Life as a blogger


Being a blogger is such an easy feat nowadays.

By just owning and blogging, you’re termed ‘blogger’.

Sure, anybody can be one but does it take to be a real, committed, hardworking and responsible one?

I started blogging on off when I was still a full-time student and only 2 years ago did I really take the plunge and be more diligent in blogging. The only motivation for me then was to share reviews of beauty products with like-minded ladies which also helps me in a way to pen down my thoughts.

Like online blogshops, the blogosphere for bloggers is a very saturated one. Everyone tries to outdo the rest and it’s just one of the sub mini rat race on its own too.

A negative vibe that is attached to bloggers nowadays is the greed that everyone thinks we bloggers possess.

Yes, we do receive sponsorship, media invitations, freebies and what not…but at what price?

For me, I am not a full-time blogger as I have a day-time job as a Legal Counsel. Still, I have deadlines for advertorials and assignments which I try to meet whenever I have the time (and mood and not forgetting inspiration…).

And it’s not just posting up shabby work, copying and pasting from sources or other bloggers’ work (which I had bad experience before with bloggers copying my work – not naming who – and because of that my efforts went to waste when I wasn’t prized).

I have actually blogged about my introspective thoughts after crossing the 1 year mark.

You know, it is very simple to differentiate a work piece that is authentic and has substance over some sketchy blog post, and this reflects a lot on the blogger himself/herself.

Regardless of whether the clients request for draft posts or not, I will always make it a point to provide quality work and revert them with my url link once completed.

The great sense of achievement after receiving compliments from them is priceless. You know your effort and time taken are worth it.

Apart from responsibilities and perks, blogging has also offered many opportunities such as :

  • Marketing skills – when you’re advertising for clients, you will need a trick or two to effectively relay the message – I didn’t study marketing or communication, so I picked up such skills on my own – on-the-job training, research and common sense
  • Raising my English standards – not that my standard is that bad to begin with but blogging on a public domain ‘forces’ you to check up the spelling of a particular word or see if the sentence seems awkward, grammar and vocab skills all comes into play. On the same note, I really loathe reading blogs that have poor English and I get very annoyed by them. If you’re gonna blog, please ensure you make the effort to brush up your English. Well, at least, I do.
  • Expanding social circle – not that I am a natural social butterfly – I am quite the opposite. But blogging has allowed me to widen my social circle a little and improved my social skills (with the help of my bf who is a natural). I am still trying to improve on this though.
  • Widen knowledge – apart from the beauty articles I write for MyFatPocket, we bloggers have monthly assignments too and whenever I encounter something unfamiliar, google will be my first point of contact for assistance. Say for example, the male escort industry, tips to improve your life,meanings of your mole positions etc… Mama used to told me that reading widens your knowledge, which is true.

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