Keep moving if you want to live longer!

Chanced upon this article on Yahoo!News which is titled ‘The Major Health Risk You Take Every Day’ and certainly caught my eyes since I do have prior knowledge of the risks we face by being ‘married’ to a desk-bound job and of course, constant nagging from my parents who mean well.

Extracted from the article :

“Sitting isn’t dangerous just because it means you’re not exercising. It’s dangerous all by itself.

Prolonged time spent on your bum has significant metabolic consequences. It negatively affects your blood sugar, triglycerides, good cholesterol, resting blood pressure and levels of the “appetite hormone” leptin, all of which are bio-markers of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Sitting also sabotages the lymph system, which helps the body fend off infections. Lymph vessels, which drain waste materials created by an infection, don’t have a pump like the heart; they’re controlled by rhythmic contractions of the muscles in your legs. So when you sit, the lymph system can’t do its job.”

How many of us are guilty of this?

I’m sure several of us are.

A typical day for us : Drag yourself out of bed every morning, only to find yourself half-asleep sitting on the toilet bowl, reluctantly take a quick bath and then head out to work while sitting in a bus/car/train or sometimes, having to stand when taking public transport (on unlucky days). Almost immediately pull out the office chair when you’ve reached your office to sit and then your bum sorta automatically gets stuck on it or in it (if it’s sinking inwards) for the rest of the day…

Apart from that, how many of us lunch-in? Lunching out can be a luxury but also a hassle to others who are labelled as busy-bees. Lunching out is also beneficial because it helps us to breathe fresher air (but not as if our air is 100% pure… not with this urban city of ours!), takes our mind off work (I hope) and well, time flies when you’re out having fun, or at least away from work, no?

Do move around every 30 to 45min or so. Activate your auto-roam and just roam around your office, your office building or just walk to the pantry/canteen/toilet for a good 10 to 15mins. Perfect excuse for slacking (aka eating snake) too, don’t you think? If you’re little bolder, print out and present that article your boss, who might be in a good mood today and buy your story (but not as if it’s all made-up!).

For me, I do stand up once in a while and shake it here and there, loosening my joints especially on my knees (which screams RHEUMATISM in pain!!) when nobody is around. My cubicle is sooo big and spacious that I can just roam around in my own cubicle, LOL? O

Of course, nobody’s gonna stop you if you wanna carry out a little more ambitious and tedious movements like shufflin’ or dancing Psy’s oppa gangnam style?

Your boss might even be more impressed with your moooves and join you too! 😉

So stop mooooving today!!! 😀

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