2012 has been…


Recalling the past 364 days has taught me alot, especially in the last half/quarter of the year. There were of course several ups and downs, though being a pessimist, I’ve always thought the latter overwhelmed the former anytime anywhere and that happiness is always short-lived. It’s just like how we human beings are quick to criticise and take notice of the negativity instead of its counter-part.

But then again, I thank everyone for the happiness and laughter you guys have provided me with.

Ain’t gonna say much but I think I’ve learnt quite a bit about Life, in particular, in relationship matters.

2012 was not very kind towards me, especially for my health. I think it may be the year which I’d fell sick most.

Reaching quarter-life crisis ( will have to check a new age group option in application forms now! 😦 ) in approx 2 to 3 weeks’ time (yeah, my age is no longer a guesswork.) and will be putting on braces this coming Wednesday! New year, new teeth (well not really but in the process of achieving it). Secretly looking forward to me losing my appetite with braces on and shed more kilos?

Anyway, I wish everyone well in the forthcoming  new year to be filled with lots of love, laughter, wealth and most importantly, pink of health.


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