based Nail Salon located inAnchorvale, Sengkang

Operating Hours:

Monday – Saturday
10am / 2pm / 4pm / 7pm
(Appt. after 9pm is available on Fri & Sat)

Sunday & PH
10am / 2pm / 4pm

Contact info : 97267125/


Warmth you had filled my life with

is now long gone way before we knew it

A straight path we have tried to writhe

Memories buried down the pit.


Why? You would often ask me

Furthering heights of disappointment

An escapist wanting to flee

A constant spiral silly movement


Perhaps it was all that denials

Heartlessly wrenched our hearts

and painfully burst our bubbles

Could this just be the very start?


The beginning of the very end

Dreadful days of darkness not to spend

Not a single moment we can still pretend

Perhaps this could only be godsend.



Shed its leaves it has no heart

But feelings it has

Left unwarranted

Granted it was taken for


Grants it wished everyone

Constant giving

Unjustified kindness


of constant cadence

Who would remember it when it’s gone?

Buried would only be the memories, and only perhaps.

Yet they are still yearning for more.


Sponsored Beauty Review – Leaders InSolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask

When you are ill, you skin condition shows too. Despite having more then adequate rest while I was sick, my skin condition did not improve, but worsened. I had pale looking face which made my dark circles even more obvious 😦

To pamper myself, I decided to mask but which mask should I use?

One tip from me is that I usually buy masks which provides whitening, brightening, hydrating, oil-control, soothing and recently, anti-ageing (!!!) functions and decide as and when I want to choose which type to use. You must first understand your skin’s conditions and its needs before purchasing them. At different times, you skin condition changes with the weather, your lifestyle, the food you eat etc, so it’s very important to treat the needs correctly.

My pale skin was lacking in radiance and thus required one that offers both brightening and boosting of radiance at the same time.

Amongst the tonnes of masks I have, I picked Leaders InSolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask.

Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask key features:
• Strengthened Vitamin C derivative to revitalize tired skin
• Brightens skin tone, leaving skin soft, healthy and supple
• Paraben-free and dermatological tested

Suitable for all skin types.







Raves :

  1. Mask made of high quality
  2. Essence doesn’t drip and is of thick and viscous liquid
  3. Face felt really hydrated from removal of mask
  4. Face felt smooth and supple
  5. Instant brightening !

Rants :

  1. Face was much oilier when I woke up in the morning! 😦

Overall rating :

Despite the instant brightening, my face was so much oilier in the morning! 😦

Nevertheless, it could be due to the mixture of the essence and the moisturiser I’d used.

For instant brightening, get your Vita Bright mask from Cossy today! 😀

Check out these awesome Facebook fanpages for more updates and details!
And don’t forget to show your support by liking them! 🙂
Leaders InSolution

It’s time to start pampering your skin if you haven’t already have! 😀

Cheers to great skin and more to come 🙂


Are facial toners really necessary?

My jaws dropped in horror whenever I hear ladies confidently telling others how they don’t tone their skin with facial toners after cleansing it.

Well, unless you have perfect flawless skin, don’t even think about it, especially if you fall under these categories :

  • combination skin,
  • oily skin,
  • acne prone skin,
  • dehydrated/dry skin or
  • you are a heavy make up user

Whether facial toners are a necessity in the skincare regime has faced fierce debates by professionals and you can’t just sit on the fence. You need to decide what’s beneficial for your skin!

As technology advances and knowledge widened, alcohol ingredients are a big NO-NO in skin care products. More has been done to developed facial toners, even excluding alcohol content.

How do facial toners benefit your skin?

If you are thinking of doing away facial toners, then you might just be skipping an opportunity to add essential moisture or extra antioxidants to boost your skin health.

Toners help to remove the last trace of makeup or dirt off your face, especially if you are using heavy make up such as liquid foundation which clogs pores, tighten pores and refresh the skin.

It also helps to rejuvenate the skin, acts as an anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant protection and prevents breakouts.

The conclusion is, facial toners which are alcohol-free are worth the shot. Alcohol based toners tend to strip the skin and as a result the skin produces a sudden rush of oil to restore better balance. This creates a vicious cycle of feeling oily, using an excessively strong toner, and then feeling the need to remove the surge of oil production with more toner.

And facial toners come in handy in the absorption of essence, especially from masking! 🙂

My personal recommendation of toner would be Hada Labo Whitening Lotion New Nano Formula which I blogged about recently 🙂


So think twice before saying no to facial toners! 😉