My second birthmark removal treatment session

As you can tell from my first treatment session to remove my birthmarks, results have been very promising, especially for the 2 small ones! I was scheduled for my second treatment session some time back and here is an update on the progress thus far!

Because I needed some time for the results to be seen, I had to blog about this after few weeks to allow the skin and scabs to peel off. I say this because I have been receiving queries regarding my treatment sessions and its results, so thanks for your patience!

The smaller birthmarks have been reduced and lightened. The white indents will also fade away with time.

However, as for the huge birthmark on my thigh, it would require more treatments due to the size and the pigmentation is very deep into the layers of the skin.

This is also the reason as to my general advice to queries because it really depends on the type of birthmark, the size and how deep the pigmentation is. Every birthmark is different. Hence, it is best that you consult your doctor to have your birthmarks or pigmentation problems (since this laser can treat other pigmentation problems too) assessed.

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2 thoughts on “My second birthmark removal treatment session

  1. Hi there… I m interested to know about the treatment that u went recently for your birthmark… R they using the same lasers as the one at national skin centre or r they better? Because I went for the treatment at national skin centre but to my disappointment it came back… N I badly want to remove it as much u want it… N I totally understand how u feel too… I hope to hear from u as I want to know in detail how’s your treatment been going so far as from this date… Hope to hear from u soon….

    • I did Medlite C6 laser the 1st 4 times and recently just tried Fractional laser as the former treatment is not effective on my huge birthmark. I’m not sure if these 2 laser treatments are the same as the National Skin Centre’s. All updates on the progress of the removal is documented on my blog. Just search for ‘birthmarks’ on the search box. 🙂

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