Weekend Updates!

Monday blues… Oh bother!

I hear you and feel you too!

Nevertheless, I trust that your weekend was gooood!

Some updates on my life over the weekend.

Drank some beers, a freaking whole lot of 26 large bottles consisting of Carlsberg and Tiger on Friday with bf and friends. I didn’t drink much because I was feeling bloated after dinner.

And come Saturday, bf and I went clubbing over at Butter Factory. Booked a table and ordered 1 bottle of Hennessy, 1 Vodka and 1 tower of Asahi! Eh and yes, I merlion-ed but I wasn’t dead drunk! I could still remove my contacts, cleanse them, remove my make up, wash my face, apply toner and moisturise. Heh, and yes I was well-prepared, all thanks to bf for advising and reminding me to bring along a plastic bag. Really came in useful.

Anyway, pictures! 😀


Saturday afternoon snacks from love! ❤

With Ning, my ex-classmate from JC, outside ButterFact.


And that’s my face looking somewhat weird and awkward..

With the girls~

Us 🙂


Belvedere Vodka

Asahi tower

Funky nerd!

Ms Fat pig’s smart idea to snap a self-pic inside the club…LOL

My handsome ❤

Hangover Sunday but still made the effort to head down to meet my friends to celebrate 1 of girls belated bday.

Cakes! Bday girl 🙂

OOTD for Sunday :

We specially headed down to Loysel’s Toy for brunch but stupid them had to had their kitchen closed!

What angered me was that after choosing for a good whole 5 to 10mins while standing infront of the cashier because the cakes were there, only then the cashier decided to inform us that their kitchen’s closed (and their online menu is not up yet!). I was a starving cat because the day before on Saturday, I had only a home-made slice of pancake because I had heavy snacks before that (see 1st pic). So my meals became a little irregular, ugh.

I thought I could have the whole Big L’s Breakfast to myself but no!

So we had some cakes and drinks, and headed to 126 Dim Sum, which I didn’t eat much either. Headed to town after that to walk and chill, and hungry me cried for food again! Had some creamy chicken pasta at Far East Pasta Mania but silly me couldn’t finish the whole meal and ate only 1/2?


Anyhows, hope your weekend was great and many more awesomeness to come! 😀

Here’s me camwhoring with my sponsored beauty item – Hello Kitty Sleeping Mask which I will be reviewing soon! So stay tuned! 🙂

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