Am I getting married?

That’s the question more and more people are asking me nowadays, I guess that comes with age.

I’ve friends who have made plans, got engaged, gotten their bto/houses, married, given birth, given birth like their 2nd/3rd time…

Correction, most of these friends are my bf’s friends whereas for my own group of close friends, they are either single or attached.

And just that, nothing further.

Why do I keep getting that question again and again?

Sometimes, it does annoy me, to be honest.

The bf and I have been together for 5 years + and whether we made plans or not, it’s really kept between us.

Some of our friends know our plans whereas some don’t. Dont read too much into things. For all you might know, I might say no plans yet but actually have made some, or I may have said, yeah we have already gotten a flat but am lying…HAHAHA!

*I hope this confuses you* 😛

I don’t see a point to publicise to everyone until we are both ready.

I mean you can keep guessing, whether we applied for a BTO, whether we got shortlisted, whether I was secretly and quietly proposed to, whether we secretly got married… Maybe I’m preggy at my 1st trimester? Maybe this, maybe that…

Maybe I’ve proposed to him?! HAHAHA

It’s anyone’s guess.

And whether we are ready to settle down, whether we think we are The One, whether blah blah blah is up to us.

Sometimes divulging info to others would lead to more unnecessary questions, lead to annoying comparisons and attract even more nosey parkers.

And I hate that.

Exchanging useful info is okay but if you’re gonna compare at stage your relationship is at, the price of your BTO, the price of the engagement of interior designers, the this the that… then please get lost.

So bottom-line is, no hard feelings to those who have asked though, but questions that surface so frequently recently do get me thinking :-

1. Does the length of the relationship determine marriage?

2. Am I of the ‘marriage-age’ already?! i.e. OLD.

3. Questioners, are they really concerned or just plain nosey? More often than not, it’s the latter la.

For now, it’s best that my bf concentrates on his education first. I guess that’s more important more than anything else, in the Singapore context and based on my upbringing.

OH YES! Before I forget, I was really pissed at the person who said straight to my face, “You’re waiting for him (to propose) right?”

SHIT YOU. (I usually curse in a more crude way though).

Don’t make me sound as if I’m so despo to marry off right away! Before you forget, I’m still studying for my Masters too (graduating next year tentatively, YAY!) and I’ve not even settled my own career path proper.

And why the hell would you think my current bf would be the one I want to marry and live together for the rest of my life? Maybe I don’t think he’s The One? You know, being together in a relationship and marry someone (chuck the divorce issue aside pls – given a choice, nobody would want that) is totally 2 different and separate issues!

On a brighter note, I’ve received red bombs (i.e. wedding invitations) here and there and will be receiving even more soon, especially next year…and I’m really happy for them…well, most 😉

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