Beauty Review – Liese Bubble Hair Color Jewel Pink

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I don’t wish to hide this anymore, but all along, I’ve been dyeing my hair on my own. I seldom visit the hair salons (which might be a bad thing and cause of the split ends due to the lack of pampering hair treatments I ought to shower my poor hair with).

But as you know, dyeing hair at salons are waaaay too expensive, especially if you have long waist-length hair like mine. Moreover, I am not a fan of waiting hours after hours after hours just to get my hair dyed, washed, blown, washed again…

Thus, ever since Liese introduced their DIY bubble hair dyes, I’m elated and have been depending on them for my hair colours.

I know it’s an extremely tedious work to do everything by yourself. I get ‘shocked’ reactions and the disbelief from my family, friends and colleagues whenever I told them I DIY-ed myself. If you are not certain that you can do a good job or would prefer someone else to do it for you at the comfort of your own home, then so be it! Get your family, domestic helper or even a friend!

Was quite excited when I was offered this sponsorship by Liese but had to contemplate awhile because ‘Jewel Pink’ didn’t seem quite appropriate for work. Sad but true, I’d regretted not dyeing my hair a little redder when I was still a student 😦

So naturally, I did my homework before agreeing to take up this sponsorship by reading other bloggers’ reviews and viewing images for myself too.

Turns out that ‘Jewel Pink’ won’t make you look like Lady GaGa or Pink.

In fact, the tinge of pink is extremely faint.

The sponsorship came the right time because my black roots were already showing and being a perfectionist, I had to do something about it.

products_ph007 lse_funwaricolor_10_img_l

Photo 11-04-2013 08 49 28 PM

Given in a cute basket filled with a lovely pink rose and hot pink hair band! 🙂

Photo 11-04-2013 08 49 21 PM Photo 11-04-2013 08 54 59 PM Photo 11-04-2013 08 55 09 PM Photo 11-04-2013 09 00 26 PM

Before and After pics!


Photo 11-04-2013 05 21 22 PM Photo 11-04-2013 05 21 31 PM Photo 11-04-2013 05 22 05 PM Photo 11-04-2013 07 15 10 PM Photo 11-04-2013 07 15 47 PM



Here’s a step by step process of using Liese Bubble Hair Dye.

Step 1 :

Photo 11-04-2013 09 00 57 PM

Pour Bottle ‘1’ into Bottle ‘2’.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 01 31 PM

Cap Bottle ‘2’ when done and shake it up and done, though not vigorously.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 01 45 PM

If you are unsure how to mix the 2 liquids together, this simple illustration should help.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 02 03 PM

After shaking.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 03 29 PM

Let the mixture settle down for about 2 to 3 mins. You will witness a colour change.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 03 40 PM

Put on your gloves. You can put them on from the start.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 04 10 PM

You just have to press at the middle portion of the bottle and it will filtered out as bubble puffs!

Photo 11-04-2013 09 04 26 PM


Few tips to DIY at home : Wear a really old shirt you don’t want or cut out a head-hole from a piece of newspaper and wear it over your head to prevent staining your shirt. Either that, you can use a poncho you don’t want because determining the size of the head-hole is quite difficult.

Apply the bubble hair dye to your hair as how you would when shampoo-ing. Make sure you have covered all areas to prevent patches. Just dispense the foam, apply on hair and massage.

Photo 15-04-2013 10 29 08 AM


Photo 12-04-2013 01 56 06 PM

Under sunlight

Under sunlight

Under sunlight



OOTD and this is how the colour looks like indoors.

OOTD and this is how the colour looks like indoors.

Despite dyeing on a already coloured hair, the results were not too bright and still suitable for work, well unless you aren’t allowed to dye your hair at all.

Please note that the colour results might differ due to few factors :

  1. The time you left the hair dye on (I left it for approx 30mins)
  2. The absorption rate and intensity of your own hair. Applicable to those with thick black hair and have experienced difficulties in absorbing hair dyes. You may wish to leave it on longer.
  3. You hair colour PRIOR to using the bubble hair dye. Mine was brown before I redyed it.

What I like about Liese Bubble Hair dye  :

  1. Added with Honey as a moisturising agent – Really helps! My hair still feels ultra smooth despite washing it for the 3rd day after dyeing! 
  2. Provided with after-care treatment – conditioner – this is really good. I wished they could produce this as a conditioner itself.
  3. User-friendly and instructions are simple to comprehend. You’ll get the hang of it once you are a frequent user like me.
  4. Gloves provided as well.

Overall rating :

5 stars



3 thoughts on “Beauty Review – Liese Bubble Hair Color Jewel Pink

  1. You know, if a work place (nothing like a modeling agency) fires you for dying your hair after getting the job, you can actually sue them for discrimination and not excepting uniqueness or whatever. lol.

    • Haha,thanks but I don’t think that’s a wise thing to do. First of all, my job is a professional job and secondly, individual vs corporation, the latter would definitely have much more $$$ to fight if they really want to pursue and play along. 🙂

  2. I bought this hair dye too and I’m going to try it next week too, I’m already really excited hehe 😀 I have similiar hair color to you on the before photo! I really hope the hair color will turn out as pretty as on you too >..<

    -Mindy ♥

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