2012 has been…


Recalling the past 364 days has taught me alot, especially in the last half/quarter of the year. There were of course several ups and downs, though being a pessimist, I’ve always thought the latter overwhelmed the former anytime anywhere and that happiness is always short-lived. It’s just like how we human beings are quick to criticise and take notice of the negativity instead of its counter-part.

But then again, I thank everyone for the happiness and laughter you guys have provided me with.

Ain’t gonna say much but I think I’ve learnt quite a bit about Life, in particular, in relationship matters.

2012 was not very kind towards me, especially for my health. I think it may be the year which I’d fell sick most.

Reaching quarter-life crisis ( will have to check a new age group option in application forms now! 😦 ) in approx 2 to 3 weeks’ time (yeah, my age is no longer a guesswork.) and will be putting on braces this coming Wednesday! New year, new teeth (well not really but in the process of achieving it). Secretly looking forward to me losing my appetite with braces on and shed more kilos?

Anyway, I wish everyone well in the forthcoming  new year to be filled with lots of love, laughter, wealth and most importantly, pink of health.


Korean Celebrities’ Most Wanted Facial Features


Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo in the modern era. With figures skyrocketing, countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Korea have been attracting both men and women in getting their aesthetic features fixed by plastic surgeons.

Korea has been named the top country with most plastic surgeries done and shopping with bandages is so common that the public will not bat their eyelids at.

K-pop craze has been on the rise and continues to heat up the fever in many countries. Both men and women who seek to fulfil their ideal look, more often than not, refer to Korean celebrities’ appearances. Here are some examples.


With most Korean having single eyelids, more and more celebrity-wannabes are flocking down to get single eyelids surgery. Yes you seen it right. SINGLE eyelids surgery. Rain is one good example of a single eyelid Korean celebrity and boy, does his single eyelids do look charming enough to enchant the ladies!

Taeyang, known to wow girls with his ‘bad boy’ look has given single eyelids another image other than the innocent boyish look. His thick eyebrows that are almost always frowning injects even more badass playboy look that would break the hearts of many willing girls.


Face Shape

A perfect wholesome face is that of actress Song Hye Kyo who needs no introduction. Her face shape may not be a sharped oval, but her broad forehead and wide cheeks allow all the facial features to be ideally positioned in.

On the whole look, Song Hye Kyo portrays an innocent child-like image with those captivating doe-eyes and porcelain fair skin.

What do you think of next year’s aesthetics and plastic surgery trend? Go to MyFatPocket to find out more!

Merry Christmas + Happy Boxing Day! (Belated)

I know this comes a tad too late for the wishing, but nevertheless since Christmas continues for 12 days and so here it goes…


Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been trying to upload tonnes of pictures into my Dropbox so that I can upload them on my blog anywhere conveniently. But 3G connections are being an ass and have always been. Doesn’t make much difference that all 3 Telecos were fined 10k each for sub-standardard 3G coverage network. Plus, what’s 10k to them anyway???

Digression aside, stay tuned for more pictures and updates on my Christmas partehhhs this 2012! 😀

Super tiring but enjoyable I must say!


That’s me at bf’s company’s Christmas party 🙂

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You’ve got a Xmas Message!

You’ve got a message from the crew at MyFatPocket!

MyFatPocket is humbled this year to grow in so many ways. 2012 has been a year of ups and ups.


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My Best Christmas Gift!

Heya! Trust that your weekend was good. Mine definitely was and what came in as a pleasant surprise eradicated the Monday blues out of sight! 😀

Based on my previous experience with the release of online exam results, I’d decided to try my luck this morning and booya! My results were released online and were staring at me with a huge smile!

For those who have no idea, I am currently pursuing my Masters of Laws (aka LLM) with the University of London. Ask me why I don’t wanna pursue with a local Uni? My answer is very simple. UOL offers a flexible course which cater to your own needs and schedule. This is especially suitable for working adults who want to pursue their LLM. LLM courses in local Unis (NUS/SMU) offer only full-time courses which I am not keen.

This course by UOL is not taught in any private institution in Singapore. So, what a LLM candidate does is to register with UOL directly, pay for the course fees and study guides/textbooks fees and then liase with RELC directly to register and pay for the exams you want to sit for. Compared to degree courses which follows a structured course outline, this LLM course allows you to choose the subjects you wish to take as well as the number of papers you want to sit for. In addition, you may choose to register for 4 modules but end up sitting for only 2 if you’d like. As mentioned, there is no classes for this course at all, so you need not spend hours and hours attending boring classes, listening to droning voices of the lecturers 😛

As I’ve graduated with a law degree previously, I qualify for the LLM course directly, but the good thing is, if you read from that website, I am also entitled to 2 other certificates beside the LLM cert and they are the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and Postgraduate Diploma in Laws. So yes, I’m like a certificate collector and there are several other classmates whom I’ve got to know from my law school, who are pursuing many other courses on their own as well. This is all about upgrading oneself as well as to remain competitive in this rat race. How great if your name card is filled with so many qualifications right? Mine’s gonna be Jean Gan (LL.M) (Pg Dip Law) (Pg Cert Law) (LL.B). LOL!


Masters degrees are now the norm. Or even PhDs.

Of course working experience, opportunities and networking are equally important but with this meritocracy notion, you can’t deny the importance of paper qualifications.

Alright, enough of nagging.

So, this LLM course requires you to complete 16 modules (I KNOW! KILL ME!) and to date, I have completed 6 and left with 10.

Out of these 6 mods, I have to say that I am extremely elated with my exam results thus far. I have achieved 3 As and 3B+s which equates to 3 Distinctions and 3 Merits. Do also note that the results are also computed this way :

70 – 100 – Grade A – 1st Class Honours/Distinction

69 to 60 – Grade B+ – 2nd Class Honours (Upper)

59 to 50 – Grade B – 2nd Class Honours (Lower)

40 to 49 – Grade C – 3rd Class Honours

Below 49 – Fail

So yes, I have done very well considering the fact that I have self-studied without any help from others. Well, okay maybe with the authors/profs who wrote the textbooks and scholar articles based on my own legal research. But other than that, I should claim all the credit too right? Ah yes, and my boss’, bf’s and family’s support. 😀


So here are my results thus far…

The structure of this LLM course is rather complicated. Most candidates pursue Masters in order to specialise in a particular field and due to practicality, I have chosen to specialise in Corporate and Commercial Law although I have utmost animosity for it. My real interest take place in Family law, and hence the 1st 4 mods that related to Family law but in a more specific context – Human Rights of Women. Of course, you may also consider it to be a Human Rights subject no doubt but this subject is placed under the Family law umbrella. Capital I and II are under Corporate Finance and Management Issues in Company Law. I know it sounds sooooo dry! 😦

For those of you who are a little bit more interested, there are 2 exam sessions – May and Oct, just like for any other UOL courses be it a bachelor’s or masters’.

I have sat for 4 mods in May 2012 and 2 in Oct 2012. This is a better strategy because there will be more time to prepare for May’s session rather than Oct’s if you do the math.

So anyway, if you would bother to do more math, I would be expected to complete the whole LLM course within 2 1/2 years. So yes, another 10 more modsssssssssss.

I pray that I would be able to maintain such fabulous results so that I can at least graduate with a classification.

As extracted from UOL’s website :


The Master of Laws (LLM), Postgraduate Diploma in Laws and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws are awarded without classification. At the discretion of the Board of Examiners a mark of Merit or Distinction may be awarded. A student who obtains an average mark for all assessment in the range 60-69% will normally be awarded the relevant award with Merit. A student who obtains an average mark for all assessment of 70% or more will be awarded the relevant award with Distinction. A mark of Merit or Distinction shall not normally be awarded to a student who has failed any module.

Judging from my results thus far, I would most prolly qualify for a ‘Merit’ achievement, though not the best (distinction) but at least better than nothing right? That is if my results remain the same for average calculation.

Achievements aside, but what I want to share is that, nothing can ever get in your way if you have sheer determination and complete discipline. I didn’t work THAT hard for these exams compared to the past when I was mugging my ass off for my degree papers (and strangely enough, I didn’t score as well as these results). Would you believe if I told you that I started studying in all seriousness just 1 week before the exams?! IT’S TRUE.

With the right attitude, planning and strategies, coupled with what I mentioned above, determination and discipline, nothing is ever impossible. And you need to FOCUS. Just during that period. After that, the world is your playground.

Most courses that are scheduled structurally are often catered in a way that most students think the same way. If you’d asked me, model answers are the way to go BUT NOT ANYONE’S model answers. It shouldn’t be your lecturers’ or your friends’ or online model answers which I know some websites offer and sell which some desperate students actually do pay for them!


You may discuss with your lecturers/friends, but don’t leave things as that. Work on it, improve it and perfect it by adding more points through your own research.

Don’t be lazy.

Because it’s true – YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

Okay, enough of nagging. I’m sorry I’ve been such a pain in the neck through all my nagging 😦 You can’t blame me but I am actually TURNING OLD! AN OLD HAG I AM BECOMING! :O

Not sure about you but personally, the best things in life often cannot be bought with money.



Metal Teeth!


I have put my foot down on this.

My ugly looking teeth and jaw problems have been bothering almost all my life and I have decided to get them solved by wearing braces.

A month ago, I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted out at one go. Yes, I know I’m brave and all, but after this experience, my advice is not to be so silly like me and extract all 4 at one go. Now I finally understand why most people extract 1 side at a time. Simple, reason being is so that you can chew your food on one side at least!

Molars are those that help chew your food while canines are those that help tear your food, especially meat apart. It’s very difficult and troublesome to place your food at the front teeth and chew using them, simply because they are not made to do that. Furthermore, you must take extra pre-caution when chewing with your front teeth for the fear of biting your own tongue in the process. Sounds silly, I know, but it’s all true.

So, as mentioned previously, I suffer from a underbite. Okay, not really a suffering, but it’s used more dramatically and more impactful, no?

My side profile is really like this when I close my mouth and have my teeth bit down together.

Side profile with my underbite. I know it’s damn ugly! 😦
And how I loathe my flat button nose! 😦

I have a Class III jaw malocclusion. which in my opinion, is the most serious out of the 3 classes. Mine being the 3rd class, which must mean it’s the most severe right?

I must say that my decision to put on braces is somewhat flimsy because only a jaw surgery also known as orthognathic surgery/treatment will provide a 100% success rate in solving my jaw structural problems, but with braces, it may or may not, depending on my luck.

As shown above, beside having a Class III jaw malocclusion and an underbite, my top set of teeth faces overcrowding problems. My canines are very distinct. So hopefully with braces on, would help me straighten them out.

But to solve the problem of underbite, I would need to jump the bite so that the top set would be covering over the bottom row as with any other normal looking set of teeth.

I have been very very very bothered by my jaw problems and crooked teeth and very ashamed to smile or laugh with teeth shown. That is also the reason why I usually don’t smile often and in almost all my pictures, you would see I will be smiling with my lips tightly sealed together. Unless you caught me on candid laughing away (which I would kill you if I’d ever find out!), 99.9999% of my pictures will only capture my weak smile.

My visit to the dentist at Q&M Dental Surgery (Bedok Central), yes the one where I extracted my wisdom teeth, assisted in my decision in getting my braces done.

Side profile when my teeth are placed edge to edge. It’s so much better than the one with underbite and hopefully when I’ve managed to jump the bite, my side profile would be much better!

As you can see, my bottom row is quite straight…
And sorry if my pictures scare the hell outta you, but that’s precisely why I’ve decided to fix these ugly teeth right? LOL

I was told that because I could position my teeth edge to edge, which is the maximum my jaw could go, I stand a high chance jumping the bite without undergoing any surgical treatments. I was and still very adamant in NOT seeking surgical treatments for firstly, it costs a WHOOPING 5 DIGIT sum. I was quoted 30k for that previously by another orthodontist. Do note that dentists/orthodontists do not perform the surgery but only qualified surgeons from hospital do so.

A jaw surgery is just like any other surgery, having to lie on the operating theatre and to face aftermath risks.

Secondly, you will have to be hospitalised for about 5 days.

Thirdly, the recovery time take approx 3 months or more. There would be obvious swelling on the whole face. This would also mean to cause much inconvenience to my personal life and work life.

Just take a look at these pictures.

Not sure about you, but by just looking at these pictures already gives me the creeps and I am sub-consciously feeling nauseous. 😦

So yep, no jaw surgery for me.

Though I am a little skeptical that the ‘high chances’ cajoled by the dentist seems more like a sales gimmick and hard selling, I am still getting my hopes up. My cynicism was further aggravated when I told the dentist that I had to consider first before committing, which his face and attitude had a sudden change. I know I was going to do the braces but I wanted to inform my parents and bf first and to schedule a more appropriate timing to wear them. Bf advised to get them done after Christmas in Jan 2013 so that I could enjoy good food with him. Aww, sweet thing you ❤ :’)

Initially, I wanted to get them done asap and almost scheduled for tomorrow’s appointment. Knowing myself best, my past experiences with my impulsiveness didn’t get me very far and often, I regret doing things due to my impulsiveness. Most people who knows me will know that I am quite a kan chiong spider.

By the way, the dentist told me that I need not get any extractions done prior to the braces treatment although my top set of teeth faces overcrowding problems. That’s because he mentioned that my canines are situated at the right places and positions. Not too sure about that.

The only thing I dread is not so much of the pain, but the adjustment in my diet I have to make which reminds me of the nightmares I had after I had my wisdom teeth extracted. Although not a foodie, I now understand the pain one has to go through when you can’t eat normally, don’t even mention about yummy good food! 😦 Eating was a chore and will be again after I put on the braces.

The dentist briefed that he would be putting on the braces for the top set first to expand the upper jaw and followed by the lower set. I would also need to tie on elastic bands at the sides so as to modify my jaw structure in hoping to push back my lower jaw and bring my upper jaw forward.

For those who wonder why isn’t invisalign in my wishlist was because I was told that I cannot wear them due to my underbite. Not sure how true is that but since metal braces is so much cheaper and I’m footing the bill myself, I should be happy right?  I was quoted 7k as the starting price for invisalign.

I doubt I will be getting the ceramic ones since it would cost 1k more. Metal braces for my case starts at 4.2k, which is not inclusive of the $300 retainers which you would have to wear for the rest of your life ($150 each for top and bottom row of teeth) as well as excluding GST charges.

Of course, prior to getting your braces done, you will be required to undergo some X-rays. Initially I’d thought that I could skip this step since I had mine done prior to my wisdom teeth extractions, but I was told that they required other profiles and views of my teeth as well as jaw structure. Ugh.

Also, you will be required to make up a clay model of your teeth to see the positions of your teeth before braces treatment.

I paid $400+ for 2 X-rays, cleaning of teeth, teeth moulds, consultation.. as far as I could remember. Previously spent $500+ on my wisdom teeth extractions and now another $400 less in my bank account. Don’t even mention about the braces $$$. ARGH.

The good thing is Q&M allows instalments to be paid. A deposit of a lump sum, which the dentist insisted that 1/2 of $4.2k is advised but the nurse mentioned that any amount $1-2k is possible. Thereafter, a $150 instalment per month is to be paid. I think they are rather flexible about this so you can make adjustments according to your own financial status. There are other dental clinics which offer such services as well and one of them is iDental.

So come 2nd Jan onwards, I will be having metal teeth! I do hope that it’s not too late…

I’m hoping to achieve that million dollar smile… I’m not as lucky as those who still shine like a star despite having an underbite!


Kristen Stewart

Emma Watson

Life is soooo unfair right? 😥


Anyway, met up with my bestie yesterday for dinner and we had Charly T’s at I12 Katong, but the food sucked and cashier service was rather slow. Didn’t enjoy the food there and being a glutton, I had mac fries thereafter! 😀

Verdict : NOT WORTH IT. 😦

Veg was ok, a little bland. Mac & Cheese wasn’t nice. Butter rice was still ok but overall, I liked the chicken best. Oh yes, iced lemon tea sucked too 😦

One of my secondary sch classmates and we remain good friends till now! She’s one of those who ain’t fake and who hasn’t change a single bit! Can’t say the same for the rest though 😦

By the way, it’s TGIFFFFF today!!!

Hope you guys enjoy yourselves this weekend!

More updates coming up and thanks for reading! 🙂 ❤



Beauty Review – Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

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Received a package from Secretive.sg  a few days back, together with the cute My Melody masks from Lovemore, which I had posted a review previously.

Introducing… Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask!

Raves :

  1. Instant brightening of the skin
  2. Awesome whitening effects
  3. Not oily, woke up to a less oily skin the next morning
  4. Mask sheet is thick, not flimsy – made of high quality!
  5. Ear hooks are perfect to prevent masks from slipping off
Rants :
  1. Strong chlorine smell 😦

Overall rating :

Sexylook masks can be found at Watsons stores around Singapore and www.secretive.sg

Unleash your beauty with Secretive.sg today! Your one stop beauty shop where you can pamper your skin with goodness! :) Besides Lovemore masks, Secretive.sg sells other top popular Taiwan beauty brands as well!And don’t forget to check out their Facebook fan page for more updates as well as beauty reviews by other users! :)

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Speaker of Parliament, PAP MP Michael Palmer resigns due to extra-marital affair

Latest news on Singapore’s next sex-scandal.

Speaker of Parliament, PAP MP Michael Palmer who is also a lawyer with Harry Elias Partnership LLP has just tendered his resignation with PAP for his extra-marital affair with a PA staff who has also since resigned.

Teo Ser Luck will take over Palmer’s MP role in the constituency, while Charles Chong will take over the role of Acting Speaker of Parliament. (I hear them screaming ‘OPPORTUNITIES!!!’)

So I reckon for the time being, Former Chief of  Central Narcotics Bureau Ng Boon Gay can take a leap back…And also,  former Singapore civil defence chief Peter Lim who are both facing jail time over sex-related corruption charges.

Not forgetting the other ‘vice ring’ incidents relating to underage prostitution, in particular Howard Shaw – The grandson of Runme Shaw, founder of Shaw Organisation that owns the Shaw cinema chain who engaged in underage prostitution as well.

Sigh, is there really no end to this? Is there no more hope?

Are Singapore men, rich or poor, ugly or handsome and a list of other variants… jerks?

What’s your say?

On a more serious note on our politics, is there gonna be a by-election for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC?

Reading off Mr Brown’s blog : “I remember that PM Lee said during WP Yaw Shin Leong saga: “The WP has let down the voters of Hougang.”

So what’s gonna be next? Or who rather…