Authentic branded bags at affordable prices – cheaper than retail!

Hello all! Hope your week’s been treating you good so far and hope that your weekend would rock even more 🙂

I’ve started another online shop (I know I’ve countless in the past…) called Branded Vogue and am starting a weebly platform first since most items are on a pre-order basis so there isn’t really a need for a tech-y e-commerce one yet.

There is currently an ongoing promotion in conjunction with our Grand Opening and the upcoming Festive season, we are offering a $30 discount applicable to ALL OUR ITEMS!!!  Valid till 25th Dec 2013


It’s totally a saving tool and a good time to splurge on yourself and maybe get a Christmas present for your loved ones? 🙂

Prices are waaaayyyy totally below retail prices hence Branded Vogue is able to incur less overhead expenses which simply translates into more cost-savings for our customers!
You can now get hold of your favourite dream bag at a much lower prices without compromising on its authenticity and quality! 

Rest assured that all items are 100% authentic. 🙂

Here are some of our hot selling items :


Nova Check Tote Bag with Zip

Item Code : #BBNovaCheckToteZip
-Colours : black and red
-Nova Check tote bag with patent leather trims
-Two fine flat leather handles
-Four nickel feet on base-Top zip closure
-One interior zip pocket, two interior patch pockets
-Leather plaque stamped with the Burberry logo sewn inside bag
35 x 23.5 x 13.5cm
RP : S$1050
Our price : S$725
You save S$325!!!



Burberry bowling bag (Medium/Small)

Bowling bag medium
Item Code : #BBNovaCheckBowlingBagMed
Colours : black, blue and red
-Nova check coated canvas bowling bag with patent leather trims
-Size: 25 x 32 x 15 cm
-Top zip closure
-Two rolled leather handles
-One interior zip pocket and two patch pockets
-PVC and leather
-Cotton twill lining
RP : S$895
Our price : S$650
You save : S$245!!!

Bowling bag small
Item Code : #BBNovaCheckBowlingBagSmall
Colours : black, blue and red
-Nova check coated canvas bowling bag with patent leather trims
-Size: 20x 27 x 14 cm
-Top zip closure
-Two rolled leather handles
-One interior zip pocket and two patch pockets
-PVC and leather
-Cotton twill lining
RP : S$855
Our price : S$630
You save : S$225



Prada Vitello Daino Bluette 

Product Code: BN2420
Color in Bluette
Grained Calf leather tote
Zipper closure
Metal lettering logo
2 zippered compartments
1 main compartment
3 pockets: 1 zipper pocket and 2 open pockets
Gold tone hardware
Double  Handles with 13 cm handle
33.5cm(length) x 27cm(height) x 15.5cm(depth) 

Retail Price : S$2750
Our price : S$1820
You save S$930!!!





Michael Kors Small Selma Studded Satchel

Saffiano leather with golden pyramid-stud trim.
Tote handles.
Removable shoulder strap.
Side pockets.
Top zip.
Inside, monogram lining; one zip and four open pockets.
11 1/2″H x 15 1/2″W x 6″D.
Retail price : NA
Our price : S$430 only



Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel 

Luggage leather.
Golden hardware.
Top handles with rings; 4 3/4″ drop.
Chain shoulder strap.
Frame top with MK logo-engraved lock; magnetic snap closure.
Hanging luggage tag.
Inside, one zip pocket, two open pockets.
9″H x 12 3/4″W x 4 1/2″D.
Retail price : S$569
Our price : S$ 415 only
You save S$154!!!

All prices stated above are before promotional price so you actually save much more!!!

We will also be bringing in many more brands and designs so stay tuned! 🙂

Do check out Branded Vogue for more items! 🙂

Stay updated with us on our Facebook page too 🙂

Thanks for your kind support!!! 😀

Updates on My Braces Journey for My Underbite

This has got to be one of my most popular topics on my blog because I keep receiving loads of queries on this! I never knew underbite problems was so prominent in Singapore….I’d thought it only affects a handful of the population.

So here’s my reply : No, I did not undergo any form of surgery for my jaw/chin for my underbite problem.  I managed to ‘jump’ the bite, switching from an underbite (where the bottom row of teeth overlaps the top row when you bite) to a normal bite (where the top row now overlaps the bottom row).

I must admit that I am indeed very lucky to succeed in ‘jumping’ the bite because my case should most probably be a skeletal problem and at my age, the success rate is not 100%, as the bones are already stiff and hardened.

If you’d googled, most of the underbite cases should ideally start from young as it is easier to change the skeletal/jaw structure, but then again which parent would go easy in getting your child to undergo a jaw surgery? Braces nevertheless is still fine though.

Dr Lim from Q&M did pre-empt me that there won’t be a 100% success rate in ‘jumping’ the bite and it really depends on individual…So you can say that I took a risk there. I was thinking, even if I did not manage to ‘jump’ the bite, I would still have straighter teeth, right? LOL, trying to be positive here…

From the pictures, you can see that I managed to ‘jump’ the bite within about 7 months, where the 2 front teeth has managed to overlap the bottom row. The overlapping was subsequently improved over the months there after.

grey Braces (for underbite) Journey Updates

This was in July 2013.


I have been wearing my braces on for 11 months now, how time flies indeed!

The braces journey has not been a smooth-sailing one, I mean c’mon, who would have such a happy journey wearing metal wires and brackets, straining, pulling, tugging everything all in one in their mouths?

Not forgetting the annoying ulcers, the cuts and the worst experience ever where the frenulum of my tongue actually got caught onto the metal bracket and got me panicking, crying and rushing to the nearest A&E hospital to have it removed?

Not forgetting the $$$ I had to pay….ARGH!

It is not an easy journey especially when you have to wear those annoying rubber-bands which might snap if you over-stretch it when opening your mouth to eat, yawn or talk etc.

I must also admit that I have not been conscientiously wearing the rubber bands…I was advised that I could now wear them only at night, but yesterday during my monthly visit at the dental clinic, Dr Lim told me that ideally it should be daily, day and night. 😦

I guess he could tell that I have not been wearing the rubber bands because he asked me that question full of suspicion. Well, I guess it’s hard to hide it from a professional 😉

Dr Lim is okay, he is friendly but sometimes I feel he’s kinda rough with his actions. I have had some stuffs dropped into my mouth before, onto my tongue (thank god not into my throat and choking me) and getting a small cut at the side of my mouth too. I have sensitive lips so I get a little icky and uptight whenever I’ve stuffs touching or near my lips/mouth.

Anyway, sorry for missing Oct’s updates.. Here are the pictures 🙂

October :


Yes, there is a missing pink rubber band on 1 of the metal bracket because there is a wire around the main metal wire if you see closely. That was to rotate the tooth.

November :




A comparison from Jan to Nov (now) :

Click on the picture for a bigger image! 🙂

braces jan to nov

I’ve decided to be a good girl and wear those annoying rubberbands from now onwards… My jaw is still a little protruding as you can see from the pictures. But might also be amplified by my sunken cheeks…so…

I’ve been asking Dr Lim when can I get my braces removed because I really hate it and want to be able to smile confidently and beautifully. I’ve never had a beautiful smile with teeth showing in my entire life, so I really cannot wait! But because I did not reduce my jaw, I still look weird smiling with a little protruding jaw but I’ve seen pretty girls who have those ‘V-shaped’ face with a tad protruding jaw, with straight perfect teeth smiling, and still look gorgeous. Praying hard I will be able to achieve that in time to come too! 🙂

For now, Dr Lim is still trying to rotate of of my teeth to the right position and I guess once we are done with that, and tackling all other problems, cleaning and filling my cavities (I have a handful 😦 till date I actually lost count how many I’ve done thus far)… I will be braces-free!

By the way, the fillings aren’t cheap. It costs $70 per tooth so you can imagine how much to pay, on top of the monthly instalment.

My total braces is $4.2k EXCLUDING GST and monthly, I’ve to pay approx $180-$190 for the instalments including GST. I’ve paid $2k first and decide to pay the remaining in instalments because it’s very heart-wrenching to see all $4k+ gone just like that!

And yes, I’m paying it myself.

Feel so broke everytime I leave the dental clinic. 😦

Do note that a jaw surgery or chin augmentation or whatever they call it would prove a 100% success rate in achieving a reduced jaw and solving the underbite problem.

But then again, such surgery is like with any other full-blown surgery that involves risks and potential complications that may arise. You will be required to be hospitalised for weeks (?), swell up alot till almost beyond recognition…well at least that’s what the google images show. And it would be perform by a qualified surgeon, not your dentist.

I’ve seen my friend’s friend who had undergone a jaw surgery but it doesn’t to cure her protruding jaw problem? I’m not sure because she was still on braces and perhaps hasn’t ‘jump’ the bite yet?

I was advised by dentists that the surgery would cost me about $20k??? Can’t remember if the costs of the braces were included as well, but that friend’s friend mentioned that the surgery only costs about $5k?

So I’m not too sure either.

By the way, if you decide to go for the surgery, take note you will still need to put on the braces thereafter. It won’t automatically solve your underbite problem completely.

However, as I am not a dentist, it is best to seek advice from your own dentist.

Do keep those queries coming in, I’ll be glad to help if I can 🙂

Am I getting married?

That’s the question more and more people are asking me nowadays, I guess that comes with age.

I’ve friends who have made plans, got engaged, gotten their bto/houses, married, given birth, given birth like their 2nd/3rd time…

Correction, most of these friends are my bf’s friends whereas for my own group of close friends, they are either single or attached.

And just that, nothing further.

Why do I keep getting that question again and again?

Sometimes, it does annoy me, to be honest.

The bf and I have been together for 5 years + and whether we made plans or not, it’s really kept between us.

Some of our friends know our plans whereas some don’t. Dont read too much into things. For all you might know, I might say no plans yet but actually have made some, or I may have said, yeah we have already gotten a flat but am lying…HAHAHA!

*I hope this confuses you* 😛

I don’t see a point to publicise to everyone until we are both ready.

I mean you can keep guessing, whether we applied for a BTO, whether we got shortlisted, whether I was secretly and quietly proposed to, whether we secretly got married… Maybe I’m preggy at my 1st trimester? Maybe this, maybe that…

Maybe I’ve proposed to him?! HAHAHA

It’s anyone’s guess.

And whether we are ready to settle down, whether we think we are The One, whether blah blah blah is up to us.

Sometimes divulging info to others would lead to more unnecessary questions, lead to annoying comparisons and attract even more nosey parkers.

And I hate that.

Exchanging useful info is okay but if you’re gonna compare at stage your relationship is at, the price of your BTO, the price of the engagement of interior designers, the this the that… then please get lost.

So bottom-line is, no hard feelings to those who have asked though, but questions that surface so frequently recently do get me thinking :-

1. Does the length of the relationship determine marriage?

2. Am I of the ‘marriage-age’ already?! i.e. OLD.

3. Questioners, are they really concerned or just plain nosey? More often than not, it’s the latter la.

For now, it’s best that my bf concentrates on his education first. I guess that’s more important more than anything else, in the Singapore context and based on my upbringing.

OH YES! Before I forget, I was really pissed at the person who said straight to my face, “You’re waiting for him (to propose) right?”

SHIT YOU. (I usually curse in a more crude way though).

Don’t make me sound as if I’m so despo to marry off right away! Before you forget, I’m still studying for my Masters too (graduating next year tentatively, YAY!) and I’ve not even settled my own career path proper.

And why the hell would you think my current bf would be the one I want to marry and live together for the rest of my life? Maybe I don’t think he’s The One? You know, being together in a relationship and marry someone (chuck the divorce issue aside pls – given a choice, nobody would want that) is totally 2 different and separate issues!

On a brighter note, I’ve received red bombs (i.e. wedding invitations) here and there and will be receiving even more soon, especially next year…and I’m really happy for them…well, most 😉

Blogger Janice Leong puts blogging in shame.

So there’s this hoohaa about a certain blogger, by the name of Janice Leong, who recently stirred up loads of shit, and not forgetting tonnes of publicity and popularity for herself, in the blogosphere and social media platforms.

Am not sure if this was all planned, but she’s certainly receiving loads of limelight shine upon her, but in a notorious way.

To cut the story short, this blogger approached a hair salon (Lococo Korean Hair Salon – VivoCity) for free sponsorship of hair treatments done at their hair salon, and in return she would blog about them for free advertisement.

But she was politely declined by the hair salon and so she persisted. Not receiving any reply thereafter, she demanded that Conrad, the owner of the hair salon, to reply her within the next 24 hours, otherwise she might blog about this hair salon in bad light, threatening to tarnish its reputation.

If you hadn’t already known, here are some screenshots to satisfy your curiosity :

My take on this :

1. First and foremost, many bloggers do go around searching for sponsors since not everyone can be a XX, QQ or KK. It may seems shameless but we’ll leave it as that.

2. Secondly, of course it’s wrong for JL to reply in such a manner and what more threaten to tarnish the reputation of the hair salon.

3. Next, some people commented that Conrad was quite harsh in his reply, but I believe if I were him and I were to receive such nasty email from a nobody-blogger, pretending that she’s some top-notch quality, I would do the same too. And I do salute him in replying in superb English, tainted with loads of sarcasm and a counter-threat from him, which he did manage to uphold his words.

4. JL’s stupid reply is really OMGWTF. Seizing the opportunity and striking while the iron is hot, claiming that her email and social media platforms were compromised (i.e. kena hacked la) is such a stupid move. Is her blog so important that hackers, Messiah? Anonymous? would wanna crack their brains over and waste their time to hack? Oh wait, blogs should be so much easier to hack, compared to those highly-secured websites that are government-owned/linked. I guess she is still under the impression that she’s some important person…

5. Actually, this is really the essence of my blog post. I know by blogging this, together with others, or by sharing this viral news would increase her ‘popularity’ but my point being, never mess with anyone. You won’t know when the tables would turn. And never underestimate the power of social media and connections people have with each other.

I bet her blog traffic (although her website link was said to be broken?) skyrocketed due to this incident, which she might taken advantage of the situation to rave about her ‘high’ blog traffic in the near future?

Hopefully those she might contact and seek for sponsorship would conduct a thorough check and due diligence before engaging her.

At the end of the day, I guess JL has got her ‘reputation’ tarnished instead and increased the popularity of the hair salon consequently 😉

Look younger with Sculptra treatment!

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If you have been following me on my facebook page or have been reading my blog, or through my pictures, you would know that my face shape is not very ideal. My cheeks are quite sunken in due to the weight lost from puberty and my recent weight loss as well.

This was how I looked like pre-puberty. I know, it doesn’t look like me at all and looks as if I’ve undergone the knife, but no I didn’t. I just lost weight and learnt the beauty of make-up that’s all. HAHA!

I have lost about 3kg recently which is not really a big deal, but it shows on my face.

As you may have already known, not everyone loses weight the same way as others. For myself, I lose my fats on my cheeks relatively quicker than the rest of my body parts, as well as my tummy. But it is a common problem that most ladies find it difficult to target spot areas on arms and thighs.

The truth is, you can’t.

After losing weight, you may have already lost fats and muscle mass, which in result causes flabs.

That is why you see flabs on your arms, thighs and stomach.

Hence, both cardio (lose fats) and toning (muscles strengthening) are equally important and should work simultaneously.

After wearing braces for about 6 months, my protruding jaw has been pushed back, though I would not say it is 100% successful. However, this could also be due to my skeletal structure and shape.

As I have sunken cheeks, naturally the mouth and jaw area would seem to protrude.

You can that my front view profile :

Photo 16-12-2012 11 18 18 AMPhoto 12-07-2013 02 57 56 PM


And it looks worse when I don’t smile :

Photo 13-07-2013 05 17 08 PM

My side profile is worse, especially with the protruding jaw. The sunkenness is more obvious when viewed from the side.

Photo 12-08-2013 11 03 52 AM

However, as a resident blogger at My Fat Pocket, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to try out Sculptra treatment with Dr Dylan Chau, who is a Sculptra trainer for other doctors, from Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetics Clinic.

What is this treatment about?

To summarize, it is a type of filler, injected with  l-poly-lactic acid to help stimulate and encourage facial growth via natural collagen production. By ‘natural’, it means that the collagen formed comes from your own tissue. Besides being able to achieve facial volume, Sculptra is also able to target other common areas due to loss of facial volume and ageing problems such as wrinkles, folds and skin laxity.

Extracted from Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetics Clinic, these are the common problems that Sculptra can help treat.

Sculptra Treatment Areas

Sculptra is suitable for:

– Deep folds between the nose and the mouth (nasolabial folds) also called smile lines

– The lines framing your mouth (marionette lines)

– Sunken & droopy cheeks

– Sunken temples

– Eye bags & dark eye circles caused by sunken tear troughs

– Skin laxity

As for my case, due to loss of facial volume, my cheeks are not only sunken, I have nasolabial folds too which I suspect is a combination of not only loss of facial volume but also dehydration and ageing. Yes, sadly I have already reached the age where ageing has commenced. 😦

Having sunken cheeks is really unsightly because not only it makes you look haggard and older than you really are, you look tired as well. Also, my jaws a quite angular which Dr Dylan did comment that angular jaws result in a more masculine appearance. Femininity should include a more rounded apple cheeks. Just think about Fann Wong and her rosy high apple cheeks.

But please note that Sculptra may not achieve high cheeks like hers because it is dependent on many other factors such as your skeletal structure, your own tissue to produce collagen etc.

Similar to other filler treatments, injections and needles are involved and it is best to get someone to accompany you for reasons below.

  1. There will be some pain, blood, swelling involved and each individual’s body may response differently.
  2. You may need comfort and assurance from someone you can trust…by squeezing their hand. I think I’d almost broke my bf’s bones…LOL!
  3. Although there will be numbing cream applied prior to treatment, the filler itself contains some dosage of local anesthetic, so you will feel drowsy. That was also the reason why I looked so ‘sian’ in the pictures, half way throughout, I was very drowsy.  But the condition will subside shortly after the treatment and does not affect daily activities.

Firstly, if you’d applied makeup, they will help remove it and then apply numbing cream first. After letting it set for 30 to 60 mins, you will then be called in for the treatment.


During the waiting time for the numbing cream to take effect, you can actually wait at the small lounge or just wait outside at the reception. Don’t worry, there will be many others who will have creams on their faces as well, so in that context, you will still look ‘normal’.

Then the treatment would take place.

Was waiting for Dr Dylan’s arrival and chatting with MFP’s editor Bianca and my bf 🙂 And trying to stay calm…


Prior to the day of the treatment, I have consulted and cleared my doubts before agreeing to be treated. So do clarify every single doubt you have, especially since it involves needles and it’s your face we are talking!

And off we proceeded with the treatment!

During treatment :




Close-up :



There will be loads of injections poking here and there so do be warned. It is still bearable but still good to have someone’s warm hands to hold…and squeeze. They would also provide stress balls should you not have a hand to squeeze. But I prefer squeezing my bf’s hand… 😛


After one side of my face was done, the drowsy effect started to kick in.


In this picture, I was already done with my left side. Can you see the difference between the two sides? One sunken and the other more plumped up? Besides my plumped up cheeks, my laugh line and nasolabial line on the left are less obvious and prominent.

After treatment :


IMG_6637 IMG_6638

As the liquid substance is injected into your skin, you will need to constantly massage them as previously mentioned to prevent lumps from occurring.

There will be a massage session by their staff. Also you will be required to massage daily 5 times for 5 mins for the next 5 days.

The staff at Celevenus will advise on the correct method and motion of the massage.

Post-massage :

This is how I looked for the next few days 🙂




Yes, there will be little bumps because of the injection holes but I guess can be covered by makeup, so not to worry.

I wasn’t really getting used to the ‘new look’ as first because afterall, I’ve lost most of my cheeks since puberty…

It was weird seeing these ‘old friends’ of mine and best thing is, I can see my cheeks when I look down! LOL!

So, which do you think looks better?

Photo 13-07-2013 05 17 08 PM-horz

cheeks compare



After :


And of course, there will be bruises. My bruises were considered relatively better than other patients but they lasted for quite long. This also varies individually, especially if you are the type who bruises easily… I was advised to avoid taking omega-3 and aspirin as the latter thins the blood. In addition, using a heat pad or something warm to press against the bruises would help. I made a mistake by using ice on the bruise but ice should be used to cool and calm down angry swells and not bruises. You may also google on how to reduce the bruises. 🙂

But your temporary best bet would be makeup. Concealer and foundations would come in extremely handy to cover them up should there be a need to. If possible, perhaps taking a few days off from work would be good.

After 3 weeks post-treatment, this is my latest look :





Do not be alarm should you see a decrease in facial volume or if your face reverted back to its original form because one session is definitely not enough.

The facial volume might have been lost but my nasolabial folds around my mouth have reduced significantly. I am impressed with such effect despite only undergoing 1 session!

Depending on the desired result and severity of the conditions of each individual, it is recommendable to complete 2 to 4 sessions in order to achieve the optimum result that can last for more than 25 months!

As with other fillers, the substance is dissolvable and will be broken down via your own body’s metabolism. This is normal so don’t worry.

I will be going for my second session in December and hopefully I will look better and younger by Christmas (taking into account the recovery for bruises).

Yay to younger looking skin! 🙂

To watch the video of this procedure, go to

Celevenus Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic

391B Orchard Road #16-03/04 Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Telephone: +65 6410 9621
Fax: +65 6410 9623

Information: Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday – 1030am to 7pm
Sat – 1030am to 3pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

*Please call for appointment

A friend in need is a friend indeed…or not?

Let’s put aside all those beauty talks and food reviews for the moment and ponder over more serious topics such as friendships.

Do you have friends?


Do you have trustworthy friends? By ‘trustworthy’ I mean friends whom you can count on when you require help. Say for example, when you require them to lend you notes when you missed a lesson, or if they discovered promotions on products/services which you know they would know you would be interested in and shared it first thing with you? Or more feasibly put, are they willing to lend you cash when you urgently need it?

Putting aside all exaggerations and extremity aside, including bad habits, for example, let’s say A is earning averagely but spends money like water and has a best friend B whom he/she always borrow money from. Is this acceptable? Once or twice may seem okay, but if A is not able to manage his/her finance properly, thus causing inconvenience to B, who has other commitments as well, or worse still has a worse financial situation than A, is it fair to call B an asshole if he/she subsequently refuses to lend A money? Is B not looked upon as a true friend now?

How about getting help from someone else who are not your immediate friends, say for example, your friend’s girlfriend. You guys may not be close and only meet up when there’s a group gathering including your bf’s presence, are you willing to help them?

Sometimes it feels as though ‘friendships’ are forged due to selfish reasons. You befriend someone because you know he/she is or will be deemed useful for your own sake.

It’s a very common problem to see friends ranting over people who only finds them for a reason, a selfish reason to be precise.

Reduced to simplicity, don’t you think that friendships are actually created out of the fear of loneliness? You need a friend to fill your emptiness, because you’re afraid of being alone, to shop alone, to dine alone or you just need to interact. No doubt human beings are naturally social creatures.

“No man is an island.” – John Donne

Of course, you will need to interact. Even though how much you loathe socializing, you will still need to socialize.

But I’m actually directing towards ‘obligations’ as a friend.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

2 questions then automatically appear at the back of my mind :-

1. Is there any motive for the helpful friend to help you? Does he/she want something back in return? Is it ultimately a valid reason (or excuse) used by him/her to seek assistance from you in the near future?

2. Being your friend, your acquaintance, your ‘ok’ friend, friends you chill with, have fun etc, are you under any obligations to help? ‘Obligations’ itself is such a strong word to use.

So let me rephrase that.

Are you obliged to help?

There is a stark difference between being under an obligations and being obliged to help. The latter allows discretion while the former does not.

Many at times, I find that the lines are blurred between the two and many at times, I feel exploited.

Of course, this is my blog and I can rant whatever I want (although this stand may be easily shot down by legal considerations).

People come to me for help, as if I am their slave and that I am under serious obligations to help them solve their problems.

If I can help, I will, but I have a choice whether to or not.

But I am so sick of people exploiting me, asking me to help them as if it is compulsory. Or implicitly put, if I don’t agree too, I’ll be put in a bad light.

Yes, a true friend would help but are you treating me like your true friend in return? Would you help me if I seek help from you? Or will you shun away?

Would you help your friend if you know that they are only looking for you for their own gain and for the other 364 days, you do not see/hear from them? Or they are not as ‘friendly’ towards you compared to days when they need your help?

Lastly, as the seeker, after being provided help by the other person, do you :-

1. Thank them and mention about owing them one and mean it.

What is this ‘one’ anyway? A meal treat? Money? Return them a favour when they require?

2. Thank them and mention about owing them one and DON’T mean it? i.e. saying it for fun/out of courtesy

Sure, if you are truly helping a friend, whether they return you a favour does not matter.

But would you easily forget that ‘they owe you one’? Especially when they efface from your life, unless they have other problems to throw at your face for you to solve again.

I get that many at times, so should I treat your words as bullshit or should I take it very seriously (then I’ll be put in a bad light again for being greedy to get a favour in return). But who in the right mind, unless you’re an extremely thick-skinned person, to go claim your ‘prize’.

My point is, when you seek help from me, remember these points :-

1. I have a choice whether I want to help or not (can’t understand? then place yourself in my shoes? must you help me if I seek help from you?)

2. Mean what you say. ‘Owe you one’, I’d rather you not say this if it is purely out of courtesy.

*This blog post is not directly to anyone in particular, but from my personal experiences dealing with such situations and people.

Running Tips

Nike We Run SG 2013


Runner’s tee


Finisher’s tee

I have been running recently but not that regularly like 3-4 times a week, most of the times, it’s just 1-2 times a week.

But boy, was I surprised to discover that I could actually break my own personal record at the Nike Run. On certain days where my stamina decides to be awesome and my body is filled with loads of energy, I can run 6km non-stop. So that was the benchmark I set for myself whenever I run. Stopping after 6km is somehow less guilty.

But during the recent Nike run, I managed to complete the 10km run without stopping at all! Sure, there were times when I felt that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself but for most of the physical workouts, be it running, swimming, weight-lifting etc, it’s over and above your physical limitations. Mental endurance and strength plays a major role as well.

If I were to just stop and accommodate to my physical limitations, I might not complete 10km without stopping.

I’ve met many runners who vomited, experienced cramps and there was even a girl who collapsed and then later passed away at the hospital. My condolences.

We have heard how many active participants passing out/away while participating in such events and we often question ourselves why. Shouldn’t these people be fitter, be healthier than the rest of us?

More often than not, it’s the cardiac arrests or issues related to the heart that caused the problems and tragic.

I have been advised by my family and bf to go for a health check-up, which I am really procrastinating… But I know I should. I’m just too chicken to find out the truth.

Anyway, that aside.

I’m not a hard-core runner/exerciser,yet… although I’m certainly more active now than before and I’ve been trying to keep to a more healthy diet recently too. (:

Nevertheless, here are some tips which I would like to share, especially if you are just starting out like me.

Things to do before running :

1. Grab a bite, preferably a piece of banana. 

Banana is packed with loads of carbs amongst other vitamins and minerals, which you can unload during your run as these carbs would provide fuel and energy for your body.

I have tried running 10km previously (Yellow Ribbon Run) without eating at all, and ended up a dead chicken. I started walking after 6km and usually, my appetite after exercising is lacking. So I had very minimal food after the run and ended up having to stop the bus and vomit along the road side. That was extremely embarrassing but thankfully, my bf was with me the whole time.

I’d also tried to run on an empty stomach (which I mean that the previous meal was already digested long ago) during my own evening runs and ended up almost dying as well.

So recently, I’ve heeded advices online to eat about 1.5h/2h before running. And yes, it certainly did help. The reason why I didn’t eat anything before running previously was due to the fear of having painful stitches/cramps, but then I’d realised that gobbling something small like a banana would fill your stomach and provide you with the energy required. Also, it is not too heavy that it would cause you indigestion and cramps.

Personally, it’s also more of a reverse psycho thing because now that you’ve consumed one of the highest-carb-loaded fruits, it gives you no excuse to push yourself further and run the extra mile… You know what I mean? 🙂

I didn’t have bananas with me before my Nike run so I just grabbed whatever I could find, forcing them down my throat. I just needed to fill my tummy with something, and preferably healthy as well. And I chose muesli (high in fibre) but bad choice, because reaching about 8km or so, my tummy started to hurt… you know the kinda thing you have when you need to shit?

Haha, so yes bad choice. I’ll never eat muesli before working out again….

Even if your run event starts at an unearthly hour, you should always make it a point to wake up earlier to fill your stomach with something approx 1.5h-2h before the event starts.

Trust me, don’t gobble down just before your run or skip the food intake… otherwise you will definitely regret it.

2. Have sufficient rest the night before

This statement discredits me because I don’t get sufficient rest before my runs, sad to say.

It’s quite self-explanatory so I’ll leave as that.

3. Empty your bladder/bowels etc

Another self-explanatory statement.

4. Hydrate yourself, but not excessively

It’s always good to hydrate yourself either with plain water or isotonic drinks.

For myself, I’d always preferred plain water over isotonic drinks. Even at hydration points during the run, I would opt for plain water over isotonic drinks. It makes my stomach a little queasy so I tend to avoid it.

But it’s great to drink it after a run.

Don’t drink too much before the run and during the run, if not it might cause stitch as well and well, you will need to empty your bladder again.

I usually try not to stop to hydrate myself at the hydration point, but maybe only the 3rd pitstop. Because it causes me to stop and I don’t do that if permits because it would adversely affect my stamina (I was told of this back in sec sch but am not sure how true is this). Of course, you should stop if you’re feeling pain/discomfort etc.

5. Don’t eat something that is too heavy or spicy for your stomach to take the night before

You wouldn’t want your running event to turn into having the runs. 😉

General tips :

1. Train regularly. No one can participate a running event/marathon without training themselves well first. 

Training about 3 times is good enough. At least better than my training schedule.

2. Warm up and cool down exercises

Sure, there will bound to be aches and all, lucky you if you don’t. But never skip the warming up and cooling down exercises They would do your muscles a great deal of help. It prepares your muscles before the run and helps to relieve aches thereafter.

You should feel the stretch and tension on your muscles, especially at the thighs and calves if you are preparing for a run. I mean where else should you feel them at right? Ankle rotations and stretching at the hips/waist are ideal too.

I don’t do much vigorous warm up exercises such as shuttle run or jumping jacks to preserve my maximum energy for the run later. I don’t want to tire myself out so quickly….heh.

3. Track your running logs

May or may not be accurate but at least you know how you fared. I use run keeper app to help track my pace, calories, distance covered…

It’s free too.

By having running logs, you can assess your own performance.

Although I have qualms on its accuracy because it doesn’t take into account different relief/terrains, e.g. uphill and downhill… so calories burnt and pace may not be accurate and fair.

Nevertheless despite the above, I’m still quite a beginner to start off with so I’m trying to discover more useful tips for myself which I can share with you guys as well.

I hope they would be useful to you 🙂

Oh and yes, as per the title, I managed to complete my 10km Nike Run at 1h24mins, a total improvement of 10mins from the Yellow Ribbon Run at 1h34mins.

10mins is alot and every min and ever sec do count as well, actually. 😛

Have run running!

In the mean time, I guess I will go find out more about High Intensive Interval Training (burns fats faster and improves stamina) as well as knee supports…I’m suspecting that I might have runner’s/jogger’s knee 😦

Remember, it involves BOTH physical and mental endurance. Without either one, you will not achieve your target.

Till then, thanks for reading! 🙂