Sponsored Beauty Reviews – Sexylook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was sponsored by Secretive.sg with 2 brands of masks, namely Lovemore and Sexylook.

You can read my reviews on the Lovemore Pearl Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask here 🙂

Tried on the Sexylook one this time round and am more satisfied compared to the Lovemore mask.

A box of 5! 🙂

Always read the ingredients and functions of the products you are buying.

As it was my first time wearing a mask with ear hooks, I sought help from these simple instructions and am really thankful for such useful assistance. I think it’s a very good idea to have them 🙂

There were remaining essence but mask was not dripping wet 🙂

Quality of mask is good 🙂

I know understand why most masks dont fit around my cheek areas because of my face shape. These areas are sort of sunkened in. Disgusting I know…

Ear hooks! I didn’t bother to straighten up the mask.. LOL


1. Quality of the mask is good. Thick material. Not flimsy.

2. Ear hooks are perfect for people who likes to multi-task while masking. Not recommended to sit up while masking though as your skin will be more prone to sagging. Ear hooks provides security and prevents it from slipping off.

3. Slight instant brightening of skin after the removal of mask

4. Remaining essence can be lathered and massaged gently onto face and neck.


1. Essence a little too rich and oily for me.

2. White residue formed but not sure if it was due to my own moisturiser (AquaLabel) after that.

3. Acne grown at my chin but I must disclaim that although it was already pending to exist before I used the mask, I think the oiliness did aggravate and encourage the growth of the acne 😦 It’s at the chin area anyway, oily T-zone area 😦

4. Face oilier when I woke up in the morning 😦

Overall rating :

Perhaps it’s more suitable for those with dry skin type. 🙂

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