Big alluring sparkling eyes!

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Are you looking for contact lenses that are :

  1. Comfortable
  2. Safe to wear
  3. Affordable
  4. Coloured

Are you facing issues with contact lenses you’ve gotten from optical shops like me?

I have personally tried Fresh Kon and Maxi lenses are boy, do they both suck! 😦

Plus, they are not cheap to begin with. 20+ monthly and some are even jacked up to 30+/month!

Contact lenses have become daily essentials for ladies (and even men!) who want to achieve big sparkling eyes! Whether you have minimal eye make-up or heavy eye make-up, one would finds it difficult to live without contact lenses.

Lo and behold!

Presenting to you an online shop that provides quality lenses as well as customer service! How often do you get both of that together?

Well now you can!

GEO CONTACT LENS is an online shop providing safe and reliable contact lenses that are affordable yet do not compromise on its quality!

I have been wearing contact lenses from them and so far, no problems faced! Except for occasional dryness (like when I stare at something for a long time with minimal blinking) which is fairly common. Other than that, totally NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!!

As you can see, I’ve been sponsored with 7 great pairs of geo lenses! They are by far the most comfortable I’ve worn compared to other brands you see online such as I.Fairy/Barbie etc.

Plus, they do not have ridiculous diameters for their lenses.

I totally loathe the ‘Furby lookalike’ contact lens which makes one look damn scary and weird. It’s not appealing anymore in that way.

For me, I would choose the normal 14.2mm to 15mm. That would be sufficient for my eye shape and area size.

So it actually differs individually.

GEO CONTACT LENS also provides free contact lens casing for EVERY pair you order! I am always forgetting to bring them along whenever I have sleep overs so extra cases definitely come in handy! 🙂

GEO CONTACT LENS also goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer services as evident in their website – Info on lens care as well as tracking your orders via postage services.

Most importantly, these pretty geo lens are 100% authentic and every bottle comes with the authentication sticker and code where you can verify on GEO CONTACT LENS as well!

Simple and hassle-free!

I’m wearing GEO Angel Blue (Magic Color) – 14.2mm | Yearly Disposable | 38% Water Content

As you can see, the size of the lenses perfectly accommodates to the size of my eyes. Everything looks proportionate.

The 2nd picture was taken before I headed out to celebrate our 5th Anniversary! So I made the effort to doll up a little more, with the effects of smokey-eyes. Usually, I don’t apply eye shadows because I think they are too ‘over’.

My eye make up regime is very simplistic and minimal – eyeliners, falsies (not thick ones but natural looking), white shimmery eyeliner to be applied at the tear ducts for bigger and more sparkling eyes. I used to apply mascara on my lower lashes but not anymore. And of course, concealers for my terrible dark circles. 😦

So if you are looking for pocket-friendly contact lens that are yearly disposable (but for hygiene reasons – recommended to dispose 6-9mths) and are 100% AUTHENTIC AND SAFE TO WEAR, check out GEO CONTACT LENS today!!! 🙂

Psst, stay tuned for my updates on our 5th Anniversary celebration! 🙂

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