Braces, Geo contact lens + LED lamp for Gelish manicure and pedicure!

It’s MID-WEEK! Hoorays! But this week’s gonna be a short one due to the public holiday this coming Fri! 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be dropping by Q&M toight for my monthly dental visit and I’ve done up another comparison thus far.

Not much difference though and I’m kinda disappointed because I don’t see anymore movements. But maybe the inner teeth have moved because I did feel some tightness here and there throughout March. Also because I’ve still not been able to ‘jump’ the bite yet and most of the times when I wake up, I find myself clenching my teeth (perhaps I was angry during my sleep?!) and the position of my teeth is still an underbite alignment. 😦

Nevertheless, the comparison thus far :

For March

braces march

For Jan, Feb and March



There’s nothing much to cheer about except for the fact that my top row is much straighter now as compared to the past before putting on the braces.

Sigh, I really hope I will be able to ‘jump’ the bite soon. I still can’t smile properly showing my teeth.

This is the best I can do without looking retarded.

Photo 10-03-2013 12 05 34 AM

Photo 10-03-2013 12 03 51 AM


Don’t laugh okay?

I guess these are the only two pictures you will see with me smiling with teeth shown, unless you caught me on candid camera which I’m very sure I will look like a dork and I would kill you for that.

By the way, smiling like this makes me even more self-conscious of not only my smile/teeth, but also my chin, nose and cheeks.

I have an indent face. My face is really skinny and my jaw-line is extremely defined.

Actually, I don’t have cheeks at all.

Apple cheeks are cute. Long pointy indented cheeks make you look like an old hag and even more haggard looking than your real age.

I used to be RREEALLL fat before puberty but lost them all after reaching puberty, combined with vigorous exercise. I started learning Taekwondo at the age of 10 and achieved my 1st black belt dan at 14. But with my current age and body condition now, I doubt I can be as robust as before.

Okay, nvm, so back to the cheeks.

Seen some improvements on QiuQiu’s blog and facebook on her fat-grafting of the face and really tempts me. But I don’t wish to look like a swollen pig head.

Another thing is, my nose looks stubby and I hate my protruding chin due to my underbite and skeletal structure.

I just hate my side profile. :(((

By the way, the 2 pictures above took me some time to capture them, despite still being imperfect. The rest were just plain dorky and I had a hard time trying to position my mouth,chin and teeth altogether to create this ‘somewhat-near-perfect-smile’.


Anyway, I’ve tried 2 other Geo lens from GEO CONTACT LENS !

Super Angel Blue :

Photo 19-03-2013 11 03 08 PM

Photo 19-03-2013 08 16 00 PM


geo geo2 geo6


Morning Glory Grey :

Photo 25-03-2013 09 01 07 PM geo3 geo4 geo5

So far so good! They are comfortable to wear but inevitably and occasionally, they would dry out if I stare at my phone (most of the times concentrating hard on Candy Crushing!) for too long. Try blinking or look far after that, or just carry along eye drops with you 🙂

This is normal and happens with any and every contact lens you wear. Even if I wear contact lenses from optical shops such as Fresh Kon and Maxi lens, my eyes dry out easily too! Furthermore, if you’ve read my previous review on these 2 optical brands, you would know that they suck! >=[

By the way, the lady boss of GEO CONTACT LENS, Kimmy is extremely friendly and helpful! She would go the extra mile to clear your doubts and explain whatever is required. 🙂

So go check out those pretty lenses at GEO CONTACT LENS now!!! 😀


I bought some stuffs from Gmarket (still prefer calling them this than Qoo10) :

Photo 27-03-2013 08 41 54 AM

Photo 27-03-2013 08 45 07 AM

I bought the LED lamp (18watts) for 169$ and I am super duper pleased with this seller on Gmarket! This is my 2nd purchase from her. Previously gotten a bottle of Acetone at 10$ for self-removal of gelish nails!

Her replies are very prompt and very helpful and most importantly, she delivers her items very promptly! I made the order last Sunday 24th and received the item yesterday on the 26th! How fast a delivery could that be???
She even sent a free gift as per above – Cuticle cutter.

Because good things must be shared and sharing is caring (that’s the whole point of my blog), so here goes :

LED Lamp 

Gelish Cleanser

Crystalife (Seller)

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I have been using the lousy UV Lamp with 36 watts, which does not cure gelish nail polishes well and takes a longer time to do so. I am still thinking if I should sell it as 2nd hand or keep it to cure my pedicure when I’m doing my manicure.

But if anyone’s interested, do let me know and I will take into consideration of selling it cheap at a low price! It’s rarely being used, honestly.

I would do up a comparison between UV lamp and a LED lamp soon when time permits. Artistic (300-400$++)and Gelish Harmony (500-600$$++) LED Lamps are just WAAAYYY TOOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!

But I’ve to let you know that it’s working, has automated sensor of 30sec and it’s EXTREMELY IRRESISTIBLY ADORABLE!!!

The time will depend on how thick each layer applied.

Foundation base – 10 to 30sec
Gelish color – 30sec to 45sec
Top-if-off – 20-30sec

But I don’t think I will be reviewing this cute ribbon LED lamp anytime soon since I’ve just gotten my manicure and pedicure done last week for a wedding last Sunday at Fingertip Nail Care 🙂

Photo 21-03-2013 09 41 37 PM

Photo 21-03-2013 09 00 01 PM

I know I have the world’s ugliest toes. :(((

But I know many of you can’t resist the cuteness of this LED Lamp, do stay tuned for my reviews okay? 🙂

Also because there aren’t any reviews online so far for this LED lamp (I can’t find any!) and no reviews available on Gmarket as well, except for mine. LOL!

Love y’all! 🙂





Achieve flawless radiant skin that glows with Hitachi HadaCriE Cool!

The fundamental 3-step beauty routine should be at anyone’s fingertips, that is to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Think you have them?

Wait a second and think about it, just how well are you doing it?

By merely using your hands or cotton pads to carry out these 3 simple steps might most probably not help you achieve that flawless skin glowing with radiance afterall. Do you find yourself in this position?

Have I now caught your attention?

Hitachi has heard your problems and has come to your rescue, bringing you one step closer to that porcelain skin you have been yearning for!

HadaCRiE Cool is the best-selling beauty device from Japan and this handy device is one multi-functional tool that better assists in facial cleansing, toning and moisturising all at one go! What is more exciting is that it even provides a massage system at the same time that soothe and relaxes your skin!







After a long hectic day you have had, don’t your muscles start to ache? And you just wish to sip a cuppa hot drink while enjoying a soothing massage.

Similarly, your facial muscles as well as the skin requires the same treatment as well!

By massaging your skin, it helps not only by relaxing, but more importantly, massaging facilitates blood circulation as well. This thus imparts a luminous glow and wards off the ultimately wrinkles which invade your face!

Facial massage also helps to liven up both your mind and body, and tightens the sagged skin as well as flushes out the toxins from the body!

By ionising and massaging, HadaCRiE Cool imparts proper nutrition and moisture to your face and cures damaged tissues of you skin, reviving the lustrous glow that was once lost!

The HadaCRiE Cool (CM-N10000) is the new and improvised version of its predecessor – HadaCRiE (CM-N810).More importantly, the HadaCRiE Cool replaces the ‘Refreshing mode’ of CM-N810 with its ‘Cooling mode’.

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 20.26.14

This is for the HadaCrie (CM-N810) where the ‘Refreshing’ mode has been replaced with the ‘Cooling’ mode in the new HadaCrie Cool (CM-N10000).

For the HadaCrie Cool :

Step 1: Cleansing – Removes fine dirt from pores
Step 2: Micro-pat – Prepares skin for Step3 so that moisturizing ingredients can be easily absorbed
Step 3: Moisturize – Deep moisturizing mode
Step 4: Cool – tightens pores, where zero-pores made possible

content_sec5 (1)

A comparison between the 2 products

After reading so much information, now let us see if this beauty device really works!




What’s inside this box filled with goodness :



Provided herewith : HadaCrie device, AC supply, cotton pads, rubber-like rings and Hada Labo toner lotion!


With such thoughtful arrangement in its organisation function of this handy bag pouch, it is extremely convenient to carry it around with you on days you have sleep-overs or even during your relaxing overseas trip! With the AC supply, you need not worry about disrupting your beauty regime anymore when you are travelling!

It is also a very user-friendly device which you can ultilise when you’re studying, watching tv or using the computer!


With customers’ satisfaction in mind, Hitachi has thoughtfully provided the essentials required for using this device! As shown : The HadaCrie Cool device, cotton pad and rubber-like ring to secure your cotton pad which would have to be placed over the silver metal of the device. Do not worry if you have sensitive skin because the titanium metal head is gentle and suitable for skin sensitive to metals!
Place the cotton pad over the metal area and secure it with the ring provided.
Connect the device to the AC supply and switch on the device. For first-timers, you are advised to choose the low-mode operation and you may subsequently increase to a high-mode operation when you are comfortable with the strength of vibrations.
Decided to try out the moisturising mode!
Decided to try out the moisturising mode!

Remember that the cotton pad can only absorb a non-gel/cream  watery lotion.

I have used Secret Key’s White Illuminating Essence :



Similar to fingers application of your beauty skin care products, massage your face with HadaCrie in the same directions to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin while providing a 'lifting' effect.
Similar to fingers application of your beauty skin care products, massage your face with HadaCrie in the same directions to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin while providing a ‘lifting’ effect.


Remember to use the HadaCrie on a freshly-cleansed skin for all 4 modes!

After massaging for 5 mins (All 4 modes requires a full 5-min usage except for the ‘Cooling’ mode – 3mins), my skin feels well-hydrated, non-greasy and the essence was well-aborbed! My skin felt more elastic and was more plumped. Applying make-up is now hassle-free as it easily glides over my face!

If you want to find out how well HadaCrie fared in removing impurities and dirt, stay tuned for my next review on the ‘Cleansing’ mode!

Stay hello to a more radiant glowy skin today with HadaCRiE Cool! 🙂

HadaCRiE Cool is sold at Gain City Marina Square & Changi City Point and Parisilk 46 East Coast Road #01-01 East Gate, retailing at $499! 🙂



Looking for Sponsors!

Hello there!

If you are contemplating in engaging bloggers to do a write-up for your products/services (legitimate/legal/moral ones only please) or if you are looking for influential bloggers to attend media/event launches, then do keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

I am currently looking for sponsors in these areas :

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I have done several advertorials (sponsored and non-sponsored ones) which you can read here!

Products and services include, beauty products (skin care, cosmestics, contact lenses), facials, classified platforms, pet supplies, movie reviews, nails and apparels.

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Currently, I am still looking into gaining more exposure for my write-ups as well as experience, by taking up more assignments 🙂

If keen to sponsor/advertise with me, please email me at jeangan @ live .com for further details.

Psst, and don’t forget to read my latest contribution to MyFatPocket’s beauty section on Argan Oil (awesome for hair and skincare!) 😀



What is Beauty?

Unlike other animals, humans are the opposite. Males are visual creatures who feed on the appearances of females. Traditionally, females are the ones who beautify themselves in order to boost one’s self-confidence as well to attract the opposite sex.

They said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and beauty is only skin-deep.

Let’s put aside that notion and discuss about physical appearances.

So what is beauty?

Beauty as first judged by our visual senses is deemed to be appealing to the eyes. A good-looking person be it on the face or body would keep your eyes come back for more.  And before you know it, you can’t stop yourself from gawking or ogling.

Some of the celebrities I like looking at :

David Beckham

Wu Chun


Jessica Alba

Kristen Stewart – I like the ‘cool’ look ‘half-smiles’ she’ve got. Because I have a similar look as her, my default face is one that will judge as unfriendly and ‘dao’. So please don’t misjudge me if you ever happen to see me on the streets. Plus, with my braces on, all the more I’d avoid smiling.

After getting plastic surgery done, don’t you think she looks prettier? She clinched even more deals as well.

Plastic surgery is very common nowadays and the perception of being ‘plastic’ and ‘fake’ is indeed lessening. We are now able to restructure different areas of our physical appearances through the help of aesthetics procedures.

Similar to many others, initially I was against plastic surgeries but as I read more to understand and as I frequently question myself if I had the chance to look more attractive in my own opinion, would I do so?

And the answer changed from a no to a yes.

Why is that so? The reason is simple.

YOLO – You only live once.

Other than chasing perfections, doesn’t anyone want to look ‘perfect’ in their own way?

There are many physical areas of myself that I am not contented with but I have not done any changes yet, unless you consider having braces on to be part of an aesthetic change.

Nobody is perfect but that shouldn’t stop you from working towards it, and we should put aside cases that illustrate the compulsive and obsessive behaviour towards plastic surgeries.

The immediate effect that aesthetic procedures and plastic surgeries result is the boosting of self-confidence. When you are satisfied with the changes, you will naturally live with more confidence.

And confident women are the sexiest in men’s eyes.

In order to make an informed decision, you must first get your homework done. That means, research, research and more research!

MyFatPocket has launched a new website specially on aesthetics, called Aesthetic Hub.

Aesthetics Hub is a convenient and information-rich platform for your aesthetic and cosmetic concerns.

From Singapore to the Philippines and Korea, Aesthetic Hub covers a diverse range of aesthetics topics; from the most innovative treatments, products and news to local doctor’s directory and How-It’s-Done procedure videos, Aesthetic Hub is your reliable source for information on beauty, inside and out.

Sign up now to be a member to enjoy the upcoming newsletters, exclusive giveaways, personal consultations and more!

Remember YOLO, don’t live in dissatisfaction anymore!

Dian Xiao Er + Sungei Buloh

Hope you guys had an enjoyable weekend again!

By the way, there’s a long weekend nearing with Good Friday falling on a… Friday?

I’ve no plans as of now, but I guess I will have to start cramming up for my upcoming exams! 😦

Nevertheless, celebrated 2 friends’  bday last Friday at Dian Xiao Er. For those who know, Dian Xiao Er is famous for their duck dishes.

There were 11 pax of us and we ordered Family Set for 10 pax.

Ap0logies for the size of the images. I have no idea what went wrong. Resizing doesn’t help either. 😦

I had a hard time chewing on the duck, especially on the skin and the ribs due to my braces. The fish was quite tasteless as well. The veggies were alright but the prawns were not fresh. But this was the branch at Tampines 1.

Overall rating :

Dian Xiao Er

10 Tampines Central 1,
#04-07/08, Tampines One,
Singapore 529536
Telephone: 6783 6068


Bf wanted to participate in my company’s event to Sungei Buloh. It was not sponsored and neither was it compulsory as well.

I guess it’s a different experience from the usual dating all together 🙂

Thank god for the nice weather. It wasn’t hot and sunny in the morning but started to be when approaching 12 noon.

Monitor lizard. I squatted to get near to it for a close-up. How brave I was.

Several fishes. Wonder why the croc doesn’t eat them?

Okay, this might sound silly. I could actually see the little bird up in the tree when I snapped this, but now I can’t even find a single thing in this picture! :S

That’s my beloved adjusting his camera settings 🙂


Hidden croc.

Close-up. Submerging in the river.

Croc went up to us real close. Of course it was few metres away above the bridge where we were. Our guide, Allan who is 65 years old and a friendly guy, told us that this is the first time he had encountered the croc coming so close.

He has been a guide for the past 20 years by the way.

A little while bird.

This is Allan. He’s 65 and still as hearty as ever. He arranges trips to Malaysia as well and is very meticulous in looking out for creatures and plants in the wild nature.

Can you spot the frog?

Some artwork by kids.

Pencil roots.

I love these scenic views.

Spotted a huge mud skipper.

I’d thought the signs were interesting.

Very hot as it reached 12nn, couldn’t take it so had to tie up my hair.

Us 🙂

Monitor lizards swimming ard when we were abt to return.

And they were resting. 2 of them fought over the resting raft.

The view back. Say hello JB!

I know the photos are reeaaalllyy damn small. I will be uploading the pictures on my facebook page, so if you’ve not followed me yet, do so soon!

And other with other social media apps :

Facebook page :
Twitter user ID : shootingstar_18
Instagram user ID : shootingstar18


Met up with my good friend while the bf was out for his friend’s stag night (groom-to-be).

Thanks for reading! 🙂



Beauty Review – My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask

Gazillion apologies for the lack of updates on beauty reviews recently!

I’ve been lazy and haven’t found much time to slap on new beauty products to review.

But here’s on on My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask! 🙂

Pros :

  1. Skin feels moisturised and hydrated after usage
  2. Softer and smoother skin
  3. Filled with essence which the remaining can be used for lathering on face as well as neck areas

Cons :

  1. Woke up to a tad oilier skin than usual the next morning
  2. Not much radiance – guess you’ve to use it consistently

Overall rating :

I guess it’s still quite effective in achieving hydrated skin, but perhaps for those with oily skin or combination skin where your T-zone is oily, try avoiding massaging the rest of the essence onto those areas.

Pet supplies at affordable prices!

Sponsored Advertorial

Are you a pet owner like me?

Dogs? Cats? Birds? Hamsters? Chinchillas? Or even reptiles?

Every pet owner has taken up the huge responsibility shouldered upon them on the very first day they bought/adopted their pet.

Animals’ lifespan as compared to humans are significantly much shorter and most importantly, we get them because of they are adorable, act as our companion when we are lonely or basically don’t feel like interacting with other humans or simply, we just love animals!

There can be myriads of reasons as to our decision but one thing that we all have to admit it is that, we can NEVER SHRINK THE RESPONSIBILITY as pet owners.

I am 100% an animal lover. Just because I think they are easier to handle/interact compared to humans at times.

Searching for top-notch quality pet supplies by pet shops that offer free delivery (with a min. spending of 50bucks) is by far the best deal you can get!

Honestly speaking, for pet owners like me, we usually stock up extra pet supplies just to save the hassle. A huge packet of dog food easily cost over 50bucks and there you go, this simply means you can meet the requirements of free delivery that easily!

Plus, it would help you to save costs rather than tugging and lugging the huge packets all by yourself and cabbing home, if you don’t drive. What’s more, it helps you the save petrol fees too!

All the work will be done by KOHE PETS and you just have to choose and click your preferred items via their website! And then just wait and relax for their prompt delivery.

They would even personally contact you to arrange a convenient date and timing for the delivery.

Everything is carried out at your own convenience!

How cool is that?

My dog, Jingles loves the food by Solid Gold.

I’ve to admit it. This brand may not be the cheapest compared to other inferior brands but it promises premium quality.

Extracted from Solid Gold’s website :

Since 1974, Solid Gold has been the forerunner in premium, holistic pet nutrition. Solid Gold specializes in the development of “non-allergenic” products, which work together to enhance total health, boost up the immune system and protect against disease.Solid Gold selects ingredients from around the world to produce foods and supplements, which can be used in conjunction with each other. This promotes a healthful whole body whose systems work in harmony and are enhanced to their maximum potential. The result is increased resistance to disease, relief from pain and an enhanced state of general well-being.

Because I love Jingles like I would with my own child, I feed her premium quality food. 🙂

I’ve also gotten some yummy snacks and treats for her as well 🙂

While I was busy and trying my best to capture awesome shots of Jingles and the snacks…

This was what happened.

Obviously, someone was getting a little fed up…While I’m trying my best to snap a beautiful picture…


So this was what happened…

And these were what I’d previously gotten from KOHE PETS too :

So if you’re looking for a huge variety of pet supplies at pocket-friendly prices which allow you to shop at your own convenience, then you definitely must visit KOHE PETS today!

Receive frequent updates via their Facebook page too!

Or if you’d prefer to drop by their pet store :


Warehouse Address
(No Walk-In):

26 Sin Ming Lane #06-122
Singapore 573971

Tel: 67554180

“Until one has loved an animal,  a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France