Why women look for male escorts

As women’s social and financial status rise in the current contemporary era, there have been evidences where there are role reversals.

What I meant by ‘role reversals’ is that roles that have been socially assigned to a particular gender has taken a completely different stance.

For instance, women are expected to be tasked with household chores, but as the society develops and progresses, men are seen to be carrying out these chores or at least, they are now a shared responsibility between both genders.
Another apt example would be how we have seen domestic violence usually occurs when the men physically (or mentally) abuses the women, however, in the recent news, there have been sprouts of happenings whereby women are the ones who turned aggressive and violent against their male counterparts.

So, it is also no surprise as to the growth of male escorts and the trend of engaging them by women.

These are some reasons that may trigger the urge of women looking for male escorts these days:

1. Loneliness

However you want to put it, be it because the husbands/boyfriends are neglecting their wives/girlfriends or mainly because some career-minded women realised that they have gone passed their ‘golden prime age’ (usually below 35) while slogging their asses away in hope of climbing the corporate ladder, and hence, too old or awkward to find a partner to settle down. Either that, taking into account of the the recent sharp rise in divorce cases as the sanctity of marriage is no longer given importance in this era, no prizes for guessing why women turn to male escorts.

Simply put, they feel lonely and just require an opposite sex to satisfy them.

This brings me to my next point.

2. It is not always about sex

Sure, there may be sluts (sorry for using this harsh term but they really are, in my eyes) sleeping around with men (attached/single/married) for self-satisfaction, although usually for money gains, but there are also other women who finds the thrill in hiring a total complete stranger and starting a new ‘friendship’ on a completely whole new level.

Besides sex, these women hire them for companionship, which means to accompany them whenever requested. For example, to dine, to shop with, to travel with etc. This probably links back to the first point – loneliness.

3. Low self-esteem

This may be inaccurate and may be one of the many other reasons why women look for male escorts. Logically, to be a social escort, you need to have great appearance or at least acceptable standard. But as a paying customer, you do not have to.

So women who thinks they are ugly and unable to get a partner outside for the fear of being judged and despite over their looks, would be more inclined towards engaging male escorts.

Although I do not know how this works, my guess is that the escort who got chosen by his paying customer still have the say whether or not to take up the job or reject all together. I mean I would think that they still retain such rights, the same goes for female prostitutes?

But for money (main reason why escorts become escorts), they may be less inclined to turn away a job assignment compared to a friend or some hot dude who is being hooked by women (not their cuppa tea).

And if women can afford to hire male escorts, to make them feel satisfied (physically, emotionally and sexually), they would not think twice.

4. Sex

Okay, so this may be one of the reasons why women look for male escorts.

Sex, it’s always almost about sex, isn’t it?

Who says women have less sex drive than men? Don’t be surprised to know that women can and do feel horny at times too. This is just the norm of sexual gratification desires.

Apart from those who are lonely and in dire need to satisfy them sexually, there may be attached women or married ones who engage male escorts for sex. This may be because they are facing a downturn in their sex lives for whatever reason, be it too occupied to make time for sex, unsatisfactory standards from their partners or they may even hire them with the consent from their partners (think threesome or orgy).

5. Fear of commitments 

Engaging male escorts is a no-strings-attached kinda job. So women who just wants sex or companionship opt for them. It has been said that men are the ones who fear commitments but there would be a handful of women who feels the same way too, especially those who are still single for whatever reasons (cant get a suitable partner, bad memories from the past etc).

It is more like a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship because as mentioned, it is not always about sex. Some male escorts even pamper their customers to the extend of whipping up scrumptious meals for them!

One thought on “Why women look for male escorts

  1. My husband (who I divorced by the way) is so busy working he even forgets to bring flowers on my birthday. Takes me for granted which is why I gave him the boot. Now an escort, I don’t have to tell him; whenever I call one, he invariably shows up with a flower to get the evening off to a nice start. thanks

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