Happy Bday to me! Part 1

So I turned a year older abt a week ago and as you age, I guess it’s nothing glamorous anymore. Unless you’re like what, 60-70-80-90ish?

So anyway, the sweet bf planned a romantic Italian dinner for just the two of us 🙂

He knows me best. I prefer celebrating with a small crowd like him alone, with my family or gather a handful of friends.

He did his research and decided to bring me to Enoteca L’Operetta and we dined the alfresco style so that we can savour our delicious Italian cuisine and enjoy the breezy scenery at the same time.

Enoteca L’Operetta is located at Boat Quay area and it is walkable distance from both Raffles Place MRT and Clarke Quay MRT, if you’re not driving.



What we ordered :


Ocean Trout with Wild Rocket



Scallop all the way from Hokkaido






Pork pasta



Signature pizza with ham and egg



Wine for us 🙂


And the scenery :



68776A41-BEBD-4767-BA61-01552C4A240A_zpsbsni6mkp (1)



We headed to 1-Altitude after our dinner for some romantic chillax-ing, hehehe.

I swear it felt like Genting Highlands because it was sooooooo cold, which must have been the prime culprit that caused my terrible flu the next day!

As with many areas in Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Raffles Place vicinity, there were many foreigners chilling at 1-Altitude as well.

The view at 1-Altitude was even more breathtaking as you could almost capture the whole of Singapore in front of your very eyes!

Priceless view (pun unintended) since entrance fee was $30 per pax after 9pm.


E75C8525-AFA9-43D1-A6D8-3A65D60B01DF_zpsz5e11tmr (1)

D208715A-CB15-4B03-BB2C-8EF6C459C046_zpsusdxs9vg (1) 76A6DD5E-10AE-435D-98B5-937F829A2EF5_zpstzgm1zvl


FA00A2D9-B848-49BA-8C55-3D230575B5D5_zps1lqzj5b0 (1)

D208715A-CB15-4B03-BB2C-8EF6C459C046_zpsusdxs9vg (1)




The next day saw me celebrating my bday with my family at Yu Cuisine Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands 🙂

What we ordered :








And my iPad mini with retina that bf got me! 😀


Looking forward to post-celebration with the girls tonight!!!

Happy TGIF! ❤

Stay tuned for Part 2! 😀

Psst, sorry for low reso pics, didnt have the time to transfer the pics in my SLR to my comp…on a side note, maybe I should consider getting Toshiba Flashair?

My birthmark woes

Further to my previous blog post on my beauty review on Meladerm®, I was mentioning about how I have been living with my birthmarks for the past 26 years of my life. I have been affected by their presence and the impact naturally increased as I became more and more self-conscious of my appearance. I used to avoid wearing shorts because of the large birthmark patch on my inner left thigh. Although it is located on my inner thigh, it can still be seen when wearing shorts/mini skirts/dresses and for that, I often lament at how ugly it is.

What are birthmarks?

birthmark collage

There are more gruesome-looking ones on the internet and you may google them if you like. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, pictures are not suitable for the faint-hearted.

As the name suggests, they are blemishes that appear at birth or appears shortly after birth, usually in the first month and can occur anywhere on the skin. I am thankful that it did not appear on my face.

There are two types of birthmarks – vascular (also called red birthmarks) are caused by increased blood vessels and includemacular stains (salmon patches), hemangiomas, and Port-wine stains) and pigmented (moles, café-au-lait spots, and Mongolian spots).

My birthmarks are under the category of café-au-lait spots, which delivers good and bad news. I will fill you in later on this.

Café au lait spot – usually oval in shape, with a light brown or milky coffee color (hence the name). They are either present at birth or occur soon afterwards. As the individual gets older they do not fade. Some people may have one or two, but more are possible.

People with more than four may have naurofibromatosis (a genetically-inherited disorder in which the nerve tissue grows neurofibromas (tumors) that may be harmless or may cause serious damage by pressing on the nerves and other tissues).

I am also very lucky to have harmless birthmarks but for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, I have decided to undergo laser treatments to reduce/remove them.

There are other options to reduce/remove birthmarks and these include, oral medication, birthmark removal cream (haven’t found one that work so far), laser treatments and surgery.

The cause of birthmarks is unknown though.

This is how my birth marks look like.

On my left inner thigh:

photo 1 (27) photo 3 (23)

It is more obvious when I’m walking or sitting down cross-legged.

On my left arm, near the elbow area :

photo 2 (27) photo 4 (24)

And a small faint one on my right thigh as well but my main concern is the huge patch on my thigh.

So as you can see, birthmarks may or may not be harmful to health, and as for my case, I am very grateful and lucky that my birthmarks are harmless and are located in areas that are less obvious/problematic as compared to those on the face. Also, my birthmarks are flat which makes it relatively easier to remove.

I have started my laser treatment with Astique Clinic which uses the latest technology for laser treatments for birthmarks known as Medlite C6 Laser  from HOYA ConBio®, the latest in Q-switched laser technology which is approved by the Food & Drug Adminstration (FDA). It can also be used to treat other pigmentation problems.

So if you are seeking for a solution for your pigmentation/birthmark problems, do keep a lookout on my next blog post for the laser treatment with Astique Clinic! 🙂

Pet Lovers Centre – The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

Sponsored Advertorial

Pet Lovers Centre is not an unfamiliar name when it comes to pet supplies and services. They have been around since 1973  and to date, it is the largest pet chain store within Singapore and Malaysia.

A pioneer in the pet food and accessory retail industry in Singapore, PLC is a household name today, known for its ability to offer its customers the widest and freshest range, coupled with prompt and warm service.
PLC prides itself in being able to offer the widest range of pet products and accessories, and the freshest pet perishables, so that their customers can derive total confidence and peace of mind. Their service philosophy has been encapsulated in their tag line,“All passion, all pets”.

Psst, did you know “The Pet Safari” is own by PLC too?

So of course I was very honoured when PLC offered me a sponsorship of pet supplies from their store! 🙂

The Person-in-Charge, Joyce, was very patient all these while during our email liaison while I inform her of my dog, Jingles’ needs.

For those who don’t know, I have a pet dog named Jingles, amongst other pets at home and she just turned 10 last September. She’s 11 this year and I am very thankful that she is still healthy overall. 🙂

However, sometime back last year or at the end of 2012, she had some problems with her eyes, which is very common for her type of breed. She is a Shih Tzu by the way but I have people telling me that she could actually be a mixed-breed, although I was told that she’s a Shih Tzu from the start. Well I guess unconditional love means that it doesn’t really matter what breed she is exactly, right?

This is Jingles, so precious 🙂

photo 5 (18)

She’s not like other Shih Tzu with long flowy fur because it’s difficult to maintain, so I always opt for short-hair length.
And yes, you can see that her right eye has a white patch. She’s not blind but it’s just a cornea scar that will never go away. Doc tested and said that she still can see.
Her tongue is crooked due to a nerve problem since birth. 😦
But nevertheless, she’s still as precious 🙂


photo 1 (26)

Her cutest haircut 🙂
Sorry for the blur pic, it’s difficult to get her to stay without fidgeting as I was tempting her with her snacks so as to get a shot of her.


photo 5 (19)

She sleeps with me on occasions when she feels like it or after her hair-cut and she feels cold. Snuggling with her are moments that I will treasure with every bit of my heart. Sometimes, she ousts me out from my pillow and I have to adjust her to a position where I would not have to sleep in an awkward position. But on certain days, I would just make do with it even if this means to wake up with an aching back which continues for the rest of the day.
Nevertheless, I still love her 🙂

photo 2 (25)

Before her hair-cut, when her furs all messed up, looking kinda untidy. Lying on her own bed, all comfy and ready to dive into lala land!

photo 3 (1)

And at times like this, just by looking at her sleeping position, I can already feel the ache on my neck…

photo 2 (26)

And not forgetting her uncensored moments…

Just like any other dog, Jingles loves getting her belly rubbed too. 🙂

I will ALWAYS make it a point to pat her and bid her goodbye each time before I leave my house, even if it’s for awhile. There was once I had forgotten to do so and I was told by my mum that she went around the house looking for me, in disappointment. :’)

She loves my bf too and everytime he comes over, she forgets about me 😥 and the same thing happened too when he left without saying goodbye to her.

I am very grateful for that fact that Jingles is nothing near a whiny and attention-seeking dog. She’s quite independent and would stray off and wander around the house to keep herself occupied. It’s a good thing that I have a garden, corridor (where she pees and poos) and a backyard for her to roam around.

However, Jingles is not getting any younger and recently, she was having some problems with her right paw. Naturally, I was very upset and worried to see her limping away. She’s very active for her age, jumping up and down and running around at fast speed. Limping did happen a few rare times before. However, she recovered soon, if not by the next day, so I thought nothing much of it.

Unfortunately, she did not recover the next day this time round and being a worry-wart, I brought her to the vet nearby the very next day.

Thankfully, she was not diagnosed with any serious illness. The vet stated that this could most probably be due to rheumatism (due to old age) or may have accidentally sprained it while jumping/running about. She took 2 injections and did not even cringe, just like any other time during her vaccinations. So damn proud of her! 🙂

The vet prescribed some medication and joint supplements for her, and I was advised to continue feeding her with supplements as well as to get food that helps with joint support.

So PLC’s sponsorship came in the right time, when I was considering what supplements and dry food (for joint support) to get for Jingles.

And these were what PLC delivered to me :

photo 1 (20)

(Left to Right)
Pronature dry food (Salmon & Brown Rice flavour), Fish 4 Dogs Sos Salmon Oil, Rogz – Grinz Ball and Trustie Water-proof Carrier.

After discussing with Joyce about the concerns I have for Jingles regarding her joint problem, PLC has very generously sponsored the Pronature dry food (Salmon & Brown Rice flavour) and Fish 4 Dogs Sos Salmon Oil which mainly targets and help alleviate this problem.

Pronature dry food (Salmon & Brown Rice flavour)

photo 1 (21)

photo 3 (19)

I opted for Salmon flavour because Jingles seem to have a change of appetite recently over lamb and rice. She really loves this and couldn’t even sit still and wait for me to feed her! What a greedy girl! 😛

-Fresh salmon is the main ingredient in this nutritionally balanced and highly palatable formula.

    • With brown rice: A whole grain containing key natural nutrients, including vitamin B complex, and an excellent source of fiber, which facilitates intestinal transit. Brown rice is also a complex carbohydrate which is fairly easy to digest.
  • With avocado: Helps prevent cardiovascular disease and other aging-related diseases, promotes weight control, liver function and eyesight, reduces constipation and has anti-aging properties which improve dry skin, in all probability due to its high rate of vitamin E.
  • With organic fenugreek: Reduces blood sugar levels (which may be helpful for diabetes), cholesterol and triglycerides, promotes secretion of milk for lactation and has antiparasitic, antifungal and antifatigue benefits.
  • An optimal blend of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • A superior blend of green tea extracts, hypersoluble vitamin C, cellulose and spearmint as well as a crunchy texture help promote fresh breath and good oral hygiene.
  • Preserved naturally with rosemary and tocopherol (a source of vitamin E).

Fish 4 Dogs Sos Salmon Oil

photo 3 (18)

photo 5 (17)

This product as you can see, carries many functions. So even when keep joints lubricated and supple, it also helps to keep fur coat shiny!

Our deliciously fishy SOS salmon oil is made from cold pressed Norwegian Salmon oil providing high levels of EPA and providing high levels of EPA and DHA- for those dogs needing that little bit extra care and attention.

Salmon Oil contains high levels of natural Omega 3 Oil, which is known to hydrate dry, itchy skin, aid joint mobility, soothe cracked paws and maintain a lustrous, glossy coat.

Salmon Oil can be to be used in addition to usual food, drizzled over the top or mixed in. It can also help aid the palatability of existing food.

This can be used for both dogs and cats and is made of 100% salmon oil! 🙂

Rogz – Grinz Ball

photo 2 (21)


photo 5 (14)

Sorry for the blur pic, this girl really can’t keep still!

I chose this play toy because Jingles loves ball toys! And it’s so funny when they bite on it and look at you, it’s as if they are grinning ear to ear! Really hilarious!


Introducing the funniest, playful ball under the sun! Bounce and fetch toy. Soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth, but firm enough to bounce.

Float. Made from SEBS which floats nicely on the water for easy fetching

Treat. Push treats into the hole and watch your dog have hours of fun!

– Bounce and Fetch Toy soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth but firm enough to bounce
– Amazing Float Toy which floats nicely on the water for easy fetching
– Treat Ball stuff your dog’s favorite treats into the ball for hours of fun and entertainment
– Bite O Meter of Medium toughness for supervised play
– Fun for the whole family now Fido can smile too

What is also amazing is that you can keep your dog entertained and occupied (or go crazy) by hiding treats inside the ball!

photo 1 (22)

photo 2 (22)


Perfect if you need some ‘me time’ to yourself when you’re busy. 🙂

Trustie Water-proof Carrier

A dog bag carrier always comes in handy when you need to travel with your dog to somewhere, for example, bringing her to the beach for a stroll or to a park to mingle around with other dogs.

Recently, a dog cafe was opened near my place and I have been wanting to bring Jingles along to dine! Am now looking for the suitable day to bring her there so this bag carrier comes just in the nick of time! 🙂

Here’s why I love this bag so much!

photo 4 (17)

You can see that this bag carrier is well-cushioned. Very comfortable for the owner/person carrying it as well as for the doggy! The straps are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a small dog. Jingles weighs around 5kg. While carrying her, I did not feel any discomfort/pain on my shoulders, so this is definitely a plus point! 🙂

photo 3 (21)

Zipper for extra security in case your dog fidgets alot.

photo 2 (24)

A sturdy board base for extra comfort and support for the dog.

photo 4 (20)

Another unique feature of this bag carrier is that it has an opening made of mesh material which allows the dog to lie down in the bag instead of sitting, and yet still peep out to know their whereabouts! Very cute! 😛

Water-proof pet carrier, made from tough and durable materials with water repellent properties. Safe, soft and cuddly with vivid color design.

Tailored with side and top mesh for ventilation with zipper lock.

This is how you will look when carrying the bag with your doggy inside 🙂

photo 5 (16)

Yay, Jingles and me! 🙂

photo 4 (18)

And another one 🙂

photo 4 (19)

Side view. You can’t see that girl inside because she’s peeping through the mesh on the side!

photo 3 (20)

Looking back at Jingles when she looked at me as if seeking for an answer to clear her 1001 doubts –
“What are we doing, Mummy?”
“Where am I, Mummy?”
“Help Mummy! I am 10 feet off the ground!”

Pet Lovers Centre outlets are easily accessible and conveniently located. You may check out their branches here 🙂

Like-minded pet owners can also post answers and share tips on take care of your pets via their online forum!

As the largest pet chain store, it is not surprising that Pet Lovers Centre offer many other pet-related services too such as grooming services, veterinary clinics, pet training, pet transport to name a few instead of only selling pet supplies.

What is most convenient is that you can always shop via their online store and get items delivered to your doorstep (for purchases $80 and above)! Even before this sponsorship, PLC has always been my one-stop shop for all my pet needs. It’s very worth shopping on their online store because you can easily meet the requirement for free delivery! I always buy food in bulk since it’s for long-term usage so no worries on that!

Catering to customers’ needs and for extra security, PLC Customer Service Officers go an extra mile to put a smile on both pet owners and pets’ faces! After ordering, you will receive a call from them to confirm your order as well as your payment details, and any discounts/membership benefits will be handled during this stage, so it’s totally a hassle-free experience! You just need to make a few clicks and tadah, you’re done! 🙂

With such convenience and wide variety of services provided, why not consider joining as their member? On top of that, members get to enjoy discounts and promotions too!

A committed pet owner would want the best for their pets and since it’s gonna be on a long-term basis, signing up as a member is totally worth it! 🙂

Stand a chance to win a pair of smart phones – Samsung Galaxy 4 and iPhone 5s when you shop at PLC!

Hurry before you miss this great deal! 🙂

“Pet Lovers Centre is where pet lovers can shop with total confidence and peace of mind!”


Food Review : Dim Dim The Hong Kong Pantry

Sponsored Review

When I was younger, I wasn’t so much of a Dim Sum fan but as I age, I sense the thrill of having served basket after baskets of dim sum 😛

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to try out the highly raved or overly-crazed Tim Ho Wan. Or some might say, it’s overrated.

Swee Choon and 126 is kinda inconvenient if you do not drive as the nearest mrt requires some walking-distance.

So anyway, I was invited for a food tasting session at Dim Dim The Hong Pantry at Marina Link and I brought the man as my +1 🙂


Marina Link is a little confusing to access but if you are coming down from City Hall mrt, walk through City Link all the way towards Suntec City, just before the escalators leading to Suntec, Marina Link would be on your right. On the left would be Esplanade Exchange. From afar, you can see the ‘Dim Dim’ signage.

Here is a screen shot of the map directory for your easy reference 🙂


We managed to try 7 signature dishes of Dim Dim :

Hong Kong Milk Tea (left) : S$2.60

Yuan Yang (right) : S$$2.80

I tried the Milk Tea and it was neither too sweet or bland. The sugar level is just nice and it wasn’t very milky either.


Cuttlefish and Peanut Congee – S$5.00 :

Congee was served hot, I added a little soya sauce as I prefer it to taste a little saltier.


Steamed Custard Bun – S$4.20 :

These buns were served piping hot, so much so that the custard inside came oozing out once you try to peel them bit by bit to savour. The custard was not too salty and extremelt savoury!


Piping hot custard oozing out….hmmmmm


Baked BBQ Honey Pork Bun Coated with Crispy Butter – S$4.20 :

Buns were baked to slightly golden brown. and the honey pork fillings were very tasty and addictive, which were generously filled.


Tasty pork fillings :


Steam Prawn Dumping “Ha Kau” – S$4.20 :

Ha Kau’s skin is neither too thick or thin. I totally loathe those with super thick skins that are difficult to chew on! Shrimps were fresh, plump and juicy! The perfect skin all depends on the skills of the Chef and I must say that Dim Dim has perfected it! 🙂


Steamed Cheong-fun with Chinese Dough Fritters – S$3.60 :

Now, this was my first experience trying such innovative dish. The usual “Chee Cheong Fun” dish is normally filled with “Char Siew” (Pork), prawns etc and so far, I’ve not come across Chee Cheong Fun stuffed with crispy dough fritters although this dish is one of the traditional Dim Sum delights!

What’s more, despite being a steamed dish, the dough fritters undoubtedly remain crispy!


This “Chee Cheong Fun” is served alongside with Dim Dim’s very own special peanut and seafood sauce for that extra oomph!


Deep-fried Shrimp in Beancurd Skin Roll – S$4.60 :

This must be the crispiest dish of all and you would know it once you sink your teeth into them! Fried to golden brown, it’s not wonder why it’s the perfect dish for deep-fried food lovers!


Mini Egg Tarts – S$3.60 :

Perfect bite-size mini egg tarts that are freshly baked served straight from the oven. They were neither too sweet nor tasteless, just nice 🙂IMG_5326

Here is their menu for those drooling ones right now:

Take a peep into the rest of their menu offerings (click to expand)

Happy happy tummies! :)

Happy happy tummies! 🙂

Dim Dim is located at:

DimDim The Hong Kong Pantry
6 Raffles Boulvard B1-16, Marina Square
Singapore 039594
*Situated in Marina Link, near Esplanade MRT Exit B
Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 11.00am – 9.00pm
Friday – Saturday 11.00am – 9.30pm
Check out and like their Facebook Page!

Are you a Superstitious one? Wanna get Rid of a “Bad Luck” Mole?

Tell us which mole on your face or body that you want to get rid of and why.

The winner will get free mole removal Ablative Laser sessions from one of our esteemed clinics in Aesthetics Hub. No pain, no risk and no complications.

Get all ready for the Lunar New Year!

Ablative laser is very effective for moles which do not go very deep into the skin. This method usually produces the least amount of scar tissue, although several treatments are usually needed to completely eliminate the discoloration. It is used to deliver high energy selectively on pigments within the skin, breaking the pigments down to be absorbed by the body, and thereby removing the mole.


Exclusive for MyFatPocket & Aesthetics Hub Members only.
Ends on 31st January 2014.

Beauty Review : Meladerm®

I have been bothered by my birthmarks for the longest time ever, other than my single eyelids. I never understood the beauty of having a double eyelids until recently, but the birthmarks… they have caused me loads of embarrassment ever since I was young.

I have about 3 birthmarks on my body, apart from my moles (well, they said ‘moley’ girls are pretty girls, isn’t it? HAHA!).

Actually the main concern is the HUGEASS birthmark located on my left inner thigh.

And because of that, I have tried to avoid wearing shorts, but even during Physical Education (PE) lessons during my schooling days, it was tough to hide it.

Till now, I am extremely self-conscious of this gigantic birthmark although some have commented, “don’t fix what is not broken/it’s not life-threatening what/it’s not ugly what/thank god it’s not on your face” etc.


It’s my body and it’s on me.

You don’t have such a huge visible blemish on you and you don’t experience all the embarrassment I had to all these coming 26 years.

If god permits, how about I donate these birthmarks to you? Pfft.

Anyway, if you had read my New Year Resolutions, you would have known that I’ve miraculously managed to secure a sponsorship stint for the laser treatments!

I headed to get my birth marks laser-ed last Friday and I cannot wait to share the results with you guys! This laser treatment, which is the latest technology available, also helps reduce/lighten freckles/pigmentation problems/tattoos! I shall contain my excitement for now and will be blogging about the treatment soon so stay tuned! 😉

Today’s post is gonna be on some cream that claims to cure hyperpigmentation and yes, it has claimed to have lightened birthmarks (!!!).

Before I managed to secure the sponsorship deal, I was fretting over my birthmarks and how to lighten/remove them using a lesser invasive method that offers no pain at all.

I did my research and chanced upon this website called Civant Skincare which is the official website that sells Meladerm® and because there seems to be some fraudulent websites going round claiming to sell authentic Meladerm®, I’d decided to take the plunge to purchase it from Civant.


Also, because the product is from the US, I decided not to take the risk and opted for a secured shipping method which simply translates to more money spent! I opted for USPS Priority International that takes about 1 – 2 weeks to arrive with online tracking. Had to pay an additional amount of $24.99, on top of the $49.99. And mind you, these are all in USD!!! So I had actually paid approx SGD$100+??

Sigh, so much hopes. And like they say, the higher your expectations are, the higher your level of disappointment will be.

And I think it’s true.

Although I must first disclaim that in all fairness to this product, I have not been using it consistently. By that I mean that I have not been applying it twice daily due to forgetfulness (sign of ageing!) or over the weekends where I stay over my bf’s place, I didn’t have it with me (forgot to bring it along – another ageing sign…)

But I have been applying it on several occasions now and I think it’s ready for a review.
Here’s the product.

photo 1 (19) photo 2 (19) photo 4 (16) photo 5 (13)

A small portable bottle with a nozzle.

The texture is not oily or too rich/heavy and I like it that way.The absorbency rate is also quite high, which simply means that you need not wait for a long time before it gets absorbed. This is especially important if you have to apply it on your face before your make-up, so that it does not cake.

There is no weird scent as well but a slight fragrance, nothing too overwhelming.

As for the effects, I am quite disappointed to say that till date, I have not seen any improvements. I had thought I saw some lightened parts but I may be thinking too much. On the whole, my birth marks did not lighten at all, not even for the one which is the lightest/faintest in colour.

But then again, it may not have worked because :

  1. I did not religiously apply it twice a day, daily.
  2. Effects can only be see after long-term usage and by that I mean a few months’ usage as claimed via testimonials on Civant’s website.

But since I have started my laser treatments for my birth marks, I do hope they are removed or significantly reduced which I pin high hopes in because of the raves of this latest laser technology as well as the popularity of the aesthetic clinic I visited. So in the mean time, I guess I can still apply Meladerm on them.

Overall rating :

3 stars

Beauty Review : Vaseline Instant Fair Whitening Lotion

As mentioned on my Facebook page a few weeks back, I recently purchased another whitening lotion – Vaseline Instant Fair Whitening Lotion and today, I’ll be offering my honest reviews on it!

I was currently using Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Protect Body Milk as well as the Night Whitening Body Milk only before deciding to try Vaseline.

This review would solely be based on the Vaseline Instant Fair Whitening Lotion and in my next related post, I’ll review both Vaseline and Nivea, striking a comparison between both!

So looks like this :

Anyway, mine looks slightly different – ‘instant’ instead of ‘insta’ – and I have no idea why?

photo 4 (15) photo 5 (12)

Got mine from Watsons though.

The colour is pink – which I personally think is abit gross? LOL

photo 1 (18)


Blending :

photo 2 (18)


After blending :

photo 3 (16)

Here are the pros and cons :


  1. I’m not too sure if it does help to lighten generally and gradually but I do see a tinge of lighter shade after applying – well, it’s ‘instant fair’ isn’t it? But not as exaggerating as the pic above shows.
  2. Not oily and doesn’t leave any residue thereafter
  3. Fragrant smell – not overwhelming
  4. Absorbs rather fast and well


  1. Gross pink colour? LOL
  2. I realised that after awhile, like when I apply in the morning, my skin tends to get dry in the afternoon or by evening time which is obvious because I can see dry skin attempting to flake. I think it must be caused by this lotion because I don’t have dry, itchy or sensitive skin to begin with and secondly, I have never encountered this problem with Nivea lotions before.

Overall rating :

3 stars

Beauty Review : NEW Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

Making up to prettify yourself is one of girls’ greatest interest and hobby! Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous right? Assuming you don’t overdo it.

But what is even more important besides covering, concealing and enhancing is how your actual real skin feels and looks like.

It is horrendous to know that some girls do not remove their make-up properly or worse still, leave it on overnight because they are lazy or drunk.

No matter how bad I couldn’t hold my liquor for that night, I have always made sure that I get my make-up removed. Never have I slept with my make-up on due to laziness or because I’m drunk. Even with the dizzy spells and nauseating moments, I would still crawl to my beauty corner to remove my make-up thoroughly and cleanse my face with the facial foam, apply toner and then slap on moisturiser before I fly to bed.

The recent incident whereby I got drunk (New Year’s Day, what do you expect!), I managed to remove my make-up and cleansed my face as per normal but shockingly, I had actually forgot to remove my contact lens! Yes, I actually slept with them on for several hours before I got disturbed by my annoying full bladder.

Haha, speaks volume as to how I understand the importance of removing your make-up, no?

I have been using Loreal’s Cleansing Milk to remove my face make-up and Cyber Colours for eye make-up.

It gets quite messy because you are required to pour few drops onto your fingertips and slowly apply them in a circular motion, like how you would cleanse your face with a facial cleanser. After that, you then need to wipe them off thoroughly with a cotton pad. For my eye make-up, I would use a cotton bud filled with a drop of Cyber Colours make-up remover and then wipe off any eyeliner, mascara whatsoever with it.

I have always been skeptical about cleansing sheets due to two reasons.

Firstly, not removing your make-up thoroughly causes clogged pores which cause blemishes.

Secondly, using that to wipe your eyelid areas seem a little too rough on those delicate babies (but who am I kidding? I’ve always been so rough on my skin… =x)

Despite that, after knowing how this new improved version is highly raved by many girls, I decided to get 1 for myself.

The old version looks like this :

And the new version looks like this :

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets Regular

photo 2 (15) photo 3 (15) photo 1 (15)

When I first saw the package, I was quite shocked and disappointed at the same time because I was actually expecting it to be much bigger. But then again, it doesn’t bother me now.

If you saw the video by Miyake, QiuQiu and XiaXue, I’m actually not as bothered about how many times do I have to wipe to get my make-up removed completely. It doesn’t matter to me.

I am more concerned if these sheets would do a clean job (pun intended).

After trying it several times now, here’s my review.


  • Fresh scent
  • Cleaning sheet doesnt dry out easily
  • Helps to remove make-up thoroughly – psst, you can test it by cleaning your whole face twice to see if there are any residue left.
  • Easy to use with less hassle compared to cleansing lotions/oil


  • May have to wipe a few times, especially on the eye areas but I think that’s because of the residue of the eye lash glue. 
  • Need to be extra careful when wiping the eye areas due to delicate skin.

The aftermath after a few wipes :

From this (a typical make-up day – just foundation, eyeliner, falsies, blusher, concealer, white shimmery eyeliner and eyebrow pencil) :

photo (5)

To this :

photo 5 (4)


The make-up removed :

photo 2 (16)


They do sell them in packets too for refills 🙂

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets RefillBiore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets Handy Pack


– Regular Tub (44 sheets) $17.90

– Refill Pack (44 sheets) $15.60
– Handy Pack (10 sheets) $3.90

Overall rating :

4 stars


Recently, I also bought another cleansing sheets but from Nivea because the Guardian I patronised, had their Biore ones sold out!

Will be reviewing about it soon and drawing a comparison to help you beauty junkies gauge which is more value for money! 🙂

Happy 1st Anniversary Braces!

Yesterday marked the 1st Anniversary I have with my braces. I must say that this is one of those relationships which I cannot wait to breakaway from my life. Such a love-hate relationship is often tiring.

Love it because it has indeed helped me to solve my underbite problem and align my teeth straight.

Hate it because it has caused me not only financial pain but physically as well.

If you would recall, I had my fendulum on the underside of my tongue stuck onto the metal bracket of the braces at the back tooth. Can you imagine with pain and I couldn’t even close my mouth or speak properly! Not knowing what to do and I was panicking in tears, I had to rush down to the nearest hospital and FML, this stupid incident costs me a whooping $200+!!!

This is how my latest set of teeth look. Pretty much more or less the same.

The main problem (underbite) has already been solved and now, the dentist is just trying to adjust some stubborn teeth that are slightly misaligned.

photo 2 (11)

And the mandatory comparison for the one year thus far :

braces jan to dec

Click for larger image.

You can see the gaps have been slowly closing after I have ‘jump’ the bite from July onwards. Documenting the braces journey not only helps my keen readers (esp those with underbite problems) but it also helps me to monitor the progress of the shifting and movements of my teeth. Most importantly, it sorta serves as a security that my money is actually well-spent la. HAHAHA.

Although I’ve pretty more or less beautified my teeth, somehow what bothers is that I still cannot smile properly with my teeth shown. As you can tell from the pictures above, I’ve always had the mindset that I have a set of crooked jaw. Either that, I have a crooked mouth. So whenever I try to pose for the camera secretly trying to smile with my teeth shown, I end up with a crooked smile and mouth. 😥

I’ve also tried googling for pictures of people wearing braces on but able to still smile showing their teeth but somehow, I just can’t.

But it may also be because having an extra ‘thing’ around your teeth makes it difficult to smile properly and perfectly even though your teeth are straight. But then again, there are so many others who smile confidently and don’t look awkward like I do 😥

I have a long wide jaw which I guess explains why all my wisdom teeth could grow up properly without being embedded, which hence allowed me to extract them out without surgery. But then because it was not a surgery, just normal extraction, I could not claim under my Medisave. :$500+ fly away! 😥

Either that, I’m not used to looking at pics of myself with my teeth shown while smiling. All my 25 (coming 26 *GASPS*!) years of my life, there will never be a picture that shows me smiling with my teeth shown, UNLESS IT WAS A CANDID SHOT. And many at times, that did happened and it was so FML-moment because I really loathe the way I look.

It’s kinda frustrating whenever I’d try to get my dentist to advise how long more am I required to wear them and he refuses to commit.

I mean the remaining $$$ is not a problem, which I think I’ve left about another $600-700+ if I recalled correctly? But I just want to get it over and done with already! 😦

Other than the braces, the dentist would access the teeth and gums overall and I have had several fillings done due to decays. =x

And it costs $70 per tooth!

FML, documenting this actually reminded me how much $$$ I’ve invested for my teeth.


New Year Resolutions

Another mandatory kinda topic…not sure how effective new year resolutions are, but here’s mine anyway, heh.

1. Get my double eyelid surgery done (Still in the midst of planning but it’s been on my mind day and night recently)

2. Complete my Masters course and try to aim for distinction (tentatively in May and I’ll be done mugging! Results to be released in Aug)

3. Completely remove my birthmarks or at least lighten them significantly (I’ve secured a sponsorship for this so stay tuned for more updates! I can’t wait!!!)

4. Foster and build stronger bonds and greater relationships with people who are impt to me includes solving and sort out problems and eradicate them completely if possible (linked to my previous post)

5. Taking this blog to greater heights

6. To change job – one that excites and challenges me.

7. Register and pass the conversion law course provided it commences this year

8. Attain my driving licence? (This is totally under pending because with the new regulations, owning a car is so exp nowadays. I’m practical like that. Many have advised that it’s good to pick up a new skill – though I agree but if I don’t have a chance to drive, I might most probably forget how to and then when I finally own my own car, I would most probably have to go for refresher course, which I think doesn’t make much sense to me. No doubt I can drive my dad’s but still not on a frequent basis I guess because he requires it for work…And well, the truth is I actually prefer to be chauffeured. Ahem.)

9. Have my braces removed. That being said, today marks the 1st Anni I have with them. What a love-hate relationship. I still cant smile properly with my teeth/braces shown and food still gets stuck all the freaking time! ARGH!

10. Improve my culinary skills! Am already working on it……

What about you? 🙂

What are your new year resolutions?

Gimme your thoughts about how effective they are/not for you!