Beauty Review – Hello Kitty Exfoliating Gel Sleeping Repair Mask

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Hey guys! Today Imma gonna introduce this ohsocute beauty product – Hello Kitty Exfoliating Gel Sleeping Repair Mask!

Like Walt Disney, Sanrio characters especially Hello Kitty and My Melody to name a few, will never bore girls out and always keep them going gaga over them!

I am a Hello Kitty and Lilo and Stitch fan FYI, so I am totally allured by their products!

Birdie Kitty from Macs with Hello Kitty product!


Raves :

  1. Cute Hello Kitty!
  2. Skin is softer and more supple
  3. Dewy skin effects
  4. Lovely fragrance
Rants :
  1. A little oilier when I woke up the next morning but wash it off and you will be fine

Overall rating :

I supposed I will only be in a better position to provide a more wholesome and accurate review after few tries. 1 attempt is not enough and might not do justice to the product 🙂

Uniqso sells many other cute Hello Kitty beauty care products as well as contact lenses that help your eyes to sparkle!

Check out their fabulous promotions this festive season! 🙂

Visit Uniqso today!!! 😀 😀

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