[Beauty Tools Part 1] Beauty Tools to Achieve Fluttery Eyelashes!

After you have watched my video tutorial on how to style your hair using the the Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener,  are you wondering what other beauty tools that I cannot live without?

Well, here is the list of beauty tools that I use to pamper and beautify myself : )

1. Eyelash curler

Photo 29-7-14 11 30 15 pm

It is every girl’s dream to have fluttery eyelashes that mesmerise, including me. I am currently using the Brigitte Eyelash Curler which I use for both my real natural eyelashes as well as for fake eyelashes.

I have also made a comparison between Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler EH-SE60 below for you to better understand the differences between a normal eyelash curler and a heated one.

Photo 29-7-14 8 14 39 pm

2. Electric eyelash curler

Photo 29-7-14 11 33 43 pm
Front packaging of the box
Photo 29-7-14 11 33 58 pm
A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial which is easy to follow is provided at the back of the packaging box
Photo 29-7-14 11 32 33 pm
Comes with the eyelash curler and cleaning brush
Photo 29-7-14 11 31 40 pm
A battery-operated heated eyelash curler

Now, I am sure many of you are curious as to the differences between a heated eyelash curler and a normal eyelash curler, am I right? Well, I was equally curious too so I experimented on my eyelashes which would provide the most accurate illustration.

Do take note that this heated curler may also be used on fake eyelashes!

Photo 29-7-14 8 22 48 pm

Both seem to do a pretty decent job in curling the lashes. However, I must first disclaim that my eyelash on my left (which is the one that the heated eyelash curler was used) is shorter and more sparse than those on my right. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea too.

Next, what are curled eyelashes without the help of mascara? As with most Asians, we are not blessed with thick and long eyelashes compared to other races, but fret not! Mascara is the key!

I am using the L’Oreal – False Lash Architect 4D Fibre Effect Mascara which is my current favourite now and I consider it to be my Holy Grail 🙂

And because like I have said, I have short and sparse eyelashes, I have been trying to achieve longer and thicker eyelashes with the help of DHC Eyelash Tonic.

Photo 29-7-14 11 20 09 pm

I must say that it really does help growing my eyelashes out 🙂

It is also recommended to be applied before applying mascara so that you still can to nourish your eyelashes even while wearing mascara on and I like to think of it like a ‘primer’ before make-up kind of thing.

However, this is where the problem steps in. 😦

You can see that after curling my eyelashes and applying a layer of DHC Eyelash Tonic, it weighs the eyelashes down, causing it not to be as curled up as before.

Photo 29-7-14 8 26 23 pm

If you are thinking that this isn’t a big issue because you can just curl it again, then you are wrong!

You should never curl your eyelashes after applying eyelash tonic or mascara. This is because after applying these chemicals onto your eyelashes, they become more vulnerable and even more brittle. Hence, if you were to apply pressure on them, they would break and drop easily. Certainly not what I desire for.

Photo 29-7-14 8 29 17 pm

However, compared to the other eye which I used the heated eyelash curler, after applying the eyelash tonic, I could still curl the eyelashes up without apply much pressure on them.

Photo 29-7-14 8 33 10 pm

And this is how it looks like after applying mascara.

Photo 29-7-14 8 35 53 pm

A full comparison of both eyelashes :

Photo 29-7-14 8 35 38 pm

So which would you choose?

I reckon the answer is quite obvious 😉

3. Fake eyelash + glue

Putting on mascara can be a hassle especially if your mascara results in clumping and removing them is such a hassle!

But fret not, because fake eyelashes are here to rescue!

Many girls rely heavily on them to create fluttery eyelashes. As for me, I prefer more ‘natural’ looking ones such as the one below.

Photo 30-7-14 5 59 12 pm

I have been using this brand for several years and they only cost $4.90 for 6 pairs!!! I do re-use them and you can actually do so if you do not destroy the lash bone structure. Also, the hairs do not drop easily compared to other brands.

Before wearing them on, you will have to snip off the ends of the eyelashes.

The trick is to leave the shorter eyelash hair for the inner corner of your eye and the longest ones at the outer corner. If you leave the longest side for your inner eye, you would look plain weird.

Why? Just think about it.

Our own natural eyelashes grow this way as well if you’d noticed. 🙂

Photo 29-7-14 9 01 34 pm

Photo 29-7-14 9 02 35 pm

I have done up a video tutorial to show you girls how to put on fake eyelashes fast!

Now you can turn every guy’s head with just a flutter of your beautiful eyelashes! 😛

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Beauty Review : Fake eyelashes vs Eyelash extensions

I have always been a fan of fake eyelashes because firstly, my natural eyelashes are almost non-existent, which is common for most Chinese. Secondly, with the correct skills and pair of fake eyelashes, I get instant double eyelids without having to tape them!

As for eyelash extensions, I have had horrible experience in the past. You can read it here andhere. That’s my old blog previously.

Some of you who have followed me till date from then would have already read my unfortunate experience with eyelash extensions, but new readers do not.

You may read the whole entry there but I would summarize neverthless for the benefit of the doubt of my new readers.

  • It was not the best decision I’ve made
  • I am extremely upset with Milly’s services and am still up to date because of the torture they put me through, physically and financially.

Here are the pictures.

Double eyelids on the 1st day, but as you can see, the lashes weren’t stick on properly!


The next day :






These pictures do not do justice to the suffering I had.

Bottom-line is, I think the lady who did the eyelash extensions for me used too much glue and she had glue onto my eyelid as well. It was a very painful experience and I kept tearing. It was so bad that I removed them the next day, wasting my 55bucks! And the removal was a TORTURE as well!

What was worse was that I wasn’t proposed with any refunds at all. And silly me for not demanding for it!

So if you were to ask me which do I prefer? Definitely fake eyelashes I must say.

Photo 09-06-2013 10 36 02 PM


*This is based on my personal experience with this particular beautician in Millys (Ailing). I’m not too sure if she is still working there but I just thought that this is quite important and hence am sharing it.

Extracted from the blog post, seems like someone else has experienced the same torture as I did as well.

04/21/2013 10:57pm

I went there before for promotion.. somewhere may last year. Same lady .. same burning sensation but less pain then yours.. most probably because less thing stuck on my eyelid ? Actually.. you could have complain to the lady in charge who will redo for u for free.. but she is at Far east shopping centre. she the one u should (I think there is a typo here, it should be “shouldn’t” instead of “should”) go for .. when doing eyelash extension.


So it’s up to you to decide.

Beauty Reviews – Fake Eyelashes/Falsies

Unlike Caucasians, due to genetics, most Asians have short and thin eyelashes that are dispersed. We require additional beauty tools to thicken, lengthen, strengthen and volumise them.The trend of using fake eyelashes, or as I’d prefer to call it, falsies are seen almost anywhere and everywhere on many ladies’ faces now.

So, what are the right types and styles for you?

Before sharing some juicy info and tips on the falsies I use, let us sit back, relax and enjoy these awesome pictures, shall we?


We have our famous Katy Perry (who has recently been under the limelight for her failed marriage with Russell Brand and her current sizzling hot news with her new lover, John Mayer) with her pretty eyelashes that helps to open up her eyes, making them look mesmerising as well as more alert!Credits to counterculturebeauty.com


And then we have Kim Kardashian, making use of falsies to create the alluring smoking eyes, sultry look. Credits : truehollywoodmakeup.com

Yes, notice how these falsies help to achieve the look you want? But you can’t do that without choosing the right type of falsies.

A model with smoking deep-set looking eyes. Get attention on your eyes by adding on eyeliner onto your water line – be sure to choose the right, non-smudgy ones! 🙂Credits : thegloss.com


The fundamental factor in deciding the right falsies for you, would be the length of the falsies. Are they too long for you? Will you look like a witch instead of a beauty queen? As eyes are the windows to our soul, whatever changes you make on your eyes will affect your whole appearance and I’m serious!Credits : ayushveda.com


You may try experimenting with those quirky designs but make sure they are appropriate for the event you are attending! A dress-up funky party or perhaps even for nightlife would be suitable, but definitely not for casual shopping outings or company’s events. Yes, you’ll get all the attention you want, but for all the wrong reasons.Credits : thegloss.com


Credits :  shearsensations.bs

Credits :  honeywear.net

Credits : everythingweird.com (doesn’t think link speak volume?)
Okay, all these falsies are just WAAAYYY TOO OVERRRR!!!  Dramamama, anyone?Well, unless you’re some anorexic model putting on your best front, catwalking along the fashion runway, if not, DON’T EVEN TRY THEM. Not ever, please.


Credits :  ppp-boutique.bs

A comparison between a ‘before and after’ preview illustrates the effects falsies create on your eyes. Feminism and stereotyping aside, you can’t disagree that ladies look much better with battering eyelashes. 

Credits :  babydolleyes.com

Closer to our hearts, here’s a picture of Asian eyes. Notice the short natural lashes on the left and the instant volumising effects of falsies on the right. They actually look more like eyelash extensions but they are not. If you take a look at the website, they are actually falsies from MAC. 

Now, take a look at some different falsies themselves.
Credits : thegloss.comAs per above, I would only advise you to wear those which are ‘out of the norm’ looking ones during parties or clubbing. I think they are look perfectly fine for that, except for the feather looking ones.


An overview of my falsiesThey are really awesome and you can get them at SaSa for only approx $6.90 for 6 pairs! There are promotions that reduce the price to $4.90 as well so do keep a lookout! 😀 I have been using these brands ever since I had been using falsies for 4 years plus?! And damn, I swear by them! 😀

They are not filmsy nor easily shed the lash hairs. IMO, they are of a good quality despite their price! ❤

The models are 703, 704 and 706 🙂

I was once told that crisscross types look the most natural…But I think it simply varies individually..

Currently, I am using them as well.



I don’t usually wear these type because they are sort of a milder version, not so dramatic. But I guess they are apt for work 🙂

Notice that these are double-fold eyelids? I never knew until I’d snapped this picture. But I do get double eyelids after putting them on, although sometimes they throw me off balance (pun intended), leaving me with 1 double eyelid and 1 single eyelid.The trick is to press it against your eyelids when putting them on, to create the cease/fold. Something similar to using the double eyelid glue as well. Also, don’t put it too close to your own eyelashes, put them a little higher on your eyelids instead, about 0.5 to 1cm. Don’t worry, you can conceal the sight of your flesh using eyeliner.

I think I might just do up a post on putting on eyelashes because some of you girls, I know, are still struggling with that. Don’t worry, practice does make perfect! 😀

I hope this post has helped you in choosing for the right design of falsies. 🙂

If nothing works for you, try using hair extensions or cut off your hair to achieve this look :


Credits :  my10online.comYou’ll bound to turn heads, pop eyes and cause massive salivation along the streets… 

On a side note, OUCH LOOK AT THOSE STICKY GLUE ON THE EYELIDS. I feel sorry for this girl even though it’s just for laugh (I hope!) 😀