Food Review : I wanna get stuffed

Are you looking for a quieter environment when dining with your loved ones?

Are you more of a heartland area person?

Does the hustle and bustle of the city life prevents you from winding down after a long day at work?

Most importantly, do you want to be served by cheerful friendly staff and settle at a warm cozy cafe that serves yummy food but yet is affordable?

Have I gotten your attention yet?

This is not an advertorial or sponsored food review but I would like to share good deals with you! 🙂

So the bf brought me to this place known as ‘I wanna get stuffed’ and boy, were we really stuffed… with food! 😀

These were what we ordered :

Photo 07-08-2013 07 56 38 PM

Potato skin with bacon bits!


Photo 07-08-2013 07 58 32 PM


Photo 07-08-2013 08 02 00 PM

Bf’s grilled fish

Photo 07-08-2013 08 06 44 PM

My carbonara!

I consider the standard of the food quite satisfactory, especially for the price paid! My carbonara was less than 15$? And even though most of the times I’m not able to finish my creamy pasta because they are too jerlat, I still opt for them anyways. Haha!!

The rest of the food were okay, but the potato skin were not that crispy as expected. On a further note, just my 2 cents, don’t order another carbo-ish side dish because we couldn’t finish our food but had to still force it down our throats LOL.

The mussels tasted quite good too, chewy and succulent, topped with cheese 🙂

I won’t mind patronizing the cafe again, it’s really a great deal 🙂

I wanna get stuffed

801 Tampines Avenue 4
6785 4690



Manicure and Pedicure with Prettify Me – The Nail Therapy!

Sponsored Advertorial

Hello all!

Hope your weekend was an enjoyable one! icon smile Manicure and Pedicure with Prettify Me   The Nail Therapy!

Last Saturday, I went to pamper my nails again and attended a manicure and pedicure session with PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy!


Located at the shopping street of Singapore, PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy provides ample space to accommodate everyone at its Orchard outlet.


Getting your nails done at PrettifyMe –  The Nail Therapy simply translates into a pampering session with their cozy settings and soothing music  as the background music.

And that’s not all.

For me, I like chatting with my manicurists while having my nails done. In addition, I can safely vouch that most customers look forward to be serve by friendly manicurists while pampering their nails.


Rest assured that PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy provides you with just that!

Their staffs are customer-oriented and friendly icon smile Manicure and Pedicure with Prettify Me   The Nail Therapy!

My nails before manicure :


After manicure :


And pedicure :


I went ahead to have my nails done with simple designs which can prove to be very alluring as well. ‘Simplicity takes it all’ mindset is sometimes better than having overwhelming designs and 3D embellishments occupying all your nails.

I like the ‘shirt’ design on my fingernails. They are cute and still somewhat a head-turner, as well as the adorable innocent looking red and white polka dots on my toes nails! Still reliving the National Day spirit I see! icon razz Manicure and Pedicure with Prettify Me   The Nail Therapy!

PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy  is celebrating their Anniversary!!

Bring along a friend or mummy dearest, and the 2 of you will enjoy a gelish manicure + a classic pedicure for just $95! Valid from now till 30th Sept 2013! icon smile Manicure and Pedicure with Prettify Me   The Nail Therapy!

Call 6735 7728 quote “MFPJean” and get pampered by PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy today!

100 orchard Road #02-64
Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, Singapore 238840
Tel: 6735 7728, Mobile: 8309 2040

Like them on Facebook for promotions: PrettifyMe-the-nail-therapy

Instagram: @prettify_me and hashtag prettifyme

LipoCryo – Fat Freezing with Dr Vanessa Phua!

Sponsored Advertorial

Posted some pictures up on my Facebook page and received quite a handful of responses from you girls!

I understand that many of you are eagerly waiting for my review, pictures and price packages because weight-loss is a common goal in a girl’s mind… so here you go! 🙂

First you will need to know and understand what LipoCryo is all about. Never attend or pay for stuffs you have zero knowledge on. Even I did my own intensive research on it via reviews and forums. Read up more for your own good and know what you are getting yourself into before complications arise. In other words, be an informed decision-maker. 🙂

You may read here for more information on LipoCryo.

But in short, let me summarize it for you.

LipoCryo is a fat freezing process which helps to freeze fats at target areas, especially where stubborn fats lie, which would then reduce gradually via natural secretion of the body through the body’s metabolism. 

This is not to be mistaken as Liposuction which is an invasive full-blown surgery that involves needles and anesthesia. LipoCryo is a non-surgical, non-invasive and very minimal pain. But I would say it’s more of discomfort than pain.

Also, please be realistic and do not expect miracles to happen, which simply means that patience is required. It’s the same as other weight loss methods (exercising/slimming pills/slimming wraps etc), you need time to lose those fats. Thus, most individuals would have to return for a few more sessions. Even for myself, I will be required to head back in 3 weeks’ time for my 2nd session and a review.

I am standing at 160cm (so short :() and weighing around 47kg. My weight actually hovers between 46 to 48kg.

My BMI is in the normal healthy range but girls being girls, are always thinking that they are fat.

Honestly speaking, I am kinda sick (sorry to say that) of people telling me that I am not fat blah blah blah. It’s not like I’m fishing for compliments everytime I complain about being fat or the flabs of fats that just wouldn’t go away! Although it does feel good to receive compliments on being slim, I am not skinny-skinny and I do HAVE FLABS. Actually, most of us have them too and women often encounter flabby arms compared to men. Not sure why, but most probably due to to biological traits or something.

I have been battling with flabby arms almost all my life. Not forgetting the thighs too.

Don’t believe? Let these pictures do the talking. Time for some unflattering very recent pics of me 😥

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 26 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 45 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 47 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 56 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 59 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 39 14 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 39 34 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 40 59 AM

So as you can see, I may look like I have a fabulous figure like this :

Photo 05-08-2013 03 09 59 PM

I’m still trying to hide my fat arms behind…

Or why I chose to stand in this position (thighs look slimmer la)…

 Photo 10-08-2013 03 45 28 PM


And because I am most bothered by my arms and thighs, I decided to proceed the LipoCryo process on them. 🙂

Besides arms and thighs, other common targeted areas include tummy (especially disturbing for mothers), love handles and back fats. Back fats can be seen as those bulging fats spilling out from the sides of your bra. And yes, I have them too. And yes, I have love handles too. 😦

Of course, those who believe in exercising and toning flabby parts may not believe the effectiveness of LipoCryo. But this process works simultaneously with your exercise (cardio/resistance/strengthening regime). It actually complements your weight-loss regime. So, it would be perfect if you inculcate both your exercise regime, healthy lifestyle and undergo LipoCyro process all together.

Don’t be disheartened. The only reason why you still require to watch what you eat and exercise is because LipoCyro works realistically.

Imagine taking appetite suppressants… You starve yourself, feel dizzy with giddy spells, weak, lethargic, insomnia, dehydrate, diarrhoea etc… Yes you lose those kgs and more often than not, the first few kgs are due to water loss, not fats per se, but you still find yourself battling with flabby parts?

You may drop 2-3 sizes…but yet still conscious over flabbing your arms while waving to someone?

Or do your flabby thighs still jiggle when you walk in your stilettos?

You want to look slim and toned. Not skinny/scrawny. Not slim yet jiggly.

So yes, there is no hard and fast rule about it. You can’t look slim, slender, fabulous and toned all the same time if you only indulge in one slimming method.

Before I start, I would first like to disclaim that LipoCryo is not for overweight/obese people, although some have mentioned that they have lost some weight through this. But I won’t count on it and rely on it completely.

It is meant to only target specific areas of stubborn fats. The areas you should target are the ones that are still obvious which shedding the kilos, they still jiggle and bulge out. So yes, these should be the target areas.

I attended my LipoCryo session with Dr Vanessa Phua at Asia Health Partners.

In the aesthetics industry, Dr Phua is not a new face. She has carved out a name in many aesthetic areas such as a range of non-surgical and minimally-invasive forms of anti-ageing enhancements. Her signature treatments are Joie De Vivre Face & Body Contouring and Papillon Revitalizing Threadlift.

More info on Dr Phua here.

The friendly nurse first measured my arms and thighs which is important for record and review purposes.

My master hand (right arm) is larger than my left and is quite obvious.

My right arm is 11 inches while my left is 10 inches. My left thigh is slightly bigger than my right (not sure why?) and they are 20.5 inches and 20 inches respectively.

It has most probably got to do when I was more sporty back in my younger days. Ahem. I used to play tennis, badminton, kickboxing and was an avid Taekwondo player and even worked as a part-time TKD coach prior to Uni.

I was sporty and tanned, but definitely bigger size than now though. And as you know, when muscles are left untrained and unmaintained, they turn into fats and flabs. It may also be due to genetics.

After measuring, I was asked to change into the patient’s robe.

As I was targeting my arms and thighs, I had to remove my shorts only. I rolled up my sleeves for my arms.

Photo 10-08-2013 12 31 02 PM

Of course the nurses are female so it’s less awkward…

This is the LipoCryo machine :

Photo 10-08-2013 11 15 23 AM

During the process, I had to shamelessly ask the super friendly nurse to help me snap a picture while my fats are being frozen.

Photo 10-08-2013 11 10 44 AM

A close-up of my fat arms and the process.

My right arm.

Photo 10-08-2013 11 15 33 AM

And another close-up from another perspective on my left arm.

Photo 10-08-2013 12 10 43 PM

You noticed that the targeted areas are being ‘sucked’ into the transducer  for the freezing to take place. It has pressure due to the suction, so there would be a slight discomfort.

But what was more uncomfortable was because of the position the arm was placed in. One arm requires 35mins for the whole process to be completed, so 2 arms would require 70mins altogether.

My fingers were numb because my arm had to be positioned that way for a good 35mins, so it was uncomfortable due to the position and lack of blood-flow. I thought it would be good to pre-empt you first.

So anyway, while I was left alone, I tried to be positive la and snapped a ‘trying-to-be-chio’ picture while I was on the machine.

Photo 10-08-2013 11 18 39 AM

Those who follows me on my Facebook page would have already seen this.

I bet many thought I was resting my arm, doing nothing and slacking while waiting for the process to start, but in actual fact, I was already getting my fats frozen!

And then I got bored…

Photo 10-08-2013 12 09 44 PM

And yes, that’s one of my birth mark you see.

And then while I did my thighs…

Photo 10-08-2013 12 59 30 PM

So okay, there were 2 common key questions which many have asked me since I’ve posted this picture – side effects and costs. There’s even a more burning question on its effectiveness which I would deal with later.

Side effects

  • Redness
  • Minor bruising – this varies individually, especially if you are one who bruises easily, you may want to take note of this
  • Some temporary numbness and tingling in the skin over the treated fat layers due to the low temp
  • Rare side effects are slight dermal sensation disorders, which might remain for a few weeks.

As for me, of course there were redness and bruising.

Not sure if I belong to those who bruise easily, but there were times when I scratch my upper arms, the same tiny red blood clots appear… So I’m not sure the same effects would happen for others too.

Photo 10-08-2013 12 03 20 PM

Photo 10-08-2013 12 05 20 PM


It’s not painful nor scary. So not to worry.

By the way, Dr Phua advised that the bruises are good signs as they mean that the fat cells are dying, and there is an inflammatory response.  So it’s best to leave it alone. 🙂

I did them on my thighs too but as mentioned, arms get bruised more easily than thighs which was also informed to me by Dr Phua.

*Pls dont judge my stretch marks. I was really fatty before puberty okay?!

Photo 10-08-2013 01 50 47 PM

Photo 10-08-2013 01 51 10 PM


Sorry for the blur pics. Not easy to snap pics of my thighs myself. Haha!

So anyway, there were only redness at my thighs and there were no bruises after that as compared to my arms.

A day after the treatment.


Photo 11-08-2013 02 36 08 PM

This picture below depicts a slightly redder part on the right side of my arm which is denoted by the arrow. That’s a comparison on areas which I have applied the ice cubes on and the other part which is darker in red, almost maroon, was when I have yet to.

So please please, don’t be worried. It’s normal.

And I’ve managed to snap some pictures for the current state right now (5th day of post-treatment (incld the treatment day itself) :

Photo 14-08-2013 07 40 12 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 07 40 36 AM


You can see that the bruises are slowly fading away…

You can choose to conceal it with sleeved clothes or throw a jacket over, or just me like me, dont give a heck abt it HAHA!


Dr Phua’s prices for LipoCryo:

$500 per segment, and a package of $400×10 segments.

Consultation is $98 and above.

Duration of the process

This was not asked by any reader but I thought it would be good to include it as well to inform you girls.

Each segment requires about 30-36 mins for the treatment time.

Do allocate ample time if you are planning to do LipoCryo so that it won’t mess up your schedule 🙂

There’s no downtime so you can proceed with your normal daily activities after that, unless you’re embarrassed about the bruises being seen then maybe you would wanna avoid activities like swimming, sun tanning or whatever that requires you to wear sleeveless. Or if you gonna freeze the fats on your stomach, try avoiding wearing midriffs/cropped tees or something?
Haha, you know what I mean. 😉

By the way, results are more evidently seen in approx 3 weeks’ time and I’m only into my 5th day… So will see! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

So stay tuned for my promising results! 😀

And thanks for reading! 🙂

Updates on My Braces Journey for my Underbite


I’ve been receiving quite a handful on queries regarding my braces for underbite cases and hope that by documenting my experience down, would be of some help to you!

But nevertheless, feel free to ask me anything more via this link at! 🙂 Will try my best to help 😀

So anyway, I went back this August for my monthly dental visit.

I went a week earlier on an emergency basis because SOMETHING MASSIVE DESTRUCTIVE HAPPENED.

Okay, it wasn’t destructive per se, but I was pretty sure it was damn near a LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION.

Guess what happened?!?!

My tongue, and to be precise, the frenulum of my tongue got caught onto the metal bracket/hook at the end of my braces!!!

Frenulum of the tongue :

I couldn’t remove it on my own and I was home alone. It was bleeding but not massively but still!!!

The whole time, my tongue was crooked and I couldn’t speak properly. It kinda reminds me of patients who suffer from stroke or paralysis! I was freaking scared!!! I was afraid that if I were to use strength and force to pull it out, I would bleed buckets, like how I cried buckets.


Why and how did it get caught there, if you may ask.

It happened when I was having my dinner and as usual, food, especially meat, got stuck onto the braces… For all braces-wearers, you should agree with me on this. It’s uncomfortable and awkward when food gets stuck onto your braces, right??

Anyways, so clever me usually use my LONG tongue to push out the food bits that get stuck onto the braces. That also explains some of the cuts which in turn result to ulcers as well.


I didn’t snap any pictures of course, I was panicking, crying, freaking out, home alone with my doggy (who sensed something amiss and barked non-stop at me and trying to climb up to my dressing table to see what’s wrong) and trying to remove the frenulum of the tongue… and practically just feeling lost and scared.

Not knowing what to do, I called my bf first who then contacted my parents and they rushed me to the nearest hospital to get the tongue’s frenulum removed and unhooked.

And this was what happened aftermath :

Photo 07-08-2013 02 39 47 PM

Photo 07-08-2013 04 48 05 PM

Photo 07-08-2013 04 48 22 PM

It wasn’t really painful, at least not as much as it being caught, but it does get uncomfortable, especially when swallowing as days passed.

I was so afraid that the docs would snip it off or something, but all the doc did was to use a small forceps and ‘open’ the metal bracket and the frenulum of the tongue unhooked itself. This was based on what my bf told me because I couldn’t see what’s going on in my tongue and he was there to witnessed everything.

He was also there to hold my hands tight during the whole process and who also cancelled his appt with his friend and rushed down for my from work.

I am extremely grateful, just hope you know that if you are reading this :’) ❤


At least that’s a painful lesson for me to learn and remember. Now, I’d try to limit my tongue movements where possible.

I know how troublesome it is to floss every now and then after meals, and honestly, I haven’t been flossing for the past what, 8 months? Ever since I had braces on… ahem.

After this stupid mistake, I try to be more hardworking and so, I bought a packet of these tiny brushes from my dental clinic. I think it’s so much better than flossing. You have better control and grip in cleansing your teeth.

Photo 12-08-2013 10 50 38 AM

You can see that the brush made of small bristles is bendable because it’s made of a small thin wire, which gives you easy access in between your teeth and flexibility!

You can go in between your teeth like this :

Photo 12-08-2013 10 51 11 AM

And under the braces’ wire!

Photo 12-08-2013 10 51 20 AM

(Sorry for the unglam-ness and poor reso of the pics)

So it’s extremely useful and as compared to toothpicks, it’s much softer.

I think I’ve weak gums so whenever I try to clean, as gently as possible, my gums still bleed easily. My dentist keeps nagging that I’ve to prevent food from getting stuck in between my teeth so that I will not have anymore cavities.

I had some on my wisdom teeth, of which I’ve removed ALL FOUR AT ONE GO (pls don’t do this) and some on my remaining molars which I had fillings to cover them. Fillings aren’t cheap too, it costs me approx 70$ per tooth! 😦

Here’s how my teeth look currently :

Photo 12-08-2013 10 24 36 AM

Please note that I am supposed to still have my elastic bands on but it’s just that it’s really very annoying so I’d removed it most of the time. Pls don’t do this either. I try to put it back whenever I remember, like when I go to sleep, thinking that it would actually help shift and align my teeth better overnight. LOL, but please do have it on always, except when eating and maybe when brushing. I’m so lazy that I brush with them on as well, but pls pls pls don’t follow my footsteps. I am a super bad example because I realised I can’t brush my teeth properly with the elastic bands on…

And because one of my tooth is not facing outwards properly, my dentist inserted a little spiral wire onto the braces’ wire :

Photo 12-08-2013 10 29 44 AM

Also, he placed a small extra wire onto one of my front tooth, which is quite tiny and I can’t snap a clear picture of it. He mentioned that because it’s growing inwards so had to fix that small wire there.

So anyway, yes. Here comes the most exciting part of documenting my braces journey – comparison to see how braces have helped me thus far.

A comparison from Jan to Aug 2013 :

braces jan to aug

You can see that from July to August, apart from already jumping the bite, my teeth are shifting and aligning themselves better, which is evident in the small gaps between the two sets of teeth when bite down together.

A comparison between my 2 side profiles – before and after braces (current profile) :

side profile-horz

Okay now, this is quite depressing. I don’t seem to see any difference with regards to my lower jaw. The only difference I’ve seen is that my jaw line is more defined now and I don’t really want that. But then again, it may be because the ‘before’ picture doesn’t do much justice and isn’t exactly accurate in illustrating my jaw line. So sorry for the poor photography skills.

I tried searching for more pictures on my side profile prior to wearing braces but couldn’t find them, which shows how much I’d loathed my side profile.

Till now, despite having to already ‘jump’ the bite and I no long have under bite, my side profile remains more or less the same I think.

HOWEVER, I did have friends who told me that my profile and jaw did change and it’s not as protruding anymore.

I’ve marked out areas which seem to have obvious difference.

  • The distance between my chin and the tip of my nose if further now than before which means that my jaw is pushed backwards. And this is true because when I try to position my teeth to the old position (prior to braces), I could see those gaps where they were once filled :


I can no longer position my teeth at an underbite position anymore WHICH IS A GOOD THING! 😀

  • The distance between my lower lip and chin is also wider which also means that my jaw is pushed back now.

If you notice, I still have that annoying crescent shape because :

  1. I have a very slim face (close to skinny but I refuse to use that word because it’s ugly) and I have sunken cheeks – this may most probably be the reason why my profile is more of less the same. I hate this crescent shape side profile. It’s really unflattering. I lost loads of cheek fats ever since I lost weight during puberty and for me, when I gain weight, it doesn’t reflect much on my cheeks. Don’t be envious BECAUSE MY ARMS AND THIGHS GET THEM FIRST. FLABS OF FATS!!!
  2. I took a gamble by using only braces to correct my underbite problem. As mentioned earlier in my first post on this braces journey, the ONLY 100% solution to correct an underbite problem COMPLETELY and correcting the jaw structure is to undergo a chin/jaw augmentation/correction. That means SURGERY. I didn’t choose that option, but still got my underbite corrected anyway (THANK GOD BECAUSE I THOUGHT MY OLD BONES WOULDN’T COOPERATE SINCE IT’S A SKELETAL PROBLEM). HOWEVER, my jaw is still the same, still as wide and long(?). That’s also another reason why my profile didn’t change drastically despite having my underbite corrected. And I guess, this is also the reason why I still find it awkward/ugly to smile with teeth shown. 😦

So yes, I thought I’d better disclaim first to prevent misunderstandings later on. If you have an underbite problem, a 100% correct would be chin augmentation + braces.

But I’m happy to have much straighter teeth right now! 🙂


Lotte Koala’s March Biscuit Choco Ball

I have a confession.

Before Hello Panda topped my snack-list, my first love was actually Lotte Koala’s March biscuits in chocolate flavour!

And because I didn’t know they had a new flavour – Milk, I was still obsessed with Hello Panda’s… but now they have it in milk flavour too! Not sure if I’m the only lagging one here though.

Photo 31-07-2013 07 48 03 PM


As shown, they have these flavours (left to right) : Milk, Strawberry and the original Chocolate!

Photo 04-08-2013 09 23 29 PM

Photo 11-08-2013 02 12 45 PM

Photo 11-08-2013 02 13 49 PM

They have very cute different characters imprinted of a Koala bear on every biscuit!

And each biscuit is filled with yummy fillings! 🙂

Photo 11-08-2013 02 15 08 PM


I never knew this could happen until this challenge of shaking the whole box of Koala’s March vigorously for approx 20-30mins to achieve a result of a huge chocolate ball like this :



Credits to google images.

Of course, you will need loads of patience (and time!) to do this…

But I’m sure many of us would prefer to have our cute little biscuits eaten the old conventional way which is piece by piece! 🙂

I don’t think I will be able to give up any, be it Hello Panda or Koala’s March because both of them have their own uniqueness, so yes hello to more calories!

Celio* knows men best!

Looking to get your dad/bf/hubs or a guy friend a present? Celio* may be the answer if you’re looking to get fashionable wears! 🙂

20130908-015340 PM.jpg

Founded in 1985 in Paris-France, celio* has become the essential brand in men’s ready-to-wear and the leader in its market. Today, the international brand has more than 1,000 stores in over 60 countries, located in prominent cities like Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Dubai, Mumbai, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore and more. Over 35 million pieces of clothing are sold each year.
The brand’s 80-strong design team travels regularly to fashion capitals worldwide to seek inspiration. Thereafter, they translate and decode the trends into simple, wearable pieces that can be worn daily by the young urban male.

celio* not only guides them, it stimulates them to take pleasure in being well- dressed. The celio* man, most likely to be a young urbanite, needs a variety of styles for the different moments of his life. Whether it is at home, at work or when he goes out, he likes to have choices. Dressed in the current trends but not in a showy way, he feels credible and confident.

The celio* store, entirely dedicated to masculinity, proudly displays the colours of the brand and features marked sections, and varied product displays.

The showcase will feature celio*’s Summer 13 collection with the following themes

20130908-014606 PM.jpg

celio* invites you to view our showcase located at Plaza Singapura main entrance
-between Star Hub & Four Fingers Restaurant – from 1 to 31 Aug 2013

Quote ‘Omy bloggers’ at celio* Plaza Singapura #03-41 store and receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items (valid from 1 to 31 Aug 2013)

How has make-up affected me?

Hello! Here is another personal entry that is closer to my heart than just reviews and advertorials…

A short introduction on how I’d picked up make-up.

Like all of us, before entering into the world of make-up fantasy, I was a geek too.

Okay, maybe not like a geek-geek but less attractive than now and of course, fatter and tanned then. I did not have long luscious hair as well. That was in my late teens and early 20s and was also when I had met my bf. Recalling how I’d looked does really crack us up sometimes, but with my rolling my eyes at him, mocking my fashion sense, or the lack of it and how I look so different from now. Of course, he was also part of the reason why I turned to makeup and ways to keep myself looking great! 😛

Use some imagination because I don’t think I’ll post pictures of me previously. HAHA.

But if you know me personally or seen me in person, then…. good for you! 😀

So, how has make-up affected me?


Cliche as it sounds but I’m sure you have heard of this saying that “There is no ugly women only lazy ones” isn’t it? But a rebuttal of “Beauty is only skin-deep” also comes into mind and those rely on make-up to boost their confidence and ‘feel’/’look’ prettier/more appealing and attractive are condemned as being superficial.

Whatever it is, I don’t see why make-up is seen in such negative light if it makes one feel good about themselves. With confidence, you feel good on the outside and inside as well, no? Okay, to be fair, you may be an ugly monster inside whose heart is as black as charcoal etc but let’s keep that aside, shall we?

I feel more confident with make-up on and definitely feel more attractive (I’m not saying that I am…). Feeling and really is are 2 different issues altogether.

But that also brings me to the next point of losing confidence, without make-up on.

I think most girls might feel the same way as I do since make-up helps to ‘beautify’ your features and improve your appearance (not considering the fact how some girls ‘uglify’ themselves via poor makeup skills and concealing their features instead of enhancing them).

And then some people end up looking like this :


Because I’m so used to putting makeup on, there was even once I had to even doll up myself when I merely had to head down to bf’s house neighbourhood. And then bf was quite annoyed by the fact that I dolled up for no apparent reason.

Then it hit me.

Why am I feeling so insecure?

Reason being, makeup really does strip you off your confidence when you don’t wear them.

We were all born naturally without any makeup or aesthetics done, so why feel ashamed or ugly without makeup?

Of course, main reason for most girls is to look beautiful and perfect infront of their bfs, and hopefully receive praises and compliments.

Who doesn’t like receiving them, especially from your loved ones, right?

Apart from being a nincompoop at times (I mean who doesn’t? Nobody’s perfect!), the bf really did touch my heart and boost my confidence each time he compliments me when I have no makeup on.

And I believe he praises me from the bottom of his heart.

Like when I just woke up with slightly oily face (combination skin) with the retarded ‘forever-not-enough-sleep’ kinda look, together with my ooh-lala breath (you mean you have sweet-smelling breath like frangipanis?!) and my unkempt mane… He’s still able to see the ‘beauty’ in me when this image is a gazillion times much worse as compared to looking fresh, smelling fresh (after bath and brushing of teeth), with neatly combed hair, but with no makeup on.

And so they said, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ 🙂

So I have been trying to come to terms with myself and decided that I should not bother dolling up if I was going to some nearby place, although there’s still some degree of insecurity lingering inside of me, especially when there are beautifully-dolled up girls around. At times like these, I just feel like burying my head into the ground and I can’t bring myself to look at strangers in the eye…. :'(((

Yes, I must admit that I do feel ugly without makeup on, exposing my uneven skin tone, blackheads, stubby nose, single eyelids and dark circles to the world. But thank god for eyebrow embroidery, it did raise my confidence level by a tweeny bit 🙂

But what really affects my confidence or areas on my face that I’m unhappy with are :

In this order – Single eyelids, Stubby Nose, Wide jaw/chin (underbite corrected with braces but somehow I don’t feel my jaw completely corrected) and then my sunken cheeks.

I’ve not touched on this topic before but…. I am soooo tempted to get my double eyelids done, like really really tempted so I don’t have to keep sticking fake eyelashes just to create them. Having nose fillers and derma fillers (for my visible laugh lines) have also been lingering on my mind recently. And for my sunken cheeks, I know the only way to solve the problem is through fat-grafting (transferring fats from other body parts – I HAVE ALOT TO SPARE to your cheeks).

Okay, shall save all these ‘plastic’ talk for another time.

Back to topic.

So yes, if you see me looking geeky or all auntie-like, don’t get a heart attack ok? Beauty bloggers have their own set of problems too, you know? 😉

Bottom-line is :

And for that, I’m still trying.


Addiction does not refer to building your makeup collection from this :

To this :

Although the amount of makeup (and counting) evidently portrays your addiction to makeup and there are so many girls who have uncontrollable threshold in buying makeup stuffs…thank god I’m not one of them (yet?) 😉

But this next point further highlights the previous point on confidence. Over-reliance on makeup, which may be due to lack of confidence without it, may also cause addiction towards it.

Some people just cannot leave with makeup on and I try not to be one of them.

When I was first introduced to the fantasy world of makeup, I merely explored eyeliners and fake eyelashes.

Okay, fine. Maybe concealers were the first makeup product I own back in sec/jc days, introduced by my sister. You know how puberty were still at a high during that time and pimples were popping out before you can even scream P-I-M-P-L-E-S!!!

Nah, I’m kidding. I mean I’m kidding on the exaggeration.

I am blessed with good skin though not a perfect one so I’ve never had a face filled with Rudolph’s nose(s), except when I was stressing over O-levels which I could remember so vividly. Other than that, it was more of a 1 to 2 pimples popping out at the same time during hormonal change due to menstruation or exam periods.

So I can say that I am quite lucky. I don’t have to battle with acne-prone or sensitive skin issues.

But, because of makeup and my daily usage, unless I nua at home the whole day during weekends, it becomes an addiction and somehow placing an over-reliance too.

So yes, my face is constantly painted and I feel the need to have makeup on when I’m out (save for neighbourhood areas) – which explains the overlap between the lack of confidence and addiction.


From this :

And because of makeup…


To having poorer skin condition :

It is because of the frequent constant usage of makeup, I realised that my skin condition is poorer than before compared to the days when I was still playing masak-masak instead of checking out makeup tutorials on YouTube (although quite rarely).

After exploring eyeliners and fake eyelashes, I explored deeper and got to try out other ‘essential’ makeup tools such as compact powder (tried liquid foundation once for a period of time and hated it), blushers, highlighters, more concealers, more eyeliners (from pencil to crayon to gel and now I’m in love with liquid ones), to eyebrow pencils, to shimmery eyeliners, to eyeshadows (still trying to master this perfectly), to primers (currently only own 1 Red Earth eyeshadow primer – I’ve never used a foundation base primer before) and to the recent what is known as – CONTOURING MAKEUP TOOLS (for my stubby onion-like nose).

The more stuffs you put on your face, the worse your skin condition gets. And it’s true because LESS IS MORE.

I didn’t have that many blackheads on my nose compared to the times when the word ‘makeup’ seems like a distant relative of mine.

Now, it’s like it has become a PART OF ME. :O

And there was also another incident where I broke out due to makeup, in particular, the short period of time when I was trying out liquid foundation, as mentioned above.

I am quite sure that I won’t be using liquid foundation anymore. And I have never used BB/CC/DD/ABCDEFGHAKSHWIRHGCKSZXXXX creams too.

Apart from the hassle and mess they create, since you need to use your fingers (I prefer using fingers over sponge because of the better control and blending skills), such creams clog your pores even more.

On top of that, not forgetting to set the liquid foundation using loose powder (the more stuffs added onto your face , the more your pores suffocate!).

I recall my mum commenting that my makeup is so thick because I was using liquid foundation. That’s something I don’t wish to hear because thick means… ugly and possessing wrong/bad makeup skills! And looks like a wayang/geisha.

So I’ve converted back to a compact powder user and I’m using Chanel’s Matte powder if you must know 🙂

Apart from clogged pores, I noticed my pores are bigger than before too. But to be fair enough, makeup might just be one of the contributing factor to big open pores, besides genetics, age and sun damage and me occasionally trying to squeeze out those blackheads squatting on my nose…

What Causes Large Pores on the Face? thumbnail

This is not me.


Although makeup helps to conceal your flaws, what is more important is the underlying skin beneath the layers of makeup.

The worse situation is to get yourself thinking you can fool the world with tonnes of makeup but deep down within yourself, you know you don’t possess that flawless perfect skin.

Plus, makeup can only conceal that much of flaws.

You can hide, but not forever. 

So, are you a makeup addict?

How has makeup affected you?

Feel free to leave me comments! 🙂