Dance@Live World Cup 2013 – Avalon @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Do you love to dance? Or simply love watching dance performances?

Well, I used to learn dancing for a period of time back in my younger days and although I have stopped dancing (except when I’m clubbing and when my old bones still permit?), I still enjoy watching dance performances very much.

Dance@live World cup is Asia’s biggest 1 on 1 dance battle competition. The competition has 3 different battle categories, Break-dancing, Hip-hop, & Freestyle.

The Worldcup battles held in Singapore will include champions from the following countries, Australia, China, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, & USA.

Check out the participants here :

For the first time, Pioneer will be uniting the winners from the individual countries to gather in Singapore to battle it out to see who is the best street dancer in the world.

Prior to the grand finals, there will be a wildcard battle held at Far East Pavillion, Singapore. Expect the best dancers from around the world to rock the stage in Singapore as they battle it out in different categories such as Hip-hop, Freestyle and Break.

The grand finals will feature Japan dance crew Beat Buddy Boi who were part of Adidas all original represent campaign. Judges for the inaugural world cup include LOOSE JOINT (ELITE FORCE), FIRE LOCK
GUCCHON (Co-thkoo), HIRO (ALMA) and DUCKY.

Steez, the first-ever line of serious dance gear is the sponsor for the event with its belief to cater to dance enthusiasts seeking dance gear!

This event will also see the launch of STEEZ’s iPhone app, the “Dance boost app dance+ by STEEZ”, designed to enhance the dance experience for STEEZ Audio users. Dancers can check out the synchronisation of their dance moves to the song they are dancing to using the app’s video recording function that eliminates background noise. The app also shakes up dance practices with the “Player” that operates various dance features like AB repeat and Tempo Control.

exclusive features that help dancers practice and perfect their techniques. Each STEEZ music system incorporates features that make it possible for dancers to change music tempo, set choreographed cue points, battle with friends, create smart playlists and more, all seamlessly on-the-fly via the STEEZ unit.

STEEZ music systems also boast a cool Auto Battle Mode that enables users to automatically create a battle sequence, complete with a countdown timer on the player’s LCD screen and voice and tone prompts to signal when 10 seconds of music is left before switching to the next user.

Steez Audio Range consists of three different types of audio players that stands out with its unique features.
“Auto-Dance Battle Mode” allows dancers to match music genres, snip snap their tunes enabling them to start a dance battle anywhere.

TYPE S (BLUE) $399

Sleek and lightweight to elevate your passion for dance

The STEEZ AUDIO Type S has a rugged and drip-proof finish so you can bring it along to your favorite hangout. Just 36 cm in size, you can fit it in most backpacks.

Features for dancers include Auto Battle Mode, DJ MIX mode, Tempo Control, and Dance Cue.


Compact, rugged and as original as you

Just 31.9 cm in size and weighing 0.8kg, you can carry this player in your backpack or in your hand. Start a jam at your friend’s, in the underground, in the supermarket – anywhere!

Features for dancers include Auto Battle Mode, DJ MIX mode, Tempo Control, and Dance Cue.

TYPE Z (RED) $699

Full studio sound, built to attract an audience


It’s rugged, drip-proof and LOUD. At 2 x 10W and a subwoofer (20W), this boombox is bound to make an impression and not only by its smooth design.

Features for dancers include Auto Battle Mode, DJ MIX mode, Tempo Control, and Dance Cue.

If you’re an ardent fan, Marina Bay Sands Singapore will be hosting a Dance@Live World Cup this coming Sunday, 30th June!!!

Photo 27-06-2013 10 02 54 AM (3)

Photo 27-06-2013 10 02 54 AM (2)

Photo 27-06-2013 10 02 55 AM

Photo 27-06-2013 10 02 54 AM (1)

Event details:

Dance@Live World Cup 2013
Avalon, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
I’m pretty sure the music and ambience would be awesome!!!
See you on Sunday and let’s get grooovvvvinggg!!! 🙂

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