Physical features/areas I would like to improve on

Before you judge, I am not advocating that plastic surgery is right or wrong. There is no right or wrong per se and each to his/her own choice and decision.

If you’d asked me, I am still quite easy going on getting aesthetics treatment done (I had mine done on my face – Read here!) but am still trying to digest the reality of a full-blown plastic surgery.

I strongly believe that everyone has their own choice but the issue is what is meant by ‘having to cross the line’? And who sets this imaginary line?

An obsession with trying to improve one’s physical appearance is more than often due to a lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, over-conscious of self-appearance and what some of us call it a psychological problem.

The growth of plastic surgery reaching out to the current society is overwhelming (thanks to main contributing factors such as KPOP craze) and it’s actually quite scary how Korea is reacting (overreacting) to the issue of plastic surgery.

One of the recent news that captured the over-obsession with plastic surgery in Korea was documented here where rewards from parents have shifted from sweets, holiday treats, cash to now – plastic surgery.

And before you criticise girls for being vain or plain crazy, guys are also now hit by the plastic surgery craze. Maybe this is more prominent in Korea as compared to our local counterparts, but I won’t be surprise if Singapore is slowly taken over by storm as well.

Whether you are getting fillers done that are non-invasive or if you’re brave enough to take the risks and beautify yourself with a full-blown make over, both would still fall under the overarching umbrella of ‘plastic surgery’.

So okay, debate on plastic surgery issues aside.

What are my physical features that I dislike or would like to improve on?

Psst, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and is extremely subjective, so perhaps girls withe double eyelids are deemed to be prettier but there could be some who think that those with single/monolids are gorgeous.

Whatever it is, this is gonna be based on my own personal preference (duh!) so think twice before you disagree 🙂

1. Single eyelids

That’s a very recent pic of me taken after bf and I finished out Standard Chartered Marathon 2013!
Totally bare face with NO make up at all!
Look at how beady my eyes are 😦
Also, pls pardon the weary look. I had only 3 hours of sleep before running 10km….

I have single eyelids due to genetics and would love to get my double eyelids surgery done, perhaps some time next year. I am more inclined towards opting for a non-incisional method – suture method but as we know, you can’t have the best of both worlds, this method has its cons too as compared to the incisional method – cutting.

Suture method

Pros : Claimed to be reversible, lesser downtime, faster recovery time and less swelling. Cheaper than cutting method.

Cons : Have read news that this method is not 100% permanent and that eyelids flip back to single eyelids within 2 to 5 years? Not as lasting as the cutting method.

Cutting method

Pros : More lasting than suture method, in fact, it’s permanent.

Cons : More expensive, longer downtime, much more swelling.

Whichever method it is, double eyelid surgery compared to other physical areas are seen to be extremely common now. There is lesser ‘shame’ in admitting that one has undergone the knife to achieve double eyelids.

Double eyelid stickers, fibre stickers or glue. You name it, I’ve tried it. Although not consistent I must admit and I don’t have the patience to wait for results to be achieved.

I’ve a few friends and have heard many girls who achieved double eyelids by religiously sticking the double eyelids tapes.

One thing about these tapes is that they are extremely obvious, no matter how you try to ‘conceal’ them. Worse thing is, they hardly stick well and it gets embarrassing when people notices.

Fibre sticks and glues are another worse lot to consider. They create a very fake crease on your eyelids and your eyelids get ‘stuck’ together which is very obvious too. Glue creates a white sticky residue as well.

So all these methods are no-no.

My single eyelids make me look more sleepy, less alert and somehow less feminine.

Again, these are based on my own preference and mentality.

2. Nose

As with many other fellow Asians, a slim nose with high-bridged is very rare.

I have a stubby nose and the bridge is not high enough. But I’m thankful it’s alot better than those with extremely flat noses with almost non-existent bridges =x

grey Look younger with Sculptra treatment!

3. Sunken cheeks

This is the area where I have done something to improve by undergoing a Sculptra treatment with Celevenus Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic where I was put into safe hands of Dr Dylan Chau 🙂

I have gone for my 2nd treatment this afternoon and am looking forward to a ‘fuller’ face with a reduction in my laugh lines. Can’t wait! 🙂

Will be blogging about my 2nd session soon so do keep a lookout! 😀

4. Birthmarks

Little known to many, I have 3 birthmarks on my body. 1 which is very light on my right outer thigh, 1 on my left elbow and 1 huge one on my left inner thigh.

The last one obviously, bothers me the most.

I am extremely self-conscious whenever I wear a short dress, mini skirt or shorts.

Birthmarks, whether they are a symbol of good luck or not, are still unsightly. I mean who would yearn for one?!

Am also trying to target this problem but I know that laser is gonna be painful and would require many sessions to remove, though not completely. And might even left scars.

I’d recently bought a highly-raved cream, claimed to be effective for pigmentation problems, including birthmarks known as Meladerm®. It’s expensive, especially with the shipping but I’m just hoping it can help lighten my birthmark significantly. Keeping my fingers crossed.

5. Skin tone

Apart from having uneven skin tone on my face, a fairer complexion on my overall body and face would be ideal.

Have been taking hakubi whitening drink and pills and Fancl drink and pills as well, but seems like it’s true that there’s a limit to how fair one can be.

Have contemplated whitening jabs as well and understand the risks associated, especially with clinics that are not credible.

Still under pending though 🙂

And not forgetting my horrendous dark circles…sigh.

Well, what about you?

Which physical features/areas do you dislike or wish to improve on?

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