My first trail run – Lion Dash 2014 @ Tampines Bike Park

I thought since I’ve been into fitness and diet myself, why not share with other girls who are keen?

Let’s start with sharing my experience in a very recent run event – Lion Dash 2014. As this was our first trail run, we opted for ‘Fun Run’ instead of the other 2 categories. It was also because I didn’t want to get all muddy and dirty which we eventually did covered ourselves with even for the ‘Fun Run’.

Don’t let its name mislead you, it was definitely not fun at all. Or perhaps, challenging would be a more appropriate word.

We have been participating in other run events (I don’t use the word ‘marathon’ because that would technically mean 42.195km) since 2013.

These are the medals I have achieved thus far, excluding a Nike Run which didn’t give out any medal but just a finisher tee -_-” (Nike u so rich , y u no give medal?!)

Photo 12-6-14 9 15 02 pm

The bf started joining such events with his friends first and later, I got roped in and from then on, my interest grew. Of course, I had another agenda which is to lose weight!!! Consequently, I run on my own on certain evenings after work as well.

At the start of the race.

Photo 8-6-14 9 55 38 am

The Lion Dash as mentioned was the most challenging run ever I have experienced. Apart from the puddles of mud which some could be intentionally avoided, there were deep pools of muddy water as  well. It was knee-level and because the water was muddy, we could not see how deep or shallow it was. Hence, we took some time to cross over the long stretch of the pool of muddy water and because the ground was so soft due to mud, we nearly fell.

I read from other runners’ experience that some of them suffered some cuts and abrasions as well.

In addition, as with all trail runs, the incline is definitely not a flat-level one. Running up-slope was very exhausting and I was very much not prepared for that since most of my runs were on flat-grounds. Running down-slope was also a tricky one because some were so steep that I was so afraid of falling or roll downhill…LOL!

We did not bring our phones along and kept it at the baggage corner for safekeeping since we were afraid that our phones might get dirty or drop into the mud, so there are no pictures from my camera.

These are some pictures which I got off from their official Facebook account. 

I guess the deep pool of muddy water wasn’t captured because the photographers were afraid too.

You may view the rest of the pictures here via Running Shots’ Facebook.

These were the only 3 pictures of us.

I know right, that serious look that I’m wearing on my face….I dont know why the bf is looking so chirpy…?!

I don’t know how long I took but I think it was approx 1h30min for 8km? Usually I’ll take about 1h20min for 10km so you can imagine the reasons for the delay.

And even though our race category did not include obstacles, apart from the above-mentioned ones, we needed to climb over huge logs and branches. There was one that was so high that I had difficulty climbing over because my legs are just too short -_-”

The huge ass log was placed in the muddy water and I couldn’t balance myself and decided to just tramp on the muddy waters instead.

On top of that, we also had to climb over a mountain of huge tyres…

Yeah, see that mountain of tyres behind?

We didn’t had to roll or carry the tyres because it wasn’t in our race category.

You know, I actually feel kinda cheated because we still had to encounter some obstacles, argh!

Anyhoo, we still managed to find some energy to snap pics after the run.

Photo 8-6-14 10 58 24 am

Photo 8-6-14 10 46 08 am

Photo 8-6-14 9 58 20 am

Photo 8-6-14 10 46 03 am

Photo 8-6-14 10 45 01 am

Photo 8-6-14 9 56 22 am

Photo 8-6-14 10 34 53 am

I’m keen to join Shape Run and Great Eastern Women’s race (thinking of whether to try out 1/2 marathon – 21km) since I’ve not tried before…Looking for kakis to join me! 😀

If you are gonna join too, maybe you will see me there too? 😛

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