New Year Resolutions

Another mandatory kinda topic…not sure how effective new year resolutions are, but here’s mine anyway, heh.

1. Get my double eyelid surgery done (Still in the midst of planning but it’s been on my mind day and night recently)

2. Complete my Masters course and try to aim for distinction (tentatively in May and I’ll be done mugging! Results to be released in Aug)

3. Completely remove my birthmarks or at least lighten them significantly (I’ve secured a sponsorship for this so stay tuned for more updates! I can’t wait!!!)

4. Foster and build stronger bonds and greater relationships with people who are impt to me includes solving and sort out problems and eradicate them completely if possible (linked to my previous post)

5. Taking this blog to greater heights

6. To change job – one that excites and challenges me.

7. Register and pass the conversion law course provided it commences this year

8. Attain my driving licence? (This is totally under pending because with the new regulations, owning a car is so exp nowadays. I’m practical like that. Many have advised that it’s good to pick up a new skill – though I agree but if I don’t have a chance to drive, I might most probably forget how to and then when I finally own my own car, I would most probably have to go for refresher course, which I think doesn’t make much sense to me. No doubt I can drive my dad’s but still not on a frequent basis I guess because he requires it for work…And well, the truth is I actually prefer to be chauffeured. Ahem.)

9. Have my braces removed. That being said, today marks the 1st Anni I have with them. What a love-hate relationship. I still cant smile properly with my teeth/braces shown and food still gets stuck all the freaking time! ARGH!

10. Improve my culinary skills! Am already working on it……

What about you? 🙂

What are your new year resolutions?

Gimme your thoughts about how effective they are/not for you!

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