Braces Journey for a Class III Underbite Malocclusion

Finally, I am now a complete braces wearer, after about 5-6 months.

Erected them on my lower set of teeth (which are already straight originally) and hooked 2 elastic bands on the side to control and correct the jaw movements.

The bands are quite difficult to wear and I am so afraid of them snapping on my fingers, face and inside my mouth. My friends have warned me that they might snap when you yawn or open your mouth too wide for whatever reason.

My orthodontist is trying very hard to convince me that jumping the bite (i.e. correcting an underbite) can be done with just braces, not needing any surgery.

He has shown me some pictures of other patients who managed to jump the bite and they seem really good. One thing I was more concerned is the age of the patient. As underbite involves skeletal structure of the jaw, the older you are might prove difficulty or at least takes a longer process for the shifting to occur.

But I am quite satisfied because after putting on the braces on the bottom row, I quite strained my upper teeth a little forward to overlap a teeny bit of the lower teeth.

Photo 14-06-2013 04 47 20 PM

Not sure if you are able to see it though. Cant strain too much because it hurts as the bottom teeth is still trying to adapt to the braces.

The overall picture and comparison thus far :

Photo 14-06-2013 04 17 44 PM

Photo 14-06-2013 04 52 31 PM


I think these 2 pictures above is clearer in showing the front teeth overlapping the bottom 2.

Photo 14-06-2013 04 17 54 PM

Sorry that I cannot open my mouth too big due to the elastic bands at the side.


By comparing the results monthly, you can see that my upper row has straightened out and the gaps are slowly closing up. On top of that, you can also see that I am slowly approaching to jumping the bite as well by looking at the 2 front teeth.

I am thus one step closer to achieving that perfect smile! 😀

If interested, my orthodontist is Dr Lim from Bedok Q&M Dental. He runs around to other clinics too such as Bugis, Orchard and Bukit Batok. His schedule is quite packed though. I find him still acceptable and friendly, although careless at times, but hey everyone makes mistakes right! 😉

*Pls note that this is not a paid advert or sponsorship. Undertook this on my own and is paid for by myself.



5 thoughts on “Braces Journey for a Class III Underbite Malocclusion

    • hi there!

      it costs $4.2k excluding gst. was quoted $300 for the retainers (150 per row) which are to be worn after removing the braces.

  1. Hello, may I know the full name of your orthodontist? I am facing the same problem of an underbite as you and I would like to approach the same doctor for this treatment. Thank you!

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