Are facial toners really necessary?

My jaws dropped in horror whenever I hear ladies confidently telling others how they don’t tone their skin with facial toners after cleansing it.

Well, unless you have perfect flawless skin, don’t even think about it, especially if you fall under these categories :

  • combination skin,
  • oily skin,
  • acne prone skin,
  • dehydrated/dry skin or
  • you are a heavy make up user

Whether facial toners are a necessity in the skincare regime has faced fierce debates by professionals and you can’t just sit on the fence. You need to decide what’s beneficial for your skin!

As technology advances and knowledge widened, alcohol ingredients are a big NO-NO in skin care products. More has been done to developed facial toners, even excluding alcohol content.

How do facial toners benefit your skin?

If you are thinking of doing away facial toners, then you might just be skipping an opportunity to add essential moisture or extra antioxidants to boost your skin health.

Toners help to remove the last trace of makeup or dirt off your face, especially if you are using heavy make up such as liquid foundation which clogs pores, tighten pores and refresh the skin.

It also helps to rejuvenate the skin, acts as an anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant protection and prevents breakouts.

The conclusion is, facial toners which are alcohol-free are worth the shot. Alcohol based toners tend to strip the skin and as a result the skin produces a sudden rush of oil to restore better balance. This creates a vicious cycle of feeling oily, using an excessively strong toner, and then feeling the need to remove the surge of oil production with more toner.

And facial toners come in handy in the absorption of essence, especially from masking! 🙂

My personal recommendation of toner would be Hada Labo Whitening Lotion New Nano Formula which I blogged about recently 🙂


So think twice before saying no to facial toners! 😉