Braces Updates!

Visited the dentist a week ago for my monthly follow-up.

Here are some of the updates in pictures.

I decided to do an early comparison before the ‘1 mth’ period is up, so it was merely 2 weeks after my 2nd follow-up in Feb as depicted in the last picture.

As you can see, my front tooth shifted and straightened out merely after 2 weeks. Am super duper happy with it! 🙂

And this is the latest comparison of all 3 months.

Yes, I first had pink, followed by red and choose dark blue coloured brackets this month!

Not much difference from the above picture because my front tooth already straightened out.

A comparison between 14 Feb and 5 Mar :

Other than that, the dentist increased the size of the wire for every follow-up.

Not much difference between these 2 weeks but am remaining hopeful.

The only thing that keeps me in faith is that my front tooth actually straightened out within a mere 1.5 months! 😀

But if you’d read my previous posts on my braces journey, you would have known that I am categorised as a class III malocclusion and have an underbite.

So the ultimate goal is not only to straighten the teeth but to align them normally, with the top row overlapping the bottom row a little.

As of now, I still can’t smile properly with my teeth shown. I just look weird. Like as if I have a crooked mouth or jaw. Plus, my face shape is quite sharp, so I look damn awkward.

I did fillings for 4 teeth last month and did another 3 this month. Was charged 70$ per tooth and am quite broke now. That’s on top of the monthly instalment I’ve to pay up for the braces too.

Can’t blame anyone but myself for not taking care of my teeth and not visiting the dentist for almost a decade now… Shucks I know I’m disgusting like that.

I just hope I’ll have that beautiful perfect smile that would kill… No, I’m kidding.

Just pray that I can smile normal with straight looking teeth during my photoshoots for my wedding 🙂

Nobody wants to be an ugly bride, isn’t it? 😀

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