Absurd invitations from PR/media companies

I don’t usually rant on my blog but this is something I feel worth penning down.

So you have read the life of a blogger previously and would know that bloggers are a huge part of the social media network which companies engage for marketing purposes.

I have received some silly if not absurd invitations from companies be it beauty services or media events and have decided to pen the content down, but not naming and shaming any company.

As beauty contributes largely to my blog content (as seen from the keywords below my blog page), naturally companies that provide beauty services would source for beauty bloggers like me to advertise their products/services.

Recently I received a warm invitation for a sponsored manicure and facial at a beauty salon which I reckoned seem pretty decent due to its centralised location (although this may be a misjudgment).

I recalled replying the email a day or two after receiving it as I would need to confirm my schedule before arranging an appointment with them. Furthermore, manicure session takes time to complete so I had to factor that in before I can commit a date.

I replied with a date and time.

And I did not receive any reply from them thereafter.

No reply, nothing.

I start to wonder if such companies are serious in collaborating to even begin with (despite the properly-articulated email invitation).

Second incident was even more recent.

It was from an established company but this time round, there were replies back and forth so yes, they were responsive and at least more responsible than the first example given above.

However, the content in the invitation was quite absurd to me. 2 absurdities actually, I only realised the other after my bf pointed it out to me.

I was invited for a sneak preview of an upcoming popular blockbuster movie, oh no wait, not a sneak preview because that would mean a full movie but only screened to certain group of people who gets to enjoy such a privilege before the official screening date.

I was actually invited to a 30min short screening of the movie.


And it was located at Vivo City at 10am.


Are you thinking that I am that ‘bo liao’ (nothing better to do) to travel all the way down to Vivo on a weekend morning (weekends are for sleeping in or till late at least) alone just for a 30min movie?

Even if I really had nothing better to do, I’d rather sleep.

Now that’s considered doing something right?

I actually did request to bring along a +1 (which is logical right?) which was somehow acceded but it seems like the guest had to be a blogger as well. PFFT.

I never had problems bringing along a +1 for movie invites so far until this.

Really, how many bloggers would actually be interested in such invitations?

And just FYI, in case you think bloggers are ‘cheapskate’ like that, we are to return with a blog post of the media invitation. Nothing is really free in such cases. 

The last annoying incident which I can recall apart from having invitations for events that can only take place during office hours (part-time bloggers with a full-time job really loathe this!) is when I have politely turn down the invitation as I couldn’t make it, but yet still being pestered to blog about the event WHICH I DIDN’T EVEN ATTEND.

This happens with a certain PR company (not gonna mention names here) and has already happened few times before. So first I receive an invitation then if I can’t accommodate to the schedule, I would politely reject. Then what should happen next?

Surely sending repeated emails asking me to blog (in other words, advertise) about the event for the products and services should not be the correct way?

I have ignored your 1st email asking me to blog about the event (with the attachments) FOR A REASON.

And I know these people are so pushy because they have their KPI to hit.

But come on lah, I’m sure this is not the correct method.

Definitely not to me because it really pisses me off until I had to reply the email, stating the obvious that “I am only inclined to blog about events that I have attended”.

Even with that, I am still being polite but yet able to convey my meaning to them.

So please, do something about it, won’t you?

*Before I receive any mean comments/hate mails (not that I have experienced before, thank god!), I’m not boasting about how I, as a blogger, get invites to this and that. I mean most bloggers do anyway, and I do not attend much compared to other bloggers anyway. So this post only covers the absurdity I have come across from PR/Media companies and nothing else.

8 thoughts on “Absurd invitations from PR/media companies

  1. haha I was at the thirty minutes screening that you were invited to. I was well aware about the nature of the screening, and yes, the organizers are extending the invite to the actual premiere, end of this month. Was I expected to blog about this? No. In fact, the organizers did say that we are not supposed to blog about the screening itself at all.

    while i have had my fair share of interesting and silly event invites, this particular screening, i personally feel, do not qualify in your post about absurd invitations, knowing the full facts beforehand.

    • Hi Mohd Hisham, appreciate your reply. How did you find the event and show?
      You mentioned that we were not explicitly required to blog about the event but let me know offer some pointers from my perspective which the organisers would appreciate/expect a blog post on this.

      Firstly, I’m not sure if all the invitees receive the same email invitation but this was extracted from the one I had received.

      “We hope that this is something that will be interesting/exciting to you and your readers.”

      Question is, if we are not required to blog about this, how would it affect and reach to our readers even before it interests them?

      Secondly, as mentioned in my blog post, guests had to be a blogger as well, doesn’t this imply something perhaps they are also expected to blog about it too?

      The expectations may not be explicitly laid down but via implications based on their email.

      Adding on to that, the subject matter of ‘absurdity’ was targeted at the short duration of the screening. The expectations of the return of a blog post is secondary.

      I hope this clarifies, I hardly post information whereby there is a lack of qualification. 🙂

      • Your reaction to this is justified. Maybe I missed the part about

        “We hope that this is something that will be interesting/exciting to you and your readers.”

        since that portion is mostly template-d. They probably ask that the additional person you bring, be a blogger as well, since this is a blogger specific event. i do not want to make excuses for them tho.

        in future, i guess you can say no to other absurd events. 🙂

      • Hi, yup of course I understand that the event was ‘blogger specific’ and yes, of course I’ll have to say ‘no’ to such events in the future, thanks! 😀

  2. Well said! Bloggers like us are not desperate for invites and products. In exchange, we spend so much effort on photography and photo-processing as well as the detailed write-up. Loathe for those who think otherwise.

    • Yes and sometimes the editing and snapping of good pictures are so time and energy-consuming!
      By the way, congrats on your engagement and all the best for your BIG day babe! 😉

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