Big alluring sparkling eyes!

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Are you looking for contact lenses that are :

  1. Comfortable
  2. Safe to wear
  3. Affordable
  4. Coloured

Are you facing issues with contact lenses you’ve gotten from optical shops like me?

I have personally tried Fresh Kon and Maxi lenses are boy, do they both suck! 😦

Plus, they are not cheap to begin with. 20+ monthly and some are even jacked up to 30+/month!

Contact lenses have become daily essentials for ladies (and even men!) who want to achieve big sparkling eyes! Whether you have minimal eye make-up or heavy eye make-up, one would finds it difficult to live without contact lenses.

Lo and behold!

Presenting to you an online shop that provides quality lenses as well as customer service! How often do you get both of that together?

Well now you can!

GEO CONTACT LENS is an online shop providing safe and reliable contact lenses that are affordable yet do not compromise on its quality!

I have been wearing contact lenses from them and so far, no problems faced! Except for occasional dryness (like when I stare at something for a long time with minimal blinking) which is fairly common. Other than that, totally NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!!

As you can see, I’ve been sponsored with 7 great pairs of geo lenses! They are by far the most comfortable I’ve worn compared to other brands you see online such as I.Fairy/Barbie etc.

Plus, they do not have ridiculous diameters for their lenses.

I totally loathe the ‘Furby lookalike’ contact lens which makes one look damn scary and weird. It’s not appealing anymore in that way.

For me, I would choose the normal 14.2mm to 15mm. That would be sufficient for my eye shape and area size.

So it actually differs individually.

GEO CONTACT LENS also provides free contact lens casing for EVERY pair you order! I am always forgetting to bring them along whenever I have sleep overs so extra cases definitely come in handy! 🙂

GEO CONTACT LENS also goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer services as evident in their website – Info on lens care as well as tracking your orders via postage services.

Most importantly, these pretty geo lens are 100% authentic and every bottle comes with the authentication sticker and code where you can verify on GEO CONTACT LENS as well!

Simple and hassle-free!

I’m wearing GEO Angel Blue (Magic Color) – 14.2mm | Yearly Disposable | 38% Water Content

As you can see, the size of the lenses perfectly accommodates to the size of my eyes. Everything looks proportionate.

The 2nd picture was taken before I headed out to celebrate our 5th Anniversary! So I made the effort to doll up a little more, with the effects of smokey-eyes. Usually, I don’t apply eye shadows because I think they are too ‘over’.

My eye make up regime is very simplistic and minimal – eyeliners, falsies (not thick ones but natural looking), white shimmery eyeliner to be applied at the tear ducts for bigger and more sparkling eyes. I used to apply mascara on my lower lashes but not anymore. And of course, concealers for my terrible dark circles. 😦

So if you are looking for pocket-friendly contact lens that are yearly disposable (but for hygiene reasons – recommended to dispose 6-9mths) and are 100% AUTHENTIC AND SAFE TO WEAR, check out GEO CONTACT LENS today!!! 🙂

Psst, stay tuned for my updates on our 5th Anniversary celebration! 🙂

1-Day Acuvue Define Vivid Style Contact Lenses

First and foremost, I must apologise for those who have been keeping a lookout for my beauty posts and reviews because I must admit I haven’t been writing up much on beauty-related stuffs.

As my sis is working in an optical shop in the marketing dept, I’d got the opportunity to try out 1-Day Acuvue Define contact lenses! I was given a choice to choose 2 different types of contact lenses and I chose Vivid Style and Natural Shine.

I must also disclaim that this is NOT a paid/sponsored advertorial but based on my own personal experience. If you have been following my blog and observant enough, I would clearly state that an advertorial is an advertorial at the start of the entry post. But nevertheless, even sponsored/paid advertorials are based on my own personal experience and opinions and are in no way biased or prejudiced. I believe in providing constructive and useful reviews and feedback on the products because I understand how important reviews are when an interested and potential buyer is on the lookout for them – simply because I am just like you are! Shop smart because money is difficult to earn. Learn and read more about products that you’re gonna spend your hard-earned money on and spend only if you think it’s worth buying.

Okay, let’s not digress any further. I shall leave my naggings for another day (signs of ageing) 😦

And this is me wearing the vivid style lenses.


Tied up hair 🙂

A close up :

A comparison of the size of an eye wearing the lens and the other without :

For the benefit of others who are interested in 1-Day Acuvue’s daily lenses, here are some of style which they have to offer.


I remember my 1st pair of contact lenses were coloured ones from Fresh Kon and were almost the same colour as Vivid Style from Acuvue. Fresh Kon ones are monthly disposable type compared to the 1-day Acuvue which is daily disposable.

I decided that monthly ones from optical shop are rather expensive compared to those yearly ones. Do note that yearly ones are encouraged to be worn 6 to 9 months only and extra hygiene and care has to be taken because dirt and residue are more likely to remain.

For my saline solution, I use Bausch and Lomb because firstly, they are cheap! Mostly sold in twin or triple packs in Watsons and so far, so good. No problems. I use those specially for sensitive eyes too.

My review on 1-Day Acuvue Vivid Style :

Pros –

  1. Colour-wise, very simple and appropriate for work or formal events. I have come across girls who stick on to lenses which gives a more natural look rather than those coloured ones.
  2. Creates bigger looking eyes

Cons –

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve sensitive eyes or what, but some contact lenses do sting. However, if I were to rewash them again, sometimes they become perfectly fine again. I’m talking about newly opened lenses and wearing them on my first attempt.
  2. I find them quite drying after awhile. Usually at work, I will stick to my specs, because you know how easily your eyes tire out after staring at the computer screen for few hours and what’s more, my job as a Legal Counsel requires me to read alot because I have to vet and review legal contracts and conduct legal researches as well. I would usually print out the documents so as to reduce the time spent staring at the computer screen.

Honestly, I expected much more from contact lenses sold in optical shops, because they are supposed to be safer and provide more comfort, right? However, I am a little disappointed with this 1-Day Acuvue lenses, but I will give it another shot soon to provide a more holistic view since I mentioned that they are alright after cleansing. I will try on another fresh new pair again to see how it goes. Hopefully, they don’t pose anymore discomfort and drying.

Also, I don’t usually put eye drops because of a silly reason – it causes my falsies to drop because the adhesive from the glue doesn’t stick anymore. Hence, I try to reduce the number of times wearing contact lenses and restrict to times when I need them – After work if I’m going out, i’ll bring a pair along. I’ve a bottle of saline solution in my office drawer, so it’s okay. Either that, mainly reserved for TGIFs since we get to dress down and wearing a pair of specs just ruin my whole image. HAHA. Over the weekends, definitely contact lenses if I head out.

Another brand of contact lenses which turned out to be a huge disappointment is Maxi lenses. Most optical shops that carry Maxi lens offers a promotion of ‘Buy 2 get 2 Free’ which is extremely tempting, especially for those who are frequent users. I bought 4 pairs in total as a result, violet, blue, grey and brown (these are my usual colours). However, the 1st pair I worn caused much discomfort as well and subsequently, so did the 2nd pair. I’m still left with 2 brand new pairs lying on my make up table. 😦

The most comfortable ones are ironically the ones I get online such as Geo lens. If you are looking to achieve bigger eyes, my advice is to get those with black outer rings as they enlarge the pupils and are more prominent.

Also, it’s really gross to see girls with super artificially big eyes. It’s like they are almost covering the whole of their eye-white? Eew. Hence, the best bet is to get something around 14-15mm depending on the size of your eye sockets. I’ve tried 16 to 18mm ones and they just look really really weird. You don’t wanna look like Furby don’t you? Currently, my contact lenses are about 14.2mm and they look just fine on me.

Sometimes, they saying of ‘Less is more’ is true and applies to beauty as well, like minimalising the amount of make up on your face instead of piling tonnes resulting in a geisha or tranny look.

Hopefully my review on 1-Day Acuvue Define (Vivid Style) is of some help to you.

Thanks for reading! 😀


And Happy 58th love ❤




Beauty Review – Want big dolly eyes that sparkle?

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Geo lens contacts were one of the first few brands I’d tried when I’d first started to wear cosmetic contact lenses! I’m sure they were pretty much everyone’s as well.

Shipped in directly from Korea, GEO Contact Lens is the official distributor of GEO Cosmetic Color Lenses. The prices and quality of the contact lenses are strongly backed up by GEO Medical Co.,Ltd.

GEO Contact Lens has generously sponsored me with 2 pretty pairs of Geo lenses and of which, I will be reviewing 1 pair today! 🙂

I’m wearing GEO Angel Violet (Magic Color)! 🙂

Personally, the colours I would wear for contact lenses are black, grey, blue, pink and violet. I’m not a fan of red, green or other weirdass colours.

The trick to getting bigger dolly eyes is to choose those with a black outer ring, not only does it help to enlarge your pupils, they magically enhance your eyes too, giving them an alluring sparkling look!

In addition, other than proper care and usage of the lens, when choosing contact lenses, try not to get those with extra large diameters like 18mm. I think 16 to 18mm is rather big. I’d tried them on before and it just adds on to the artificiality! Whenever I see girls with overwhelming sizes of contact lens, it’s not only a major turn off but it kinda reminds me of Furby?! That scary looking toy… 😦

The one I’m wearing is only 14.2mm but it looks perfectly fine on me, not too big not too small. Most importantly, it fits the size of your eyes and eye sockets.

Another disadvantage in choosing a over-sized contact lens is that you might feel a ‘cutting’ feeling under your top eyelids. Based on my personal experience, that’s because not all eyes can withstand such huge diameters of the contact lenses. I’ve encountered this before and trust me, it was really a waste of money when you can’t continue wearing them anymore and have to discard a new pair! 😦

So thank god, Geo lens series range from 14.2mm – 15.0mm! And that’s another reason why you should shop with GEO Contact Lens ! 🙂

Last but not least, and of utmost importance, all GEO contact lenses from GEO Contact Lens comes with an anti-fake sticker which provides a 20 digit codes and you are able to check the authenticity of your lenses with GEO Medical Co.,Ltd ● GEO Authentication.

With more than 14,000 fans on their Facebook fan page, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start shopping with GEO Contact Lens today!!! 🙂

For another review of the other pretty pair of Geo lenses, do stay tuned! ❤

Sponsored Beauty Review – ISZO CIRCLE LENS

Are you looking for comfortable, affordable and long lasting contact lenses? Do you find contact lenses sold at optical shops too expensive and only carry daily/monthly usages?

Then you definitely have to visit ISZO CIRCLE LENS !!! 🙂

ISZO CIRCLE LENS offers a wide variety of coloured contact lens which are guaranteed safe for usage.

I’m wearing Popc Light Blue (Candy Magic King) in this picture 🙂

Without flash

Under natural sunlight as I was facing the windows…

With flash

With flash

I bought some Maxi lenses on an urgent basis because I ran out of lenses (actually because I tore 1 side of my last pair 😦 ) from the optical shop and honestly, the lenses from ISZO CIRCLE LENS is so much more comfortable! I wore the brown one from Maxi lens and brought this Popc Light blue lens from ISZO CIRCLE LENS to my recent Genting trip and the former caused me so much discomfort as well as dryness and blurriness of my vision. So I’d decided to switch to the Popc Light Blue lenses for the rest of my Genting trip 🙂 It even works fine with strong cold winds when I was outdoors at Genting Highlands! 😀

Like you, I am skeptical of wearing contact lenses sold online especially after the banning of online sales by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore due to fake contact lenses sold online, but seriously lenses from ISZO CIRCLE LENS is really comfortable and gentle on the eyes!

Of course, some of eyes who have smaller eyes are not suited to wear lenses that are too big in diameter so besides checking on the water content, do take note of the diameter as well. My advice is not to get too big ones such as 18mm as you would look like Furby and a little gross with such big eyes that cover almost the whole of the white eye! :S

I have also been sponsored with another brown pair i.Fairy Hanabi Brown by ISZO CIRCLE LENS but havent gotten the chance to wear them yet 🙂 Will upload pics of them when I get to wear them 😀

ISZO CIRCLE LENS is not a blogshop/online shop based in Singapore but in Malaysia, so they do not violate any laws/regulations by the HSA in Singapore. Rest assured when you purchase from them! 🙂

They carry other brands of contact lenses such as

as well! 🙂

What’s more, ISZO CIRCLE LENS is also giving out these cute contact lens casings!!!

Check out mine!


For latest updates, do check out their Fanpage too which is proudly supported by more than 12k fans!! 😀

Say HELLO to big dolly eyes today with ISZO CIRCLE LENS !!! 😀