Goodbye Braces – Underbite problem solved!


Most people I know commented on how much they miss their braces once they are removed but not me! I will NEVER EVER miss it, not even a single bit and today, may I present you my ‘new’ set of teeth!

Apart from realigning my teeth, setting it straight and helping me to overcome my underbite problems, I have never liked them. I mean come on, who does right?

Pain from tightening, ulcers, cuts, food getting stuck in between teeth, annoying elastic name it, I have it. I guess that’s pretty common for most wearers but what about this?

grey Updates on My Braces Journey for my Underbite

Of course, this picture doesn’t exactly paint the full picture of what happened and it only captures the aftermath.

What really happened : the frenulum of my tongue got caught on one of the hooks of the braces at the back of my mouth.

grey Updates on My Braces Journey for my Underbite

So obviously I couldn’t be expected to be snapping away of what exactly happened at the time of incident right? I was wailing in pain and panicking like mad, and was extremely in fear as I was alone during that time.

After the physical pain was relieved a little (as the frenulum continued to hurt the days after), I had to be financially ‘exploited’ by the private hospital I went to remove the frenulum off the hook which costs me $200+! And well, the whole procedure didn’t even take more than 5mins! WTF seriously.

Now, that’s something I bet you have not come across. Even my dentist hasn’t and perhaps I may be the one and only in this world who experienced this unlucky encounter.

So these are the last pictures you will ever see me with braces on :

(Pardon for the unsightly pictures with food stuck in between my teeth)

photo 3 (39)

photo 1 (47)

photo 2 (48)

I went from this :


To this :

photo 3 (40)

My retainers which cost me $300! I was advised to wear them for 4 months 24/7 (full time) then only am I allowed to wear them only during sleep.

Photo 23-4-14 2 15 20 am

Photo 23-4-14 2 15 56 am


But for now, after not smiling with my teeth for 26 years, I will have to practise more now with the mirror…..

In any case you guys are interested, I did my braces with Dr Timothy Lim from Q&M Dental Clinic. I usually patronise the Bedok branch but I know he runs around other branches too like Centrepoint, Bugis, Bukit Batok…

Don’t be mistaken, this is neither a paid advertorial or sponsorship, and I don’t gain anything from this. Just that I realised that there are actually many people out there facing the same underbite problem as I did too, so hopefully this would be of help to you guys.

I did not get my jaw corrected too to overcome this underbite problem and as I have mentioned previously, I am just PLAIN LUCKY.

Please seek professional help to have your condition assessed as different individuals have different set of problems, and for some unfortunately, having only braces may not solve your underbite problem.

Total charges :

Braces – $4200 excluding GST

Retainers – $300 excluding GST

Misc – $10 per visit for sterilisation and disposable charges

X-ray – I cannot remember how much but you will have to get this done before putting on braces

Fillings – I was charged $70/tooth – but I guess it varies

For cleaning/polishing/whitening/other services, please inquire with them.


photo 1 (48)


I have been receiving queries as to the address of the dental clinic where I had my braces done by Dr Lim which I have also included in my previous blog posts. Nevertheless, for the benefit of the doubt, here is the address.

Please note that Dr Lim drops by different Q&M branches on different days so it’s best you check with them directly. From what I know, he’s stationed at Bedok on Wednesdays, Centrepoint branch on Thursdays and Bugis branch on Saturdays. He goes to Bukit Batok as well but it’s best you check directly with the receptionist.

Q&M Dental Clinic (Bedok)

Blk 214 BedokNorth Street 1


Singapore 460214

Tel: 6876 0533 | Fax: 6876 0082

With Sculptra Treatment, I look younger with fuller cheeks now!

It’s been only 5 months since my 1st session of Sculptra fillers with Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic and I have undergone a total of 3 sessions thus far. Results have indeed been very promising and effective.

Read here for my previous sessions :

1st Sculptra treatment session

2nd Sculptra treatment session

3rd Sculptra treatment session

Sculptra is a type of filler, injected with  l-poly-lactic acid to help stimulate and encourage facial growth via natural collagen production. By ‘natural’, it means that the collagen formed comes from your own tissue. Besides being able to achieve facial volume, Sculptra is also able to target other common areas due to loss of facial volume and ageing problems such as wrinkles, folds and skin laxity.

The effect of Sculptra is more natural looking than what Dermal Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid), dermal fillers are not able to create this much of volume as well.

These pictures would portray the obvious differences and effective results I have enjoyed from my Sculptra treatments.

Please note that pictures are left unedited except for brightening effects due to bad lighting in the background and poor resolution.

sculptra lastt

without smile

I took these 2 pictures above for comparison mainly because I am not smiling in them, which gives you a clearer perspective of how much volume my cheeks have been effectively filled via Sculptra.

And because I have finally removed my braces recently, apart from being able to smile more confidently with my teeth, I need not worry about my sunken cheeks anymore!

Taken recently while I was at a hair salon :

Photo 19-4-14 5 49 47 pm


#buffirstletmetakeaselfie :




Photo 22-4-14 9 12 35 pm


If you are looking to achieve fuller cheeks that presents a more youthful radiant looking appearance, Sculptra is definitely recommended! Moreover, it is clinically proven to be able to last up to 2 years or at least 25 months! 


Rest assured that you are in good hands:

  1. Dr Dylan Chau is the trainer of Sculptra
  2. Dr Chau has done the most number of cases of Sculptra procedure and our clinic is the no. 1 Sculptra user in Singapore
  3. Dr Chau is the most experienced practioner and pioneer in Sculptra procedure ever since its launch in Singapore in 2009.
  4. Dr Chau is also the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Sculptra.

Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

391B Orchard Road #16-03/04 Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Telephone: +65 6410 9621
Fax: +65 6410 9623

Information: Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday – 1030am to 7pm
Sat – 1030am to 3pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

*Please call for  appointment


Quote ‘Jean Gan’ and enjoy a  complimentary consultation (usual price : $50) when you make an appointment for ANY aesthetic service with Celevenus!

[Beauty] Have you heard of ‘Botox’ for your hair? Fluff Hair Room

I have been dyeing my hair for years till date and it is no wonder my poor mane dries up easily and quickly due to the chemicals used.

Photo 19-4-14 6 14 53 pm

I realised that using hair treatment products at home such as hair conditioners, be it wash-off or leave-on or even hair mask do not work exactly well.

This brings me to my main topic of ‘Hair Maintenance’ and you should consider pampering your tresses approx once every month with hair treatments by notable hair salons.

Just last week, I dropped by Fluff Hair Room (what a cute name, isn’t it?) to have my hair treated.

Photo 22-4-14 12 15 16 pm Photo 19-4-14 5 49 47 pm

Photo 19-4-14 5 49 59 pm

The products which were used :

Photo 19-4-14 5 54 03 pm

Left : Erayba Professional Line Hydraker K11 Keratin Hair Botox

Intense Keratin and Argan Oil therapy, absolute moisturized and renovated hair.   Paraben free, salt free, sulfate free and hypoallergenic perfume. For damaged hair that needs special care and deep moisture. Enhanced hair reconstruction from inside out, hair protection, natural shine, nourishing and smoothing effect. Combine the HydraKer series for different therapy rituals and bring back your hair´s youth and natural beauty.

A deep moisturising shampoo with Keratin,thermal lipid-complex, Argan Oil, Vegetable proteins and Karite Shea Butter.

Right : Erayba Professional Line Hydraker Total Repair K10 Keratin Total Mask

Intense Keratin and Argan Oil therapy, absolute moisturized and renovated hair.

Paraben free, salt free, sulfate free
For damaged hair that needs special care and deep moisture. Enhanced hair reconstruction from inside out, hair protection, natural shine, nourishing and smoothing effect. Combine the HydraKer series for different therapy rituals and bring back your hair´s youth and natural beauty.
I trimmed my hair and fringe as well as my last trim was during cny period!
The aftermath results :
Photo 19-4-14 7 19 27 pm
Photo 20-4-14 1 10 31 am
Photo 20-4-14 1 11 52 am

Quote ‘Jean Gan’ to receive 15% off all hair services!

Valid till 31st Dec 2014!

Fluff Hair Room

14 Scotts Road, #05-84 Far East Plaza

Singapore, Singapore 288213

Phone   : 6836 0468

Email    :

[Beauty] How to make your DIY Gel Nails last?

Gel nails have their pros and cons but one of the main reason why girls have their nails done in gelish nail polish is due to the durability. Gel nails are known to last longer than normal nail polishes, although they are more harmful due to curing under UV/LED light.

Apart from having my manicure sessions done at nail salons, I like to DIY them myself.

These are the tools which are required :

grey DIY gelish nails x normal nail polishes

I have blogged about them before earlier on, so do take some time to read here before moving on, especially if you are new to this 🙂

I get most of my stuffs from Qoo10 and they aren’t expensive.

Although the quality of the nail polishes make a huge difference, I realised that some cheaper gel nails (authenticity unverified though) can last too! I know how expensive it is to have manicures done every now and then and also how pricey gel nail polish brands such as Gelish Harmony, Artistic, Red Carpet are…

I have soft and brittle nails (natural and due to wearing nail polishes too long) and often experience breakage and chipping. Furthermore, recently I have been suffering from short lifespan of my gel nails as they peel easily. And I don’t mean like chipping off bit by bit, it’s like the whole piece of nail polish peels off from my whole nail bed!

It’s definitely annoying especially since it can occur few hours or the day after my DIY manicure! Not to mention, it is also very unsightly. #OCD

So here are some useful tips which I have discovered that would help you achieve longer lasting gel nails :

1. Remove your previous manicure properly. I didn’t really follow this because most of my gel nails were able to peel off, so I took the easy way out and peel them all off, although not advisable. Heh.

2. Buff and file your nails. 

3. This is the most important step. I skipped this step previously and that was why my gel nails kept peeling off. Cleanse the nail bed thoroughly with Acetone. 

4. Apply pH bond. I used to think applying pH bond was sufficient and never really thought that there might be some residue left from my previous session despite peeling them all off.

5. Do not allow the nail polish to come into contact with your skin. If it does, remember to WIPE IT OFF BEFORE YOU CURE IT. This is because curing your nails under the UV/LED lamp ‘seals’ the nail polish and hardens it, thus making it difficult for you to salvage it without removing the whole nail polish again. Any ‘gaps’ will cause your nail polish to chip/peel. 

6. Apply an additional layer on your finger tips to ‘seal’ the whole nail bed. 

7. Apply an additional top coat and cure it for a longer time (optional).

Here are some of my humble works thus far :

diy gel

Hope you enjoy them and thanks for reading! 🙂

Are you ready to be a full-time blogger?

If you are a fellow blogger, I’m sure this question would pop up in your mind at a certain point of time during your blogger-journey.

I too have contemplated one two many times if I should take a leap of faith , drop everything  and just go for it. By ‘everything’ I meant to include all these :-

  • Full-time job
  • Academic qualifications which you have struggled to achieve
  • Stability from a full-time job, especially financially
  • Potential disappointment from your family member
  • Negative judgments of others

Let me explain myself in detail.

Full-time job

If you are still a student, in particular a full-time one, this may not be applicable to you.

If you hold a full-time day job like me, this would be the first issue that you would most likely consider.

I understand there are many bloggers out there who are blogging full-time and has taken blogging up many notches, placing it on par with a full-time job.

They could have been earning tonnes previously in their full-time job or struggling to make ends meet, whatever the case may be, the question is…

Are you ready?

Well, I do know that I’m not and the reasons are pretty simple.

I may not earn tonnes from my full-time job but am drawing a comfortable pay for my age and circumstances (no concrete commitments such as kids and mortgage payments). Till date, ever since from the last exam paper of my degree course, I have been working for around 3 years or so.

3 years is not an appealing number for me to forgo everything and switch to blogging as a source of income. I feel that there are so much more to learn, especially so as I am an in-house legal counsel whose job scope covers myriads of areas.

3 years is definitely not enough. I feel that I had barely started out and I feel inadequate.

Well, that’s my perspective.

Because of that, I am not ready to give up my full-time job and switch to a full-time blogger.

Academic Qualifications

Okay, some of you may not agree with me on this as there have many cases that portrayed the irrelevance of academic qualifications and the jobs people hold.

Some law grads ended up in other jobs.

For example, although Adrian Pang graduated with a law degree, he did not practise but trained at the ARTTS International in Bubwith instead. He worked for a number of years in British theatre and television before returning to Singapore (Wikipedia).

Selena Tan, most notable as one of the famous Dim Sum Dollies, left her high paying job as a lawyer to pursue her interest in arts, although she started acting since 14.

I furthered my studies with a Masters for a reason, be it for career prospects or personal self-achievement, I don’t think it is that simple for me to just cast that aside and blog full-time.

I am still keen to witness how far my academic qualifications will take me in my legal career.

Thus, back to the inadequacy of 3 years of post-qualification experience.

Financial Stability

Putting aside retrenchment issues, similar to a sales commission-based job with no basic salary, a full-time blogger pretty much faces similar situation.

If you have no engagements (for paid advertorials), you basically have no income.

Sponsored items won’t evolve into dollar notes either.

So, back to the same question.

Are you ready, financially?

Potential disappointment from family members

This refers to parents in particular.

I don’t think that ‘leaving my legal career for a full-time blogger job’ gels very well together in the eyes of parents, my parents.

I dare not think much of their reactions should this day when I break such news to them, although it’s pretty obvious what their reactions would be.

Please don’t be mistaken. They are not stern parents but I’m just saying, they may not take this idea positively.

Negative judgments from others

In the Singapore context, bloggers do not belong to a job category.

What would you say if family members and friends ask what do you do for a living?

They may frown in dismay. Like this kid.

Some may not even know what a ‘blogger’ is, especially our older folks.

But I guess the most common question would be, “Huh? Can survive meh?”

Unless you belong to the top-notch bloggers such as XiaXue or BongQiuQiu who earns tonnes from paid advertorials and get sponsored awesome items from top brands (XX was sponsored a C-A-R!), you have to consider this hugggeeeee leap carefully.

If you have not made much of a name for yourself in the blogosphere, like yours truly (*sniffs*), or if you have a humble little blog, like yours truly again (*sniffs sniffs*), you may want to hold back your eager thoughts of becoming a full-time blogger.

How do bloggers receive sponsorship and exclusive event invitations?

I think this topic has got to be one of the many interesting ones which readers or potential bloggers/beginner bloggers are keen to know and this partly reads the life of a blogger.

As requested by some readers, I have decided to share a fair bit on getting sponsorship and receiving invitations from exclusive invitations.

Naturally, it is always a struggle when you just started out, trying to make a name in any industry and the blogosphere applies accordingly as well.

It is difficult and I am no XX, QQ or KK.


I blog not only because of the perks but mainly because I love to write.

You can’t survive if you do not first have the passion as your interest would die off very quickly. Trust me on that.

Here are some ways and tips you may wish to consider if you are keen in enjoying the perks.

Be thick-skinned

I dislike mincing my words so when I said be thick-skinned, you really have to to possess that certain layer of thickness and approach others yourself directly.

This is especially true if you are just starting out, with no/minimal number of readership views.

You need to create awareness and draw attention to your blog. And it doesn’t stop there. How you keep readers interested and return to your blog is another matter all together. Perhaps I would leave that topic for another day.

Approaching established brands might fill your disappointment if you are barely starting out. These top companies usually engage PR/Media companies to handle their social media marketing business and of course, there are some silly ones which I have received before.

You can consider approaching smaller brands/companies but one way is to approach online shops and that are smaller ones/not so popular ones/just starting out like yourself.

However, bear in mind that these smaller ones may not be ready/have the capital to pay you for advertisements. Paid advertisements usually exist for established bloggers who have a stable amount of readership views.

My advice is that, don’t demand too much if you are just starting out. Whatever assignments that are appropriate and which you know you can complete without much hassle, take it.

$$$ can come in later.

You need to first create awareness of your blog. 

So ask, ask and ask.

Do consider PR firms as well. As the power of social media strengthens by the minute, there are several of them sprouting out.

Nevermind if you get rejected, at least you have made your little humble blog known.

Join blogger-management companies

Some companies that manage/advertise bloggers/involve in social media marketing such as MyFatPocket, GushCloud, NuffNang etc are good opportunities if you are seeking for more collaboration opportunities. As I have mentioned, companies do approach and outsource to such social media marketing companies to handle this portion of work for them, especially since they have the capital to do so.

Some of these social media marketing companies may require a certain level of popularity (based on your readership) before you may join as their panel of bloggers.

After you are in, your blog will be ‘managed’ by them at the back end and whatever advertorials/sponsorship/invitations would then be handled by them as well.

PR Skills

I must admit that I would need to brush up my own PR skills. I am not a social butterfly and I can appear aloof if you don’t know me. (Psst, it’s just that sometimes I’m too serious for my own good and either than that, I don’t really like to smile. But now with my ‘new’ smile, I hope that would motivate me to smile more and with more confidence).

But good for you if you are naturally vocal and sociable.

Once you receive invitations to events, extend your network further by chatting up with people. If you’re not that sociable, remember my first point.

As with any social event, the best and common method to reach out to more people is to exchange name cards.

Think connections, think networking.


Congrats! So you have received your first advertorial/sponsorship/invitation, what should be done thereafter?

Get your ass to it, complete within deadlines and basically, just do an awesome job!

Once you maintain such standard, clients would come back for more.

If you’d asked me, this is a no-brainer tip.

Nobody would want to continue engaging a blogger/generally and pay them if unsatisfactory work was produced, right?

Furthermore, I don’t know about you but the great sense of achievement you receive after putting in your best effort and the compliments you receive from clients on your commendable work, is really priceless.


[Review] Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Other than Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalising Mask, I also bought their Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream from Qoo10 (travel size).

My dark circles are horrendous, mainly stemmed from those late nights from mugging… I was hoping to find my holy grail. Then I chanced upon this eye cream while shopping on Qoo10 which helps to reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyes and I thought, why not, since I have some fine lines at my under eye areas too. Talk about ageing! 😥

photo 2 (50)

photo 3 (41)

Product Descriptions

Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this age-defying eye cream revitalizes skin around the eyes, reducing lines and wrinkles and minimizing dark circles and puffiness.

– Enzyme treated Korean Red Ginseng Saponin effectively minimizes wrinkles around the eye area and Yai Jiu Hua and Honey promotes skin’s natural circulation to combat dark circles and puffiness.
– Hydrating and softening, this age-defying eye cream restores renewed radiance and vitality to the eye area.

How to Use

After applying serum in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount and smooth over the eye area by patting with fingertips.

Absurd invitations from PR/media companies

I don’t usually rant on my blog but this is something I feel worth penning down.

So you have read the life of a blogger previously and would know that bloggers are a huge part of the social media network which companies engage for marketing purposes.

I have received some silly if not absurd invitations from companies be it beauty services or media events and have decided to pen the content down, but not naming and shaming any company.

As beauty contributes largely to my blog content (as seen from the keywords below my blog page), naturally companies that provide beauty services would source for beauty bloggers like me to advertise their products/services.

Recently I received a warm invitation for a sponsored manicure and facial at a beauty salon which I reckoned seem pretty decent due to its centralised location (although this may be a misjudgment).

I recalled replying the email a day or two after receiving it as I would need to confirm my schedule before arranging an appointment with them. Furthermore, manicure session takes time to complete so I had to factor that in before I can commit a date.

I replied with a date and time.

And I did not receive any reply from them thereafter.

No reply, nothing.

I start to wonder if such companies are serious in collaborating to even begin with (despite the properly-articulated email invitation).

Second incident was even more recent.

It was from an established company but this time round, there were replies back and forth so yes, they were responsive and at least more responsible than the first example given above.

However, the content in the invitation was quite absurd to me. 2 absurdities actually, I only realised the other after my bf pointed it out to me.

I was invited for a sneak preview of an upcoming popular blockbuster movie, oh no wait, not a sneak preview because that would mean a full movie but only screened to certain group of people who gets to enjoy such a privilege before the official screening date.

I was actually invited to a 30min short screening of the movie.


And it was located at Vivo City at 10am.


Are you thinking that I am that ‘bo liao’ (nothing better to do) to travel all the way down to Vivo on a weekend morning (weekends are for sleeping in or till late at least) alone just for a 30min movie?

Even if I really had nothing better to do, I’d rather sleep.

Now that’s considered doing something right?

I actually did request to bring along a +1 (which is logical right?) which was somehow acceded but it seems like the guest had to be a blogger as well. PFFT.

I never had problems bringing along a +1 for movie invites so far until this.

Really, how many bloggers would actually be interested in such invitations?

And just FYI, in case you think bloggers are ‘cheapskate’ like that, we are to return with a blog post of the media invitation. Nothing is really free in such cases. 

The last annoying incident which I can recall apart from having invitations for events that can only take place during office hours (part-time bloggers with a full-time job really loathe this!) is when I have politely turn down the invitation as I couldn’t make it, but yet still being pestered to blog about the event WHICH I DIDN’T EVEN ATTEND.

This happens with a certain PR company (not gonna mention names here) and has already happened few times before. So first I receive an invitation then if I can’t accommodate to the schedule, I would politely reject. Then what should happen next?

Surely sending repeated emails asking me to blog (in other words, advertise) about the event for the products and services should not be the correct way?

I have ignored your 1st email asking me to blog about the event (with the attachments) FOR A REASON.

And I know these people are so pushy because they have their KPI to hit.

But come on lah, I’m sure this is not the correct method.

Definitely not to me because it really pisses me off until I had to reply the email, stating the obvious that “I am only inclined to blog about events that I have attended”.

Even with that, I am still being polite but yet able to convey my meaning to them.

So please, do something about it, won’t you?

*Before I receive any mean comments/hate mails (not that I have experienced before, thank god!), I’m not boasting about how I, as a blogger, get invites to this and that. I mean most bloggers do anyway, and I do not attend much compared to other bloggers anyway. So this post only covers the absurdity I have come across from PR/Media companies and nothing else.

Life as a blogger


Being a blogger is such an easy feat nowadays.

By just owning and blogging, you’re termed ‘blogger’.

Sure, anybody can be one but does it take to be a real, committed, hardworking and responsible one?

I started blogging on off when I was still a full-time student and only 2 years ago did I really take the plunge and be more diligent in blogging. The only motivation for me then was to share reviews of beauty products with like-minded ladies which also helps me in a way to pen down my thoughts.

Like online blogshops, the blogosphere for bloggers is a very saturated one. Everyone tries to outdo the rest and it’s just one of the sub mini rat race on its own too.

A negative vibe that is attached to bloggers nowadays is the greed that everyone thinks we bloggers possess.

Yes, we do receive sponsorship, media invitations, freebies and what not…but at what price?

For me, I am not a full-time blogger as I have a day-time job as a Legal Counsel. Still, I have deadlines for advertorials and assignments which I try to meet whenever I have the time (and mood and not forgetting inspiration…).

And it’s not just posting up shabby work, copying and pasting from sources or other bloggers’ work (which I had bad experience before with bloggers copying my work – not naming who – and because of that my efforts went to waste when I wasn’t prized).

I have actually blogged about my introspective thoughts after crossing the 1 year mark.

You know, it is very simple to differentiate a work piece that is authentic and has substance over some sketchy blog post, and this reflects a lot on the blogger himself/herself.

Regardless of whether the clients request for draft posts or not, I will always make it a point to provide quality work and revert them with my url link once completed.

The great sense of achievement after receiving compliments from them is priceless. You know your effort and time taken are worth it.

Apart from responsibilities and perks, blogging has also offered many opportunities such as :

  • Marketing skills – when you’re advertising for clients, you will need a trick or two to effectively relay the message – I didn’t study marketing or communication, so I picked up such skills on my own – on-the-job training, research and common sense
  • Raising my English standards – not that my standard is that bad to begin with but blogging on a public domain ‘forces’ you to check up the spelling of a particular word or see if the sentence seems awkward, grammar and vocab skills all comes into play. On the same note, I really loathe reading blogs that have poor English and I get very annoyed by them. If you’re gonna blog, please ensure you make the effort to brush up your English. Well, at least, I do.
  • Expanding social circle – not that I am a natural social butterfly – I am quite the opposite. But blogging has allowed me to widen my social circle a little and improved my social skills (with the help of my bf who is a natural). I am still trying to improve on this though.
  • Widen knowledge – apart from the beauty articles I write for MyFatPocket, we bloggers have monthly assignments too and whenever I encounter something unfamiliar, google will be my first point of contact for assistance. Say for example, the male escort industry, tips to improve your life,meanings of your mole positions etc… Mama used to told me that reading widens your knowledge, which is true.

If you’re looking to be a blogger with MyFatPocket, here’s your chance!

 If you have what it takes to be the next MFP blogger, here’s how:

1. Write a post on your blog on why you should be our next big thing.

2. Email us the blogpost link and share your masterpiece at, with the email subject – I AM the Next MFP Blogger.

3. If we think you are IT, we will email you on 8th May 2014.

4. Pop champagne and do the chicken dance if you are the winner.

That is not all. The Next MFP Blogger will also win an Exclusive Invitation to Mrs Singapore 2014 Finals on 10th May 2014 where you will be invited on stage to get the NEXT MFP BLOGGER sash, $500 Facial Treatment Voucher & Fresver Beauty Totè Bag.

Contest ends on 7 May 2014. Good luck, ladies.