Want flawless radiant skin that glows?

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Honestly, all my life, I’ve not been to any facials before and was extremely excited when Narava Beauty invited me down for a facial treatment. When asked why haven’t I step into beauty salons for facials, I answered that I didn’t see the need to as I do not have much skin problems except for common ones such as blackheads, whiteheads and oil T-zone (combi skin type). And most importantly, my terrible laughing lines and dark circles..! Other than that, I don’t have sensitive nor acne-prone skin.

Narava Beauty was founded in 2008 and is operated by 2 sisters, Isis and Persis who are extremely friendly and warm. Effortlessly, they make you feel at home when you attend your facial treatment sessions 🙂 Prior to Narava Beauty, both Isis and Persis have about 8 years experience as beauticians, so you can be rest assured that they are very experienced. They do know their products well too, which is very important so that they are in a favourable position to advise on the suitable products for your skin conditions. You need to know what products are beneficial and what are harmful to your skin and beauticians like Isis and Persis can help you with that.

Throughout my session, Isis attended to me and she took the effort to inform me before she applies / carries out anything on my face. With your eyes closed, insecurities and fear somewhat naturally creeps in, so it’s very important for beauticians to inform you beforehand of their actions as well as to constantly check on how you are feeling. And for that, I’ll applaud Narava Beauty for their excellent customer service! 🙂

Click here for pictures of their beauty salon room. Relaxing music was played throughout the whole session and you can’t blame me for dozing off during masking! :p

Apart from facial treatment, I was also given nice soothing massage on my face, head and shoulders!

For my treatment type, I was treated with Mimical Control Q10 Facial.

This treatement type takes approx 90minutes.

Mimical Control Q10 Facial

BOTOX ALIKE TO MINIMISE WRINKLES – The ultimate treatment for plumping skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Pure collagen extracts deeply hydrate and plump the skin resulting in a fresh and dewy complexion. An application of face contour fluid firms the skin and improves the circulation. Leaves your skin clear, fresh and refined.

Read on for my detailed experience with Narava Beauty.

Before treatment :

You can see obvious freckles, large pores and oily areas on the T-zones. And I know I have lots of moles too =x

This was after the milk enzyme peeling and as you can see, the skin looks a little tad more radiant and brighter as milk has brightening properties. The enzymes also help in skin cells renewal 🙂

This was after the extraction of black heads, white heads and whatever stubborn impurities on my face, hence the slight redness of the skin. Picture was captured when I was undergoing soft laser treatment which helps to increase blood circulation and improve radiance on dull looking skin. Pain factor? Similar to ants bites and if you have undergone IPL sessions before, yup, the feeling is about the same.

Laser treatments are more useful than DIY masks or sheet masks because the light beams are able to penetrate into the epidermis and dermis of the skin, basically up to 2 layers skin deep. This is very important because targetting surface problems will not provide a long-term solution to skin problems. You will need to target layers deep down of the skin to prevent the furthering of the same problems in the future.

I had to get my dark circles fixed and Narava Beauty was very kind to offer me this awesome eye treatment. My eye muscles were relaxed by the soothing massage of icy cold natural crystals from Germany! This eye treatment is known as the Glacier crystal eye treatment. Massages help to improve blood circulation around the eyes which gives you brighter looking eyes!

I was then given an intensive mask treatment where the liquid hardens into a solid mask thereafter which required approx 20mins. I dozed off during this period of time though, hee 😛 Before masking, I was also given ampoule essence treatment which contains skin cells renewal functions and skin whitening!

As you know, most sheet masks are not customised for your face shapes, and for this mask treatment, Narava Beauty customised the mask to fit snugly and perfectly on my face, which helps to better absorb the nutrients and essence of the mask. It also extended to my neck which had some fine lines as well. The woes of ageing 😦

A comparison of before and after treatment :

1. Circled in red – Before treatment, there were lots of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and after treatment, lesser if not completely no more blackheads and whiteheads!

2. Circled in blue – Before treatment, large pores around my cheeks and after treatment, sizes of pores significantly reduced!

3. Circled in purple – Before treatment, obvious laugh lines even when I’m not er, laughing? Neither was I smiling. A straight face and the laugh lines were obvious. After treatment, reduce appearance of the annoying laugh lines! 😀

When I got home, I could see obvious difference on my skin, in that my face was brighter and a little more radiant. The next day, while applying make up, it was easier when glossing my foundation powder over my face as skin was smoother and more supple.  Do note that the redness would subside after a while so not to worry. There wasn’t any redness on my face the next day when I woke up.

Babor products I’ve used :

Narava Beauty uses high quality skin care products from Babor which were founded in 1955 and manufactured in Germany. Babor is the leading skin care system in continental Europe, and has a growing following in the North America market. With a full line of skin care, makeup and wellness products, Babor provides an individual path towards beauty. Working in harmony with nature, Babor combines dynamic concepts and effective products with its stringent quality control to help you bring out your true inner beauty. Today, Babor is one of the worlds leading brands in the professional skin care industry. It is represented in more than 60 countries around the globe at Babor institutes, exclusive distributors and day spas. Do google reviews on it. Cozycot forums provide some useful info and as you can see, Babor are well-known and highly raved amongst ladies ! 🙂

Do drop by their website to find out more treatments they offer!

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook fan page for updates too!

558 Hougang Street 51
Singapore 530558 

Tel: 9798 9839 / 9863 9799
*Appointment by booking only (ladies only)

Email: naravabeauty@hotmail.com

By Bus: 43, 109, 156, 159, 161, 101, 325

Nearest MRT: Buangkok MRT

Estimated walking distance from MRT: 7mins

Personally, I am very pleased with their products, treatments and most importantly, customer service! You can ask them anything and I assure you they are really very approachable and friendly! 🙂

Do quote my name “Jean Gan” to be entitled to 50% off  your first treatment trial! 🙂

Start pampering your skin now!


SMRT Bus Drivers on Strike!

So you’ve heard and seen it everywhere on the tv news, in newspapers and on social medias. Chinese drivers from China went on strike last Monday and as of today, 6 of them still didn’t turn up for work.

What sparked the strike was due to the comparison between Malaysian and Chinese drivers, which the latter argues that biasedness and unfairness played a major role in the salary differences they have.

Reason for the discrepancy is the welfare benefits (housing and transport) which Chinese drivers enjoy (although they claimed that the dormitories are unsatisfactory) and which Malaysian drivers do not.

Until the confirmation and verification of the dormitories, in particular, its quality and sanitation issues, I see no reason why Chinese drivers should be paid equally with Malaysian drivers, who indeed have to rush back to and fro from JB and Singapore. Furthermore, the poor hygiene could be also fueled by the Chinese drivers residents themselves? I won’t rule out that possibility.

It’s really similar to any other jobs where you look at BOTH the $$$alary as well as the other welfare benefits such as number of  leave days (annual leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, exam leave, hospitalisation leave, study leave) entitled, number of MCs, bonuses, dental claims, transport claims and so on…

So you see, it’s more of a give and take.

Plus, the $ charges for the dormitories and $ for transport costs are solely funded by the Govt at the end of the day, isn’t it? This simply equates to taxpayers’ money!

Whatever it is, all eyes are now fixed upon SMRT and their actions. And personally, I do not think we should easily give in to them for the potential abuses in the future. We can’t be accommodating to them each time they go on strike, isn’t it? Although there is a chronic shortage of manpower for bus drivers, there are easily other Chinese PRCs in Singapore. Finding replacements will not be tough but time is needed to fuel the sudden shortage of 200 PRCs if they quit/are fired. Out of the 1 million + foreign workers in Singapore right now, I’m quite certain Chinese PRCs make up most of it?

Don’t always be at their beck and call, otherwise, it would soon be their turn to call the shots, which most Singaporeans won’t be surprised.

My job as a Legal Counsel

If you do not already know, I’m currently working as a Legal Counsel(sometimes known as In-house Lawyers/Legal Advisors/Legal Consultants/Commercial/Corporate Lawyers) in 1 of Singapore’s public listed and established co.
Many friends have been inquiring on the job scope as a Legal Counsel, so for the benefit of the doubt of all, I shall pen them here today.

First and foremost, no, I didn’t plan this route, neither did I foresee myself  taking on this career 10 years down the road during my younger days and no, I didn’t plan to read Law back in Uni as well.

But I believe everything happens for a reason and initially, I read Law with the intention to sign on as a Police Officer. Yes, no joke. (Psst, I’m a rusty Black Belt Taekwondo Holder as well and used to work as a PT Tkd instructor before entering Uni).

But as time goes by, characters and mentalities change and mould you into a different person. What you wanted few years back might not be what you are still yearning for and more so, might not be what you are now.

The main role of a Legal Counsel is to advise the Company on legal matters especially vetting, reviewing and advising on contracts, which must mean that your legal knowledge must be at your fingertips. The responsibility of getting your company in the best legal position in any transactions or negotiations is shouldered upon you. Huge responsibility I must say.

But I won’t and can’t say that I do have everything at the back of my head yet since I was employed as a fresh graduate when I started as a Legal Counsel and so, have myriads to learn! Even my boss humbly told me once that she’s actually still learning as she goes along…

A common misconception is that all law graduates/lawyers/legal counsels are well-equipped with all kinds of laws, but little do they know the several different types of laws that exist. We don’t learn every single law back in law school, you know? The same goes for medicine graduates/doctors, most of them will be able to treat and advise on general illnesses but once specialisation kicks in, they might not be in a favourable position to do so.

Plus, I read English law, not Singapore law… As such I still have to read up on Singapore law too. Apart from that, since globalisation is at its prime, every now and then I’ve to read up on some international law as well.

I can’t say for sure that I foresee myself stuck at the same co, same job and same life 5 to 10 years down the road… Reading, reading and more reading of contracts/agreements do bore me out…! My eyesight and dark circles have also aggravated as a result. Reading off from the laptop tires out your eyes but reading hard copies is nowhere better too.

I’ve to say that this job might not be easy, but I am thankful for great colleagues and boss! I count myself really really lucky to have been handpicked by my boss who interviewed me during the job interview… And well, the $ is comfortably acceptable too. That is not to say that I had sucky colleagues before, I still did meet lots of great people out there when I was intern-ing and working as a Legal Executive (before graduation while waiting for results) before joining this current company.

Sometimes it’s not so much about the job that is difficult, it’s the people that are making life difficult for you. 

Sorry, just felt like babbling today and I know I ain’t that coherent today due to the lack of slp… :p

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Weekend Updates + Brunch Hideouts!

Hello! How was your weekend? I hope it was awesome like mine! 🙂

A little update on my life during the weekend which consists of events, places and food! 😀

What made me very happy was the surprise bf threw me and the brunch we had together on Saturday 🙂

He got me the 3D plush toys which I have been lemming for! Soooo adorable! I didn’t find them irresistibly cute when I caught the movie Despicable Me, but it was the trailer that got me hooked on them! I can watch it repeatedly and not get tired of it!

On top of that, bf got me my favourite waffles biscuits!

This is a MUST-TRY!!! It’s so fragrant and delicious that I can never resist! I swear by it! 😀

It’s these little sweet thoughtful actions that melt my heart… Ain’t the type that goes after materialistic desires. If I want to get a branded bag, I’ll get it myself. Moreover, monetary value doesn’t always top the charts. Simple inexpensive stuffs like these do melt girls’ hearts ya know? 😉

Brunch on Saturday was at Chock Full of Beans! You may also check out their official Facebook fan page here 🙂

Chock Full of Beans

4 Changi Village Road


Tel: 62148839

I have been having too much potatoes and eggs… Gotta watch the cholesterol levels (Yes, I have borderline high cholesterol, believed to be due to genetics :()

My Rosti with Mushrooms, Scrambled Eggs and Sausages! 🙂

Was greeted by this adorable Hello Kitty coffee art on my Iced Mocha! Lovely, really like it! 🙂

Close-up view of Kitty! 🙂

Bf’s Chock Full of Big Breakfast!


Bf’s Hot Mocha! I really like how CFOB attempts at perfecting their coffee art! 🙂

I had scrambled eggs with mushroom too a few days ago at Cedele, but I didn’t like to strong milk taste. Also, the egg was too yellow for my liking…A little scary! Haha!

Breakfast dish for my lunch at Cedele 🙂

Afterwhich, we went strolling at Changi Jetty and Changi Beach… ❤

Managed to capture Scoot Airplane! 😀

At night, we headed to Marina Barrage where we participated in Brooks Run Happy! Honestly, it was my best run because I almost vomited half-way through and I really meant it. Usually, I’m able to run a straight 5-km non-stop during my own leisure training but the race, I guess was packed with people and stress! Plus, it was my virgin experience in a run and my 1st night run ever! I was also on medication (thank god I’ve completed the course now!). I guess that was why my timing and endurance dipped so low. Quite disappointed actually, but honestly, my health isn’t very strong either. 😦

After this experience, I’m not too sure if I still wanna participate again in future runs/marathons. I think health/safety/life is much more impt than prizes.

Nevertheless, this is my first medal! 😀

I love how cute and unique the medal is! 🙂

Our medals. Guys and girls have different crown designs! How cute isn’t it! 😀 Our 1st run together and bf’s 3rd! 😛

And after that… We took some pictures at Marina Barrage, it was really dark so we had to hit some spotlights on…using iPhone’s torch light app! 🙂

Together with bf and his friends! 3 shorties and 1 tallie! 😛

Us! ❤

Us again! ❤

And feasted at Lau Pa Sat thereafter! 😀

So much food!!!

Didn’t manage to eat much after the run as I don’t usually have the appetite after exercising 😦 That explains the Laksa cup noodles I had for supper… :S

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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Love you guys and thanks for reading! 😀


Jean 🙂

Singapore ranks as world’s most emotionless society

You might have read this news on Yahoo! News, Channel News Asia, AsiaOneGuardian UK, or Business Week. Or perhaps, for those who are not religious news readers, you might have seen this being shared on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

So the question is, how true and accurate is this survey? As with any other surveys, I’ve always had this mentality to read it with a pinch of salt.

But anyways, such an emotion deficit should not be viewed in a myopic aspect as what Yahoo! News has in its write up. This article which results in negative judgment on Singaporeans, may relate to only Singaporeans and Singaporeans alone, but what has caught my attention is the article by Business Week.

Extracted from their website :

Eye-catching details which are mentioned at the very beginning of the article :

“Thanks to Singapore’s strength in finance, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other industries, its economy almost doubled in 10 years, making the country of 5.3 million people one of the world’s wealthiest, with per-capita gross domestic product of $33,530.”

And re-emphasised at its conclusion :

The bottom line: A Gallup poll shows that, despite per-capita GDP of $33,530, Singaporeans aren’t enjoying their prosperity.”

And then feel free to read on the comments below that article.

The bottom of the bottom line is the common question of whether can money buy happiness? Obviously, the drift in this article claims otherwise.

I am not ashamed to outrightly state that it is difficult to please Singaporeans who are hardly ever contented in their lives. It is difficult to find a positive Singapore who is 100% satisfied with life in general. However, if you have ever encounter such person, do introduce to me. I need to acquire inspiration from him/her 🙂

So which is which and what is it?


Decipher the formula and you would come to a conclusion that money may not be able to buy happiness, even if they do, it’s just egotistic materialism which is prevalent in Singapore, and perhaps some satisfactory.

However, I am quite sure with the ERPs, GST, Income Taxes, high costs of living… and the list goes on…without money, Singaporeans may never understand the meaning of ‘happiness’, ever in their life.

But how much money is sufficient?

There is no answer to that.

There is no yardstick used to measure one’s capability in the financial aspect. If you earn a comfortable income (even this has problems with its definition) to pay off your liabilities (house, car, kids, other expenses…) and still be able to save a satisfactory (?!) sum, would you think that you are financially-capable/independent/well-to-do?


And only because,

“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.” -Erich Fromm

Money is never enough/sufficient/adequate. You will keep wanting and yearning for more, more and MORE!

A little mixed up by the Business Week since “aren’t enjoying their prosperity” would denote a sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction compared to being “emotionless”. However, I do concur with  Business Week compared to Yahoo! News, which I dissent as I disagree on the criticisms (I’m assuming “nonchalance/care-less” is a negative connotation right?) that Singaporeans are nonchalance.

It could most probably be because we care so much about every aspect in life (hence, the non-stop complaints?) that we are a unhappy bunch.

We are not emotionless.

We are full of emotions.

Negative emotions (anger, stress, depressed, anxiety…) that is. 

Take a look at the roads during peak hours and you would understand what I mean 😉

Step-by-step Tutorial for the Removal of Gellish Nails

The only reason why girls opt for gellish nails is because of its durability. Gellish nails can last for weeks depending on how you maintain them. Of course, there will be empty spaces on your nail bed between your cuticles and the nail polishes as your fingernails grow over time. It may be unsightly but to me, what’s even more an eyesore would be how the gellish nails themselves, as in the designs and 3D designs do not last. Being anal and a selective perfectionist, such situation irks me. A little OCD there as well.

Manicure, we don’t just pamper our nails for the sake of pampering them, but also, I’m sure like most ladies, just by looking and admiring them day to day makes us happy! Such cheap thrills are easy happiness, don’t you think so? 😉

I did my gellish manicure with Priscilla at Nails Etcetera and I’d decided to remove them myself!

Removing gellish nails can be a pain in the ass! You will need alot of patience and strength to push out the softened gel nail polishes.

I googled for tips in removing gellish nails and Acetone nail polish removers are apparently used for that purpose. Using the normal nail polish removers will not work. This is also the reason why getting gellish nails done is also a hassle because you will have to head back to your manicurist to have them removed and which if it’s purely removal, there will be charges incurred. Most nail salons remove them for free only if you decide to continue engaging their manicure services.

I got my Acetone gel nail polish remover from Gmarket with this seller! Of course, like you, I do read up on reviews before ordering anything. So learn to shop smart! 🙂

The wonderful thing when ordering from this seller is that she provides instructions (very impt – but you can actually google it but thumbs-up for effort and customer service!) as well as the wooden sticks. She has mailed 5 wooden sticks which you would require to push out the gellish nail polishes once they are softened and weakened by the Acetone nail remover.

Essential equipments required :

1. Acetone nail polish remover

2. Wooden sticks

3. Cotton balls/pads (I didn’t have cotton balls so I’d used cotton pads instead)

4. Coarse nail filer

5. Aluminium foils

6. Smooth nail buffer

7. Cuticle oil ( I didn’t use this in the tutorial because I was just plain lazy =x But pls, do apply it if you have!)

Bf bought a set of the Onsen nail set for me few months back 🙂 I’ve always used this when I did my own manicure 🙂

Now as per the instructions, use the coarse nail filer to file the surface of your gellish nails till you get a rough surface. There will be alot of nail dust and might get a little messy, so do prepare some wet wipes just in case.

Next, damp the cotton pad/balls with the Acetone nail polish remover and make sure you apply sufficient amount, if not some areas might not be weakened and would be difficult to remove. After that, wrap it around the nail bed.

Now wrap it snugly with the aluminium foil around your whole fingernails. Make sure they are tightly secured otherwise, they might easily drop off and you would want to prevent any quick evaporation of the Acetone remover.

I know, they look like sausages ready to be BBQ-ed! 😀

Previously, Priscilla from Nails Etcetera  had gotten me to place my wrapped fingers into the UV nail lamp, but although I bought 1 myself, I didn’t use it. It was a little painful when I placed them in, so I thought I could make do without it.

Even without using the UV nail lamp, I felt a little tingling hot sensation.

You must also note that Acetone removers are harmful to your nails and some even disputed that they are harmful to your liver as well. But anyways, nails polishes and normal nail polish removers are harmful too. Basically, whatever chemicals you apply or consume (obviously referring to medicines and supplements!) generally, are not 100% beneficial to your body. 😉

You should see that your gellish nails partially peeled off. I didn’t apply sufficient Acetone that’s why the 1st application was not very successful. But since it was my virgin experience, I forgave myself 😛

Next, use the wooden stick to push the soft gellish nails.

I seriously loathe this step because it’s so difficult to push them out. I have soft brittle nails too so it’s like I’m totally ruining my nails. But then again, removal of gellish nails do destroy your nails!

See how cui they are? And this was even after when I buffed it with the soft buffer from Onsen!

And oh yes, I did cut my nails short as 1 of them broke before removing. Goodbye long nails 😦

I bet the 3rd step was redundant since I was going to repaint my nails anyway, but filing and smoothening them should do our nails good. At least the shininess made me happier somewhat (Self-denial).

From left to right : China Glaze Tantalise me, China Glaze Soft Globe and China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise (Used this on my toes nails!)

Of course, the essentials are not forgotten. Use them in every DIY manicure 🙂

From left to right : China Glaze Fast Freeze Quick Dry, Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat (Not really fancying this, need to source for better base coat. Any to recommend? :p) and China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

1. Apply base coat

2. Apply desired colour nail polish

3. Apply 2nd coat (esp if colour is faint)

4. Apply top coat

5. Apply snow globe nail polish

6. Apply top coat again

7. You can double apply top coat again if you want

8. Apply quick dry coat

I have very soft and brittle nails, so I have to apply several layers of top coat. I’ll have to apply nail hardeners soon too.

Result ?

I know I have ugly toes 😦

When worn with heels

I hope this DIY tutorial has helped you in one way or another! 😀

Thank you all for reading! 🙂 ❤

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P.P.S. : I will be sharing with you guys next on my shopping experience with Gmarket and which are the recommended sellers as well as those blacklisted ones! So if you do shop at Gmarket frequently, do keep a lookout! 🙂





I am so tired! :(

Yes, I’m so tired… Tired of falling sick and facing so many health problems.

I’m like having 4 swollen gums due to my wisdom teeth extractions, 2 ulcers (1 which I suay suay bit my tongue so hard that there were so much blood oozing out and that was before I visited the dentist for my extraction and another 1 which appeared after the dental work, cold sore (got this ever since I was in sec sch) and now my UTI problem is back again.

WTF seriously. Can life get any worse than this?

I’m gonna have to stock up on so many medications and supplements after work today.

Shit those Monday blues rainy seasons too…

Sometimes I wished I’d studied and majored in Medicine instead of Law since I fall sick so easily recently… That’s gonna be more useful than being equipped with Medicine knowledge right? 😦

This website is so gonna be my mantra from now onwards…!

Also, for those who are interested in wisdom tooth/teeth extraction, do read this useful website on the healing process! I’ve already broken so many of the “rules”…

Eating is really a chore! Making me really really pissed!!! >=(

It’s how shitty when others lose their appetite or can endure liquid diets but NOT ME! I’m like even hungrier than ever!

Anyway, I’m participating in Run Happy this coming Saturday! It’s a night run and it’s my first run! I can’t describe it as a marathon because technically, a marathon is a 42km run!

So yes, onward to a more healthy lifestyle from now onwards! I’ve been picking run training back recently and am glad my stamina is much better now… 5km non-stop is more like a breeze now. The run happy run that I’m gonna participate with my dear bf (it’s our 1st run together too! 😀 ) is a 9km run!

I hope to push and challenge myself to achieve better results!


But for now, I just hope to get much better… 😥

Hope your life ain’t as sucky as mine! 🙂

4 wisdom teeth extracted at one go!

Sorry, but did the title scare you? Haha!

Yes, I’ve finally plucked the courage to have ALL 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted at one go! For those who have experienced this before, I’m pretty sure you would understand the encounter.

For those who are contemplating/procrastinating of getting your wisdom tooth/teeth plucked, do read on…

I chose Q&M not only because it’s convenient for me but also because they could provide me with the earliest slot available. I booked on Wednesday afternoon for a Thursday night appointment.

The dentist who attended to me was Dr. Wang Kit Man. He was quite nice and took the effort to explain the procedures and charges to me. As I was the last patient (they close at 9pm by the way), Dr. Wang left only after everything was settled, as in even after the payment and all, which I thought was really responsible of him. He also attended to all my queries even when I was speaking with a numb tongue. He could understand my concerns well.

So, anyway what’s the difference between molar teeth and wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are actually the 3rd molar set of teeth that grows during the teenage or early adulthood period. I remembered my wisdom teeth grew our gradually over the years and every now and then, my gums would swell and hurt for a few days.

So, what pushed me to get them extracted?

While I was dining the other day at Thai Express, I felt as though my bottom right wisdom had broke and true enough, being the tooth that was plagued by severe cavity and decay, when removed, I verified that the decay had sort of eroded the teeth. 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth were decaying and quite severe, the last one facing slight decay as well.

Bloodied wisdom teeth.
Apologies if they scared the hell out of you! =x

After some washing. I’m not going to show you how decayed the teeth are for the fear of putting you guys off! :p

The extraction itself was not painful since the several jabs of anesthetics helped alot and the procedure was quite fast too! Before the extraction, you will have to endure the painful jabs of  anesthetics to help numb the gums. Don’t worry if your tongue is numb too, 3/4 of my face was numbed anyway! Even up to my ears! As I was extracting 4 wisdom teeth at one go, I had to endure 8 to 9 jabs of anesthetics, approx 2 on each side – 2 lower and 2 upper. The jabs were extremely painful!!! 😥

After the jab, I felt really weak and my whole face and lips were pale. I was then brought to have my X-ray done. The dentist would then advise if you will need to undergo a normal extraction or surgery.

As my wisdom teeth were not impacted nor embedded into the jaw bone, I guess I was lucky to have just undergone a normal extraction rather than a surgery. But problem is, my case is not claimable under Medisave, which also explains the reason why I am so broke now! 😦

Extracted from CPF website which states :

Medisave savings can be used for the following hospital charges:

  • Daily ward charges
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Surgical operations including the use of operating theatres; and
  • In-patient charges for medical treatment, investigations, medicines, rehabilitation services, medical supplies, implants and prostheses introduced during surgery
Normal extractions for wisdom teeth are rare cases, but I guess I was lucky since it’s not very painful (except for the jabs) and recovery process would be expedited compared to surgeries. But then again, it’s non-claimable, so… I guess you can never have the best of both worlds?
My colleagues were all so surprised that my face didn’t swell up alot and so claimed that it doesn’t even look swollen at all! Plus, I can still talk properly! Only thing is that I’ve to remind myself to abstain from hot food/drinks and also, food that are hard. Don’t think I can chew properly now but doesn’t affect me much. This would just have to go on for approx 2 days?
I’m glad I don’t like like a swollen pig head now and there’s no need for any masks! 🙂 Thank god my precious weekend won’t be so depressing! :p
And as for MCs, usually in most cases, 3 to 5 days mc will be issued. I was given 1 day mc since today is a Friday and weekend is just around the corner, but I’d decided to come back to office as my boss is currently on a business trip and requires me to cover the legal dept alone for the time being.
I won’t recommend you to extract all 4 at a go unless you’re lazy like me, thinking that going back again after 1 to 2 months is a hassle or if you have high tolerance of pain. Most people extract 2 at a time anyway.
I’m so glad I’ve finally got one of the problems in life solved and eradicated! Procrastination, though at its best for certain issues, might not always benefit one in life. When there is a problem, solve it right and solve it quick.
One less problem in life, or isit FOUR? 😉

Beauty Review – Want big dolly eyes that sparkle?

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Geo lens contacts were one of the first few brands I’d tried when I’d first started to wear cosmetic contact lenses! I’m sure they were pretty much everyone’s as well.

Shipped in directly from Korea, GEO Contact Lens is the official distributor of GEO Cosmetic Color Lenses. The prices and quality of the contact lenses are strongly backed up by GEO Medical Co.,Ltd.

GEO Contact Lens has generously sponsored me with 2 pretty pairs of Geo lenses and of which, I will be reviewing 1 pair today! 🙂

I’m wearing GEO Angel Violet (Magic Color)! 🙂

Personally, the colours I would wear for contact lenses are black, grey, blue, pink and violet. I’m not a fan of red, green or other weirdass colours.

The trick to getting bigger dolly eyes is to choose those with a black outer ring, not only does it help to enlarge your pupils, they magically enhance your eyes too, giving them an alluring sparkling look!

In addition, other than proper care and usage of the lens, when choosing contact lenses, try not to get those with extra large diameters like 18mm. I think 16 to 18mm is rather big. I’d tried them on before and it just adds on to the artificiality! Whenever I see girls with overwhelming sizes of contact lens, it’s not only a major turn off but it kinda reminds me of Furby?! That scary looking toy… 😦

The one I’m wearing is only 14.2mm but it looks perfectly fine on me, not too big not too small. Most importantly, it fits the size of your eyes and eye sockets.

Another disadvantage in choosing a over-sized contact lens is that you might feel a ‘cutting’ feeling under your top eyelids. Based on my personal experience, that’s because not all eyes can withstand such huge diameters of the contact lenses. I’ve encountered this before and trust me, it was really a waste of money when you can’t continue wearing them anymore and have to discard a new pair! 😦

So thank god, Geo lens series range from 14.2mm – 15.0mm! And that’s another reason why you should shop with GEO Contact Lens ! 🙂

Last but not least, and of utmost importance, all GEO contact lenses from GEO Contact Lens comes with an anti-fake sticker which provides a 20 digit codes and you are able to check the authenticity of your lenses with GEO Medical Co.,Ltd ● GEO Authentication.

With more than 14,000 fans on their Facebook fan page, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start shopping with GEO Contact Lens today!!! 🙂

For another review of the other pretty pair of Geo lenses, do stay tuned! ❤