Are you ready to be a full-time blogger?

If you are a fellow blogger, I’m sure this question would pop up in your mind at a certain point of time during your blogger-journey.

I too have contemplated one two many times if I should take a leap of faith , drop everything  and just go for it. By ‘everything’ I meant to include all these :-

  • Full-time job
  • Academic qualifications which you have struggled to achieve
  • Stability from a full-time job, especially financially
  • Potential disappointment from your family member
  • Negative judgments of others

Let me explain myself in detail.

Full-time job

If you are still a student, in particular a full-time one, this may not be applicable to you.

If you hold a full-time day job like me, this would be the first issue that you would most likely consider.

I understand there are many bloggers out there who are blogging full-time and has taken blogging up many notches, placing it on par with a full-time job.

They could have been earning tonnes previously in their full-time job or struggling to make ends meet, whatever the case may be, the question is…

Are you ready?

Well, I do know that I’m not and the reasons are pretty simple.

I may not earn tonnes from my full-time job but am drawing a comfortable pay for my age and circumstances (no concrete commitments such as kids and mortgage payments). Till date, ever since from the last exam paper of my degree course, I have been working for around 3 years or so.

3 years is not an appealing number for me to forgo everything and switch to blogging as a source of income. I feel that there are so much more to learn, especially so as I am an in-house legal counsel whose job scope covers myriads of areas.

3 years is definitely not enough. I feel that I had barely started out and I feel inadequate.

Well, that’s my perspective.

Because of that, I am not ready to give up my full-time job and switch to a full-time blogger.

Academic Qualifications

Okay, some of you may not agree with me on this as there have many cases that portrayed the irrelevance of academic qualifications and the jobs people hold.

Some law grads ended up in other jobs.

For example, although Adrian Pang graduated with a law degree, he did not practise but trained at the ARTTS International in Bubwith instead. He worked for a number of years in British theatre and television before returning to Singapore (Wikipedia).

Selena Tan, most notable as one of the famous Dim Sum Dollies, left her high paying job as a lawyer to pursue her interest in arts, although she started acting since 14.

I furthered my studies with a Masters for a reason, be it for career prospects or personal self-achievement, I don’t think it is that simple for me to just cast that aside and blog full-time.

I am still keen to witness how far my academic qualifications will take me in my legal career.

Thus, back to the inadequacy of 3 years of post-qualification experience.

Financial Stability

Putting aside retrenchment issues, similar to a sales commission-based job with no basic salary, a full-time blogger pretty much faces similar situation.

If you have no engagements (for paid advertorials), you basically have no income.

Sponsored items won’t evolve into dollar notes either.

So, back to the same question.

Are you ready, financially?

Potential disappointment from family members

This refers to parents in particular.

I don’t think that ‘leaving my legal career for a full-time blogger job’ gels very well together in the eyes of parents, my parents.

I dare not think much of their reactions should this day when I break such news to them, although it’s pretty obvious what their reactions would be.

Please don’t be mistaken. They are not stern parents but I’m just saying, they may not take this idea positively.

Negative judgments from others

In the Singapore context, bloggers do not belong to a job category.

What would you say if family members and friends ask what do you do for a living?

They may frown in dismay. Like this kid.

Some may not even know what a ‘blogger’ is, especially our older folks.

But I guess the most common question would be, “Huh? Can survive meh?”

Unless you belong to the top-notch bloggers such as XiaXue or BongQiuQiu who earns tonnes from paid advertorials and get sponsored awesome items from top brands (XX was sponsored a C-A-R!), you have to consider this hugggeeeee leap carefully.

If you have not made much of a name for yourself in the blogosphere, like yours truly (*sniffs*), or if you have a humble little blog, like yours truly again (*sniffs sniffs*), you may want to hold back your eager thoughts of becoming a full-time blogger.

4 thoughts on “Are you ready to be a full-time blogger?

  1. You know, I am on the same boat… the main reason I started blogging is because I am so tired of working for OTHERS. Following rules, working 9 hours a day…. I am software engineer by the way, I really hate taking orders from others. Thats the main reason I started blogging.

    I have considered taking this hugee leap and recently, I changed my company and had 2 months break in between…. in that time, I learnt that taking up blogging as a full time thing is not as great as I thought – you need to be highly motivated and inspired to work on your own blog. Secondly, since there are SOO many bloggers, you need to have a little luck to stand out among all of them. And thirdly, its veryyyy hard to earn from google adsense…. only about 1% of your readers will end up clicking on your ads, so you need a LOTT of traffic to make any decent money out of google. And lastly, the parent trap – mine seemed soooo dissapointed that I was planning of leaving my job for blogging.

    And there are other things also, like if you are used to going to work everyday, you will get REALLY bored sitting at home and working which again leads to demotivation.

    Now that I am in a new job, I have decided to keep my full time job and continue my part time blogging until such a time[if ever] that my blog starts doing well.

    • Hi Sahana, your situation seems pretty much similar to mine. I am glad my blog post can relate to many others and am elated to receive response! Otherwise, it’s gonna be so boring ‘talking’ to myself here on the blog..haha!
      All the best in ur full-time and part-time job! Cheers! 🙂

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