Updates on My Braces Journey for My Underbite

This has got to be one of my most popular topics on my blog because I keep receiving loads of queries on this! I never knew underbite problems was so prominent in Singapore….I’d thought it only affects a handful of the population.

So here’s my reply : No, I did not undergo any form of surgery for my jaw/chin for my underbite problem. ย I managed to ‘jump’ the bite, switching from an underbite (where the bottom row of teeth overlaps the top row when you bite) to a normal bite (where the top row now overlaps the bottom row).

I must admit that I am indeed very lucky to succeed in ‘jumping’ the bite because my case should most probably be a skeletal problem and at my age, the success rate is not 100%, as the bones are already stiff and hardened.

If you’d googled, most of the underbite cases should ideally start from young as it is easier to change the skeletal/jaw structure, but then again which parent would go easy in getting your child to undergo a jaw surgery? Braces nevertheless is still fine though.

Dr Lim from Q&M did pre-empt me that there won’t be a 100% success rate in ‘jumping’ the bite and it really depends on individual…So you can say that I took a risk there. I was thinking, even if I did not manage to ‘jump’ the bite, I would still have straighter teeth, right? LOL, trying to be positive here…

From the pictures, you can see that I managed to ‘jump’ the bite within about 7 months, where the 2 front teeth has managed to overlap the bottom row. The overlapping was subsequently improved over the months there after.

grey Braces (for underbite) Journey Updates

This was in July 2013.


I have been wearing my braces on for 11 months now, how time flies indeed!

The braces journey has not been a smooth-sailing one, I mean c’mon, who would have such a happy journey wearing metal wires and brackets, straining, pulling, tugging everything all in one in their mouths?

Not forgetting the annoying ulcers, the cuts and the worst experience ever where the frenulumย of my tongue actually got caught onto the metal bracket and got me panicking, crying and rushing to the nearest A&E hospital to have it removed?

Not forgetting the $$$ I had to pay….ARGH!

It is not an easy journey especially when you have to wear those annoying rubber-bands which might snap if you over-stretch it when opening your mouth to eat, yawn or talk etc.

I must also admit that I have not been conscientiously wearing the rubber bands…I was advised that I could now wear them only at night, but yesterday during my monthly visit at the dental clinic, Dr Lim told me that ideally it should be daily, day and night. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I guess he could tell that I have not been wearing the rubber bands because he asked me that question full of suspicion. Well, I guess it’s hard to hide it from a professional ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dr Lim is okay, he is friendly but sometimes I feel he’s kinda rough with his actions. I have had some stuffs dropped into my mouth before, onto my tongue (thank god not into my throat and choking me) and getting a small cut at the side of my mouth too. I have sensitive lips so I get a little icky and uptight whenever I’ve stuffs touching or near my lips/mouth.

Anyway, sorry for missing Oct’s updates.. Here are the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

October :


Yes, there is a missing pink rubber band on 1 of the metal bracket because there is a wire around the main metal wire if you see closely. That was to rotate the tooth.

November :




A comparison from Jan to Nov (now) :

Click on the picture for a bigger image! ๐Ÿ™‚

braces jan to nov

I’ve decided to be a good girl and wear those annoying rubberbands from now onwards… My jaw is still a little protruding as you can see from the pictures. But might also be amplified by my sunken cheeks…so…

I’ve been asking Dr Lim when can I get my braces removed because I really hate it and want to be able to smile confidently and beautifully. I’ve never had a beautiful smile with teeth showing in my entire life, so I really cannot wait! But because I did not reduce my jaw, I still look weird smiling with a little protruding jaw but I’ve seen pretty girls who have those ‘V-shaped’ face with a tad protruding jaw, with straight perfect teeth smiling, and still look gorgeous. Praying hard I will be able to achieve that in time to come too! ๐Ÿ™‚

For now, Dr Lim is still trying to rotate of of my teeth to the right position and I guess once we are done with that, and tackling all other problems, cleaning and filling my cavities (I have a handful ๐Ÿ˜ฆ till date I actually lost count how many I’ve done thus far)… I will be braces-free!

By the way, the fillings aren’t cheap. It costs $70 per tooth so you can imagine how much to pay, on top of the monthly instalment.

My total braces is $4.2k EXCLUDING GST and monthly, I’ve to pay approx $180-$190 for the instalments including GST. I’ve paid $2k first and decide to pay the remaining in instalments because it’s very heart-wrenching to see all $4k+ gone just like that!

And yes, I’m paying it myself.

Feel so broke everytime I leave the dental clinic. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Do note that a jaw surgery or chin augmentation or whatever they call it would prove a 100% success rate in achieving a reduced jaw and solving the underbite problem.

But then again, such surgery is like with any other full-blown surgery that involves risks and potential complications that may arise. You will be required to be hospitalised for weeks (?), swell up alot till almost beyond recognition…well at least that’s what the google images show. And it would be perform by a qualified surgeon, not your dentist.

I’ve seen my friend’s friend who had undergone a jaw surgery but it doesn’t to cure her protruding jaw problem? I’m not sure because she was still on braces and perhaps hasn’t ‘jump’ the bite yet?

I was advised by dentists that the surgery would cost me about $20k??? Can’t remember if the costs of the braces were included as well, but that friend’s friend mentioned that the surgery only costs about $5k?

So I’m not too sure either.

By the way, if you decide to go for the surgery, take note you will still need to put on the braces thereafter. It won’t automatically solve your underbite problem completely.

However, as I am not a dentist, it is best to seek advice from your own dentist.

Do keep those queries coming in, I’ll be glad to help if I can ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Updates on My Braces Journey for My Underbite

    • Thanks Clarence, I used to have ulcers but I guess somehow my mouth gotten used to the presence of the braces, so no more ulcers anymore… but am keeping my fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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