My first birthmark removal treatment session

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In my previous post, I talked about how my birth marks have affected my self-esteem and reduced my self-confidence, so much so that I avoided wearing shorts for some time. Even when I do wear them now, I am still very conscious about its presence.

Getting rid of my unsightly birthmarks has been what I have yearning for, and I am excited about my treatment at Astique Clinic!

I made some enquiries, and found out that for birth mark removals or other pigmentation problems, Astique Clinic offer laser treatment for hyperpigmentation, via the Medlite C6 laser from HOYA ConBio®, the latest in Q-switched laser technology. The Medlite has been studied in many clinical trials and is approved by the FDA for the successful treatment of pigmentation disorders including birthmarks.

Depending on the size and extent of your birthmark pigmentation and the treatment level of your sessions, you may need anywhere from 2 to 6 sessions. The treatment may be repeated every 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the type, extent and severity of the pigmentation. After the procedure, there will be mild redness at the treated area which usually resolves after a few hours. More obvious localised redness lasting a few days may occur with intensive spot treatments for more resistant pigmentation.

Before the treatment began, I had a further consultation with Dr Matthew Yap to further clarify my doubts.

Here are some useful tips and questions which you may wish to consider during the consultation process :

  • What type of birthmark is yours? (Assuming you are removing your birthmarks)
  • Is it 100% safe?
  • What is the downtime for recovery?
  • Can you resume your normal activities after treatment?
  • What food/drinks to avoid?
  • Will it recur?
  • What is the pain factor?
  • How many treatment sessions are required?
  • Is there a need to apply any lotion aftermath?
  • How long will it take to peel/scab?

I did my own research and read up more on my type of birthmark which is Cafe-au-lait spots. These birthmarks are brown and flat, and also I had to confirm with Dr Yap on the recurrence as I have read about it online too. It is difficult to gauge the possibility of recurrence and depending on a case-by-case basis, it is possible that these Cafe-au-lait spots recur.

So I am really crossing my fingers here.

There will be peeling and scabbing occurring and during 2 weeks post-treatment, and some itchiness will be felt which is normal. Scratch the areas around the treated area if you really need to scratch. I was also prescribed antiseptic cream to apply twice a day after the treatment. The area might also be sensitive especially after treatment, so do take extra pre-caution. You may avoid wearing tight fitting clothes, like how I wore shorts for the next few days to prevent any abrasion and it is highly recommendable that you moisturise the area with your usual body moisturiser as the area would dry out when the skin is preparing to scab.

Most importantly, AVOID any direct contact with the sun and slap on your usual sunblock lotion as tanning might cause these areas to darken further.

I am very pleased with the results thus far although I know that the biggest birth mark would still require further treatment sessions to completely reduce/remove it.

I am really looking forward to flawless skin with this laser treatment!

*For pictures, please email me or leave a comment, or simply ‘like’ and follow me on my Facebook page! 🙂

9 thoughts on “My first birthmark removal treatment session

  1. Hi. I had a similar size birthmark on my inner left leg too. Like you, I never wore shorts. I would not participate in anything fun that required shorts or leotards. I’ve had at least 8 removal treatments since 2008. Now I’m left with a white and sort of freckled spot that doesn’t get tan. I’m still self conscious about it. I dab a little self tanner on it to even things out a little. I guess it’s better than a brown birthmark, though. This is the first year I’ve ever worn a bikini at the beach. Good luck with your treatments.

    There is an Indian actress named Lisa Haydon that wears short shorts in a Hindi movie called Queen. She has a great big dark brown birthmark on her leg and she could care less. They never even brought it up in the movie. I was amazed at her courage. She is beautiful.

    • Hi there, thanks for your input. Are you local? Where did you receive your treatments from? Is that the end result? I thought the white indent would slowly fade away. I am glad my post is relatable 🙂
      And thank you for your wishes. Lisa Haydon? She is indeed very brave and full of self-confidence 🙂

  2. Hihi! Can I check whether yr birthmark got permanently removed? Did the brown colouration came back? Coz I did laser at NSC a few years back and my birthmark came back :(( if yours is effective, I don’t mind trying.. and how much does it cost per session? Thanks!

    • Hi there, the latest blog post on my birthmarks are as what my birthmarks are now and I guess it would stay this way. The biggest birthmark cannot be removed because it is very huge and the pigmentation is very deep into the layers of skin. Also, not all birthmarks, including cafe au lait can be removed. I’m not sure how much it costs as the doctor would need to anaylse ur birthmark first. I have blogged about an FAQ section regarding my birthmarks. Just search for birthmarks and all the related posts would appear 🙂 Hope this helps! 😀

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