Braces updates

Revisited the orthodontist last night after work.

Dr Lim mentioned that my upper jaw is starting to expand judging from the cavities I have… -.- Not so much of a pretty sight and cheery gauge but still, nevertheless, am satisfied that things are improving for the better.

For those who have no idea, as I have a Class III jaw type, I need to expand my upper jaw in order for it to ‘jump the bite’ as I have an underbite (lower set of teeth overlapping the upper set).

I can now position the 2 sets of teeth edge to edge without much strain as compared to the past. This effect was almost immediate actually after putting the braces on on my upper set.

I was treated for my cavities too last night and I was whooping mad because I wasn’t told that I have to pay for these extra works. The instalment of $150 per month does not cover that and I wasn’t told of the price for the fillings per tooth. The bill turned out to be $469!!! I was extremely shocked, devastated and angry!!!

I understand that it is known that these extra works are charged separately but I preferred to be informed before any works were carried out.

I had 4 cavities filled and each tooth were 70bucks which amounted to 280bucks!!! Adding on the 150, it’s 430bucks excluding GST. So after including GST, the bomb was 469bucks!!!


The best thing is, I still have several other cavities to be treated. I know I’m disgusting because I’ve not been visiting the dentist to clean, polish and treat my teeth for several years now… =x


I totally regretted it now and I’ve to suffer the huge financial losses as well as the physical pain. I almost died when the dentist was treating the cavities because the sensitivity is really disturbing, causing major discomfort!!! And that left side is relatively less severe than my right. I cannot imagine the trauma I’ve to undergo again the next time the other cavities get treated and the $$$!!!

I regretted doing my braces and I regretted starting this journey, if not I wouldn’t have to spend a huge bomb and the bomb just gets bigger each time. $$$ gone and counting.

But I told myself, I’ve only myself to blame.

Should have taken proper dental care of my teeth and gums.

Should have go ahead with braces when I was younger, so that my parents would be paying them for me… HAHA!

Should have done so many things……………..


By the way, just changed into a bigger wire for the braces as well as the rubber brackets. I chose red for this coming CNY! HAHA!

Psst, the other colours are not appealing anyway. Limited choices. 😦

Anyway, this is the comparison of the movement and position of my teeth.

I do see some movements and improvements for such a short period of time – 4 weeks’ difference.

You can see that the crooked tooth of the 2 front teeth is moving as the gap between the top and bottom is now smaller.

Also, the other bigger circle shows that my tooth is moving forward as well, to a better position and alignment with all the other teeth.




On beauty issues, I’m pleased to be sponsored by Bellabox for their January edition! I know this came a tad late, but nevertheless, just to share with you guys what Bellabox has for you this January! 🙂

I love how Bellabox has taken the extra effort to welcome the upcoming lunar new year! 🙂


January edition includes :

Have yet to try the products! But I’m sure the would be promising! 🙂

Stay tuned for updates on their reviews!


Jean 🙂

Shopping & Food Galore!

Trust that your weekend was good, thought I know this might come in a little too late, considering the fact that it’s Wednesday today!

Here are some updates of my life over the weekend :

Belated bday treats at Nihon Mura Cineleisure by friends! 🙂

Solo chillax after Group Legal meeting at HQ and whilst waiting for bf to arrive to have dinner together at town 🙂

And we had dinner at Bao Today outside Somerset313 🙂

I decided to eat less only because I gobbled down those sinful stuffs at Starbucks.

And another town date on TGIF and I had Starbucks again… DAMN FATTENING I KNOW!

Impromptu shopping on Saturday… FAT AND BROKE.

There was an ongoing promo at Uniqlo and there were massive crowds!

Long Qs for trying of clothes as well as payment! Gosh!

Got them at a steal. I bought only 1 as I’m not really a jeans fan as I feel leggings are more comfortable. Chose pink because all the other colours (unusual ones) are just weird.

And bf got himself his Samsung Note II like finally! 🙂

2 for $30 🙂

Last minute surprise bday celebration for 1 of our friends at Beach Cabana ECP.

Ordered 4 towers in total, cute little cans of Kirin and another jug of Asahi from Breeze bar ECP (no pic though).

Some kopitiam food :


Sorry for the brief and quick updates. I’m swamped with work and I’ve an assignment on hand from AWARE – Association of Women for Action and Research on Singapore’s law in addressing domestic violence and sexual harassment. Just some brief info on this project :  The World Bank is conducting a project  which is gathering information about domestic violence and sexual harassment matters in Singapore and they have AWARE to give a civil society organization perspective. AWARE has approached me to contribute my part. This project will be published in the Women, Business and Law 2014 report which is a publication of the World Bank Group which benchmarks laws and regulations influencing women’s economic empowerment.

This is also my 1st assignment on them and I can’t wait to deliver my research results.

AWARE is Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group.

You may find out more about them at


By the way, it’s mid-week today and I will be visiting the dentist to get my braces changed to a bigger metal wire. Oh gosh, hopefully the potential weight loss could cheer me up a little somehow.

I have so many things on my ‘To-do checklist’. Hopefully, I’ll be up to task to complete them on time.

But first, I’ll have to get my cuppa coffee now.




Food Review – Imperial Treasure Dim Sum

Dim sum can be considered 1 of my favourite food and my liking for it grew as I age…

Tried the dim sum at Imperial Treasure @ Changi Airport Teminal 3 at Crowne Hotel.

Shall let the food walk the talk.

I didn’t eat this because it’s way to fattening and doesn’t suit my liking.

A picture of the custard inside is a MUST-SNAP for all custard buns. I wasn’t a fan of them initially in general but after realising that there were actually made of salted egg, I grew to like it.

This was rather crispy as encapsulated in this picture. Awesome flakiness of the crust. Might tend to get a little messy when the crumbs fly in all sorts of direction when you sink your teeth into them. If I’d recalled correctly, prawns were filled inside.

This dumpling soup IS DA BOMB.

Initially thought to be like any other ordinary dumpling soup, something similar to those wanton mee stalls, but boy we were SO WRONG!

This is A MUST HAVE if you ever eat here.

It is completely filled with a double-boiled chicken herbal taste! It’s REALLY REALLY GOOD!

The congee tasted quite good. Because of my braces, my interest in porridge/congee grew. I detested them previously.

Wrapped with fresh mushrooms and some veggies which I loathe, it tasted quite alright except for the fact I had to remove the veg every now and then. The skin was just nice, not too thin nor thick. Chewable.

Fried dumplings were the least favourite but I personally thought they tasted alright. They were very crispy and the skin were rather thin too.

Overall rating :

Quite satisfied with the food and service there, although there was this 1 waitress who bumped into me twice without first excusing herself while serving nor did she apologise. Ugh.

Also, do take note that you are given approx 1.5h for dine-in, but they didn’t chase us away anyway.

Do take a trip down and satisfy your tummy with these delicious dim sum! I guarantee you that it would be a trip worthwhile! 😀

Birthday Cruise Trip

18th Jan was my bday and I’d decided to celebrate it with my family and bf onboard Super Star Virgo. It wasn’t our first time experiencing cruise trips. Family and I used to patronise every single week in the past when we were younger. Until sis and I turned teens, we sort of lost interest in the arcade and we couldn’t qualify to enter the casino. If I’m not wrong, the min. age requirement is 18.

Now, whenever I stroll in the casino, I’m quite upset that it’s such an easy breeze because it only mean 1 thing…


😦 😦 😦

We used to stay in the arcade almost 24/7 during the whole trip and the amount we spent was horrendous, not forgetting the tonnes and tonnes of arcade ticket coupons we won…

Nevertheless, this time round… bf and I decided to be a little more adventurous. We went arcade, casino, played the high swimming slides for adults, relaxed on the sun deck and in the Jacuzzi pool and went to the gym.

Anyway, that silly boy surprised me with 12 cupcakes! Something which I’ve been longing for and didn’t have the chance to eat it!

I finished FIVE out of TWELVE. I know, it’s really crazy and needless to say, super duper SINFUL AND FATTENING.

I lost 257cal hitting the gym but am sure it didn’t even help reduce the guilt of gobbling down 5 cupcakes. Of course not at once. I might choke, gag and die.

The staff at Super Star Virgo were very thoughtful and provides awesome customer service.

I know my recent smiles are freaking awkward and ugly due to the braces. I do have a problem smiling now compared to the past.

Food :

Sorry for the blur pics.

It was overall an enjoyable trip, despite having flu throughout the whole getaway because everywhere was air-conditioned and my annoying nose cannot adapt to it. It activated its sensitivity as well as sinus problem. I recall having the same problem in my last trip as well. But thankfully, it wasn’t that bad this time round, I could still manage, though it gets blocked at times during sleep.

I don’t sleep with air-con even at home, and switch it on only when required at certain times when I’m in my own room. It’s not encouraged to stay with the air-con on, especially throughout the night. Even if I do switch it on to sleep, I would shiver awhile later and turn it off.

I get cold easily…

Plus, it’s bad for your skin too. Hur hur.

To you : Thank you for spending my bday with me for the 5th year without fail and special thanks for the 12 cupcakes surprise and iphone5 gift. I am truly touched and blessed to be showered with your love and thoughtfulness. I can never thank you enough for walking this far with me. I love you 🙂

Food Review – Cedele

Been having so much good food recently and I think I’m starting to gain those kilos back… 😦

Anyway, met up with my ex-classmate who was very kind to treat me dinner, dessert and drinks! 🙂 Really touched to know that there are actually friends who love you! ❤

We both had Rosti but weren’t satisfied with how different this Rosti looked from others. We were expecting those shredded potatoes, criss-crossed types, you know?

Something similar to this :

For Rostis, Marche did serve awesome ones though 🙂

Anyway, our Rostis were kinda wet and mushy, not crispy at all. I chose sauteed mushroom over sausages for the fear of my braces, although I secretly wanted to have both, but could only choose 1.

Plus, I remembered having All Day Breakfast from Cedele too in the past and enjoyed their sauteed mushrooms. That was at the Greenwich outlet.

The current Cedele visitation was at Raffles City. The area was unexpectedly small and very noisy as well. The scrambled eggs were good as usual.

Friend’s Mango Lassi

My Iced Mocha 🙂

Told you I’m one huge coffee addict! It also because of the lack of sleep the night before. This Iced Mocha tasted quite rich and thick, with lots of thick viscous chocolate at the end of the cup. Was too thick for me despite stirring but I guessed the denser chocolate settled at the bottom of the cup eventually, nonetheless.

Chocolate Banana Something..

As you can tell, I’m quite poor with names, be it people’s names or food names…though I recall faces quite well, but that’s out of the point. Anyway, this chocolate banana cake was awesome! Rich, thick and generous portion of slices of banana were included. Not sure what those bits of stuffs on the cake were, but it made chewing difficult for people with braces.

But still, satisfied with this dessert 🙂

But just a word of caution, IT’S QUITE SINFUL THOUGH!

Overall rating :

But be prepared to face loud crowds, since it’s located at the city area where lots of OMs/OLs settle for dinner.

Raffles City Level 3
252 North Bridge Road
#03-28A Raffles City Shopping Centre
(near Convention Centre)
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6337 8017
Fax: 6337 8019

Opening hours
Daily: 11.00am to 10.00pm

Beauty Review – Limited Edition My Beauty Diary Orange Blossom & White Lotus Moisturising Mist

I have a HOLY GRAIL beauty product to share!!! And yes, am extremely excited about this! I blogged briefly on this before previously but this product deserves a solo blog post! 🙂

Are you looking to achieve dewy radiant skin? Thinking of ways to brighten up your dull-looking skin?

Does your make-up coverage disappoint? Do you then have to constantly touch-up on your make-up, especially your foundation?

I have found a product which helps eliminate these worries and achieve your beautiful flawless skin!

Mentioned previously where I’d got hold of this HG before, from an online beauty shop – Sunnanz 🙂

It was a prize won via their Instagram contest 🙂

So yes, am not advertising for them, neither was it a sponsorship. It was a prize and a really worthy one. Worthy enough to be featured and raved about on my blog! 🙂

Directions to use :

Spray 2 to 3 pumps/spitz about 20-30cm away from your face directly.

Use it on a cleansed face and before applying make up. I still have no courage to spray on after applying make-up for the fear of clogging and cake-ing my foundation. But applying it before really helps alot!

My steps :

1. Cleanse face

2. Apply toner (you can skip if you want to – for now I am experimenting whether applying toner is beneficial for my own skin, although I did write up a blog post previously which affirmed otherwise. I will revert back to my toner regime if my skin condition worsens).

3. Apply essence/serum (you may skip this if you have oily skin) – wait for it to dry and absorb

4. Spray on the facial mist (2 to 3 times) – wait for it to dry and absorb

5. Apply moisturiser – wait for it to dry and absorb

6. Apply your make-up

With this facial mist inculcated into my skin care regime and before my make-up application, I find lesser need to touch up on my make-up throughout the day. In addition, my face looks dewy and radiant, with the matt look. I really love it because my T-zone doesn’t produce that much sebum/oil anymore.

Do you know why pores produce sebum/oil on its own? One of the main reasons is because of the lack of moisture and hence, the skin has to regulate the moisture content by producing natural oil.

So, if you use proper skincare for your skin type as well as moisturise/hydrate yourself adequately, you will tend to see less oil being produced.

I’m quite sure you can spray on after your make-up application, just to constantly moisturise and brighten your skin.


Think the product is sold at Sasa too 🙂

Sunnanz doesn’t sell them because it’s a limited edition product, so I guess I was lucky! Will drop by Sasa one of these days to check it out! 🙂

*Remember to always let whatever you applied on your face to set, dry and be absorbed first before applying your make-up, to prevent any caking. Don’t rush into it or you might have to remove your make-up and redo from the start again.



Psst, I am also trying out Skin&Lab’s Vita Energy Toner & Mist. I am using it as a mist first as mentioned that I am skipping the toner step for experiment purposes for the time being.

Will review shortly, so stay tuned! 🙂


Food Review – Prata Wala

It was a birthday treat from my colleagues last Thursday as I was on a 1/2 day leave on the actual day last Friday.

We had Indian cuisine at Prata Wala!

My Egg + Cheese + Mushroom prata!

Fish curry

Initially, I wanted to order another prata but thankfully, I’m glad I didn’t because I was stuffed after eating 1!

The floor, with the cheese and egg do make you full! The prata was rectangle in shape though.

It was the 1st to arrive amongst other dishes we ordered and I was quite satisfied with it. Ingredients were quite generous and the texture of the prata was just nice. It was quite fragrant too and hence, explains the ‘charred’ parts. Charred but not too burnt.

As for the fish curry, it was a tad disappointing because there were no extra ingredients. Personally, I would be delighted to find ‘stuffs’ in my prata curry as a customer, rather than just the sauce. Well, don’t you too?

I tried the one on the top right. It contained some nuts, not sure what nuts they were. And it tasted not bad and rather addictive too! 😉

Bryani. This accompanied the dishes set above. I didn’t taste this for the lack of liking towards bryanis.

Chickens and Naan.

Sorry for the poor quality images.

There were 3 types of chickens cooked and marinated differently as shown in this set. The naans as commented by my colleagues were too filling and even had black charred parts. I didn’t taste it because I was already feeling rather full having the prata. But I’d tried the chickens – 1 fried one (orangey red) and another 1 (normal roasted) one. I didn’t dare to try to green coloured one because my colleagues commented that they were quite spicy.

Not too sure what was this and which set does it belong too, but I suppose it’s some curry lookalike sauce for the chickens above, most prolly? Didn’t taste this too.

And a collage to end this off :

Overall rating :


Personally, I am not a huge fan of Indian cuisine or Malay ones due to the different taste compared to Chinese, Italian and Western which my taste buds have already been familiarised and accustomed to. However, Prata Wala is a highly raved place for Indian cuisine so if you are a huge fan, this is certainly 1 outlet you cannot miss! My colleagues who likes Indian cuisine likes going there.

Prata Wala

nex@Serangoon Central
T. +65 6634 2910

Beauty Review – Sexylook Hello Kitty Moisturizing and Brightening Hyaluronic Mask

*This is NOT an advertorial and products were purchased with my own financial means.

All hail the updates on Beauty reviews! 🙂

I bought these cute Hello Kitty mask from Sunnanz quite some time back and only managed to use them now, due to my overwhelming collection of masks. Threw away a handful of masks which I have been keeping for quite some time. Quite heart pain actually to see these lovely masks and $$$ gone.

Aren’t they cute?

I had to choose the one which best suited my skin condition at that time, so I chose Sexylook Hello Kitty Moisturizing and Brightening Hyaluronic Mask, because I felt my skin was losing radiance and getting duller as days go by. I have occasional dry skin at my nose areas too.

Sorry, forgot to snap a picture of the mask on my face because I was actually masking while packing my luggage for my bday cruise trip last week!

I know, multi-tasker. :p

Pros :

  1. Mask was filled with lots of thick essence
  2. There were remaining essence to further massage and lather onto skin and neck areas
  3. Instant brightening of the skin
  4. Shape and alignment was acceptable

Cons :

  1. Essence too drippy
  2. Had this weird smell, similar to cinnamon or something. Ugh.

Overall rating :


Food Review – Shin-Sapporo Ramen

First and foremost, I must apologise for the lack of updates on food reviews. Sometimes, I just let the age hijacks the memory system and forget to snap beautiful pictures of the foodies. Plus, I’m always wearing a sheet of thick-skin while snapping away because sometimes, it does look retarded in the public. And also, I must admit that I start eating slower than my meal buddies…which is a little impolite since I take some time to edit and create collages to upload on facebook. Okay, personal issues but nevertheless, am gonna review on Shin-Sapporo Ramen which I patronised at the Century Square outlet with my bf. It was a bday treat from him 🙂

So we had the buddies meal which consisted of 2 main dishes, 2 sides, 2 starters (salad) and 1 complimentary dish. I must first state that we were initially told that we would be given 2 complimentary dishes altogether (we chose chawanmushi) by waitress A but we were only served with 1 by waitress B. That was the only inconsistency we faced.


This was quite pathetic at first because which salad has no GREENS? It only contained 2 sour tomatoes and pale looking lettuces. But I managed to almost finish it because I loved the dressing (FATTENING I KNOW).

My Shoyu Ramen 🙂

I love those Japanese eggs – Tamago! Its skin is extremely soft and smooth, and the watery yolk perfects it (High cholesterol! GASP!) I chose Shoyu because I like salty food (High risk of hypertension and kidney failure! GASP GASP!). I know, I’m unhealthy like that, which sorta explains the poor health last year.

The ramen noodles were thin and chewy. Soup tasted alright. Meat was sliced thinly but was still acceptable. Just thought that there were too much spring onions and onions!

Bf’s main dish which I’d forgotten the name.

I tried his soup and I didn’t like it. It just tastes.. odd. And his noodles were fatter than mine. Haha!

Side dish, some fried mushroom with meat paste inside.

My jaws dropped when this was first served. Their portion and quantity is so pathetic, really. I had a little difficulty chewing this due to my braces.

But overall, the taste was still acceptable.

Potato salad.

Another disappointment. I literally exclaimed in shock when I saw this. I was expecting those chunk potato salad, you know? But this came in as mashed potato (although I’m a real fan but my expectations were not met) with bits of carrots and cucumber. I am so NOT  a fan of either of them. Carrot bits are fine because you can’t really taste the icky taste when eaten and mixed together with other food, but cucumber, its disgusting taste can still be quite strong even when mixed. Ugh, totally didn’t like this dish.

The tomatoes shown in all dishes didn’t seem to be fully riped and was quite sour!

Chawanmushi 🙂

This is a MUST-HAVE in all my japanese meals. Apart from going back on their word on giving us 2 sets instead of 1, this chawanmushi seemed quite okay, except for the fact that I’d forgot to add some soya sauce (I LIKE SALTY, remember?) and it wasn’t that hot when served. This contains gingko which bf ate. I loathe gingko, which kinda explains the poor memory too 😦

Collage :

Bday treat from bf 🙂

Overall rating :

I would actually give it a 3.5.

Century Square Branch

2 Tampines Central 5
#B1-10/11 Century Square
Singapore 529509
T. 6783 6304
enquiry@Shin-SapporoRamen.comOur opening hours:-
11.00am to 10pm

(last order 30 minutes before closing)