Beauty Review : Fake eyelashes vs Eyelash extensions

I have always been a fan of fake eyelashes because firstly, my natural eyelashes are almost non-existent, which is common for most Chinese. Secondly, with the correct skills and pair of fake eyelashes, I get instant double eyelids without having to tape them!

As for eyelash extensions, I have had horrible experience in the past. You can read it here andhere. That’s my old blog previously.

Some of you who have followed me till date from then would have already read my unfortunate experience with eyelash extensions, but new readers do not.

You may read the whole entry there but I would summarize neverthless for the benefit of the doubt of my new readers.

  • It was not the best decision I’ve made
  • I am extremely upset with Milly’s services and am still up to date because of the torture they put me through, physically and financially.

Here are the pictures.

Double eyelids on the 1st day, but as you can see, the lashes weren’t stick on properly!


The next day :






These pictures do not do justice to the suffering I had.

Bottom-line is, I think the lady who did the eyelash extensions for me used too much glue and she had glue onto my eyelid as well. It was a very painful experience and I kept tearing. It was so bad that I removed them the next day, wasting my 55bucks! And the removal was a TORTURE as well!

What was worse was that I wasn’t proposed with any refunds at all. And silly me for not demanding for it!

So if you were to ask me which do I prefer? Definitely fake eyelashes I must say.

Photo 09-06-2013 10 36 02 PM


*This is based on my personal experience with this particular beautician in Millys (Ailing). I’m not too sure if she is still working there but I just thought that this is quite important and hence am sharing it.

Extracted from the blog post, seems like someone else has experienced the same torture as I did as well.

04/21/2013 10:57pm

I went there before for promotion.. somewhere may last year. Same lady .. same burning sensation but less pain then yours.. most probably because less thing stuck on my eyelid ? Actually.. you could have complain to the lady in charge who will redo for u for free.. but she is at Far east shopping centre. she the one u should (I think there is a typo here, it should be “shouldn’t” instead of “should”) go for .. when doing eyelash extension.


So it’s up to you to decide.

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