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This has gotta be one of the more personal posts that I am gonna blog today and it relates to my schooling days when I was younger…

Despite working as a Legal Counsel now, I didn’t do that well back in secondary school and JC.

The worst was when I was in Sec 3 where I had almost retained, i.e. repeated the whole academic year.



I was cool before cool was cool

That obviously pretty much upset my parents but these bad results were also a wake-up call for me and thankfully, did knock some sense into me.

Consequently, I started to put in more effort and time into my studies, worked hard and graduated as the top few of my batch for O levels and managed to make it to JC.

Class photo during my 1st year in JC

Class photo during my 1st year in JC

Class photo during my 1st year in JC

Class photo during my 1st year in JC

Class photo during my 1st year in JC

Can you spot me??

But A levels was not an easy feat and I struggled too, especially with Chemistry, thinking it would be such a breeze since I aced it during my O levels. But hell no!

My A level results were neither here nor there but I managed to snag a place in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for English Literature, but turned it down due to the limited job prospects upon graduation. I was told that Lit grads could try for jobs relating to communications such as journalists, reports, writers etc or either that be a teacher. None of them are my cup of tea.

I was stuck and was at crossroads as I had nowhere to go, leaving me with no choice but to relook into other alternatives.

After which, I was encouraged by my dad to pursue Law and today, as you may have already known, I’m working as a Legal Counsel, graduating with my Master of Laws (LLM) soon.



Graduation picture for the conferment of my Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree

Graduation picture for the conferment of my Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree

Honestly speaking, I was really upset when I couldn’t make it to top JCs and was even more devastated when I didn’t make it to local universities.

It may be still one of my greatest regrets in my life that I wasn’t part of the cream of the crop in academic-wise, scoring straight As, topping my cohort, offered scholarships or making into the Dean’s list.

But look at where I am today.

Not that I am a millionaire or a high-flyer now but I can safely say that comparing myself to my peers who graduated from local unis, the job prospects and salary (of course) that I am drawing is definitely way better.

A law degree was the stepping stone of my career which helped to open many doors and with the mentality of upgrading myself, I took the initiative to further my studies.

You know how Singapore’s culture is like and the inevitable rat race which we are constantly challenging ourselves to complete it successfully.

So what I am saying is that, all is not lost if you do not make it to local universities.

Yeah, I’m sure it definitely looks better in paper but ultimately, isn’t the figures you see in your bank accounts every month top your priority list?

A paper qualification is just a stepping stone and ultimately, you will need to rely on your other skills to survive in the workforce such as efficiency, time management, team work player, how fast a learner you are, interpersonal skills etc if you intend to scale the corporate ladder.

Today’s employers are increasingly on the lookout for an innovative and creative workforce, they will be seeking people who can research, develop, analyse and communicate ideas in a world of technological, economic, political and social change. Thus, you will be ideally placed to take up this challenge with the ability to reason and communicate.

PSB Academy’s Undergraduate Programme: Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) (Part-time) offers you just that.

This programme by The University of Western Australia :

✓ The only Western Australian university to belong to the Group of Eight Australia

✓ A World Top 100 University

(Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2013 / Top 200 QS World University Rankings 2013)

✓ Ranked No. 7 among Australia universities

(Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2013-2014)

Top 100 universities in the world for Social Sciences

(Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2013-2014)

Communication Studies is one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving areas of study in today’s media driven world. What we know of the world and how we can act in it is critically related to the use of technologies of communication, from spoken language and written text to images on a screen or avatars on the web. This specialist degree provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of communication. The degree combines theoretical knowledge with the development of practical communication skills, including the use of the latest digital multimedia technology.’

The programme is taught by The University of Western Australia’s own faculty members who fly in to Singapore to conduct the lessons.

So why should you study this programme?

* Expands your career options in the media, marketing, advertising or any communications-related fields

* Equips you with flexible and portable communications skills, making you particularly valuable to prospective employers and enabling you to change easily to any communications-related fields you desire to work in

* Hones your creative thinking skills, an asset applicable to just about any business or organisation

Who should study this programme?

If you are currently in the advertising, journalism, media, marketing and public relations industries, and wish to advance in your current position, considering changing to another communications related industry or wish to enter the creative/arts industry, then this programme is for you.

If you are looking into pursuing your degree now but yet not wanting to lose your income, why not consider this part-time course? It is also suitable for those who wants to effectively explore more into communication studies and skills and can act as a 2nd degree to supplement your 1st degree! As we all know, a degree is now the new O levels and by equipping yourself with an additional cert, it would definitely do more good than harm.

Most of us pursue a degree for our career prospects and so, by equipping ourselves with this degree, what are the relevant career opportunities that lie ahead?

Graduates from this programme possess an extra insight into the role of communication in every aspect of our daily lives.

The best thing is that this is a programme specially designed for part-time students and may be completed in 24 months. Successful applicants enter the programme at Year 2 of a 3-year programme!

Interested? For more information on the admission requirements, tuition fees, and other sign-up offers, please click here. You can get a pair of Golden Village vouchers* when you sign up now! *T&Cs apply.

For more information on the admission requirements, tuition fees, grants and application matters, please click here.


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