[Tutorial] How to style your hair with Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener

Are you the sort who desires different hairstyles for the different outlook of the day like me? And is it too much hassle to head down to the hair salon every time you fancy a different hair style?

Or perhaps the money spent on salon services could be money well-spent else where?

Then you are in luck because in this blog post, I will be providing a video tutorial (which is way easier than just pictures alone) on how to style your hair using the Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener!

In my previous blog post, I have touched upon how this Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener is Panasonic’slatest hair beauty tool which does not dry out your hair while styling!

I had fun practising with the Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener, going from this :

Photo 29-7-14 6 55 43 pm

To this :

loose curls

Check out my video tutorial below on how to style your hair using the Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener!

Here are some beauty tips to bear in mind :

  1. Ensure that your hair is dry, please do not style if your hair is wet
  2. Comb your hair before styling
  3. Separate your hair into portions, especially if you hair is very thick
  4. Heat protective spray is a must before using any styling tool
  5. Start curling by grabbing the middle portion of your hair bundle, leaving sufficient space to twirl twice without burning yourself, especially near your ears area
  6. Ensure your hair bundle is taut so that they will not fall out of the ceramic plates when coiling
  7. Check to see if all hair is curled properly
  8. Use a hair setting spray/apply hair pump to set your curls

I hope you enjoy watching the video! 🙂

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Beauty Event with Panasonic Singapore

In conjunction with the Singapore Blog Awards organised by OMY.sg for the ‘Best Beauty Blog’ category, which I have been qualified as one of the Top 10 Finalists, all finalists had to head down to understand the Panasonic Beauty products better as well as to invite 2 female guests along.

Photo 13-7-14 11 23 57 pm

Top 10 finalists for ‘Best Beauty Blog’

Photo 13-7-14 4 21 43 pm

Finalists and guests

I brought my sister and friend along too 🙂

We were introduced to a few products which we were taught how to them with hands-on experience where we had the chance to try out the products on our friends and vice versa!

The brand ‘Panasonic’ itself should not be an unfamiliar name to all and it has actually been founded since 1918! Panasonic Singapore is responsible for the sales and marketing of consumer electronics and home appliances in Singapore. With the array of beauty products they offer, wanting to consistently improve and develop their products better, Panasonic has come up with a new innovation for hair and beauty care using the nanoe™ technology.

One of the nanoe™ technology products which we were introduced was Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener.




You might have heard that using such hair tools may damage your hair as they dry them out but with this nanoe™ technology, it specifically targets this concern and problem.

How so?

This nanoe™ technology takes the moisture from your hair and uses it to create tiny, moisture-rich particles that are small enough to penetrate the shafts of your hair, helping to strengthen and protect it against damage from heat and brushing.

Using a picture to illustrate this nanoe™ technology would help you better understand how it works.

The nanoe™ technology takes naturally occurring ions present in the air and breaks them down into significantly smaller particles that are then combined and held together by water molecules. These new moisture-rich nanoe™ particles—with nearly 1,000 times more moisture than regular ions—are infused into the hair while styling.
In essence, the nanocare straightener helps protect and beautify your hair by taking the moisture that’s on the outside and putting it on the inside. In this case, your hair does not lose its moisture and does not dry out, resulting in smoother, shinier and stronger hair.
What’s more is that the nanocare straightener maintains a consistent temperature on the ceramic plates throughout the styling process, helping to boost curling and straightening performance by as much as 35%!
This is definitely a plus point compared to other straighteners which  have plates that vary in temperature while you are styling your hair.

Hong Ling, a professional beauty make-up artist and beauty stylist carried out a mini demonstration session to show us a few useful tricks in styling our hair for different occasions and events.

Effortlessly and within a short period of time, experienced Hong Ling managed to show us what Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener can do by illustrating on Michele’s hair!


Photo 13-7-14 3 49 03 pm


I must admit that it isn’t easy to curl using a straightener but there are many reasons as to why many women prefer using straightener to curl their hair instead of curling iron.

Firstly, don’t let the term ‘straighteners’ fool you. Straighteners or also known as flat iron, have different stylising functions compared to a curling iron. On top of its straightening and curling functions, it can even make crimps and waves as welll, so you can style your hair at the comfort of your own cosy house for different occasions! That is why many women prefer getting straighteners over curling iron because it’s way definitely more value for money!

Secondly, straighteners give a more defined and long-lasting curls. Why? Because unlike the curling iron which has rounded barrels, straighteners are more angled. So as the segment of hair passes through the straightener, they are more bent resulting in a more defined curl which many women would like to achieve because nobody likes lifeless limping curls and weighs down your hair, failing to give it shape and volume.

Although it does take some time to master the art of curling hair using straightener, once you get the hang of it through practice, it is really easy to do and curling your hair within 10 minutes should not be a problem! As the saying goes, “There are no ugly women, only lazy one”, so practice, practice and more practice! 😀

Here are some snippets of us trying out the products and having fun at the same time as well!

You can see that I was very serious in trying to master the art of curling…..

Photo 13-7-14 11 24 26 pm

And then Hong Ling came round to help out and I took the opportunity to bombard her with burning queries…

Just look at my serious face…@@

Photo 13-7-14 11 24 35 pm

And I had my hair curled as well! 🙂

Photo 13-7-14 11 24 23 pm

Photo 13-7-14 3 19 05 pm

And that’s me trying to pin my hair to the side for a’ side-sweep look’ which gives a sweeter and more demure feel. 😉

Photo 13-7-14 11 24 29 pm

And what is a beauty blogger without a selfie of herself? 😀

Photo 19-7-14 12 20 41 pm

Photo 13-7-14 5 19 04 pm

Hong Ling also introduced the Nanocare Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NA45 which works similarly to the straightener in which the nanoe penetrates the hair cuticles and delivers water to maintain the moisture balance inside hair.


On top of that, this Nanocare Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NA45 also contains platinum ions which help to coat the hair surface and tighten the cuticle. Working hand in hand, the double ions work to boost the hair’s moisture content, keeping the hair healthy and beautiful!

You will never have to worry about damaging your hair by blow drying them anymore!

Photo 13-7-14 2 33 51 pm

Photo 13-7-14 3 59 59 pm

After styling Michele’s hair using the straightener, Hong Ling tied and pinned her hair up into a bun and blew it upwards using the hair dryer. This helps to give the hair more volume, which is especially a useful tip for those who desires more volume at the crown. A bee-hive bun can look very sexy yet elegant at the same time and comes in handy when you are having a bad hair day.

Beauty tip: If you love this hairstyle yet afraid to try because of your broad face shape, remember, contouring your face is a must then. Also, make sure you perfect your make up if you were to wear this hair style, because by bunning up your hair, the focus would be on your face instead. 

After Hong Ling was done styling Michele’s hair, she touched up her makeup and used the Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler EH-SE60 which helps to brighten up the eyes!


I will be touching more on the Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler EH-SE60 and the Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer EH-SA31 in the upcoming blog post. On top of that, I will also be doing a video on a step-by-step tutorial in using the Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener to create different hairstyles and looks!

So stay tuned! ❤

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Visit Panasonic Singapore website and Facebook page for more information :

For more information on the Singapore Blog Awards 2014, visit their Facebook page!

You may also view this blog entry at : http://blog.omy.sg/sba-plus/2014/07/19/beauty-event-with-panasonic-singapore/

New Hair Sponsor : Modern Style Salon x Grand Opening x Beauty Review

As the title suggests, I have a new hair sponsor! 🙂 And what’s awesome is that the salon is located in Tampines and hence, very convenient for east-siders like me!

Awhile back, I did Shiseido’s Hair Treatment and Soft Rebonding with Modern Style Salon as my mane was getting out of hand, with frizzy bits and flyaway. It made me look very unkempt. Even after washing, which is supposed to ‘tame’ my mane after a night’s sleep, I have had people asking what happened to my hair! 😥

So you cannot imagine what my hair look like first thing in the morning when I wake up, it’s really quite horrendous!

I guess this is the result of dyeing your hair too often and even bleaching it. Yes, you would recall that I bleached a portion of my hair to dye it hot funky pink…

Photo 17-12-13 6 45 57 pm

Photo 15-12-13 3 32 22 pm

Photo 15-12-13 12 21 43 pm


Photo 15-12-13 12 20 55 pm

And of course, it has lost its colour since a long time ago…

Photo 8-6-14 8 11 52 pm

But what is more concerning is the quality of my hair aftermath…

Photo 7-6-14 1 18 02 pm

You can tell the difference by just looking at this before-after pic.


The one on the left was before bleaching my hair, it was dry and messy yes but there weren’t as many flyaway and crisps compared to the aftermath on the right 😦

Needless to say, the drying got worse and I had even more split ends than before.

My first visit to Modern Style Salon was to have my hair treated because I reckon they were under too much stress and I haven’t been pampering them for such a long time!

So, I decided to do my hair and myself a favour! 🙂

Before that, let me take you a little tour around Modern Style Salon.

Photo 20-5-14 8 44 47 pm Photo 20-5-14 8 43 11 pm Photo 20-5-14 8 43 25 pm Photo 20-5-14 8 43 37 pm Photo 20-5-14 8 43 48 pm

And this was me having my tresses pampered… ❤

Photo 20-5-14 8 06 45 pm

End result?

Photo 20-5-14 8 38 55 pm

Smooth and silky hair in no time!!!

Hair treatments are for maintenance purposes which means, similar to facial sessions and self-masking at home, you would need to undergo treatments regularly to achieve your desired result. I dreaded that because that would mean that I would have to squeeze in a slot among my busy schedule and hence, I decided to opt for soft rebonding to solve my problems once and for all.

Headed to Modern Style Salon again to rebond my hair.

Photo 31-5-14 2 18 57 pm

And…the aftermath!

Photo 31-5-14 5 16 48 pm

Yes, that’s my Mac for lunch which my hair stylist, Tonny has very kindly allowed me to bring in to munch while he fix my hair.

Some tips from me if you are intending to have your hair treated/curl/rebond/any other services that might most proba bly take some time to complete – empty your bladder, ensure your phone/ipad is fully charged (or you can charge it at the salon if allowed) and fill your tummy/take-away and munch while the treatment is done (if your hair stylist doesn’t mind).


You can tell how my locks are now more ‘tamed’ and silkier than before right? 😀

Awesome right? Read on and look out for my promo code to enjoy discounts!

Modern Style Salon recently had their grand opening and I had the opportunity to meet other MyFatPocket bloggers as well 🙂




All of us had our chance to share our experience we had with Modern Style Salon and I was the first to be interviewed.


Tonny, our hair stylist was interviewed by the emcee as well because all of us girls had only praises for him!


What is an event without music?


And delicious food should never be excluded…






And wines!


There were freebies which were proudly sponsored by Shiseido!


And now for the best part…

Wanna get a better deal out of this?

Just simply quote ‘MFP-Jean’ and enjoy 20% off ALL HAIR SERVICES!!!

Modern Style Salon

5 Tampines Central 6,

#01-10 Telepark,

Singapore 529482
Operating Hours:  10.30am to 8.30pm (Mon – Fri);

10.30am to 7pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)

‘Like’ their Facebook page for more promotions and updates! 🙂

[Beauty] Have you heard of ‘Botox’ for your hair? Fluff Hair Room

I have been dyeing my hair for years till date and it is no wonder my poor mane dries up easily and quickly due to the chemicals used.

Photo 19-4-14 6 14 53 pm

I realised that using hair treatment products at home such as hair conditioners, be it wash-off or leave-on or even hair mask do not work exactly well.

This brings me to my main topic of ‘Hair Maintenance’ and you should consider pampering your tresses approx once every month with hair treatments by notable hair salons.

Just last week, I dropped by Fluff Hair Room (what a cute name, isn’t it?) to have my hair treated.

Photo 22-4-14 12 15 16 pm Photo 19-4-14 5 49 47 pm

Photo 19-4-14 5 49 59 pm

The products which were used :

Photo 19-4-14 5 54 03 pm

Left : Erayba Professional Line Hydraker K11 Keratin Hair Botox

Intense Keratin and Argan Oil therapy, absolute moisturized and renovated hair.   Paraben free, salt free, sulfate free and hypoallergenic perfume. For damaged hair that needs special care and deep moisture. Enhanced hair reconstruction from inside out, hair protection, natural shine, nourishing and smoothing effect. Combine the HydraKer series for different therapy rituals and bring back your hair´s youth and natural beauty.

A deep moisturising shampoo with Keratin,thermal lipid-complex, Argan Oil, Vegetable proteins and Karite Shea Butter.

Right : Erayba Professional Line Hydraker Total Repair K10 Keratin Total Mask

Intense Keratin and Argan Oil therapy, absolute moisturized and renovated hair.

Paraben free, salt free, sulfate free
For damaged hair that needs special care and deep moisture. Enhanced hair reconstruction from inside out, hair protection, natural shine, nourishing and smoothing effect. Combine the HydraKer series for different therapy rituals and bring back your hair´s youth and natural beauty.
I trimmed my hair and fringe as well as my last trim was during cny period!
The aftermath results :
Photo 19-4-14 7 19 27 pm
Photo 20-4-14 1 10 31 am
Photo 20-4-14 1 11 52 am

Quote ‘Jean Gan’ to receive 15% off all hair services!

Valid till 31st Dec 2014!

Fluff Hair Room

14 Scotts Road, #05-84 Far East Plaza

Singapore, Singapore 288213

Phone   : 6836 0468

Email    : fluffhairrm@gmail.com

New funky colours for my hair done at Headlines Hairdressing Salon!

I’ve been wanting to get funky colours for my hair for quite some time now but didn’t have the courage to go ahead due to work requirements. I’m working in corporate office (where the offices of big bosses are) as the company’s Legal Counsel. Surely such a position deters one from having funky hair?

I regretted so much that I didn’t get it done while I still could, when I was still a student back then.

But nevertheless, it’s the festive season and #YOLO (you only live once), so I was thinking, heck! Why not? If not now, then when?

Would be ridiculous if I have to have funky hair when I was older!

So yes, I’ve decided to head down to my sponsor salon, Headlines Hairdressing 🙂

Charles, my hair stylist and the Creative Director, did inform me beforehand that pink is not as lasting as other colours such as purple, but I knew what I wanted and went ahead with pink anyway. 🙂

The pink hair dye is from Goldwell Elumen 🙂

Goldwell® Elumen®
Goldwell® Elumen® Color is a hair color that illuminates the hair inside out to achieve unique and creative results as well as stunning colors that clients request in your salon every day.
Its unique technology makes Elumen Color a physical color, which means that it works entirely without oxidising but still achieves spectacular and long-lasting color results.

-Sharp, fresh brilliant colors
-Exceptional shine
-Incredible durability
-Amazing, healthy looking hair








What is so amazing when dyeing hair with Headlines, especially with Charles is that every penny spent is well-worth! Just take a look at the colours! Previous pictures above only captured a single colour tone but look at how different it is when light rays are captured and reflected off them!
I love how the shade is not just one plain boring colour tone but contains of at least 2 funky and vibrant undertones as well!

You can see that other than fuchsia, it actually glimmers with orangey undertone as well! That’s like paying 2 colours for the price of 1! Totally worth it! 😀



I’m all ready for this Christmas season with my new hair! What about you?

Visit Headlines Hairdressing Salon if you haven’t already gotten your tresses done! 🙂

Quote my name ‘Jean Gan Blogger’ or ‘Charles’ and enjoy 10% off! Best time to save at this time of the year where you’ll need to spend more on Christmas shopping! :p

Look for Charles, the Creative Director, he’s highly sought after so do make sure you make an appointment in advance 🙂

18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central.
Telephone: +65 6221 6866
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays – 1030am to 830pm
Saturdays – 1030am to 7pm
Sundays & Public Holiday – 1030am to 5pm
Website : http://www.headlines.com.sg
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/headlines.sg

Pamper your hair with Headlines Hairdressing!

Sponsored Advertorial

If you have been following me on my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram, you would have known that I have dyed my hair to red!

I got bored of the usual brown and opted for red this time round.

Before pictures :

Photo 13-07-2013 05 17 08 PM



And a close-up of my previous brown hair :

Photo 01-07-2013 04 40 13 PM

Headlines Hairdressing is now officially my hair sponsor, so you will be seeing more of me getting my hair pampered and cared for by them!

HH logo

My hair stylist is Charles Tan who is also the Creative Director of Headlines Hairdressing 🙂

Entrance of Headlines Hairdressing :

About Us

Credits to  Headlines Hairdressing ‘s website.

A little brief info on Headlines Hairdressing :

Gary Lee

Gary founded Headlines Hairdressing with the intent to provide this industry with a salon that catered to the delicate needs of clients using state-of-the-art techniques. Besides being a hairstylist, Gary is also an educator who has attained great renown in Singapore,  Here, the client is listened to, patiently guided, educated and most importantly genuinely befriended.

It is a known fact that with the constant dyeing and redyeing, alot of damages are actually harming your hair through these chemical treatments. It is difficult to maintain your locks by yourself without professional help, even with regular application of hair treatments bought from off-shelves counters.

As extracted from Headlines Hairdressing‘s website, one of their many goals is actually empowered with a motto of “Walking through the doors, each client will be empowered with the ability to unlock and sustain the natural beauty and radiance hidden within. ”

I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

Truth be told, it is not how stylish your hair looks, whether you have straightened it, permed/curled, dyed in whatever pretty colours, that rates our hair appearance. All these would not be achieved in perfection if your hair is not healthy.

You can have pretty long curls dyed in milky brown, but without radiance, your hair would look ‘dead’ and limp.

As much as your skin needs to stay healthy, the same goes for your hair too.

And so apart from nutrition consumption internally, external maintenance is equally important too.

And for that, we should leave it to the hands of the professionals and I trust Headlines Hairdressing to do just that – the ability to unlock and sustain the natural beauty and radiance hidden within my hair 🙂

This was taken during the dyeing process :

Photo 14-07-2013 02 06 02 PM

And… Don’t you love my iPhone cover? It’s a Chanel Nail Polish design! HAHA! 😀

Photo 14-07-2013 02 06 46 PM

And this was taken during the hair treatment process :

Photo 14-07-2013 02 44 49 PM

And Charles snipping some inches off my fringe and ends :

Photo 14-07-2013 03 23 55 PM

And tadah! 😀


Photo 14-07-2013 04 23 41 PM

Photo 14-07-2013 04 42 25 PM

Photo 14-07-2013 11 03 51 PM

I think it’s one of the brighter colours I have ever dyed and wasn’t quite used to it… but after receiving compliments about me hair, with even one of them being a MacDonald’s staff approaching me to ask for the colour of the dye, I must say that Charles really did a good job 🙂

I have also taken the plunge to switch my hair parting as I have not done so before (tried a few times and couldn’t get used to it) and it’s important to change your hair parting to prevent receding hair line and balding 😦

There were the products which Charles used on my hair :




Protection of Cuticle

These 3 main elements of CMC reinforce CMC layer which consists of hydrophilic δ(delta) layer and lipophilic β(beta) layer, and improve damaged cuticle, control light diffuse reflection, and create lustrous hair base.

Superlipidure (phospholipid polymer nanosphere) makes 7 layered lamellar liquid crystal structure and pseudo-cuticle to protect the hair, and regenerate hydrophobic surface to make hair smooth, silky, and lustrous.



Emollient CMC Shampoo (Lithe)


This Shampoo contains a lot of cleansing ingredients which are scalp and hair-friendly.

  • CMC Amino element works on the hair, and while maintaining hair condition, remove dirt from hair and scalp.

  • It gives smooth finishing that does not affect hair volume

  • Bubble with soft feeling

  • Refreshing apple peach fragrance

What is CMC? Cell layer compound exists outside and inside our hair, and hair cells stick together so that it is not easy to peel off (noteasy-to-damage effect) and maintain moisture, and prevent it from leaving (to prevent dryness and maintain hair softness). Damaged hair means the so-called CMC substance had left the hair, and many gaps develop inside the hair, resulting in hair winding, which is the cause of loose and dry hair.



Moisture Base for Treatment

Adel contains 4 kinds of ceramides, cholesterol and phytosphingosine included in natural ceramide to recreate same structure of hair’s intercellular lipid, and improves the repair function.

Maltose-based Millet jelly (starch syrup element) and ceramide 1・2・3・6Ⅱ improves hair condition, Adel keeps necessary moisture inside damaged hair, and creates best hair condition for treatment. With its internal permeation typed moisture holding elements, make hair soft and moist before next treatment.



Hair Repair

Brava contains matrix keratin and fibril keratin which make up hair’s cortex as repair components for severe damage, and amino acid which is CMC component for mild damage. Also, with mixing silk PPT which has cuticle repairing effect and pearl proteins (hydrolyzed conchiolin) handles various damages.

Contains amphiphilic reactive ceramide -like substance and 18 MEA-like active agent to penetrate ingredients of “Adel” and “Brava” into hair with the these affinity. Also, penetrated reactive ceramide acts by binding to net-like structure to prevent repair component from flowing, then set it inside hair.

The hair dye which I used is from Matrix products and the colour code name is ‘So Red’.

MATRIX, the leading professional hair care and hair color company in the United States, is part of L’Oreal USA’s Professional Products Division.

Matrix was founded in 1980 by the American husband and wife hairdressing team, Arnie and Sydell Miller. The Millers wanted to provide hairdressers with a comprehensive range of products that would help them grow their businesses and provide the means to take full advantage of their talent and creativity. Now, over two decades later, their original ideas still stand strong and Matrix is committed to the development of the salon professional and offers a wide range of hair care, color and hair texturizing products including: Biolage, Total Results, Vavoom, Design Pulse, SOCOLOR, Color Sync, Wonder.Brown, Logics, Gloss Sync and Opti.Smooth.

Visit website: www.matrix.com

And the hair treatment to repair and sustain radiance is known as Mucota ABC (Avel, Brava and Calore) 🙂

MUCOTA established it’s first beauty laboratory in 1984, since then, MUCOTA’s relaxing hair and treament hair techniques well received in Autralia, Korea and L.A. In 2007, MUCOTA entered Mexico’s market, then to Taiwan & Singapore in 1st quarter of year 2009.

Prime Group (Asia) Pte Ltd is the authorised agent for MUCOTA in Singapore and Southeast Asia since April 2009. MUCOTA is one of the top prestigious hair care products which have been in Japan since 1983, when its first “Perfect Perm” products were released in Japan’s hair care market.

Visit website: www.primegrp.asia

Here I am with my hair stylist, Charles 🙂



18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central.
Telephone: +65 6221 6866
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays – 1030am to 830pm
Saturdays – 1030am to 7pm
Sundays & Public Holiday – 1030am to 5pm

Look for Charles at 6221 6866 or SMS 90251218. , he’s really gentle and friendly  🙂

Charles Tan

Now, here’s the deal for all my sweetest readers :

Quote ‘Jean Gan’ and enjoy 15% off! 🙂

And that’s NOT ALL!

Headlines Hairdressing is celebrating their 4th Anniversary and they are rewarding you with these special promotions :


Tame your flyway wisps and bid your frizzy hair goodbye today! 🙂

Exclusive Media Launch – New Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo

Exclusive Media Launch

I was invited to this exclusive blogger party for the media launch of  NEW Tsubaki Shampoo! Saw many other bloggers/models and I felt really old……… That aside, was given the opportunity to make new friends too! 🙂



Tsubaki Shining (Red)

  • Infuse volume, sheen, and moisture into fine, dry, or even thick hair
  • The red camellia flower is celebrated throughout Japan for its beauty and its extremely high quality oils. Rich in oleic and linoleic acid, which are readily absorbed by skin and hair
  • New technology* that repairs and strengthens hair from the follicle (*amino acids)
  • The extract of the camellia seed is used to help rejuvenating overworked, listless, and brittle hair

Tsubaki Damage Care (White)

  • Made especially for dry, permed, sun-damaged, colour-treated and coarse hair, Shiseido’s new Golden Repair line is an everyday solution for healing and maintaining healthy hair
  • The hair enriching nutrients in camellia oil in a luscious thick conditioner that heals brittle hair, split ends and dryness
  • New technology* repairs and strengthens hair from the follicle (*amino acids)
  • The extract of the camellia seed is used to help rejuvenating overworked, listless, and brittle hair

Tsubaki Head Spa (Gold)

  • Made especially for hair that needs a deeper clean and a restoration for scalp’s condition, by usingits ultra-cleansing power
  • Removes dirt, sebum and residual hair products from the scalp
  • Reduces scalp sebum secretion for longer fresh




This new series offers the very precious camellia oil addition which has been recognised for centuries in Eastern Asia for its highly restorative and rejuvenating effect on skin and hair.

Camellia Oil penetrates each strand of hair to improve elasticity giving you stronger and healthier hair. Camellia Leaf Essense moisturizes hair strands to the core repairing environmental damages and soothes the scalp. Fruity, honey camellia flower scented.










Sorry for the camwhore pics. Was testing out my new cam – Canon G1x for selfie shots. 🙂

I’ve been using the sponsored Tsubaki shampoo for damaged hair as we were told to pen down problems we have with our hair. With the constant dyeing and redyeing, my hair gets damaged easily and quickly due to the chemicals. I have dry frizzy split ends and more often than not, the damage on your hair is reflected within 15cm from the bottom of your hair ends.

I make it a point to apply conditioner on my hair everyday and while waiting, I cleanse my face and brush my teeth. That is how I make full use of the time, leaving the conditioner on for approx 10 mins, while doing other stuffs. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. 🙂

After using Tsubaki for almost 2 weeks, I noticed that my hair seems softer with lesser tangles. The ends look healthier too, which reminds me I might have to just snip them off and trim them nevertheless to maintain healthy hair growth 🙂

Available in 3 ranges

Shining, Damage Care, and Head Spa

The 550ml bottles are priced with a slight variation

Shining Shampoo $17.90 – contains Camellia leaf essence
Damage Care Shampoo$18.90 – contains Camellia Repair Butter
Head Spa Shampoo $19.90 – Contains essential oils like Sage, Rosehip, Thyme and of course the Camellia flower extract.

Available at Watsons this coming 4th July! 🙂

Check out Tsubaki’s Facebook Page for more details and updates! 🙂

Beauty Review – Liese Bubble Hair Color Jewel Pink

Sponsored Review

I don’t wish to hide this anymore, but all along, I’ve been dyeing my hair on my own. I seldom visit the hair salons (which might be a bad thing and cause of the split ends due to the lack of pampering hair treatments I ought to shower my poor hair with).

But as you know, dyeing hair at salons are waaaay too expensive, especially if you have long waist-length hair like mine. Moreover, I am not a fan of waiting hours after hours after hours just to get my hair dyed, washed, blown, washed again…

Thus, ever since Liese introduced their DIY bubble hair dyes, I’m elated and have been depending on them for my hair colours.

I know it’s an extremely tedious work to do everything by yourself. I get ‘shocked’ reactions and the disbelief from my family, friends and colleagues whenever I told them I DIY-ed myself. If you are not certain that you can do a good job or would prefer someone else to do it for you at the comfort of your own home, then so be it! Get your family, domestic helper or even a friend!

Was quite excited when I was offered this sponsorship by Liese but had to contemplate awhile because ‘Jewel Pink’ didn’t seem quite appropriate for work. Sad but true, I’d regretted not dyeing my hair a little redder when I was still a student 😦

So naturally, I did my homework before agreeing to take up this sponsorship by reading other bloggers’ reviews and viewing images for myself too.

Turns out that ‘Jewel Pink’ won’t make you look like Lady GaGa or Pink.

In fact, the tinge of pink is extremely faint.

The sponsorship came the right time because my black roots were already showing and being a perfectionist, I had to do something about it.

products_ph007 lse_funwaricolor_10_img_l

Photo 11-04-2013 08 49 28 PM

Given in a cute basket filled with a lovely pink rose and hot pink hair band! 🙂

Photo 11-04-2013 08 49 21 PM Photo 11-04-2013 08 54 59 PM Photo 11-04-2013 08 55 09 PM Photo 11-04-2013 09 00 26 PM

Before and After pics!


Photo 11-04-2013 05 21 22 PM Photo 11-04-2013 05 21 31 PM Photo 11-04-2013 05 22 05 PM Photo 11-04-2013 07 15 10 PM Photo 11-04-2013 07 15 47 PM



Here’s a step by step process of using Liese Bubble Hair Dye.

Step 1 :

Photo 11-04-2013 09 00 57 PM

Pour Bottle ‘1’ into Bottle ‘2’.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 01 31 PM

Cap Bottle ‘2’ when done and shake it up and done, though not vigorously.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 01 45 PM

If you are unsure how to mix the 2 liquids together, this simple illustration should help.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 02 03 PM

After shaking.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 03 29 PM

Let the mixture settle down for about 2 to 3 mins. You will witness a colour change.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 03 40 PM

Put on your gloves. You can put them on from the start.

Photo 11-04-2013 09 04 10 PM

You just have to press at the middle portion of the bottle and it will filtered out as bubble puffs!

Photo 11-04-2013 09 04 26 PM


Few tips to DIY at home : Wear a really old shirt you don’t want or cut out a head-hole from a piece of newspaper and wear it over your head to prevent staining your shirt. Either that, you can use a poncho you don’t want because determining the size of the head-hole is quite difficult.

Apply the bubble hair dye to your hair as how you would when shampoo-ing. Make sure you have covered all areas to prevent patches. Just dispense the foam, apply on hair and massage.

Photo 15-04-2013 10 29 08 AM


Photo 12-04-2013 01 56 06 PM

Under sunlight

Under sunlight

Under sunlight



OOTD and this is how the colour looks like indoors.

OOTD and this is how the colour looks like indoors.

Despite dyeing on a already coloured hair, the results were not too bright and still suitable for work, well unless you aren’t allowed to dye your hair at all.

Please note that the colour results might differ due to few factors :

  1. The time you left the hair dye on (I left it for approx 30mins)
  2. The absorption rate and intensity of your own hair. Applicable to those with thick black hair and have experienced difficulties in absorbing hair dyes. You may wish to leave it on longer.
  3. You hair colour PRIOR to using the bubble hair dye. Mine was brown before I redyed it.

What I like about Liese Bubble Hair dye  :

  1. Added with Honey as a moisturising agent – Really helps! My hair still feels ultra smooth despite washing it for the 3rd day after dyeing! 
  2. Provided with after-care treatment – conditioner – this is really good. I wished they could produce this as a conditioner itself.
  3. User-friendly and instructions are simple to comprehend. You’ll get the hang of it once you are a frequent user like me.
  4. Gloves provided as well.

Overall rating :

5 stars



Looking for Sponsors!

Hello there!

If you are contemplating in engaging bloggers to do a write-up for your products/services (legitimate/legal/moral ones only please) or if you are looking for influential bloggers to attend media/event launches, then do keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

I am currently looking for sponsors in these areas :

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I have done several advertorials (sponsored and non-sponsored ones) which you can read here!

Products and services include, beauty products (skin care, cosmestics, contact lenses), facials, classified platforms, pet supplies, movie reviews, nails and apparels.

I have gained much exposure not only from My Fat Pocket as their Beauty Writer, but also through other popular online websites such as Blogshopbuzz OMY.sgGorgeous! Post.com as well! Read here for my other works published! 🙂

Currently, I am still looking into gaining more exposure for my write-ups as well as experience, by taking up more assignments 🙂

If keen to sponsor/advertise with me, please email me at jeangan @ live .com for further details.

Psst, and don’t forget to read my latest contribution to MyFatPocket’s beauty section on Argan Oil (awesome for hair and skincare!) 😀



Top 10 Japanese Hairstyles & Hair Colour for 2012


Before the hike of KPOP, the craze and limelight was shone upon the Japanese for their commendable fashion sense. Besides fashion apparels and cosmetics, your hair can either make or break your image as well.

So, you’re bored of your current hairstyle? Looking for fresh new ideas for what’s in currently?

Let us take a tour and satisfy our visual hunger on fashionable hairstyles and hair colour by the Japanese!

Now, when you first step into a hair salon, you would most probably be provided with magazines for reference purposes and most often than not, they encapsulate gorgeous illustrations of Japanese and their different hairstyles and colours!

So, what are the top 10 most fashionable hairstyles and hair colour for this year 2012? 












As you can see, most of the hairstyles are filled with lots of bangs and curls. The hair ends are curled in different directions inwards and outwards. Also, most hairstyles are styled to create the ‘out of the bed’ look which can be sexy in a way. Top hair colours for 2012 would include Brown (Milk Tea Brown, Chestnut Brown, Dark Chocolate), Red (Sweet Pink, Antique Rose) and Orange Brown (Sweet Apricot and Mocha Orange)! 

Consider chopping off your locks for a fresh face look!

Happy styling!