10 annoying questions I get as a Blogger

Inspired by my fellow blogger friends, I decided to pen down 10 annoying questions I get as a Blogger.

1. This product FOC (Free-of-Charge) one ah? People sponsored you ah?

Sigh, even some of the stuffs owned by power bloggers such as Xiaxue, Qiuqiu and Tammy Tay are paid by themselves, what more me.

If I were a power blogger too, then I guess perhaps most of the stuffs I own/blog might be sponsored, but unfortunately, I am not 😦

So yes, contrary to he beliefs of some people, there are products/services which I paid.

2. Wah, you are a Legal Counsel and a blogger? Where you get the time?

I must admit that my recent workload is scaling up and I am OT-ing more often now. My 6-month old job is indeed much more demanding  in terms of stress and workload compared to my previous job which was of the same designation and job scope.

My current job sees me as a Legal Counsel for a public listed company which has several subsidiaries, both local and overseas and my capable CEO, of whom I report to directly (tell me about the stress!) have been aggressively acquiring companies. This simply means that all these companies are under my care for legal work, so…the question is, where do I get the time and energy to blog/attend events?

I used to be able to attend events after work where I was still able to rush down in time. But because of the change of situation, I dare not commit to attending events after work now. It would not be impressive at all to commit and then cancel thereafter, or turn up extremely late. 😦

I hereby sincerely apologise to those I have disappointed 😦

As for blogging, if I hadn’t the time, I wouldn’t be blogging right now. Kidding.

You will just have to find the time or make time for it. This comes in important because if you have the passion to blog (and not just earn buckaroos), you will always have the time for it. It depends on how you manage and juggle your priorities.

Just take a look at Dr. Leslie Tay who is a family doctor and practices at Karri Family Clinic in Tampines.  He is happily married with two young children. If he/others can do it, why can you or me? 😉

Just think, when you were a student or still is, why do you always have the time for fun and not study? The same logic applies.

3. You where will broke one? You are a lawyer + blogger leh

Okay lor, thank you for seeing so highly of me.

A millionaire can still be broke if he/she doesn’t manage his/her finance well ma, if you know what I mean.

Sad truth be told, I do not actually manage my finance. I do not even have a separate bank for savings. I just lump everything into 1 bank account and spend within my means, or at least try to. Because I am not a power blogger, my earnings from my blog/social media platforms are puny. Sometimes, I don’t even earn at all 😦

4. Are you really a lawyer? I have never seen such a ‘cool’/’hip’ lawyer

Because of the content published on my social media platforms which are linked to me being a blogger, I get doubts whenever they read or are told that I am a Legal Counsel.

I am a Legal Counsel, yes, I am not a full-fledged lawyer. I do not represent clients in Court and I do not work in a law firm, although a Legal Counsel may be termed as  “In-House Lawyer” in some countries and are used interchangeably. My client is the company I work for and not individuals or individual companies.

I think it isn’t fair to stereotype a professional as nerdy/geeky.

I like and strive towards having both brains and brawls, although some of you may dispute.

I know of a fellow freelance model friend whom I got to know in my previous freelance modelling fashion show, she is a Doctor but she does freelance modelling (or paid I wouldn’t know?) and acts as a Calefare.

Okay, whether she is moonlighting or not is another question but yeah, this is just to prove that not all professionals are ‘uncool’ okay.

What if I tell you I have a huge ‘ang kong’ (tattoo) on my back? :O

Psst, the Singlish ‘language’ (is it really?) is a constant reminder that I can type and speak in the normal Singaporean language too you know = not a nerd who types and speaks in perfect Queen’s English.

 5. Can you help me get free stuffs?

Because of my full-time profession, it would be quite easy to discredit me on this account if I were to shameless ask for free stuffs.

I wouldn’t say that I earn big bucks but relatively speaking, if a person who earns relatively lesser than a professional asks for free stuffs, the society would start pointing fingers to shame the professional because he/she is relatively richer in terms of income.

Moreover, we bloggers get sponsored stuffs from companies because there is a price to pay (pun unintended).

I know some power bloggers or even celebrities receive tonnes of freebies every other day and they are not obliged to blog/shout out for these companies. But sadly, I am not even half-way of being a power blogger yet, so poor bloggers like us still have to adhere to obligations to return these companies a favour by advertising for them. In which most of the collaborations for sponsorship will clearly spell out these obligations.

The reason why companies engage bloggers is for advertising and marketing purposes, and not for fun. They too have to take into account their profit and loss you know.

6. Can you attend events on (insert a working day/hour on weekdays)?

Okay fine. I don’t receive such direct questions but if I were to receive emails inviting me to attend events that fall on a working day/hour, I would be quite pissed and sad because I cannot attend the event!

By sending out these invitations, it is the same as asking me if I can attend them during work.

What do you think?

I am not a full-time blogger and not ready to be one yet. The last time I checked my bank account, the puny earnings from blogging cannot even match up to my income earned as a Legal Counsel (Again, I must emphaise that I am not saying that I earn big bucks but speaking relatively. Always need to disclaim first because people are easily pissed off nowadays). Read this if you are having qualms of whether or not to switch to a full-time blogger.

I have also done up a post which attracted many views on the absurd invitations from PR/Media companies here, and question 6 on this post falls consistently as 1 of them.

Such companies should first do their homework before engaging, unless they are hoping to throw a big net by mass emailing and hoping to receive as many positive replies as possible.

7. Do you know Xiaxue (or any other bloggers(power or not))? 

I wished I knew too because if you have noticed, Xiaxue, who is Asia-Pacific’s top blogger (as claimed in her Instagram profile) is definitely one of the people you should mingle with, if you even have the opportunity, that is!

Sadly I don’t la, so here I am stuck being a nobody-blogger 😦

8. So what type of blogger are you? Beauty, lifestyle, food, travel, fashion…

You know honestly, I have no idea even when I termed myself as a Beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger…

Ridiculous it may sound, but I don’t just want to be known as a ‘beauty blogger’ because I wouldn’t want to come across as a ‘bimbo’ filling her blog with only beauty-related content. Neither do I wish to be termed as ‘food blogger’ because firstly, I am not looking forward to the excess weight gain and neither am I a foodie.

I prefer and like to be known as the ‘chapalang’ blogger (mixture of everything). Sometimes I have the urge to blog about something personal or political, but have always held my reservations.

If I were to blog something too personal (e.g. my relationship, my work etc), then watchful eyes would turn into gossip-mongers. But I guess that is part of the ‘fame’ package right? Haters gonna hate, you know.

And as for controversial and political topics, I scared our ‘gahmen’ catch me lah, plus being a law graduate and a Legal Counsel, life would be even more difficult for me if I were to do just that. Later tio double charge how?

One more thing is that, if you compare all those power bloggers, they are actually a mixture of everything too. This mean that their blog posts are relatable and attractive to even wider target audience. A blog tip from yours truly. 🙂

9. Are you going to blog about this?/You can blog about this

My blog, my topics.

My blog does not consume my whole life. I still have other aspects to attend to you know.

I really have no idea if such query/statement is made genuinely or stained with sarcasm.

10. Your xxx content/information is wrong. Why don’t you know/do research before misleading people?


I’m sorry lah ‘cher.

There are days when my perfectionism is left deactivated sleeping at home and I did not get my facts right.

There are also days when my laziness consume the whole of me and I did not conduct a thorough due diligence to check my information before publishing them on a public platform.

I’m sorry lah, really. 😥

But I am not an encyclopedia/dictionary and even Wikipedia is not 100% accurate and  😦

However, I strive to perfect my blog posts to prevent such embarrassing boo-boos.

Please accept my sincere apology, okay?

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