Lifestyle – Speak Up! – Alvin Tan’s And Vivian Lee’s Sumptuous Erotica Sex Blog

Now now, I betcha this sizzling hot trending juicy piece of news still lingers somewhere at the back of your head and some of you might even be following up on its updates. I’ve been wanting to post an entry on this and finally.. here it is!

I ain’t gonna post any erotic suggestive pictures, I’m quite certain I can leave that task to you to google it? ūüėČ

Just like the other Lifestyle – Speak Up! posts, I’m just gonna well… speak up? On my views that is.

There, here’s our stars or rather, “stars” whose fame skyrocketed over the night through their sex blog known as “Sumptuous Erotica” which has now been taken down due to overwhelming media attention as well as the displeasure by VL’s parents, who have been known to pressure VL to either marry AT or move out within a month as seen from this article.

On that article, AT said that he would ‘take care’ of her if she really does get kicked out and would provide for her financially.

I would really take that with a pinch of salt and hopefully, VL, although seemed to have lost her sanity, to still retain some of her senses.

I wouldn’t even call these duo sex bloggers as a ‘dating couple’ or refer them to a ‘boyfriend’/’girlfriend’ status. I mean, c’mon! They admitted to their lust at first sight¬†and surely, this kind of relationship cannot be anything more than just purely sexual relationship? I mean not everyone upholds the notion of ¬†‘love making’ to someone they love, you just need the ¬†appropriate body parts and well, you don’t even need to have that ideal face or figure to begin with, or so to speak. ūüėČ

So anyway, the main gist of this entry is not so much on the ‘stars’ since the media has done a perfect job and with word of mouths, sharing on social media platforms etc…

I just want to dwell on the issue of whether things would still be the same if AT wasn’t an ASEAN scholar? What if he wasn’t studying Law in our¬†prestigious NUS? What if he wasn’t from Raffles Junior College? And most importantly, even with all of the above… what if he’s not a foreigner..?

I’m quite sure it’s all of the above valid reasons that the media attention is surmounting.

Would it be of any interest to you if it was just an ordinary average joe who films¬†obscene acts and post it up on his blog for all to savour?¬†¬†Maybe the name ‘GARY NG’ might trigger some memory cells there. But I bet the reason for all these hype on¬†“Sumptuous Erotica” goes waaaayy more than Mr¬†‘Girls Always Remember You’.

Just think about it.

The stereotyped typical law¬†undergraduate¬†should be a geek with thick glasses, with face loaded with disgusting read acne that are so¬†ripe that tempts you to even want to burst them for him. And he has to carry lots of thick huge-ass law books, bodily attached to a huge backpack which makes him look like The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’.¬†

But no, this special breed has golden dyed hair, goatie, tattoos, rugged angsty look… typically the usual ‘Ah Beng’ look and character.

Wow, that’s a rare species indeed!

So, with such juicy content, I see no reason why it would be ‘ranked lower’ than local bred¬†‘GARY NG’s sex blog.

Knowing the fact that to meet the entry requirements for RJC and NUS Law and qualify is like an uphill task, commentators are wondering how the hell did such an ‘Ah Beng’ champed it? If you’re an avid reader of this¬†“Sumptuous Erotica” news, you would know that boy, does this AT have the IQ man! I’m sure he was a great student back then and perhaps still is. He speaks and writes with near-perfect eloquence that puts some writers and bloggers (ahem!) to shame. All in all, this ‘Ah Beng’ has got the brains. Eh, but I can’t say the same for VL who is a marketing graduate from a Malaysian University (no implications here alright).

You must also understand that 2 different spectrum of limelight has¬†shone¬†upon these 2 ‘stars’. Besides questioning the academic/educational issue on AT as well as slapping in the usual ‘Foreign Talent/Thrash’ argument, VL faces¬†different¬†scrutiny and criticisms by the public.

That’s where the conventional primitive mentality kicks in. A girl should be chaste before marriage and even if she’s not, she shouldn’t be washing her dirty linen in public. But then again, times have changed and people, especially the youths are much more ‘open-minded’ now in the sense that ‘sex’ or ‘pre-marital sex’ is no longer a taboo. Ain’t gonna comment much on that, but all I have to say is, girl, you have chosen the wrong partner to publish your act with.

It’s gonna be a whole different story if she’s¬†filming¬†her ‘art’ with some average Joe… Would the media be as interested as they are now? I’m not saying that it wouldn’t spark up debates, arguments, interests etc… Think¬†‘GARY NG’… But I’m just saying that the impact wouldn’t be as great.

Perhaps it’s like how the ‘Cecilia Sue‘s case… Would the public be as interested as compared to a sex-for-contracts transaction between some ‘lowly ranked’ employee? But then again, it’s usually these ‘big shots’ who are involved in such huge commercial business dealings, isn’t it?

So, coming from where I stand, my point is not so much on the ‘sex’ issue itself, but more of the ‘Is NUS recruiting ‘bad eggs’?’,¬†‘Is the Govt wasting taxpayers’ money to fund such bums?”,¬†“Foreign thrash!”, “Locals are now the aliens because are feel socially alienated…”¬†etc.

Oh and not forgetting how arrogant AT seems to be despite facing all the ‘BOOs’ from the public, as he claims to be financially independent, doing well on his current business and not intending to practise law…Sheeeeesh!

All eyes now on NUS and the Govt please and not so much on the ‘sex’ or the ‘aspiring porn stars wannabes’.

By the way, you don’t have to aspire to be a ‘porn star’, by just¬†filming¬†it, you’re already one.

And on a happier note, with the help of all these media hype (including us bloggers so quick thank us!), it makes you a famous one now.

Wish granted.

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