Achieve flawless radiant skin that glows with Hitachi HadaCriE Cool!

The fundamental 3-step beauty routine should be at anyone’s fingertips, that is to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Think you have them?

Wait a second and think about it, just how well are you doing it?

By merely using your hands or cotton pads to carry out these 3 simple steps might most probably not help you achieve that flawless skin glowing with radiance afterall. Do you find yourself in this position?

Have I now caught your attention?

Hitachi has heard your problems and has come to your rescue, bringing you one step closer to that porcelain skin you have been yearning for!

HadaCRiE Cool is the best-selling beauty device from Japan and this handy device is one multi-functional tool that better assists in facial cleansing, toning and moisturising all at one go! What is more exciting is that it even provides a massage system at the same time that soothe and relaxes your skin!







After a long hectic day you have had, don’t your muscles start to ache? And you just wish to sip a cuppa hot drink while enjoying a soothing massage.

Similarly, your facial muscles as well as the skin requires the same treatment as well!

By massaging your skin, it helps not only by relaxing, but more importantly, massaging facilitates blood circulation as well. This thus imparts a luminous glow and wards off the ultimately wrinkles which invade your face!

Facial massage also helps to liven up both your mind and body, and tightens the sagged skin as well as flushes out the toxins from the body!

By ionising and massaging, HadaCRiE Cool imparts proper nutrition and moisture to your face and cures damaged tissues of you skin, reviving the lustrous glow that was once lost!

The HadaCRiE Cool (CM-N10000) is the new and improvised version of its predecessor – HadaCRiE (CM-N810).More importantly, the HadaCRiE Cool replaces the ‘Refreshing mode’ of CM-N810 with its ‘Cooling mode’.

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 20.26.14

This is for the HadaCrie (CM-N810) where the ‘Refreshing’ mode has been replaced with the ‘Cooling’ mode in the new HadaCrie Cool (CM-N10000).

For the HadaCrie Cool :

Step 1: Cleansing – Removes fine dirt from pores
Step 2: Micro-pat – Prepares skin for Step3 so that moisturizing ingredients can be easily absorbed
Step 3: Moisturize – Deep moisturizing mode
Step 4: Cool – tightens pores, where zero-pores made possible

content_sec5 (1)

A comparison between the 2 products

After reading so much information, now let us see if this beauty device really works!




What’s inside this box filled with goodness :



Provided herewith : HadaCrie device, AC supply, cotton pads, rubber-like rings and Hada Labo toner lotion!


With such thoughtful arrangement in its organisation function of this handy bag pouch, it is extremely convenient to carry it around with you on days you have sleep-overs or even during your relaxing overseas trip! With the AC supply, you need not worry about disrupting your beauty regime anymore when you are travelling!

It is also a very user-friendly device which you can ultilise when you’re studying, watching tv or using the computer!


With customers’ satisfaction in mind, Hitachi has thoughtfully provided the essentials required for using this device! As shown : The HadaCrie Cool device, cotton pad and rubber-like ring to secure your cotton pad which would have to be placed over the silver metal of the device. Do not worry if you have sensitive skin because the titanium metal head is gentle and suitable for skin sensitive to metals!
Place the cotton pad over the metal area and secure it with the ring provided.
Connect the device to the AC supply and switch on the device. For first-timers, you are advised to choose the low-mode operation and you may subsequently increase to a high-mode operation when you are comfortable with the strength of vibrations.
Decided to try out the moisturising mode!
Decided to try out the moisturising mode!

Remember that the cotton pad can only absorb a non-gel/cream  watery lotion.

I have used Secret Key’s White Illuminating Essence :



Similar to fingers application of your beauty skin care products, massage your face with HadaCrie in the same directions to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin while providing a 'lifting' effect.
Similar to fingers application of your beauty skin care products, massage your face with HadaCrie in the same directions to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin while providing a ‘lifting’ effect.


Remember to use the HadaCrie on a freshly-cleansed skin for all 4 modes!

After massaging for 5 mins (All 4 modes requires a full 5-min usage except for the ‘Cooling’ mode – 3mins), my skin feels well-hydrated, non-greasy and the essence was well-aborbed! My skin felt more elastic and was more plumped. Applying make-up is now hassle-free as it easily glides over my face!

If you want to find out how well HadaCrie fared in removing impurities and dirt, stay tuned for my next review on the ‘Cleansing’ mode!

Stay hello to a more radiant glowy skin today with HadaCRiE Cool! 🙂

HadaCRiE Cool is sold at Gain City Marina Square & Changi City Point and Parisilk 46 East Coast Road #01-01 East Gate, retailing at $499! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Achieve flawless radiant skin that glows with Hitachi HadaCriE Cool!

  1. Where to purchase this? Does all purchases comes with the travel bag? Or does it only comes with Singapore purchases only?

    • Hi Lyna!
      Thanks for reading!
      It is sold at Gain City Marina Square & Changi City Point and Parisilk 46 East Coast Road #01-01 East Gate, retailing at $499!
      And I reckon it should come in the travel bag 🙂

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