About Jean


Hello! Welcome to my blog! 🙂
I am a full-time Legal Counsel and a part-time Blogger. I hold a Bachelor in Laws as well as a Master in Laws too 🙂
This blog is a little virtual space where I share my experiences on beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle and am hoping that by sharing my reviews on them, you would benefit some way or another because sharing is caring 🙂
If you need to reach me, you may reach me via email at jeangan@live.com
Thank you for reading my blog! ❤

4 thoughts on “About Jean

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  2. Hi Jean,

    Foremostly, I’d like to apologise as this query of mine might seem entirely random.

    I found your site via Google when I was researching regarding UOL Law in Singapore.

    Can I just ask if you attained an UOL LLB as well? and if so, does that mean that being a UOL LLB
    graduate qualifies a person for Bar admissions?bcoz as far as I’ve read up on the MinLaw site, external degrees
    aren’t considered for Bar admissions.

    I’m sorry again if this seems creepy/random.

    Thanks and I hope you could help out abit.


    • Hi there, no problem. I’ll attend to any enquiry as long as they are not offensive. 🙂
      No, UOL LLB does not qualify one to sit for the bar exams. Yes, external law degrees are still under pending for the review committee to revert on qualifying for the sg bar. If you want to practise law, DON’T apply for this course. If you can’t make it into local unis, try overseas ones. Take up a study loan or something, you will be able to repay it in no time should you be able to qualify as a full-fledged lawyer.

      For me, studying law was not what I had planned and wanted because I had initially intended to enter SPF instead but realised it might not be suitable for me (but still placed within my contemplation till now somehow) and because I didn’t do my due diligence, I realised that this UOL LLB is not eligible to practise sg law, although I could go to UK to take my bar and return as a foreign lawyer (but not easy to secure a place in the inns in uk and more so, to pass the UK bar exams). But nevertheless, I’m trying out as a legal counsel first as of now and have some plans in mind for the near future after I’ve completed my LLM from UOL 🙂

      Hope this helped 🙂

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