[Exclusive Media Event] Frank by OCBC’s 3rd Birthday Bash at Orchard Gateway!

Exclusive Private Media Event

I know some of you guys may have read about this event in some other blogs and that I’m really late in posting this mainly because it occurred during one of the most busiest period of my life jugging between 4 consecutive exam papers including 2 on a same day as well as settling down with my new job.

It’s better now though so I have to be a responsible blogger and clear up all my backlogs…ahem!

Have you been to the new mall that everyone has been talking about? It’s literally talk of the town because it’s located at Orchard!

It’s none other than Orchard Gateway!

And Frank by OCBC has set up a branch there 🙂


Photo 8-5-14 8 14 26 pm (1)

Photo 8-5-14 9 33 04 pm

There was also a set up of refreshments which was superb and thoughtful for those who rushed down after work to grace the event 🙂

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 20 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 56 57 pm Photo 3-6-14 1 56 53 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 13 pm

Photo 8-5-14 7 30 01 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 04 pm

And there was also a fun photobooth!

Photo 8-5-14 7 34 04 pm

Photo 8-5-14 7 33 55 pm

And here’s ours! 🙂

Photo 4-6-14 10 52 24 pm

OCBC’s Chief Marketing personnel greeted us and gave a speech on the making and marketing of Frank by OCBC.

Photo 8-5-14 8 15 25 pm

There were a few presentations by a few inspiring speakers at the event and one of them was none other than…

Joanne Soo

Photo 8-5-14 8 20 35 pm

This fine lady is one of the few people in the world who have scaled and conquered Mount Everest. She is part of The Singapore Women’s Everest Team (SWET) – first all-female team from Singapore, which comprises of 6 young women who are attempting to summit the world’s highest mountain in 2009.

Photo 8-5-14 8 22 03 pm

Joanne feeding us with information about the world’s highest mountain


Photo 8-5-14 8 36 37 pm

Joanne highlighting one of the risks that mountaineers take while scaling mountains – frost bites.

I have always been an advocate of feminism (which I took some time and effort to collaborate with AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) Singapore in a few research projects) and I totally salute The Singapore Women’s Everest Team (SWET). They are one good example and illustration of how motivation can help one to push their boundaries as well as how their potent belief and faith has helped them achieve their goals. A goal that not many of us in this world is able to reach.

Ahmad Hidayat 

Photo 8-5-14 8 43 12 pm

Former co-owner of Kith Cafe, Ahmad Hidayat who is one of less than 10 internationally qualified baristas in Singapore and is currently now the founder of Dutch Colony Coffee Co. You can read more here. Ahmad and his boys also treated us with complimentary coffee after the event was over.

Coffee, coffee or coffee?


Photo 8-5-14 9 29 30 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 22 pm

Photo 8-5-14 9 27 41 pm (1)

Ahmad’s story is very different from Joanne’s and this awesome guy gave an inspiring side of his story as well.

Photo 8-5-14 8 50 47 pm

Ahmad started off sharing his work experience as an entrepreneur which we all know is not easy.

Photo 8-5-14 8 53 09 pm

Ahmad also shared on the important of wealth management and growth in the world of entrepreneurship.

Apart from these entertaining and inspiring speeches and yummy food, the main highlight of this event was to educate and emphasise the importance of good and proper wealth management in order to live your dreams. Proper strategy in planning your finance is always a must for almost every aspect in life, be it to travel to your dream destination, get your hands on your favourite branded bag, own your first car or perhaps even to settle down and start a family.

With the high standards of living, prices usually only increase. Just think of tuition fees, when have they ever decrease as the years go by?


FRANK has done their market research and advocates these 4 principles in order to help their customers achieve their goals.



SAVE: I save before I spend.
INVEST: I amplify my wealth.
PROTECT: I use protection
SPEND: I enjoy small indulgences
Photo 9-5-14 8 47 00 am
This is the simplest principle that one should be prudent in following. Do you make it compulsory to save whatever you earn from work or receive from your parents (assuming you are not financially independent yet)?
I guess the best incentive when saving your hard-earned moolah with banks is the returns you would receive. FRANK offers a higher interest of 0.2 – 0.4% per annum.
FRANK also offers a fuss-free and convenient method of saving your moolah via online banking which helps you to keep track of your expenditure. FRANK’S  Money Flow feature automatically tracks how much you have spent as well as allow you to view your spending by month or by category (i.e. shopping, dining, travel, etc.). In addition, if you are not discipline enough, let FRANK do the work for you. With this online feature, it allows you to set up sub-accounts which provides for an automated savings transaction. This means the preferred amount you want to save would automatically be transferred into this sub-account. In this way, you will have a clearer picture of how much your have spend thus far, be it on ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ as well as how far away are you from your desired goal.
One of the most common way, other than gaining returns from interest rates from banks which may be relatively much lesser compared to investments.
If you are age between 18-29 and studying in local tertiary education (Polytechnics, Junior Colleges & Universities), you may consider on the The Young Investor Programme which is specially designed to guide you. Through this programme, you will get access to exclusive educational workshops, real-live stock trading across 14 global markets and to a line-up of useful tools.
Alternatively, FRANK also provides a channel for the account holders to invest in blue chip shares, which you can buy in smaller numbers and not the standard lot of 1000 shares. All this at a low investment of $100 a month.

3. I use protection

Cheeky as the picture above may seem, this is definitely referring to another type of protection for yourself. Yes, I’m referring to insurances. We have all heard about the importance of insurance and how they can help to benefit us should anything arise. Life is unpredictable and anything can happen, anytime. FRANK covers health and travel insurance as well as endowment plans.

So as you can see, FRANK does not only cover financial matters but health issues as well, which is more important than the figures in your bank account.

4. I enjoy small indulgences

It is important to note that credit cards may and can lead to overspending and incurring debts which anyone should be mindful. You should only spend within your means to and spend it wisely. That also brings back back to the 1st principle of ‘I save before I spend’. I always make it a point to clear whatever credit card payments I own before the deadline so that I would not be charged with late payment penalty and interests.

With FRANK, you can choose from myriads of designs :

Photo 8-5-14 9 08 35 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 11 pm




frankbyocbc9I’m sure there ought to be one that catches your eye!

What’s more is that FRANK Credit Card allow you to use the NETS FlashPay on the FRANK Credit Card for MRT and bus rides, or movie tickets, quick bites and more!

Keep yourself updated with FRANK’s Social Media platforms :

FRANK Facebook page

FRANK Twitter page

Lots of Love,

Jean 🙂

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