Beauty Reviews – Leaders InSolution Black Head Clinic Sheet + Pore Tightening Serum

Blackheads and whiteheads would be one of the common problems which both ladies and men would pen down as one of their skin problems. Clogged pores saturated with dirt and oil is almost inevitable in a sunny climate like ours. We tend to perspire alot more than those living in cool climates, but our air pollution is certainly not as bad as some. You will understand what I mean when after a long day of outdoor activities in other countries such as Malaysia, Bangkok etc, the dirt accumulated at the end of the day can be quite disturbing actually!

I’ve tried a few products for my blackheads on my nose and decided to grab Leaders InSolution’s products to try it out as well.



Wash your face thoroughly and cleanse it properly. Stick on the pore pack on your damped nose. It has to be damped otherwise it wont stick well. If you had used nose packs before, this should be a breeze. Leave it for 15 to 20mins.



Trying my best to capture the black/white heads that were ripped off, and from that it seems like there weren’t many that were removed. 😦 Some areas I’d realised were totally excluded as well.

As this is a 2-step routine, the next step is to apply the pore tightening serum on your nose area after you have removed that pore pack.


1. Some black/white heads were effectively removed

2. Pore tightening serum was not oily and felt great on my nose. Felt a little tightening.

3. Value for money since most black heads treatments consist only the pore pack.


1. Although only 2 steps, it’s not recommended for lazy people 😛

2. Not very effective when removing blackheads.

3. It does not stick well if your skin is not thoroughly damped.

4. Was discussing about removal of blackheads with 1 of my gfs, and we concluded that most of them do return, so it’s either you constantly treat them or they will never ever disappear!

5. Some residue was left when I removed the pore pack

Would attempt to try it out again since there are lots pore packs left as 1 box carries alot of them and the same goes for the serum as well. No harm trying, hopefully it would be more effective. 🙂

Overall rating :