Food Review – Seoul Yummy

This is an outdated entry post on food reviews.

Dined at Seoul Yummy few weeks ago at the M2 branch at Novena.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Korean Food because I can’t take much spicy food. 😦

So anyways, here are the pictures!

Spicy ricecake. It was quite spicy for me 😦

Some pancake. Tasted so-so.

Fried fish was alright 🙂

Spicy vermicelli… Nearly died!

Non-spicy vermicelli, ate the wrong one and had the spicy one above instead. 😦

Beef spicy steamboat.

Appetitisers. The anchovies were irresistible! 😛

Pork spicy steamboat.

Can’t remember wth was this?!

] Dessert! The red bean was alright but the green (can’t rem if it’s green tea or peppermint flavour) was outrageous!!! UGH!

This is prolly my 2nd or 3rd time dining at Seoul Yummy and Korean food isn’t quite my cuppa tea.

Overall rating :

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