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Massage at Feet Haven Reflexology

Sponsored Advertorial


I was invited to a massage session at Feet Haven Reflexology and the package which I did was Shiok Basic Blend –  45 minutes of soothing foot reflexology with 15 minutes of shoulder and neck massage. I brought the bf along who I thought needed a good massage after a long-day at work and he chose the same package as me too.

There are many other types of packages as well to accommodate to individual’s needs and preferences. For example, some people would prefer only to have their feet massage after being on their feet for a long day and can opt for only feet massage while some people who are experiencing aching necks and backs may like to opt for neck, shoulders and back massage to soothe and relieve the pain.

For me, if I am not wrong, this is prolly my 1st or 2nd time having my feet massage because I’m not really a fan of feet massage as I find it kinda ticklish, LOL. I have had my back massage a few times because I have an old injury at my lower back. But recently, due to the frequent usage of mobile phones and being strapped with my desk-bound job, both my upper and lower back have started to ache even more so now. I guess this must be one of the tell-tale signs and effects of ageing. 😦

To be honest, I have been told my masseurs and therapists that the muscles/nerves at my back and neck are quite tight. I guess this must have been caused by the lack of exercise as well as sitting down in the office for too long, and also due to the old injury I sustained about 7 years ago during my JC days 😦

So anyway, we started off with getting our feet massaged 🙂


To be honest, personally I’d prefer a female masseur than a male one, call me conservative or what, but I really don’t like a guy touching me you know?

But because bf assured me that most masseurs, especially for feet are males, I decided to just go with the flow and yes, although there were some moments of pain during my feet and back massage, I guess they are still bearable. But if you prefer female therapists, Feet Haven Reflexology does provide them too, so no worries 🙂

And because there are acupuncture points on your feet which the pain would imply something, I was busy checking out which areas I felt pain at.

Reflexology Feet

Reflexology chart for top of feet

Sorry to put up so many images, because I realised there are some differences as to the specific organs affected.

And anyway, true enough, there were areas such as the neck and back where I have frequent aches at, did hurt when given a foot massage. I thought that was quite cool 😛

Bf’s therapist advised that one should have their feet massage at least once, especially for those frequent runners or use their feet very often. It is beneficial to our health 🙂

And because bf doesn’t get sufficient rest most of the times, he felt pain at the head and brain areas. 😦

I was kinda freaking out when I felt pain, fearing that my organs are dysfunctional or at least having some problems that I have totally no knowledge of. But I was rest assured that experiencing pain at particular areas of the foot does not signify that the organs are problematic, it merely implies a kick-start of the blood circulation and perhaps might have some poor circulation around/at the organs. So I guess there shouldn’t be much to worry about. What a worry-wart I am 😦

Due to the stressful lives we lead in Singapore, with such tight schedules and urgent deadlines to meet almost on a daily basis, be it work or school, it is always good to pamper yourself every now and then. The money which you have used your blood, sweat and tears (LOL say until so jialat) shouldn’t just be chucked into your bank accounts you know.

Spend them on yourself, especially when you feel that you deserve it. Of course, I’ll leave the topic on finance management out for now 🙂

Feet Haven Reflexology is a well-furnished little cozy space that accommodates to your tiring day by providing a relaxing and soothing ambience. Dimly-lighted and with soothing classics softly and gently played at the background, giving you every deserving reason to just sit back and relax.


That’s the cozy waiting area, together with the products on display.



Feet Haven Reflexology offers huge well-cushioned seats to allow you to achieve maximum comfort. It was empty when we visited because it was during dinner time but it was packed after dinner time! So it’s best if you could call and make a reservation to avoid disappointment 🙂

The bf and I decided to have our massage first before dinner because we had to rush to someone else after dinner. In any case, I think it’s also more appropriate to have your massage first before dinner, especially so if you are opting for a back massage and when you have to lie on your tummy flat.



Us feeling satisfied after having our massages done 🙂

The therapists were friendly and would check with you before hand should the water temperature be suitable for you, should the pressure applied of a comfortable level etc. I think this is very important because customers’ preferences should be of the utmost priority in relation to customer services.

We really did enjoyed ourselves and given the chance, would definitely head back there for more 🙂

Thank y0u Influencer Network, in particular Dennis for such awesome opportunity and arrangement and thank you Feet Haven Reflexology for providing such awesome services as well! 😀


Feet Haven Reflexology

136 East Coast Road,

#01-01 S428821

Call us at +65 6344 7311 or +65 86062930 to make an appointment or give us your feedback.

For feedback or corporate bookings, you could email us at

Tips on losing weight Part 1

I have had like gazillion people telling me how skinny I am right now… From people who sees me almost everyday, like from my colleagues, my bf, my mom…and then I’ll have others like my friends, my hairstylist (Charles from Headlines Hairdressing), my bf’s grandma and uncle…

And many others who assure me again and again or chided me saying that I’m mad whenever I say I’m on a diet.

I guess once you’ve started, it’s difficult to stop especially when you’ve seen results (and receive compliments or rather purely remarks that you’ve lost weight) and this just gets you even more motivated.

Honestly, I’m getting a little annoyed because I’ve been receiving the same remarks on being skinny/lost weight too often recently. Especially when they comment how skinny/sunken/sharp my face is, I mean my face shape is like that and I hate it. And I know that my face fats would be the first to go and show once I lose weight. Followed by my tummy area and my arms and thighs would be the last.

Everyone has their own set of differences. Some people have got their fats off their limbs first and although their body is slim, their fat cheeks remain. I think face is extremely important because that’s where most people pay attention first to. Even if you’re a guy and curves like boobs, butts and sexy pair of legs catch your attention first, I’m sure many of us, be it girl or guy would pay first attention to the face. Who would pay attention to your tummy or the flabs of your arms first?

Hardly anyone I guess.

Unless you’re saying that you arms/butt or whatever are out of proportion… then well, maybe.

So it’s like my body is not super skinny like all bones no meat, it’s just that people tend to look at faces first and mine is very skinny. Yes I admit that my face is skinny and so people keeps on harping that I’m so skinny….

My body may be slim but not skinny, okay?

So anyway, I guess what sparked off this motivation was when I started seeing results after my Lipocryo treatments which you can read it here and here 🙂

I did not really control much of my diet and still continued to eat normally and my exercise was I guess abt once a week? And I saw results! I was really impressed.

I decided to push myself a little further by always bearing in mind of the calories in<calories out formula. The calories you don’t need or don’t use up will eventually be converted to fats.

And judging from my fat analysis, my fat % had exceeded (25.1%) the normal range (17%-24%). (So I’m not wrong when I say that I’m fat, right?! LOL)

Don’t tell me that it only exceeded by a little because it makes alot of difference to girls, okay? LOL!

Losing weight I guess is like one of the perpetual ‘to-do’ things on a girl’s checklist which is also perpetually left unchecked. HAHAHA!

I was hovering between 46.5-48.5kg previously before I started to control my diet and exercise more regularly. You can say I’m slim, but you can’t lie and say I’m skinny. There is a huge difference. And I might weigh less than 50kg but I don’t look toned and have flabs here and there.

My weight for some reason does fluctuate and especially after I eat, I can weight heavier by 1-2kg! So for the most accurate weight, weigh yourself first thing in the morning. With or without clothes on, it’s your choice. I guess having no clothes on would be the most accurate one.

The last time I weighed myself was this morning and the scale dipped to 43.8kg – my lowest so far.

Psst, I am standing at 160cm by the way, short I know! 😦

Here’s a little comparison I’d tried to showcase the differences so far :

20130924-105610-AM.jpg 20130924-105642-AM.jpg

20130924-110147-AM.jpg 20130924-110127-AM.jpg

And here’s the most recent pics of me, taken after pampering my tresses at Headlines Hairdressing salon! 🙂

20130924-110138-AM.jpg 20130924-110134-AM.jpg


Actually, I don’t really see a great difference…what do you think? :p

And anyway like you, googling on tips is often what I would do and based on my own experience and research, these are some of the tips I would like to share with you girls.

Will start of with the notion of calories/fats intake, or if you prefer, your food intake/diet in general.

1. Counting your calories

I tried to pen down the food I consume, counting calories and all, but I just couldn’t la.

It’s quite anal and depressing to keep having to count each and every time you put something into your mouth, except plain water.

I thought that counting them seems to show one’s obsessive compulsive disorder, otherwise known as OCD. I mean if you want to be OCD, don’t show it.

For me, it’s obvious what’s fattening and what’s not. So food like fried stuffs, chicken rice, macs, chocolates, sweet and soft drinks etc would be what I would cut down.

This brings me to my second point.

2. More protein and less carbs


You’ve heard about no carbs or low carbs diet and stock up on the protein to replace the carbs, because if the body requires energy fuel, it would get it from the protein as the next alternative if you don’t have enough carbs.

I think it’s important to note that LOW carbs doesn’t mean NO carbs.

For your body to operate functionally well, you would still need carbs.

Some people choose the healthier version of carbs such as oats, wholemeal bread, brown rice etc. If you’re alright with their taste, then good for you. These food are packed with other awesome vitamins and minerals.

I can’t do brown rice. I would die.

And our usual white rice is made of starch with no proper nutrients so…

What I do is to have everything at the back of my head throughout the day. So for example, if I had bread in the morning, I would reduce my carb intake for lunch or order mixed veg rice without rice, LOL.

Either that, fruits such as banana contain carbs and fruits, contain fructose (a sugar compound).

If you need carbs to satisfy your hunger for a longer time, try noodles instead. But do note on the amount of starch which would be converted to fats should they not be ultilised as well. Yellow noodles are the most fattening. My favourite would be bee hoon, or if not, you may opt for kuay teow as well.

I like soupy stuffs so dry noodles with chilli is not for me.

I always opt for soupy stuffs and I guess I’m lucky to have this as one of my favourites.

My food is often quite bland or very ‘light’ in the sense that it does not contain alot of flavour/sauces etc. I can do with a bowl of fishball beehoon soup or if I were to have yong tau foo, I would opt to forgo any noodles and just opt for soup. And I’ll still be fine.

I’m not a very much meat lover by nature as well, so I would stock up on loads of veggies if possible.

So you can either replace your carbs with healthier alternatives or either that, reduce your carb intake by reducing the portion. For example, if you are having a plate of fried rice. Halve the portion and offer it to someone else.

Of course, I’m not too sure how smaller meals would help in terms of increasing your metabolic rate, but I guess it does work since lots of people are claiming its success. I’d try to eat in between to prevent gastric as well.

3. Train your stomach

Because you’re consuming lesser than before, you’re inducing your stomach to consume lesser. You need time and patience. And after awhile, your stomach just shrinks by nature. That is what I believe because after awhile, the stomach just gets used to it.

During the initial stage, try snacking on fruits when you’re hungry and drink lots of water to sort of ‘bloat’ it up. I drink alot of water by nature and drinking before sleep doesn’t cause water retention for me. I guess my body is very much used to the fact that I am a water barrel since young.

Drinking lots of plain water is also beneficial for your health and beauty as well 🙂

So another reason to load up on the water!

After slowly reducing your food intake or carbs, you would realise that your stomach is beginning to adapt and you would find yourself consuming lesser and not being able to finish your meals. Try not to waste money, so if you know you can’t or don’t wish to finish the meal you’ve ordered, offer to someone else first. This is also courtesy, rather than telling them, “eh I can’t finish, u want or not?” Pfft.

Hmm, I mean after digging and messing around your food, I doubt anyone would be comfortable to have your leftovers. Even if they are gian beng, I personally am not comfortable with that thought la of having someone else eating my leftovers since I don’t like to eat the leftovers of others as well.

4. Alternatives and options for eating lesser

What I usually do is to order less.

If you order less, you would consume less. Unless you know you’re still gonna snack on fattening stuffs or order more after realising that the food portion served is too little for you, then this tip won’t work.

My colleagues say I eat like a kitten/baby, which is quite true compared to others.

If you need to have macs (either in a bo bian situation or just cannot control your cravings – but this shouldn’t always be the case), have something with lesser calories and in smaller portions.

Don’t laugh, but nowadays I would opt for happy meals now.

I usually eat the full nugget meal so now I would opt for kids nuggets meal which has 2 nuggets lesser and smaller packet of fries. I would change the drink to iced lemon tea rather than consuming coke, but do note on the price difference. Or better still, opt for green tea or milk.

I would also try to see for example, during cafes/restaurants, if I can order the kids meals but am always disappointed when they impose age restrictions. 😦

So if you get, choose something healthier and less fattening. It’s the lesser of 2 evils you know.

On top of that, if you are gonna pamper yourself just this once with oily food, drink hot water or tea after that because it helps to keep the fats in its liquid state which in turn helps to digest the fat faster and more effectively. This can help move the fats more quickly through the digestion process and eliminate the unneeded fat.

Cold water, on the other hand, may solidify fats. This can decrease the speed at which you digest fat. The problem with this is that your body has more time to absorb the fat rather than expel it. The results can include weight gain as well as a buildup of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Another trick is to drink water before your meals to limit the amount of fatty foods and other foods you eat. Drinking two glasses of water before you eat can fill you up. This will help you to be less hungry and eat less.

My personally-preferred trick which I find it quite useful is to consume coffee with milk about 30 to 45mins before your meals! Because I am a coffee-lover, I take it everyday. But do watch the caffeine intake. I think it’s because of the caffeine and milk, it helps to keep me full and my appetite for my meal would be restricted and reduced! You may also try milo, horlicks etc but watch the sugar intake too.

5. Sugar cravings

I know, some of us just love sweet stuffs by nature or attacked by the sudden craving for sugary stuffs. Or maybe, you have had a bad day so far and nothing seems to be going right for you and you want to pamper yourself with sweet stuffs.

Don’t go reaching for that bar of chocolate, instead choose an alternative!

Have sweet stuffs that are still healthy such as fruits! As mentioned, they contain fructose too and is a sugar compound too. I will not go into the debate of whether fruits can make you fat due to the natural sugars they contain, but you may want to read this useful article as well as this informative article for your pleasure reading 🙂

PHOTO: Here are five reasons fruit isn't making you fat.

Again, taking the lesser of 2 evils, I guess I would rather you consume natural sugars that contain goodness of other nutrients as well contained in fruits than refined and processed sugars. On top of that, fruits containing fibre helps to keep you full. This also the reason why you should always consume fruits before your meals for effective absorption of the nutrients and if you feel full, you would reduce your consumption intake 🙂

For fruits as a healthier alternative as to refined and processed sugars contained in sweets, chocolates, cakes and soft drinks etc, you may have them in sliced pieces or as a fruit juice to quench your thirst!

Alternatively, you may wish to consider honey instead as well.

Would honey make you fat since it’s sweet too?

This article would address your concern.

From that article, you can see that not only does honey contain other essential goodness of nutrients, just like fruits, honey has also been said to aid in losing weight!

Apart from other goodness, honey has been said to help burn off fats as well as a good source of energy to take before your workout!

Honey can also be mixed with other ingredients such as lemon and cinnamon which has been claimed to have effectively assist in losing weight!

But be sure to choose the authentic honey because fake honey are usually just sugar syrup which is extremely fattening!

Here’s how to distinguish between the two!



I hope these techniques would come in handy for you as they are tried and tested by me! I won’t go into details on other common issues relating to weight loss such as slimming pills, slimming wraps etc. Some work and some don’t.

Whether they are effective or not, there are a few issues you need to bear in mind.

  1. Understand that whatever you put into your body, there will always be risks. You need to conduct your own due diligence and decide for yourself. Like plastic surgery, consuming slimming pills is everyone’s choice and we all have the liberty and freedom to make choices of our own. That, I’ll leave it up to you.
  2. So okay, you may have lose some weight via healthy/unhealthy method (of course the former method is preferred), so how do you maintain it? You would still need to watch your calories intake and expenditure. It is a known fact that after reaching your ideal weight, it is always tough to maintain it. Fear of weight rebound is understandable. After going through all the hard work and torture, why would anyone want to go through the same torment again? I say torment because diet-wise, you can’t enjoy loads of sweet stuffs as compared to the past. You will need to think twice before reaching out for that chocolate bar or planning to get yourself a cup of bubble tea.

To maintain your weight, I believe in following the above 5 tips for dieting. You can still eat, not that you have to starve yourself completely.

The next post will be dealing with part 2 on tips on losing weight which involves exercise regimes and workouts, which also covers the ‘calories out/expenditure’ section.

Hope these tips are useful to you and good luck in your weight loss goal! 😀 😀

Beauty Review : Maybelline The Magnum Volum Express Cat Eye Mascara

Hello ladies! It’s been some time since I last did a beauty review and sincere apologies because I’ve been kinda busy and also lazy to try out new products! I don’t even mask at home anymore with mask sheets or clay masks! I know, I’ve been terribly lazy. And that is on top of the fact that I don’t even go for facials. Hahaha, but thank god for my naturally good skin and the Derma-X products that I have been using ever since for almost 3 months now! 🙂

Today’s review will be on mascaras! I don’t usually apply mascara because I’ll have my falsies on and that’s good enough for me. I don’t even bother to curl my own lashes, apply mascara and ‘join’ them with the falsies for a more natural look. Initially, when I first tried on falsies, I attempted to follow that step-by-step theory but has since given up because my natural lashes are so short that even when I curl them, they do not curl at all. I can’t even see any lashes exceeding the eyelids area! Moreover, I have single eyelids and so it doesn’t make any difference whether I curl them or not. Of course, if one looks closely into my eyes or from a close-up of my side view, you can see the two layers – my natural lashes and the falsies.

So, if I were to use mascaras, I would only apply on the lower lashes.

I was previously using Maybelline the Falsies Volum’ Express and Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara.

And recently, I bought a new mascara from Maybelline – Maybelline The Magnum Volum Express Cat Eye Mascara which I will be reviewing today! 🙂

Following the global success of  The Magnum Volum’ Express  mascara,  which sold  1 unit every 1.7  seconds around the world, Maybelline New York’s  eye experts   have developed yet another groundbreaking and innovative  product:  The Wild Cat Eyes  Waterproof Mascara.  In tune with the hottest  trends from the catwalk,  this newest revolution in volume mascara plumps up your lashes by up to 7 times, thus delivering the most striking of feline lashes.

Thanks to the pioneering design of the  Claw Brush and a collagen-infused formula, every lash is reached, extended, and stretched outwards. The result? Lashes that are plumped    up to 7  times the volume for a tantalizing feline gaze.

This is not the newest mascara that Maybelline has, it is actually the Maybelline New York Rocket Mascara. I looked at the info provided and thought that I am actually looking for more volumizing masacaras since my natural lashes are short and sparse, even for my lower ones. Clumping is somehow secondary.

And because of the ‘7x’ volumizing effect claimed compared to the  Falsies Volum’ Express, I decided to go ahead with this.

20130913-034036 PM.jpg


20130913-034040 PM.jpg

Its brush is slightly curve and I like it that way because I find it easier to apply compared to those straight ones, especially when applying on the lower lashes, it gets quite tricky. Of course, you may use a name card and place it under your eyelids and lashes and apply, so that it would smudge or touches your skin.

And the result?

20130913-034030 PM.jpg

You can see there are still clumps here and there, especially on my left eye. Actually, it was more clumpy previously and I decided to retry.

It is true that by shaking your hand, or rather the mascara applicator stick left and right prevents clump. I do it the lazy way, I tried to shake my head left and right instead. HAHAHAHA.

And it works. The picture above is actually the aftermath of that and it is less clumpy, as seen from my right eye (on ur left).

I think it is still too early to accurately review if this mascara causes clumps or not because it also depends on one’s skills. I shall continue to use that ‘shaking’ technique when applying so as to provide a more accurate review that is justifiable to the product.

Apart from that, it does help to volumize and lengthen the lashes. Actually, more of the latter. But 7x seems a little too overzealous and exaggerated because I don’t see much difference compared to the Falsies Volum’ Express. But if I recall correctly, both of them cost the same.

Updates on Braces for Underbite

Visited my orthodontist, Dr Lim yesterday and did some fillings. I still have some more cavities to mend but I guess that would be done during my next visit.

By the way, fillings aren’t cheap. I mentioned this earlier but for the benefit of those who have not read my previous post, it costs about $70 per tooth and there is a range of price for fillings. Not sure how they determine it but I have always been charged $70 per tooth. I filled 2 teeth yesterday and that’s already a whooping $140 which I’ve to pay on top of my monthly instalment for my braces, all these exclusive of GST. The total amount came up to $321. So yes, it’s kinda pricey if I were have to pay this amount every month or either that pay about $170 incld GST for my monthly instalment for my braces only when I don’t engage in other services such as teeth polishing, fillings etc. Oh yes, there is also now some sterilisation charge of about $10+.

Sigh, everything also wanna charge yeah. 😥

Here’s the current image and profile of my teeth :

20130912-100033 AM.jpg

Initially, I chose transparent rubber brackets but I was told that these transparent ones would stain easily, especially if one consumes tea/coffee regularly.

I am a coffee addict so I’d decided not to take the chance to embarrass myself with stained brackets and opted for silver instead. I think it’s quite cool because it blends with the metal brackets themselves, don’t you think so? 😉

It’s so super metallish-metal teeth! :p

Here’s the usual monthly comparison of my teeth thus far :

braces jan to sept

*I know it’s a little small, just click on it for a bigger image!

Honestly, there doesn’t seem much or any difference comparing Aug’s and the current position till date but I guess the bite is much better now as mentioned by Dr Lim. I think that’s quite true too because the number of times of me biting myself on my mouth and cheeks has also lessened, thank god!

Dr Lim has been trying to adjust 1 of my tooth’s direction and to get it face more outwards since my last visit in Aug but seems like there isn’t any much improvement 😦

Hence, he inserted an extra spiral wire on top of another one, onto the metal wire, hoping to get it turn outwards.

braces sept2

On top of that, I haven’t been wearing my elastic bands often because firstly, they causes much discomfort. The freedom of my mouth movements is so restricted. You are also supposed to remove them when eating and brushing teeth, which I don’t bother to initially. Also, I can’t speak and articulate my words properly when I talk as well.

But Dr Lim said that it’s still too early to forgo the elastic bands and advised me to just wear them at night instead of 24/7 now. I guess that would be preferred as well. So Imma just gonna wear them at night now….that is if I remember to…heh.

I also asked Dr Lim to provide an estimation of how long I would still require braces but he couldn’t and didn’t want to provide me with false hopes, hence didn’t really commit a definite period. However, he did mention that most people wear for about 1.5 years and he also did mention that my progress is very promising 🙂 I do agree as well because I’ve never expected for a 100% success of jumping the bite – correcting my underbite to a normal bite within such a short period. I was prepared to have my braces on for about 2 years or even more when Dr Lim advised that duration initially when I just started putting them on. But seems like luck’s on my side and my progress has been awesome and fast 🙂

Apart from having straighter teeth, I am also set to possess a great smile. Of course, a killer smile wouldn’t be that achievable but somehow, I’m still very particular on how I look smiling with teeth shown and how my jaw seems to be crooked, long or still protruding (didn’t undergo chin augmentation). I still feel that I can’t smile properly, what more perfectly. To me, it’s still an awkward sight, although one of my friend recently thought I look okay.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me? 😦

Nevertheless, looking forward to a healthier and straighter set of teeth and aiming to perfect it! 🙂

Food Review : Food for Thought (National Museum of Singapore)

Last week was the bf’s bday and we decided to take a day off from work to enjoy the day with each other 🙂

We had brunch at Food for Thought at the National Museum of Singapore. Okay, it wasn’t exactly brunch timing, more like a super late lunch period…

We actually thought of other places to dine in but settled with FFT.

These were what we ordered :

20130909-032712 PM.jpg

I was kinda disappointed that they didn’t have eggs benny so I’d settled with this instead. I really loved the fried potato balls because they were so crispy and yummy! Sauteed mushrooms were good too and so was the scrambled eggs. But I guess both of us were too hungry till we became full. You know that kind of feeling? And I felt so guilty when I saw a Caucasian lady (bigger size than me of course) ordered the classic set (bread with scrambled eggs only but the scrambled eggs was like quite alot too anyway) for the all day breakfast whereas greedy me ordered the biggest full set. -.-”

Of course I struggled and struggled like mad. Actually, both of us struggled to finish whatever we could.

Oh yes, I didn’t really like the bacon because it was filled with fats! Like lotsa of them! It’s like 99.9999% were fats instead of meat. I know bacon contains fats but this has got to be the fattiest bacon I’ve ever seen!

For all of you who do not know, I’m trying to eat healthier now (besides of course for weight loss/fat loss purposes), I finished all the yucky veggies. I said it’s yucky because unless you’re ok with the raw veggie salad taste, you wouldn’t like it. So nowadays, whenever there’s veggies, I would force myself to eat them and of course, have bf’s share too. He doesn’t like them anyway.

Another thing is, the tomatoes served were quite disappointing. They were quite over-riped and mashy. 😦 Anyone would prefer crunchy tomatoes anytime anywhere!

I didn’t finish the bread (as usual) because I was really exploding.

This was what bf ordered :

20130909-033946 PM.jpg

The portion is really huge. My jaw literally dropped when I saw how huge the curry chicken cutlet was! Which you can’t really see from this picture. And because it was too ‘breaded-ly crusted’, it was a little jerlat for bf to have the below side dish of fish fingers as well. We didn’t know it was gonna be crusted in bread crumbs. 😦

20130909-033940 PM.jpg

This fish finger side dish was a waste of money.

Firstly, we were already struggling with our own mains.

Secondly, as per above, it was crusted in bread crumbs as well.

Thirdly, it was $6 for 3 pathetic pieces! That’s like $2 for 1 piece?!


20130909-033953 PM.jpg

Mocha has got to be my all-time favourite coffee when I’m out at cafes. Unless I’m really in need of strong caffeine to keep me awake for whatever reason, I would then order black coffee. I prefer iced ones of course, but the ah pek bf loves his drinks to be hot.

My iced mocha was a little disappointment as well.

Firstly, I’d expected a sweeter version since mocha is a mixture of coffee and chocolate? It was quite bitter, should have perhaps asked for some sugar syrup 😦

Secondly, I’d only managed to finished half of it? And pushed myself a little further and finished approx 3/5 of it. LOL. I guess I’ve only got to blame myself for this. Ordered waaaayyy too much or either that, was too hungry till the appetite was gone. 😦

20130909-033957 PM.jpg

Bf’s hot mocha.

But one thing’s good about this FFT outlet at the National Museum is that the food was served quite quickly after ordering! So if you’re starving, like we were initially, this would be good! 🙂

Of course, I can’t guarantee that it would be the same for peak hours since we went on a weekday on a non-peak hour.

Spent about $60 for this meal alone.

After stuffing ourselves, we caught the Internship like finally and bf had to attend a school orientation so we couldn’t have a bday dinner celebration 😦

But nevertheless, we managed to save it for Friday last week! 🙂

More to come so stay tuned 🙂

*psst, am also planning to hold another beauty giveaway soon, what do you guys suggest? 🙂

*ps, sincere apologies to those who received their gifts late! 😦

Food for thought

93 Stamford Road #01-04/05, 
T: +65 6338 9887 F: +65 6338 1080
Opening Hours
Mon  –  Sat 
10am to 10pm 
(Last orders at 8.50pm)
10am to 9pm 
(Last orders at 7.50pm)

Amazed and very pleased with LipoCryo (fat freezing) !

Sponsored Advertorial

Hola! It’s been 3 weeks since my last treatment with Dr Phua on LipoCryo which is fat freezing process, and boy am I super excited to share some good news with you guys! 🙂

Those who are following my facebook fan page would have already received 1st hand updates on this, but I’m still gonna share the results and progress here! 🙂

Here is a comparison on the stats so far :


Based on the above, here are the findings :

1. My body fat % reduced from 25.1% to 24.3%, although my desirable fat % still ranges from 17-24%!

2. My fat mass reduced from 12.2 to 11.4!
3. The circumference of my left arm was 10 inches and is now 9.2 inches! A total reduction of 0.8 inches!
4. The circumference of my right arm was 11 inches and is now 9.8 inches! A total reduction of 1.2 inches!
5. The circumference of my thighs remains the same which is most probably be due to my running exercise. Dr Phua also mentioned that the fats on the thighs are more stubborn and difficult to reduce compared to the arms.
These are the results after a 3-week review. Of course, as mentioned on my blog post (, you will need to exercise and have a healthy diet.
Disclaimer : I’ve been trying to reduce my calories and carbo intake but of course, there were days I couldn’t resist yummy food too or pitied my poor growling stomach, and so heck it! I had sweet and fattening food too during these 3 weeks. My weight, although stated as 48kg previously and now I’m weighing 46.8kg is not accurate because the first measurement 3 weeks ago was taken after I had a heavy breakfast from Macs and today, I went on an empty stomach. I do weigh myself first thing in the morning so 46.8kg has been my weight since. No weight loss in kg but I did lose inches on my problematic areas!
I’m now on my second treatment for the arms only because they bother me more than my thighs!
I am of course very pleased with the results despite only undergoing the first treatment and it’s only 3 weeks after the treatment!
*Pardon for the blurred attachment because the ink has faded but you can still see some figures there.
So, yes hopefully after the 2nd treatment, which I had only done on my arms this time round due to time constraint (total duration for both arms is 1hr), my arms would reduce further in size! In the mean time, I would still continue with my cardio and resistance training and try and be more regular and consistent…
Cheers to slimmer and toner arms !!! 😀
*Please note that results vary individually and time taken for results to be effective and visible vary as well.
Dr Phua’s prices for LipoCryo:

$500 per segment, and a package of $400×10 segments.

Consultation is $98 and above.

304 Orchard Road
#05-06 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863Tel: (65) 6235 7888
Fax: (65) 6732 9789