Food Review – Cedele

Been having so much good food recently and I think I’m starting to gain those kilos back… 😦

Anyway, met up with my ex-classmate who was very kind to treat me dinner, dessert and drinks! 🙂 Really touched to know that there are actually friends who love you! ❤

We both had Rosti but weren’t satisfied with how different this Rosti looked from others. We were expecting those shredded potatoes, criss-crossed types, you know?

Something similar to this :

For Rostis, Marche did serve awesome ones though 🙂

Anyway, our Rostis were kinda wet and mushy, not crispy at all. I chose sauteed mushroom over sausages for the fear of my braces, although I secretly wanted to have both, but could only choose 1.

Plus, I remembered having All Day Breakfast from Cedele too in the past and enjoyed their sauteed mushrooms. That was at the Greenwich outlet.

The current Cedele visitation was at Raffles City. The area was unexpectedly small and very noisy as well. The scrambled eggs were good as usual.

Friend’s Mango Lassi

My Iced Mocha 🙂

Told you I’m one huge coffee addict! It also because of the lack of sleep the night before. This Iced Mocha tasted quite rich and thick, with lots of thick viscous chocolate at the end of the cup. Was too thick for me despite stirring but I guessed the denser chocolate settled at the bottom of the cup eventually, nonetheless.

Chocolate Banana Something..

As you can tell, I’m quite poor with names, be it people’s names or food names…though I recall faces quite well, but that’s out of the point. Anyway, this chocolate banana cake was awesome! Rich, thick and generous portion of slices of banana were included. Not sure what those bits of stuffs on the cake were, but it made chewing difficult for people with braces.

But still, satisfied with this dessert 🙂

But just a word of caution, IT’S QUITE SINFUL THOUGH!

Overall rating :

But be prepared to face loud crowds, since it’s located at the city area where lots of OMs/OLs settle for dinner.

Raffles City Level 3
252 North Bridge Road
#03-28A Raffles City Shopping Centre
(near Convention Centre)
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6337 8017
Fax: 6337 8019

Opening hours
Daily: 11.00am to 10.00pm

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