Beauty Review : Home-based Facial Salon at Lovely Face Spa (Tampines)

To be honest, I don’t go for facials. The only time I’ve went for one was kindly sponsored by Navara Beauty. I don’t even mask at home anymore, heck!

Recently, one of my gf introduced me to Lovely Face Spa at Tampines which she mentioned was highly raved by many girls online.

My concerns for my face are :-

1. Oily T-zone (I have combi skin)

2. Clogged pores, especially on my nose, black and white heads. Very annoying.

3. My incurable and hopeless dark circles

4. Freckles, which I have had since I was a kid?

5. Visible large pores on my nose and cheek areas

Complimented by many, my skin condition is actually very good since I don’t do much maintenance. Even the lady boss, Tiffany, of LFS said so 🙂 So yes, I am indeed very blessed but of course, I don’t have flawless perfect fair and porcelain-like skin.

I opted for the ‘Essential Glow Facial’ as well as the ‘Eye Treatment’. I was told that if I were to do Acid peels, eye treatment would be impossible.

Acid peel would help to target my freckles and uneven skin tone mainly.

I was more concerned with the stupid clogged pores and dark circles, hence the choice.

Extracted from LFS’s website :

Essential Glow Facial (120 mins) @ $68

A deep-cleansing, moisturizing and tension-relieving facial that hydrates skin, leaving it youthful and supple.

A Pampering and Relaxing Facial which includes
– Double Cleansing, Skin Analysis, Pre-Treatment Lotion and Steaming

– Exfoliation

– Extraction and High Frequency Machine (anti-bacterial),

– Cold Hammer with Ampoule from France, customised to your skin type

– Eye-brow trimming

– Lifting/Firming Eye Massage to combat puffiness and dark circles
– Moisturising and Lifting Eye Mask

– Lymphatic Suction Machine to improve lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins and increase cell metabolism.

This helps to reduce skin imperfection as this machine helps in better facilitation of waste products (sweat and toxin) removal via lymphatic drainage system.
– Customised Soft Mask prescribed by certified Aesthetician for your skin conditions

– Signature Face Lifting Massage to firm up and tone your skin, improve skin’s elasticity, and improves skin texture while maintaining moisture content in skin cells

– Enjoy a relaxing Head plus Shoulder Massage to soothe your tired nerves

– Lastly, a Hot Towel to melt away your tension

Radio Frequency Eye Treatment (30 mins) – $38

-Combats puffiness & dark eye rings
-Hydrates the eye area
– Improves circulation around the eye area

*Able to combine with facial except acid treatment

If you choose to do both the Essential Glow Facial with Eye treatment, the latter would cost $28 instead of $38.

I paid a total of $96.

Here is how the mini salon looks like.

I must say the ambience is quite okay. Bright orange colours for the cheery burst of energy mood.

photo 2 (5)

The bed for customers to rest and lay.

photo 3 (6)

Radio that replays soothing classics as with any other facial spa salons.

photo 4 (5)

Some equipment.

photo 5 (3)

And another.

photo 1 (5)

The area behind the bed.

So you can see, the area is not that big but still ample. It’s the size of a normal HDB room.

Tiffany previously worked at beauty salons so she has had ample experience. Her skills and techniques are quite okay.

Her customer service is good too.

I received a follow-up sms from her few days later after the facial.

The problem with me going to facial is that, I have a hard time judging if it’s effective on my skin. Because mainly, I don’t have much problems with it compared to someone who has acne problems which did/didn’t reduce after going for facial.

The extraction was not as painful as I’d thought it would be and what my friend mentioned. Guess it’s also because I didn’t have much to extract but there were some painful ones at the sides of the nose and near my brows.

Pores seemed clean after extraction but I could still see some clogged ones.

Visible large pores remain…visible and large.

What I like about her facial package is that she helps you to trim your brows, which I suck at. Because I shave rather than pluck, there were many ingrowns which sometimes cause inflammations and acne. Tiffany had painstakingly tried to pluck out all the ingrowns which I’m quite satisfied about 🙂

There were moments which made me felt uncomfortable, for example when the electrolysis-like machine was used. You would feel that your skin is getting electrocuted. I can’t remember what is that machine called and for though, because there were so many stuffs used…

The package also includes head and shoulder massages which I need so badly….And the massage session lasted longer than I’d expected. That goes to show that Tiffany doesn’t cut ‘costs’ which I like very much. 🙂

My dark circles still remained nevertheless and I fully understand that the solution to skin problems is not a miraculously one-off incident. You will need to constantly maintain and review.

But I also know that clogged pores and dark circles will always recur. Clogged pores arise due to dirt, impurities and of course our humid climate in Singapore while dark circles, well, lack of rest, straining of eyes and using of gadgets…

I feel that these problems will never efface 😦

So is this facial worth it for me?

I would say I don’t think I will be going back, since I don’t have much of a problem (which can be solved) for my skin.

I wouldn’t say that Tiffany’s skills and equipment aren’t good but just that, I wouldn’t want to spend so much on facials in general.

She is still very highly raved by many others though 🙂

Lovely Face Spa

Phone: 81889830




Blk 423 Tampines St 41


*unit number will be given upon confirmation

Overall :

2 stars



Special skin care tips during ‘that time of the month’

20130420-043742 AM.jpg

20130420-043514 AM.jpg

Came across a very useful article which I found very interesting at the same time, and I would like to share it with you girls today.

For your easy reference, here’s the whole article.

Did you know that there are some special skin care tips for your period that you should keep in mind? You’ve probably noticed that your skin goes through some changes whenever that times of the months rolls around, right? Well, there are some things we can do to help make that time easier on our skin. Keep reading below for seven easy skin care tips for you period!


Before we get into these skin care tips for your period, I just wanted to add that these tips probably won’t apply to you if you’re on birth control. Birth control has been known to help calm or, in some cases, eradicate acne by reducing sebum, so it’s very likely that you won’t experience the same symptoms as those who don’t take birth control. According to the Mayo Clinic, birth control is considered as an acne treatment when other treatments and prescriptions fail to work.

A great skin care tip for when you’re on your period and really anytime is to keep your skin well hydrated with a good moisturizer. Experts say that your skin is more sensitive and tends to be drier when you’re PMSing and when you’re on your period, so it needs oil-free or comedogenic moisturizers to keep skin balanced during this stressful time.

Another way to pamper your skin during your period is to use a moisturizing or exfoliating mask to moisturize dull and dry skin or get rid of flaky skin and balance it out. Not only will a mask improve the look and feel of your skin, it’s a fab way to relax and treat yourself to something nice while you’re going through something not so nice!


Another skin care tip to remember while you’re on your period is to use gentle skin care products. Your skin is more sensitive and can appear splotchy, puffy or washed out. Use calming skin care products with anti-inflammatory effects to soothe your skin and even things out. Look for skin care products with ingredients like chamomile or green tea.

During this time you might also feel like your skin looks extra dull. But who says you can’t fake a healthy glow?! Low estrogen and prostaglandins are responsible for making skin appear dull and have a pallor to it. Combat the effects of prostaglandins and estrogen by using a skin care or beauty product with light reflecting particles in it to give your skin a healthy but faux glow.

I know the term acid can sound intimidating when it comes to skin care products but it’s actually a friend to our skin! Using products containing salicylic acid can help gently remove excess skin, help prevent pores from clogging and help in the treatment of rosacea and acne, namely blackheads. Look for products like cleansers, astringents and serums that contain salicylic acid.

Another way to combat the maddening effects of your period on your skin is to be consistent with your skin care regimen all month long. Be proactive with your skin care and not reactive so you can nip any impending skin issues in the bud. You’ve probably noticed that your skin changes during certain times of the month, not just during your period, so be consistent!

Many times it seems like the condition is totally out of our control during our period but there are some things we can do to improve the situation. I hope these simple skin care tips make skin care during your period a little bit easier. If you have persistent skin care problems despite taking good care of your skin, be sure to consult a healthcare professional. Do you have any skin care tips for when you’re on your period?


As ladies, our skin condition and complexion is definitely one of the most important aspect of our appearance that we pay utmost attention to.

Personally, I would experience pimples and aches when my period is nearing. This is mainly due to hormonal changes in our bodies, which is perfectly normal. I’ve not tried any oral medication to curb these hormonal changes because it’s just part and parcel of being a woman. Furthermore, taking such pills that mess around with your hormones is definitely not beneficial at all. It might even backfire.

The acne-prone areas would be my T-zone areas where most sebum are produced. Usually, when I’m lucky, small pimples would pop out here and there, though either 1 or 2, they usually clear up quite fast, with the help of pimple cream of course. I’m using Mentholatum Tea Tree oil. Oxy pimple creams are too strong for me and they easily dry out the acne areas. This produces not only scrabs but dry skin that peels off and flakes. Now, this is really annoying especially when you have to apply make up because foundation powder and concealers cannot hide these dried out blemishes. Plus, logically the make up around these areas would wear out more easily right? Clogging them with make up makes things worse too.

Other than pimples, I noticed that my skin will be oilier than usual and the need to touch up my make up becomes more often. I totally can’t stand oily reflective shiny skin and touching up with more powder becomes inevitable. Notice that I’m not a fan of slapping lots of make up on? That’s because cosmetics aren’t even beneficial for your skin in the first place. I don’t use liquid foundation because it’s too thick and troublesome for me. So compact powders are good enough.

You may want to blot your skin but usually I don’t. However, if it works for you, then stick to that.

I think those tips offered in the article is quite logical and seems beneficial. I’ll just try to accommodate them into my skin care regime during nearing ‘that time of the month’ as well as during that period. Hopefully it would do my skin some good that it deserves.

Hope you girls enjoyed the article and found it useful too! 🙂

Cheers to being a woman ❤

Article :

Want flawless radiant skin that glows?

Sponsored Advertorial

Honestly, all my life, I’ve not been to any facials before and was extremely excited when Narava Beauty invited me down for a facial treatment. When asked why haven’t I step into beauty salons for facials, I answered that I didn’t see the need to as I do not have much skin problems except for common ones such as blackheads, whiteheads and oil T-zone (combi skin type). And most importantly, my terrible laughing lines and dark circles..! Other than that, I don’t have sensitive nor acne-prone skin.

Narava Beauty was founded in 2008 and is operated by 2 sisters, Isis and Persis who are extremely friendly and warm. Effortlessly, they make you feel at home when you attend your facial treatment sessions 🙂 Prior to Narava Beauty, both Isis and Persis have about 8 years experience as beauticians, so you can be rest assured that they are very experienced. They do know their products well too, which is very important so that they are in a favourable position to advise on the suitable products for your skin conditions. You need to know what products are beneficial and what are harmful to your skin and beauticians like Isis and Persis can help you with that.

Throughout my session, Isis attended to me and she took the effort to inform me before she applies / carries out anything on my face. With your eyes closed, insecurities and fear somewhat naturally creeps in, so it’s very important for beauticians to inform you beforehand of their actions as well as to constantly check on how you are feeling. And for that, I’ll applaud Narava Beauty for their excellent customer service! 🙂

Click here for pictures of their beauty salon room. Relaxing music was played throughout the whole session and you can’t blame me for dozing off during masking! :p

Apart from facial treatment, I was also given nice soothing massage on my face, head and shoulders!

For my treatment type, I was treated with Mimical Control Q10 Facial.

This treatement type takes approx 90minutes.

Mimical Control Q10 Facial

BOTOX ALIKE TO MINIMISE WRINKLES – The ultimate treatment for plumping skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Pure collagen extracts deeply hydrate and plump the skin resulting in a fresh and dewy complexion. An application of face contour fluid firms the skin and improves the circulation. Leaves your skin clear, fresh and refined.

Read on for my detailed experience with Narava Beauty.

Before treatment :

You can see obvious freckles, large pores and oily areas on the T-zones. And I know I have lots of moles too =x

This was after the milk enzyme peeling and as you can see, the skin looks a little tad more radiant and brighter as milk has brightening properties. The enzymes also help in skin cells renewal 🙂

This was after the extraction of black heads, white heads and whatever stubborn impurities on my face, hence the slight redness of the skin. Picture was captured when I was undergoing soft laser treatment which helps to increase blood circulation and improve radiance on dull looking skin. Pain factor? Similar to ants bites and if you have undergone IPL sessions before, yup, the feeling is about the same.

Laser treatments are more useful than DIY masks or sheet masks because the light beams are able to penetrate into the epidermis and dermis of the skin, basically up to 2 layers skin deep. This is very important because targetting surface problems will not provide a long-term solution to skin problems. You will need to target layers deep down of the skin to prevent the furthering of the same problems in the future.

I had to get my dark circles fixed and Narava Beauty was very kind to offer me this awesome eye treatment. My eye muscles were relaxed by the soothing massage of icy cold natural crystals from Germany! This eye treatment is known as the Glacier crystal eye treatment. Massages help to improve blood circulation around the eyes which gives you brighter looking eyes!

I was then given an intensive mask treatment where the liquid hardens into a solid mask thereafter which required approx 20mins. I dozed off during this period of time though, hee 😛 Before masking, I was also given ampoule essence treatment which contains skin cells renewal functions and skin whitening!

As you know, most sheet masks are not customised for your face shapes, and for this mask treatment, Narava Beauty customised the mask to fit snugly and perfectly on my face, which helps to better absorb the nutrients and essence of the mask. It also extended to my neck which had some fine lines as well. The woes of ageing 😦

A comparison of before and after treatment :

1. Circled in red – Before treatment, there were lots of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and after treatment, lesser if not completely no more blackheads and whiteheads!

2. Circled in blue – Before treatment, large pores around my cheeks and after treatment, sizes of pores significantly reduced!

3. Circled in purple – Before treatment, obvious laugh lines even when I’m not er, laughing? Neither was I smiling. A straight face and the laugh lines were obvious. After treatment, reduce appearance of the annoying laugh lines! 😀

When I got home, I could see obvious difference on my skin, in that my face was brighter and a little more radiant. The next day, while applying make up, it was easier when glossing my foundation powder over my face as skin was smoother and more supple.  Do note that the redness would subside after a while so not to worry. There wasn’t any redness on my face the next day when I woke up.

Babor products I’ve used :

Narava Beauty uses high quality skin care products from Babor which were founded in 1955 and manufactured in Germany. Babor is the leading skin care system in continental Europe, and has a growing following in the North America market. With a full line of skin care, makeup and wellness products, Babor provides an individual path towards beauty. Working in harmony with nature, Babor combines dynamic concepts and effective products with its stringent quality control to help you bring out your true inner beauty. Today, Babor is one of the worlds leading brands in the professional skin care industry. It is represented in more than 60 countries around the globe at Babor institutes, exclusive distributors and day spas. Do google reviews on it. Cozycot forums provide some useful info and as you can see, Babor are well-known and highly raved amongst ladies ! 🙂

Do drop by their website to find out more treatments they offer!

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook fan page for updates too!

558 Hougang Street 51
Singapore 530558 

Tel: 9798 9839 / 9863 9799
*Appointment by booking only (ladies only)


By Bus: 43, 109, 156, 159, 161, 101, 325

Nearest MRT: Buangkok MRT

Estimated walking distance from MRT: 7mins

Personally, I am very pleased with their products, treatments and most importantly, customer service! You can ask them anything and I assure you they are really very approachable and friendly! 🙂

Do quote my name “Jean Gan” to be entitled to 50% off  your first treatment trial! 🙂

Start pampering your skin now!