My second birthmark removal treatment session

As you can tell from my first treatment session to remove my birthmarks, results have been very promising, especially for the 2 small ones! I was scheduled for my second treatment session some time back and here is an update on the progress thus far!

Because I needed some time for the results to be seen, I had to blog about this after few weeks to allow the skin and scabs to peel off. I say this because I have been receiving queries regarding my treatment sessions and its results, so thanks for your patience!

The smaller birthmarks have been reduced and lightened. The white indents will also fade away with time.

However, as for the huge birthmark on my thigh, it would require more treatments due to the size and the pigmentation is very deep into the layers of the skin.

This is also the reason as to my general advice to queries because it really depends on the type of birthmark, the size and how deep the pigmentation is. Every birthmark is different. Hence, it is best that you consult your doctor to have your birthmarks or pigmentation problems (since this laser can treat other pigmentation problems too) assessed.

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A pet is forever


A pet is forever. It is a responsibility and a commitment.

Treat them as if they were your own children because their lives are in your hands too.

I regret to see how prominent the recent increase in animal abuse and abandonment cases are now and after watching videos (although I try not to sometimes), I would be fuming mad.

I have had many pets before, ranging from chickens (yes chickens), birds, terrapins, hamsters (okay they belonged to my sis) and dog!

Of course, as time passes by, gradually one by one died or were set free (my monstrous terrapins which could bite till bleed). I am currently left with my dog (thank god!) and 2 canaries (my dad bought them again).

I shall focus on my longest pet ever – My dog, Jingles.

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

She turns 11 years old this year and I am very grateful that she is still healthy and active.

However, there have been lapses when she is just restless (due to age) and sometimes, it hurts me so bad to see her doubling her effort getting up on all 4 legs from her lying down position.

She does not have any illnesses (THANK GOD!) but I know I can’t keep her forever. Even a healthy human will die of old age.

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

Although that would be the best preference to die, I am deeply saddened by the fact that time flies so fast that she is already 11 now.

And whenever I think of where am I going to put her at after settling down and moving out of my parents’ house, troubles me.

It’s not that I don’t wish to stay with her, of course I do!!! But I do not wish to house her where 90% of the time, nobody would be home. My future husband and I would be working full-time (most probably unless we strike lottery?) so I feel it’s kinda unfair to chuck  her at a home but with no companion.

Dogs may die of loneliness, just like humans. 

Jingles is my very first pet dog, I’m not sure if I would get another one after her passing. I mean I love animals and I would be elated to have a new pet dog but I don’t think I can suffer blows when they pass on. Each time I think of it, tears would well up in my eyes. 😥

She may not look completely normal (she has a crooked tongue due to nerve problem), she has occasional ticks/fleas but cured already as of now, she may be smelly, may be noisy and may even be mischievous on purpose, but she never fails to greet me with all enthusiasm when I’m home and when I wake up in the morning.

But to me, SHE IS PERFECT. 

Why women look for male escorts

As women’s social and financial status rise in the current contemporary era, there have been evidences where there are role reversals.

What I meant by ‘role reversals’ is that roles that have been socially assigned to a particular gender has taken a completely different stance.

For instance, women are expected to be tasked with household chores, but as the society develops and progresses, men are seen to be carrying out these chores or at least, they are now a shared responsibility between both genders.
Another apt example would be how we have seen domestic violence usually occurs when the men physically (or mentally) abuses the women, however, in the recent news, there have been sprouts of happenings whereby women are the ones who turned aggressive and violent against their male counterparts.

So, it is also no surprise as to the growth of male escorts and the trend of engaging them by women.

These are some reasons that may trigger the urge of women looking for male escorts these days:

1. Loneliness

However you want to put it, be it because the husbands/boyfriends are neglecting their wives/girlfriends or mainly because some career-minded women realised that they have gone passed their ‘golden prime age’ (usually below 35) while slogging their asses away in hope of climbing the corporate ladder, and hence, too old or awkward to find a partner to settle down. Either that, taking into account of the the recent sharp rise in divorce cases as the sanctity of marriage is no longer given importance in this era, no prizes for guessing why women turn to male escorts.

Simply put, they feel lonely and just require an opposite sex to satisfy them.

This brings me to my next point.

2. It is not always about sex

Sure, there may be sluts (sorry for using this harsh term but they really are, in my eyes) sleeping around with men (attached/single/married) for self-satisfaction, although usually for money gains, but there are also other women who finds the thrill in hiring a total complete stranger and starting a new ‘friendship’ on a completely whole new level.

Besides sex, these women hire them for companionship, which means to accompany them whenever requested. For example, to dine, to shop with, to travel with etc. This probably links back to the first point – loneliness.

3. Low self-esteem

This may be inaccurate and may be one of the many other reasons why women look for male escorts. Logically, to be a social escort, you need to have great appearance or at least acceptable standard. But as a paying customer, you do not have to.

So women who thinks they are ugly and unable to get a partner outside for the fear of being judged and despite over their looks, would be more inclined towards engaging male escorts.

Although I do not know how this works, my guess is that the escort who got chosen by his paying customer still have the say whether or not to take up the job or reject all together. I mean I would think that they still retain such rights, the same goes for female prostitutes?

But for money (main reason why escorts become escorts), they may be less inclined to turn away a job assignment compared to a friend or some hot dude who is being hooked by women (not their cuppa tea).

And if women can afford to hire male escorts, to make them feel satisfied (physically, emotionally and sexually), they would not think twice.

4. Sex

Okay, so this may be one of the reasons why women look for male escorts.

Sex, it’s always almost about sex, isn’t it?

Who says women have less sex drive than men? Don’t be surprised to know that women can and do feel horny at times too. This is just the norm of sexual gratification desires.

Apart from those who are lonely and in dire need to satisfy them sexually, there may be attached women or married ones who engage male escorts for sex. This may be because they are facing a downturn in their sex lives for whatever reason, be it too occupied to make time for sex, unsatisfactory standards from their partners or they may even hire them with the consent from their partners (think threesome or orgy).

5. Fear of commitments 

Engaging male escorts is a no-strings-attached kinda job. So women who just wants sex or companionship opt for them. It has been said that men are the ones who fear commitments but there would be a handful of women who feels the same way too, especially those who are still single for whatever reasons (cant get a suitable partner, bad memories from the past etc).

It is more like a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship because as mentioned, it is not always about sex. Some male escorts even pamper their customers to the extend of whipping up scrumptious meals for them!

T-ara’s Beauty Secrets are OUT!

Korea has always been the country that offers top-notch beauty products, so it is no surprise how these girls possess such great skins!

Want to know how these babes achieve their porcelain flawless and radiant skin?

The answer is none other than……….

 Blithe – Patting Water Pack

tara collage

This is their new premium beauty product from Korea!

 Blithe – Patting Water Pack

Please note that you can’t get their products anywhere else except from  Blithe as the are they only exclusive retailer in Singapore.

This water pack is extremely beneficial to those :

  • Do not have the time to attend facial sessions
  • Too lazy to mask at home
  • In need to detoxify their skin
  • Who are always in thick make-up

You just need these 4 steps :


It’s much convenient and quicker, isn’t it?

It provides deep cleansing/balancing/hydration, elasticity to skin damaged from excessive stress, UV rays, and city pollution. As a result, it increases skin self autogenic power thru skin recovery system with 4D prescriptions.
How to use
1)Prepare to fill in 1/3 of water in the facial tub.
2) Add 1 cap of Patting water pack to dilute with water.
   (Patting water pack : water = 1:100)
3) Gently patt onto the skin several times, let it dry out or patt with facial towel.
  *Tip. Natural drying is recommended for ultimate effect.
          However, use towel for eye area.
          Use everyday.
They have 2 products that help to target different problems – Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey and Soothing & Healing Green Tea.

Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey 



The lemon ingredient makes skin tone brighter to provide vitality to weary skin. Ingredients such as lemon, orange, bilberry, and other various fruit extracts as well as essential oil provides vitality to skin and increases skin flexibility for soft, brightened skin.
Our skin condition is affected by many factors such as diet, lifestyle, sufficient rest as well as weather conditions.
Blithe’s Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey would help target tired and dull skin which is a common problem among us girls, especially with the never ending deadlines, food intake and more so currently with the haze weather condition. 
And just yesterday, I discovered how dry my skin on my cheeks was and it was actually peeling! 😦
I don’t have dry skin problems but I guess the haze has really gotten into us, isn’t it?

My review :
My skin felt soft and supple almost instantly, and there was the ‘boing boing’ effect of elasticity kind of feel! The water pack does not sting your eyes at all and I did not experience any allergy or stinging sensation. The citrus smell and generous ingredients used helped to keep my skin fresh and energized! Furthermore, it helped solve the dryness and flaking too!

Soothing & Healing Green Tea



It is appropriate to use during the summer season, or for oily skin to calm down & control sebum, you will experience refreshing feeling after usage thru the herb scent to calm your body & mind. It contains green tea extract to relieve skin stress & stimulus, moreover to increase skin elasticity by providing astringent effect to skin.
This helps those with oily and troubled skin. However, those with combination skin (oily T-zone) may also make use of this product to help control the over secretion of sebum/oil. In addition, I noticed the difference in my skin condition during certain periods of the month.
Do you know that our skin condition changes due to hormonal changes?
As women, higher testosterone levels around menstruation further activate the sebaceous glands to make even more sebum.Sebum yields different effects in different women. “For some, it produces a healthy glow; for others, it creates a chronic oil slick,” Kunin says. The oil provides food for the bacterium P. acnes. This bacterium causes increased breakouts and inflammation around the time of women’s periods.To control the oil production on our skin, Blithe –  Soothing & Healing Green Tea would come in handy.

My review:
I like the strong green tea smell because it is very refreshing! After using the product, the secretion of the oil on my T-zone is better controlled. I did not have to touch up my foundation as frequent as before and that is definitely more beneficial to my skin as you know the more make-up you pile on, the more clogged your pores will be if you do not wash them off completely. This water pack also helps to fight blemishes such as acne, so I would definitely recommend those with battling with acne/pimple problems!

Although Blithe is a new product, it has already been in the limelight. Read here to find out more!
Overall rating :
4 stars

Phuket Part 1 (Which hotel and its reviews)

Hello everyone!

As promised to document my recent Phuket trip of 4D3N for our 6th Anniversary, so here it is! Because the whole trip was quite fruitful in terms of activities scheduled back to back (all thanks to my bf, although it was damnnnnn tiring!), I decided to divide them into few blog posts.

We took an afternoon flight from Jetstar and arrived Phuket in the evening. Just to highlight, we booked our flight and hotel separately as well as our island-hopping adventure (bf got it off Groupon), so there were loads of homework and research to be done.

Personally, I prefer Jetstar over Tigerair because it is more spacious, especially leg space. Tested and proven by my bf because he’s quite tall, standing at around 1.78m, so his longggg legs usually have limited leg space. The same goes for bus seats… poor boy, HAHAHA!


Unless you are willing to splurge on private villas and private swimming pools and all, located just infront of beaches, which is quite costly, I would recommend cheaper hotels/resorts which are situated a walking distance away from the beach.

And while walking towards the beach, you would also be able to shop along the way….just remember not to spend all your money away even before reaching the beach! HAHA!

The hotel resort which we resided in was none other than… Sawaddi Patong Resort & Spa!

It may not be one of the top-notch hotel resorts available such as Novotel, Holiday Inn etc…but still very satisfactory.

This brings me to my next point.

I may not be a frequent traveller, but planning for your own trip and conducting loads of researches has taught me a few tips or two, which I would like to share with you guys 🙂

How to choose a good hotel?

With the technology at hand, you can find out almost everything and anything!

Google has always been my dearest best friend and review websites such as Tripadvisor/Agoda (although it’s mainly for booking of hotels but they include reviews from customers as well) are the best places to check out reviews!

We actually shortlisted a few such as Mecure Hotel, Patong Resort, Simplitel, Sawaddi…but decided to forgo them mainly due to :

1. Location (especially the distance from the beach) as well as which town in Phuket

2. Cost of accommodation

3. Facilities (Wi-Fi access in rooms is a MUST for me!)

4. Reviews from other customers/travellers

5. Cost of Airport transfer (because we didn’t get a hotel package, we were left to book our own airport transfer – 2 way preferred – although you may consider cabbing to and fro from the hotel)

So these were the main considerations when choosing a hotel, generally speaking I guess.


We had a hard time deciding between Patong or Karon.

Patong is a more exciting and busier place filled with more nightlife there is more intense than Karon. The latter is much quieter and more relaxing.

Both of us had been to Phuket before but without each other and because we thought it might be bored at night without much things to do, we decided to reside in the main tourist resort which is the centre of Phuket’s nightlife and shopping – Patong.

I think the town should be the most important factor and overarching consideration to have in mind before you can settle on which hotel to stay at.

After deciding on which town to reside at, cost of accommodation was the next factor.

Cost of accommodation

I wouldn’t say that we were on a tight budget but to us, because we spend more time outdoors than indoors (especially in resort islands than shopping cities such as Bangkok), it didn’t make much sense if we were to stay in a very expensive hotel that is gorgeously well-furnished with private swimming pools and all.

I mean it is just not that worth it in our opinion.

Our daily routine was like this : Wake up – Headed outdoors for the whole day – Come back all knocked out.

Does it make much sense if we had golden taps and all? Or super king-sized bed filled with the right amount of springs?

The lack of time did not permit us to appreciate intricate heavenly details like that.

Because it was such a tiring event everyday, even if without a bed, I bet we could easily fall asleep on the floor…LOL!

So yes anyway, we got upgraded to Deluxe Room free because of the promotional period! Another plus point in choosing this hotel!

Stylish and harmonious, the 30 m² Deluxe room comes with and without balcony (for those with younger children) and a choice of king size or twin beds. An extra deep bathtub with a built-in shower is the perfect place to ease away your cares and refresh your senses. Choose from city, pool or garden view rooms and delight in the comfort of your own personal sanctuary.

Professional photos :

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

Our photos :















  • Individual air conditioning
  • 32″ LCD TV
  • DVD player
  • Cable TV
  • Wireless internet access
  • Electronic laptop-size safe
  • IDD telephone
  • Alarm clock
  • Mini bar
  • Kettle
  • Tea/coffee
  • Bottle-opener / Wine-opener
  • Bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Umbrella
  • Hairdryer
  • Flashlight
  • Laundry bag
  • Pencil
  • Message pad
  • Adapter
  • 220V Electricity system
  • Iron & iron board on requested
  • Hand soap
  • Cotton buds
  • Bath gel
  • Shampoo and conditioner set
  • Shower cap
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Two bottles drinking water
  • Tea/coffee
  • Welcome drink
  • Welcome Phuketien Cookies

So as you can see, the room is well-furnished with all the necessities.

The cost of our accommodation was around SGD$50/pax /night? That is freaking cheap! Really value for money for such awesome hotel!

Reading reviews of other affordable hotels with similar rates was another pulling factor as well as these other hotels, although they suited our budget, unfortunately had very very poor reviews in terms of hygiene, customer service, hotel management and facilities.


As mentioned, the necessary facilities must be there but what was another important factor I considered was the access to internet, even in the rooms.

Okay, it was not so much of a wake up-go out-knock out and sleep kinda thing, at least not immediately. We had some spare time (which we forced ourselves to stay awake) to catch some shows (for a very short while), to have supper and bassically to slack in the room (while connecting back to the social media world).

I am quite a heavy social media-user so Wi-Fi access in rooms is a MUST MUST MUST!

Swimming pool was another aspect we considered.

We hardly frequent the swimming pools back in Singapore so we thought it would be good to have some good chilling swimming bonding session! HAHAHA!

The swimming pool was not crowded and thankfully, they had reasonable depths which I could survive in. I am not a fantastic swimmer so security in reaching the ground is a MUST. I suspect I have some ‘water-phobia’ all along. 😦

The swimming pool had awesome chairs and tents and the splendid pool bar side!

Professional photos :



Our photos :


Because it was so appealing, we couldn’t resist but to order icy cold beer and fries to chill by the pool side. I wished I didn’t have to come back.

Oh wait, that sounds kinda off.

Correction, I wished I could this the same back in Singapore without having to work…study…basically just chill my life away without any worries…

Reviews from other customers/travellers (and ours)

Just read here!

Oh wait, did I just see very recent bad reviews?

But to be fair, let me share with you our experience.

Apart from the location, cost, facilities…I place great importance on customer service etiquette.

The staff were generally very polite, smiley and helpful except for one incident.

Let’s talk about the plus points first.

We managed to get them to reschedule their airport transfer timing due to some delay by the flight and initially, they informed us that their staff were already on the way to the airport which is approx 1 hr from the hotel, but then later told us that a reschedule can be arranged and acceded to our request. So everything was settled.

Even on our last day, we requested for earlier departure from the hotel, taking into consideration that the roads would be jammed during a Saturday night (which was true). The driver arrived 15mins earlier than expected and yes, we got to the airport with ample time to check-in, grab a small bite, walk around a little (nothing much compared to our Changi Airport).

Both car rides were great. Drivers were not reckless.

Since we are on the topic of Thai drivers and road courtesy, I want to share with you guys on the differences between them and our local drivers back in our sunny island.

Thai drivers, although their road infrastructure is not that well-furnished as evident where roads are not cemented with bitumen/tartar (whatever material they use?) and where there are no directions on the road grounds…and where they don’t even have traffic lights at certain junctions….Thai drivers’ road etiquette is better than our local drivers’.

As a Singaporean, I feel kinda ashamed because our road infrastructure is so much better equipped but our drivers are…

Thai drivers seldom horn at other road users and they know how to give way, although not always.  However, it is true that it seems more dangerous when using the road compared to our local counterparts due to the lack of infrastructure.

Okay, point made. Heh.

And because our flight back was late at night, we requested for a late check-out on the last day. The usual check-out time is 12pm and while I have read that late check-out can mean 2pm, the hotel staff told us that 1pm would be the latest. Compromising, we agreed. But we were 10 to 15mins late (rushing after our morning swim, to bathe and pack up) and they weren’t calculative as to charge us for that. So for that, kudos for the customer service at the reception and as well as hotel room service where most importantly, nothing was stolen from us (of course, please be smart to lock up all valuable belongings and don’t take it for granted that it is 100% safe – there is a safe provided in the wardrobe as well).

Further on that, customer service at dining area on our 2nd bfast experience annoyed me.

We thought bfast operates from 6.30am to 11am but little did we know it actually ends at 10.30am.

So we reached at 10.30am at the restaurant and the staff at the entrance was blatantly RUDE!

I mean yes we are sorry that we made a mistake of the operating hours, but his attitude was totally uncalled for. I felt we were chided as if we were little kid. As the mini open kitchen area for individual orders for eggs (sunny side up, scrambled, hard/half boiled) were located at the entrance of the restaurant as well, we hurriedly requested for sunny side up eggs when we were told that bfast is ending.

But the staff and chef were plain reluctant to even fry 2 eggs for us. Their expressions and body languages said so.

Hello? How long does it take to fry 2 eggs, especially since you have more than 1 wok and stove?

Nevertheless, they did fry those eggs but when served to us, it wasn’t well done at all.

It was not sunny side up but this.

Don’t try and say I’m being difficult but correct if I’m wrong. I thought sunny side up should look like this?

Maybe it doesn’t matter to some of you, but it does to people like us who opt for sunny side up for a reason – to sense the ‘shiokness’ when the yolk oozes out…it’s the same feeling with eggs benny/poached eggs, no?

And although we were the last customers to step in, we weren’t the last to step out. There were still many other customers in the restaurant, still serving themselves with food (buffet style)…and others who were still eating when we left.

I thought the staff at the restaurant could do better than this.

Next, another minus point would be mozzies.

There were a handful of mozzies in our hotel room and although we used the electric mozzie plug, it didn’t work. We got stung the next morning when we woke up, but nothing serious. I hadn’t read anything regarding mozzies in the reviews I have gone through though.

Cost of Airport Transfer (2-way)

You need to factor this in when deciding and travelling. You may consider hiring a cab which quoted us 800baht to the airport from our hotel but we paid 950baht for each journey. It may be more pricey (150baht more which is equivalent to SGD$6 for 2 pax) but I guess comfort and safety justify themselves.

Anyway, car rides as mentioned above, were okay. Seats were comfortable and spacious. Car model was Toyota Altis (if I recalled correctly). Although the car ride was kinda long, especially on the way back when traffic was heavy, I slept and woke up many times (I hate sleeping while sitting).

So I guess that’s about all on hotel reviews, stay tuned for my next post on where to go in Phuket for our fun-filled activities!

Ten Things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart

How do you lead life to the fullest with minimal sacrifices and be happy?

You can’t achieve everything that you yearn in life, be it in whatever aspect, so how to do you reap opportunities to maximise your happiness?

What is happiness?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Here are 10 things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart, to help you look and feel better, because when you feel look better (in your perspective) you would inevitably feel better, isn’t it?

Health (Physical/Psychological)


The importance of health need not be further emphasized. Regular exercise not only helps you to shed some kilos (provided you are doing it the right way with balanced diet and all), but it is beneficial to your skin as well as your heart. With regular exercise, blood circulation flows better and hence, pumping more blood in your blood vessels. Your skin will show if you are lacking in exercise.

In addition, exercising fights fatigue and in turn improves your mental health.


You should check your family’s medical history and take note of these issues in your life. Go for regular health check-ups (I am guilty of not doing so myself, oops) so you have a better perspective of what is in for you in your health.

Feeling emotional for no apparent reason? Or maybe you don’t know what is bothering you? Counsel a professional and seek help.

Don’t live alone.


This is not referring to ‘going on a diet’ kind of diet. I know it’s a girl thing and I am guilty as charged. I am weighing at 43-44kg and yet still complain that I am fat every other day (although weight and BMI is not necessarily an accurate benchmark).

Incorporate more ‘health’ food into your diet. Veggies, fruits and water are your best friends.

Eat well and live well.

These ‘health’ food are also beneficial to your well-being in totality.

Be positive

Having a positive mind can change your day, or even your whole world.

Learn to reject all negative influences in life, be it a friend or even a family member. You can’t choose the latter but you can choose your friends wisely. “Birds of feather flock together”, even if you are not like them, as time passes by, influences will bound to creep in.

Say ‘No’ to things that causes you discomfort. Of course, do it practically.

Boss just threw a fit and gave you more work? Be positive and treat it as a learning journey. The more you do, the more you learn. Even if it’s somewhat a no-brainer task, work towards your efficiency.


If time permits, pamper yourself with beauty services or even aesthetic treatments. Go for a relaxing facial or spa, or beautify your nails with manicure/pedicure services. As aesthetic services and treatments are currently trending, why not consider temporary ‘modification’ to your appearance if plastic surgery is not your cup of tea?

You may explore the world of cosmetics. If you are already a make-up enthusiast, research and watch videos of make-up tutorials, and try stuffs which you haven’t try before.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of maintaining a good skincare regime after all those piling up of makeup. The basic 3-step approach (cleanse-tone-moisturise) should never leave your sight.


Are you the type that likes challenges? Want to climb the corporate ladder? Yearn to win the rat race?

Show your boss that you are an asset at work, to him and to the whole company as a whole! Be proactive. Learn more, expand your portfolio, volunteer to help out. Upgrade yourself by attending workshops and going for courses.

Most jobs require experience. With the knowledge equipped from school, together with experience, comes wisdom.

Jobs that require on-the-job training like mine, as a Legal Counsel, make sure you know your work well, which you can help yourself by reading up. I am doing just that.



Show your appreciation to your loved ones. Don’t take them for granted. Cherish them while you still can and not regret later when you lack the opportunity to.

Think about how you would feel if someone shows their appreciation towards you. You will feel whatever sacrifices you have to do or done will be all worthwhile.

A simple gesture of appreciation can be carried out through compliments.


Women. Most of us tend to be the one yakking away non-stop (I think it just runs in our feminine blood, ain’t it?) while the men listen. Or try to.

Take a step back, give your men the chance to voice out his thoughts and inner feelings. Most men do not like to share stuffs and tend to keep within themselves (runs in their masculine blood – sometimes just known as ‘E-G-O’, as opening up to their inner world may portray their weaknesses). So what you can do is to encourage your man to speak up. Pay attention to what he say to say and don’t interrupt unnecessarily.

You will find that this helps in the flow of communication and create better understanding between you two.

Make this a habit. Not just with your partner, but to your friend or family member.

Ask them how is their day and mean it by listening to whatever they has to say.

Make time for each other

Been too busy lately that you cannot even recall when was your last date?

Overwhelmed with work or studies?

Too many other commitments?

Then you will need to reflect on your priorities and time-management skills.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You write your own story.


With that, comes the trust.

Trust is very easily broken, especially so when it has been broken repeatedly.

If you have broken someone’ trust previously, learn how to rebuild it.

Be patient and understand your partner’s feelings, thoughts and actions.

As the saying goes, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.”

Always be faithful to your partner and provide them with utmost assurance and security.


Phew, I cannot believe that I wrote all of the above by myself.

*pats own back*

And for that, I’m feeling accomplished and happy! 😀

Braces journey for underbite (ending soon)

Yes, the title says it all!

Visited the dentist yesterday for my monthly tightening of my braces and I must be pleased to announce that Dr Lim informed me that I will be able to remove my braces soon!!!

I have been pestering him about this each time I visit him…HAHA!

Because the main problem of my underbite has been solved and my teeth are generally straightened now, I don’t see anymore progress/changes/reasons for the braces, but the recent months had Dr Lim trying to adjust/rotate some 1 or 2 teeth as they are not perfectly aligned and equal with the rest.

photo 1 (44)

Currently, I am rotating 1 of my 2 front teeth as it has been pushed too far out (afraid I’m gonna have buck teeth soon…!) and so we are trying to adjust it back to where it should be.

After this is done, hopefully successful, Dr Lim mentioned that I can set up my retainers which require the machine for the teeth mould…and which Q&M Bedok Branch does not have. So Imma have to head down to most probably the Orchard branch.

I asked Dr Lim if my underbite would recur once I am off my braces and do I have to rely on the retainers perpetually?

I have heard news of how my friend’s underbite recurred after he took off his braces and highlighted this to Dr Lim. He mentioned that it shouldn’t be the case unless the patient was still at the growing stage, which I thought this may most probably be the reason why as my friend did it presumably quite young (since he told me last year when he was 20?).

It is a little contradicting because I was told that wearing braces should be during when one is still young so the teeth and bone structure will be easier to shift. That was also the reason why I was skeptical in the first time as I only started wearing braces and attempting to correct my underbite a year ago, at the age of 25.

But I am very thankful for being so lucky!

I managed to solve my underbite problem at such later age and WITHOUT having to undergo any jaw surgery. I have heard how painful and expensive it is for that surgery. And and and, I was quoted 2 years by Dr Lim when we first started out but because everything seems to go so smoothly…I’ll be able to remove my braces waaaaay before that!

So anyway, I started out with my teeth looking like this :

jan braces

My top teeth were crooked and I had an underbite.

My current teeth looks like this :

braces march 2014


photo 4 (36)

So much improvements within 1 year and 2 months right? 😀

So so so happy!!

Dr Lim used an additional wire to tighten my upper row hence no pinky rubberbands…

This is how my teeth adjustments have progressed over the months (sorry for the lack of pictures in Jan and Feb)

I’ll be returning for my review again in 3 weeks’ time so please pray hard for me that my tooth would be obedient and then I’ll be ready to be metal-teeth NO MORE! 😀

braces jan 13 to mar 14


Click on the picture for a larger image 🙂

I have been receiving a handful of queries regarding my braces and underbite (didn’t know there were so many people in Sg facing the same problem too). Thank you so much for reading and accompanying me through my journey! 🙂

I hope I can be of help to everyone alright! 🙂

My 3rd Sculptra Treatment with Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

Hello everyone!

Few weeks ago, I headed back Celevenus for my 3rd Sculptra treatment with Dr Dylan Chau and am ready for my 3rd review!

Here are some information that I found out about Dr Dylan Chau.

–          Dr Dylan Chau is the trainer of Sculptra (ie. He trains other doctors on this procedure)

–          Dr Chau has done the most no. of cases of Sculptra procedure and Celevenus is the no. 1 Sculptra user in Singapore

–          He is the pioneer in Sculptra procedure ever since its launch in Singapore in 2009.

–          He is the most experienced doctor in this procedure

–          He is the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Sculptra

So rest assured that you’re in good and safe hands! 🙂

photo 5 (26)

Results so far have been effective and promising which you can read about the gradual progress in my previous blog posts :

1st Sculptra treatment session

2nd Sculptra treatment session

For those who have no idea :

What is this treatment about?

To summarize, it is a type of filler, injected with  l-poly-lactic acid to help stimulate and encourage facial growth via natural collagen production. By ‘natural’, it means that the collagen formed comes from your own tissue. Besides being able to achieve facial volume, Sculptra is also able to target other common areas due to loss of facial volume and ageing problems such as wrinkles, folds and skin laxity.

From my 2nd treatment, you could tell that results were already taking effect.

Here is a comparison of the results thus far :

1st to 3rd sculptra 2

And my most recent picture taken only few days ago (2 weeks after 3rd Sculptra treatment) while I was in Phuket with my boyfriend :

photo 1 (43)

Totally no filters at all!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how different I am right now, even my boyfriend noticed the difference and complimented that I look better with fuller cheeks! 😀

What’s more is that my nasolabial folds, otherwise known as laugh lines (caused by ageing, sunkened cheeks, lack of volume and braces), are smoothened out too as well!

Who says you can’t defy ageing?

Now you can with Sculptra, which helps you achieve a more refined and youthful looking appearance over time that is clinically proven to be able to last up to 2 years or at least 25 months!


Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

391B Orchard Road #16-03/04 Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Telephone: +65 6410 9621
Fax: +65 6410 9623

Information: Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday – 1030am to 7pm
Sat – 1030am to 3pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

*Please call for appointment

*Remember to mention my name when inquiring! 🙂

Being a woman (In commemoration of International Women’s Day)


Being a feminist, I have always advocated for gender equality between both sexes. Apart from opting to major in ‘Human Rights of Women’ as one of my modules in my Master of Laws programme, I have also been contributing as a remote researcher with Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) – Singapore’s Women Activists.
Read here for 1 of my contributions on World Bank Group – Women, Business and the Law – Existence and Scope on Singapore Laws Addressing Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment(Link).

Women as a whole, have been suppressed of their rights in which is prevailing in other countries, especially in the developing countries.

Apart from the biological strength that men naturally possess, that in my opinion is the very first initial reason why women are categorised as the 2nd tier of human beings in terms of genders, there are myriads of reasons as to when women are so different from men. Stemming from biological, to mental, to social standings and expectations to spiritual etc.

Women in Singapore are generally in a much better and well-off position compared to those in the developing countries. Comparing the developed and developing countries, our rights are not as suppressed in totality. Let us put bits and pieces of gender discrimination aside, looking at the bigger picture, we women still receive opportunities for education, posses voting rights, be financially independent etc.

However, if you were to compare the stress levels between a housemaker who depends financially on her husband who is the sole breadwinner to most working women who has to juggle among taking care of her family, which spells, her husband, her parents (shared responsibilities with her siblings if circumstances permit), her child/children, cooking and cleaning of the house as well as to cope with her other responsibilities and commitments at work, her boss, her colleagues, her workload, the expectations of her… yada yada yada.

Of course, I am not saying that the men play no part. In fact, I am all for both the men and women should work as a team if they were to get married and start a family.

But because women are more inclined towards care-taking as they are more sensitive to emotional needs and logically, they would be emotionally more attached to their children, after carrying them in their womb for 9 months. That is notwithstanding of all the pain and suffering they have to experience during pregnancy and after pregnancy.


Looking at how my sister has to go through during her pregnancy and currently, when she has to constantly be on her toes, be it to attend to my niece’s cryings, whining, shouting, pee, poo, pumping milk, having the patient to soothe the baby to sleep or to quieten down etc, does shed more light as to how strong a woman has to be for her child. This strength stems from the unconditional love of a mother for her child no doubt.

I am thankful for the fact that Singapore does govern women’s rights quite a bit, with the Women’s Charter and all. Of course, there are loopholes which put women at a greater disadvantage than men or totally benefit the men. There is no one perfect Utopian society and system, and furthermore, you can never please everyone. Balance is the key but with inevitable dissatisfaction from both parties (where it involves only 2 groups that is).

If you know me personally, I am not your girly-girl sort of girl and you would seldom see my bf carrying my bag for me, unless I really really need help or when I’m dead-beat. Also, I rather speak my mind than to beat around the bush to get my thoughts voiced out. I detest when girls manja/teh/sainai otherwise known as whine. That is too childlike for me. Grow up. Looking at the rate how local men are choosing foreign women over local women could be attributed to this factor, although I am often told that even some foreign women are domineering lot.

I hate to depend on other people and always strive to be self-sufficient and independent, although sometimes emotionally-dependent may be difficult to be avoided. I like standing on my own two feet and have a mind of my own, but at the same time, respecting others. I don’t say I am perfect, but at least I do try.

The recent Stomp news on how a girl (regardless of her nationality, she’s a Malaysian by the way or so they claimed) chided her bf publicly because he bought her a can of coke, which apparently isn’t her cuppa tea (pun unintended) and goes on to reprimand him for being useless as he is unable to provide her a ‘better’ life financially and materialistically, totally irks the hell outta me.


While it is enjoyable and pleasurable, otherwise known as ‘shiok’, to have someone pay everything for you, but that lack of self-accomplishment is actually something money cannot buy. You have to strive with your own bare hands to achieve that.

Both parties should actually work hard and strive towards whatever common goals they have, and women on the other hand, should not cry out loud and push all the blame to the men (unless he’s really useless – bumming around and wasting money etc) when they are also at the very same time, advocating for gender equality.

I know the contradictions.

One of the ironies of Life.


*This post is to commemorate International Women’s Day which falls on 8th March every year across the world. IWD is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women in the past, present and future. It is a day when women are recognised for their achievements, regardless of divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. It is an occasion for looking back on past struggles and accomplishments, and more importantly, for looking ahead to the untapped potential and opportunities that await future generations of women.

And with this, as a woman, I thank those who have been constantly fighting and upholding women’s rights and championing for gender equality.

Happy 6th Anniversary to us!

We turned 6 yesterday – 9th March.

6 years ago, we became a couple officially and fast forward 6 years to date, we have grown so much individually and together. Naturally, there were ups and downs throughout these 6 years and conflicts are natural and common when 2 people come together. Differences are bound to exist. When your love is strong, you would try and embrace these differences rather than to avoid and blame all fault on them. It will be the same for anyone and everyone and even with your next partner.

No doubt there were times where both of us felt like giving up half way but we stayed rooted to our beliefs and feelings for each other and persevered to date. There were both internal and external factors that attempted to ripped us apart into pieces and begone I say to all those negativities, including outsiders. There would always be fkers who try and destroy your happiness just so they feel good about themselves or that they are just plain sadist psychos.

And another issue is that, some people are just too quick to judge and jump into conclusions based on groundless assumptions. They think that I’m this, this, this type of person or that he is that, that, that kind of character. But little do they know, what they thought they knew may or may not make up an insignificant percentage of the truth. And another thing is that I totally cannot tolerate nosey parkers. Why can’t you just mind your own business? Some poked their noses into people’s business just so they can compare their “social standing”. Whatever okay? Imbalanced imbeciles.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say he is perfect, neither would I claim that I am too, and bearing in mind the notion that “Nobody is perfect”, no one body should be either. Obstacles are what strengthen bonds and relationships, and further deepen feelings and ties. We may have had our fair share of unhappy moments but I cannot deny the fact that I do enjoy every happy moment and memory we once had and would continue to have.

No matter how angry we are with each other, at the end of the day, what is most assuring is that we know that we still have each other to hold and that we will always be there for each other. That has always been our beliefs and faith in one another.

We may not express our love and affection much in the public, except for maybe on social media such as Facebook once in a while, but we are 100% certain of the love we have for one another.

One similarity we have is that we avoid displaying public of affection, otherwise known as “PDA” (Public Display of Affection) because we respect each other, respect those around us be it our families or friends and totally just cannot tolerate those “touchy” couples who cannot seem to get their hands or mouth off each other. Not sure if these couples even have the dignity to feel ashamed but if I were their friend, I would feel damn awkward which I have experienced a few times. Please, just go get a room okay?

Okay, rants aside. Now into the happy things! 😀

So for this very special occasion, compared to Valentine’s Day, we headed to Phuket together 🙂


Isn’t it beautiful??? ❤

Will blog about the whole trip on Phuket another time so stay tuned if you wanna know which hotel did we resided at, cheap hotels to recommend, good reviews of hotels, food, drinks…shopping, where to go in Phuket etc!

After uploading pictures on our Facebook, we have had received some queries pertaining the same from some of our friends, so yes…because you will need to do your homework, i.e. research before embarking on your journey, do keep your eyes peeled for the coming posts!

I just hope that I will have the time to document all of them holistically, perhaps dividing them out into few posts, but I am currently just so swamped with work, backlogs of articles for MFP, advertorials….so please be patient with me alrighty! 😀

I decided to splurge a little more this time round since it was a very special occasion for us both and gotten him 3 presents! And also especially since he has been very prompt in getting me presents for xmas, bday and valentine's day…I thought it was time to buck up as a gf and surprise him x3!!! Hahaha!

What I got for him :


The scrapbook contains many wonderful memories of the past 6 years and yes, the contents will be kept private for our our eyes to see. 😉

What he got for me :




I am extremely happy to receive this classic Tiffany & Co bracelet because it has always been on my wish list! I am not really a fan of Pandora because I have no idea what the current hype is all about…and the jacked up prices is just so ridiculous!! No offence to those Pandora lovers but in my honest opinion, it is more worthwhile to get Tiffany & Co than Pandora since T&C has been a more established brand than the former, 1837 vs 1982 and it was already much more popular before all the Pandora craze happened, which I believe would die down in time to come.

So yes, we had a very enjoyable short getaway at Phuket to celebrate our anniversary this year 🙂 ❤



Psst, for those who have been asking about our marriage plans, nope, there aren’t any concrete ones on hand now because the bf is currently swamped up by work and studies and whereas for me on the other hand, I will be graduating with my Masters soon but marriage is not in mind yet either because career-minded me wants to build up and expand my portfolio first while advancing and climbing the corporate ladder. So please do us a favour and stop asking…