10 new trends from Korea from Aesthetics Hub

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Here are some 10 new trends that evolved from the well-known place where the hype on aesthetic procedures originated from – Korea!

  1. Magic Epicanthoplasty: The Truth about your “Double Eyelids”
  2. Chasing Eternal Youth in Seoul’s Beauty Belt
  3. A New Plastic Surgery Trend in South Korea puts a Constant Smile on Patient’s Face [Video]
  4. Square or Broad Jawline?
  5. Aegyo Sal, Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Enhancement Prevalent on the Streets of Apgujeong, Seoul [Video]
  6. Popular Plastic Surgery Apps Cause Concern in South Korea
  7.  Is Cosmetic Surgery about more than just a Pretty Face? A TV show in South Korea Argues that it’s more than that.
  8.  Indepth of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Seoul, Korea by Key Opinion Leader, Professor Beom Joon Kim 
  9. The K-Pop Plastic Surgery Obsession with V-shaped Face
  10. Chipmunk Cheeks No More with Buccal Fat Removal Surgery at Teuim Plastic Surgery

Enjoy! 🙂

10 Halloween-related articles to be bookmarked!

Ooooh, scary…. Are you a fan of Halloween or anything Halloween-related?

Do you celebrate this festival religiously?

Then you must read these Halloween-related articles!

  1. Halloween Costume Ideas 2013: Ridiculous Outfits That Will Make You Shake Your Head
  2. Paris Fashion Week: How To Get Some Of The Runway’s Top Makeup Looks for Halloween Tips
  3. Dare To Be Different! 2013 Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes
  4. The Miley Cyrus Costume: This Halloween, It May Come With A Reputation
  5. Real Or Fake? Famous Mysterious Ghost Pictures Investigated
  6. Celebrate Halloween In A Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-like Irish Castle
  7. Is Vampire Filler, Selphyl, a Ghoulish Beauty Treatment?
  8. Halloween Ghost Riders’ Night at Caffé B
  9. Halloween Candy For Your Feet
  10.  “Deadly Ever After” Halloween Horror Trail


Beauty Review : SKIN INC Regulate Vitamin C Serum

I have heard loads of raves on Skin Inc products and I didn’t know they were so pricey until a friend of mine told me.

Thought that I was very lucky to have my Vanity Trove sponsored and in one of the beauty boxes lie a SKIN INC Regulate Vitamin C Serum!

As I know I’ve not been updating much on beauty reviews, here’s one to redeem myself! 🙂

20131028-111409 am.jpg



20131028-111416 am.jpg


Vitamin C is combined with vitamin B6 and vitamin E to control sebum production, preventing the outbreak of inflammatory pimples. Also stimulates the synthesis of collagen to minimise pores.

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Pyridoxine HCL, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Algaligenes Polysaccharides, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Allantoin, Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Extract, Algin, Carbomer, Polysorbate 80, PVP, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Potassium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol


Pros :

  • Light-textured and feels light on skin. 
  • Easy and quick absorption.
  • No weird scent.

Cons :

  • No reduction in pore size
  • Sebum production remains the same

This is based on after 1 week’s usage. Perhaps I should continue to monitor its effectiveness 🙂

Overall :

4 stars

By the way, this is retailing at $136!

Skin Inc Concept Stores:

  • ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-43 Singapore 238801 Tel: +65 6222 7428
  • Marina Bay Link Mall 8A Marina Boulevard #B2-25 Singapore 018984 Tel: +65 6536 6789

Specialty Store

  • Resorts World-Vie Beaute 26 Sentosa Gateway #02-105 Singapore 098138 Tel: +65 6723 8025

10 fashion articles you should read!

Dolling up to look good is what most of us like to do.

At MFP, we cater to such needs and provide useful articles and updates on the latest trends from all over the world!

Here are 10 fashion articles that you should read!

  1. Seoul Fashion Week: Block B’s Zico And P.O. Walk The Runway
  2. Fide Fashion Week 2013 Returns this October with over 30 Captivating Shows
  3. London Fashion Week 2013: Vivienne Westwood Opens The Show With Interpretive Dance Starring Lily Cole
  4. Milan Fashion Week: Armani And Versace Put Winning Runway Show In Italy
  5. Paris Fashion Week: Topless Protestors Crash Nina Ricci Show
  6. NY Fashion Week SS 2014: From The Runways Of NY Fashion Week Spring 2014
  7. London Fashion Week: It’s Pretty In Pastels For Burberry Spring 2014
  8. FIDé Fashion Week: Porsche Design And Anne Fontaine Impressed With Their FW13 Collection
  9. London Fashion Week: The 10 Coolest Bags

Enjoy! 🙂

Tips on losing weight Part 2 – How to eat and still lose weight?

Those who have been following me on my Facebook page would know that I have been trying hard to eat healthily only because…


Here are some of the food that I’ve been having…

You will see that they are very easy to prepare or sometimes, require no effort and time at all… Unless you’re saying that opening the fridge door, washing the fruits and opening cans/packets is a tedious job…

And only because, yours truly has absolutely close to zero culinary skills and knowledge!


But but but, I will make an effort to brush up my non-existent culinary skills… so gimme a chance lah, heh.

Heh, so anyway here are some snap shots of what I’ve been eating recently…

Kellogg’s Mueslix!!!

This is my new found healthy food 🙂

photo 2

The thing about cereals is that you have substitute your meals with them or just snack on them. Very convenient yet healthy too 🙂

For this ‘dry’ version, I added plain low-fat yoghurt with blueberries!

It’s time to stock up on those berries – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries….

Read here to find out why berries are good for you!

photo 5


Then here comes the ‘wet’ version, wet sounds wrong but I can’t technically call it ‘soup’ version like mee pok dry and mee pok soup right?

photo 1 (2)

And when I have mixed veg rice…without the rice. Ahem. You can actually substitute plain white rice with other healthier carbs such as brown rice (if possible but dont think its possible when you’re eating out and brown rice tastes yucky!) or bananas (high carb but at least it’s healthier than plain white rice).

photo 1 (3)

And then I went to get these health food after my evening run.

Nuts are fattening yes but I plain to add them into salads…So give and take 🙂

Multi-grain bread with loads of wholesome grains and low GI simply stands for low Glycemic index. Low GI actually helps you to feel fuller for a longer time, so as to prevent you from snacking on other food again. Read here to find out more on the benefits on consuming low GI food! 🙂

photo 1 (4)

One of my DIY salads…

I prefer to DIY my own salad because, firstly you get to customise it to suit your own preference (there are some veggies which I don’t take such as capsicums, celery, pickles, cucumbers…)  and they cost so much cheaper than cafes and restaurants! In addition, you can opt for a healthier dressing such as lemon juice, vinegar or even olive oil! And of course lastly, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction after preparing your own food 🙂

Ingredients used :

  1. Iceberg lettuce
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Picnic ham
  4. Raisins
  5. Low-fat cheese

photo 2 (2)

And another one of my own salads…

Ingredients used :

  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Boiled broccoli
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Tuna mayo (supposed to use tuna chunks instead but silly me opened the wrong can tin)

photo 3 (2)


Was pressed for time so I’d used a the multi-grain bread, the remaining tuna mayo and tomatoes!


photo 3 (3)


One of the pre-made salad I got off-shelf from Cold Storage…doesnt really taste that good because of the lack of dressing…and am not a fan of carrots, which were quite hard.

photo 4 (2)


And in the pre-made pack, it contains wild roquette too, which is quite bitter compared to other veggies but here’s why you should try them out!

You may consider reducing its bitterness using those dressings I’ve mentioned above.

photo 3


I bought 2 packets so I had to finish up the other one before it expires.

Decided to improvise for better taste so I’d added raisins and tuna chunks! These tuna chunks came in olive oil so I just added a little into the salad as its dressing! How convenient right? 🙂



And besides veggie salads, you can have fruits salad too.

I think it should be alright to add fruits and veggies together as a mixed salad… 🙂


photo 4 (3)

Of course, if you’ve read my previous post on tips on losing weight, you would know that in order to lose weight, you’ve to reduce your calorie intake and increase your calorie output….by exercising!

So you need to starve yourself, just reduce the serving portion or choose healthier alternatives that contain less carbs, sugar, fats!

Exercising regularly perhaps twice to thrice a week would expedite your weight loss target too! I’m still kinda lacking in this because weekdays are a little tough to have my evening run… Remember to do your cardio AND strength training to tone up those flabs 🙂

Hope this helps you in staying healthy and/or losing weight!

Remember that the saying “NO PAIN NO GAIN” is really true! 😀

10 useful tips to achieve an au naturale make-up look which men adore!

Less is more! Too much make-up piled on may backfire your plan in ‘beautifying’ yourself. Enhance your features, not conceal them, save for blemishes, that is. Here are 10 of my personal tips for the au naturale look.

I used to apply thicker and heavier make-up when I was younger and when I first explored the magic of cosmetics. I used to apply eyeliner on my waterline and then slowly ditched it and moved on to applying mascara on my lower lashes instead.

However, it has since been some time that I’ve decided to go light and easy on my make-up as I grow older. Despite that, my bf’s affirmation of beauty has helped me achieve greater confidence with lighter make-up.

On days when I’m merely heading to work and back home, I’ll have my specs on with minimal make-up on my face, which only includes the basics such as foundation, concealer (for my horrendous dark circles), eyeliner as well as light blusher on. Of course, my brows would have to be drawn too.

On days when I’ll be heading out after work, I’ll change into contacts, stick on falsies and add a little shimmery pearl white eyeliner at my tear ducts and lower eyelids. Of course, blending it well for a gentler and lighter look, but yet still able to brighten up those tired eyes.

You will only see me with heavier make-up if I go for the dope/rockchic look or for outings such as clubbing, but not always. It depends on my mood and time constraints, if any.

Other than that, I’ve learnt to discover that LESS IS ALWAYS MORE!

Don’t believe? Ask the guys! And I’m sure many of them would admit that girls with lesser/lighter make-up that looks closest to natural is more attractive than those with dramatic and heavy make-up.

Unless you’re gonna headbang and be rocking ur ass off like a rock star everyday, I suggest to tone down your make-up.

Here are 2 tips to achieve a natural look with make-up :

1. If you have great skin, try to skip the foundation and opt for a tinted moisturiser instead. And if you have blemishes, just pat the concealer lightly over them.

2. But if you must, do remember to choose the appropriate and right colour shade for your foundation. Those with wrong colour shades which can obviously be seen by comparing the face and the neck or arms would tell you that they do not look natural at all. I have seen so many girls with a shade too light from their natural colour skin, especially in photographs where the background is dark and flash lights are required. A major turn-off.

For more useful tips, read my beauty article on MFP here! 🙂

Before I forget, I know the ulzzang trend is piping hot right now and girls now dig having dark and thick eyebrows. But if you’re gonna go for the natural look, consider going easy on the tone and shade of the brows! 😉

Have fun reading! 😀

Food Review : Eng’s Noodles House (Wanton Mee)

Hello guys! Hope your weekend was good and enjoyable 🙂

My sister, who blogs at http://thehootingpost.wordpress.com/ and has a humble Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheHootingPost, recommended the family to this Noodles House! Read and follow her blog, especially for preggers mom because my little niece is due quite soon, so there would be sharing of info as well as tips for preggers mom or moms-to-be! 😀

Anyway, Eng’s Noodles House is located at Tanjong Katong (exact address to be specified later) where there are stretches of food outlets.

Together with my parents and my sis, we ordered 3 bowls of dry wanton mee and 1 bowl of soup wanton mee. On top of that we also ordered fried wanton and you cai.

I’m a ‘soupy’ person so this was my order :

20131001-120337 pm.jpg


The char siew tasted normally but special attention must be given to the noodles.

I believe Eng’s Wanton Mee differs from the rest of other wanton noodles in its noodles. It’s a little thicker and coarser, and perhaps a little more ‘flour-y’. It’s not exactly that QQ kind of noodles that most people prefer.

The soup was quite tasty as well.


And an example of dry wanton mee (which do come with a bowl of soup separately but not shown in picture) :

20131001-120343 pm.jpg


Fried wantons :

20131001-120348 pm.jpg


These fried wantons are really addictive and extremely crispy! I quite enjoyed crunching and munching on them, although am trying to stay away from fried food as much as possible, this really made me bend the rules. However, we felt that these fried wantons are a little too small. Wished they could come in bigger sizes 😦

You cai :

20131001-120353 pm.jpg


Okay, the english name for you cai is known as ‘Flowering edible rape’… WHAT??? I got this from this website but not sure how accurate and true it is… LOL.

So anyway, these you cai which were repeatedly raved by my dad as it was very soft and easy to chew. I think I am fine with both crunchy and soft veggies, but I thought that these you cai are those baby ones because they are so tiny as compared to those you have at chicken rice stalls. I believe they are both from the same species. Also, while veggies are beneficial, do take note that by adding oyster sauce, it depreciates its value due to the unhealthy MSG and what not. Heh, just thought that I’d included this 🙂

Overall, food were served quite quickly although it was almost full when we visited, save for the very last seat near the kitchen which we were allocated to. I guess Eng’s Noodles House is that famous huh! Oh yes, chilli comes in sliced green chilli as well as their very own self-made chilli sauce in a bottle in bright orange colour.

And it is known to be burning hot and you have been warned…. :

Credits to misstamchiak

Anyway, Mr Ng Ba Eng who is the owner and founder (2nd generation) of Eng’s Noodles House passed on recently 😦

Credits to ieat.ishoot.ipost.

If you’re a fan of wanton noodles and want to try something ‘different’ from the rest or if you are huge fan of chilli, Eng’s wanton noodles is  a MUST-TRY! 🙂

Overall rating :

4 stars

Eng’s Noodles House
287 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437070
11am to 9pm daily
Takeaway or Order Hotline 
86882727 (45 mins advance)


What’s in for MyFatPocket in the Month of October!

20130926-050259 PM.jpg

October – commonly remembered as the month of Halloween!

So expect loads of weird quirky stuffs relating to food, sex and horror places over here at MyFatPocket!

MFP will also bee covering first hand updates on fashion weeks and runways in Seoul, London, Milan and fide fashion week in sg will be covered on our site.

You will also be informed of the latest trends with this coverage of fashion weeks round the world.

So keep your eyes peeled! 🙂