Ten Things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart

How do you lead life to the fullest with minimal sacrifices and be happy?

You can’t achieve everything that you yearn in life, be it in whatever aspect, so how to do you reap opportunities to maximise your happiness?

What is happiness?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Here are 10 things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart, to help you look and feel better, because when you feel look better (in your perspective) you would inevitably feel better, isn’t it?

Health (Physical/Psychological)


The importance of health need not be further emphasized. Regular exercise not only helps you to shed some kilos (provided you are doing it the right way with balanced diet and all), but it is beneficial to your skin as well as your heart. With regular exercise, blood circulation flows better and hence, pumping more blood in your blood vessels. Your skin will show if you are lacking in exercise.

In addition, exercising fights fatigue and in turn improves your mental health.


You should check your family’s medical history and take note of these issues in your life. Go for regular health check-ups (I am guilty of not doing so myself, oops) so you have a better perspective of what is in for you in your health.

Feeling emotional for no apparent reason? Or maybe you don’t know what is bothering you? Counsel a professional and seek help.

Don’t live alone.


This is not referring to ‘going on a diet’ kind of diet. I know it’s a girl thing and I am guilty as charged. I am weighing at 43-44kg and yet still complain that I am fat every other day (although weight and BMI is not necessarily an accurate benchmark).

Incorporate more ‘health’ food into your diet. Veggies, fruits and water are your best friends.

Eat well and live well.

These ‘health’ food are also beneficial to your well-being in totality.

Be positive

Having a positive mind can change your day, or even your whole world.

Learn to reject all negative influences in life, be it a friend or even a family member. You can’t choose the latter but you can choose your friends wisely. “Birds of feather flock together”, even if you are not like them, as time passes by, influences will bound to creep in.

Say ‘No’ to things that causes you discomfort. Of course, do it practically.

Boss just threw a fit and gave you more work? Be positive and treat it as a learning journey. The more you do, the more you learn. Even if it’s somewhat a no-brainer task, work towards your efficiency.


If time permits, pamper yourself with beauty services or even aesthetic treatments. Go for a relaxing facial or spa, or beautify your nails with manicure/pedicure services. As aesthetic services and treatments are currently trending, why not consider temporary ‘modification’ to your appearance if plastic surgery is not your cup of tea?

You may explore the world of cosmetics. If you are already a make-up enthusiast, research and watch videos of make-up tutorials, and try stuffs which you haven’t try before.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of maintaining a good skincare regime after all those piling up of makeup. The basic 3-step approach (cleanse-tone-moisturise) should never leave your sight.


Are you the type that likes challenges? Want to climb the corporate ladder? Yearn to win the rat race?

Show your boss that you are an asset at work, to him and to the whole company as a whole! Be proactive. Learn more, expand your portfolio, volunteer to help out. Upgrade yourself by attending workshops and going for courses.

Most jobs require experience. With the knowledge equipped from school, together with experience, comes wisdom.

Jobs that require on-the-job training like mine, as a Legal Counsel, make sure you know your work well, which you can help yourself by reading up. I am doing just that.



Show your appreciation to your loved ones. Don’t take them for granted. Cherish them while you still can and not regret later when you lack the opportunity to.

Think about how you would feel if someone shows their appreciation towards you. You will feel whatever sacrifices you have to do or done will be all worthwhile.

A simple gesture of appreciation can be carried out through compliments.


Women. Most of us tend to be the one yakking away non-stop (I think it just runs in our feminine blood, ain’t it?) while the men listen. Or try to.

Take a step back, give your men the chance to voice out his thoughts and inner feelings. Most men do not like to share stuffs and tend to keep within themselves (runs in their masculine blood – sometimes just known as ‘E-G-O’, as opening up to their inner world may portray their weaknesses). So what you can do is to encourage your man to speak up. Pay attention to what he say to say and don’t interrupt unnecessarily.

You will find that this helps in the flow of communication and create better understanding between you two.

Make this a habit. Not just with your partner, but to your friend or family member.

Ask them how is their day and mean it by listening to whatever they has to say.

Make time for each other

Been too busy lately that you cannot even recall when was your last date?

Overwhelmed with work or studies?

Too many other commitments?

Then you will need to reflect on your priorities and time-management skills.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You write your own story.


With that, comes the trust.

Trust is very easily broken, especially so when it has been broken repeatedly.

If you have broken someone’ trust previously, learn how to rebuild it.

Be patient and understand your partner’s feelings, thoughts and actions.

As the saying goes, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.”

Always be faithful to your partner and provide them with utmost assurance and security.


Phew, I cannot believe that I wrote all of the above by myself.

*pats own back*

And for that, I’m feeling accomplished and happy! 😀

New Year Resolutions

Another mandatory kinda topic…not sure how effective new year resolutions are, but here’s mine anyway, heh.

1. Get my double eyelid surgery done (Still in the midst of planning but it’s been on my mind day and night recently)

2. Complete my Masters course and try to aim for distinction (tentatively in May and I’ll be done mugging! Results to be released in Aug)

3. Completely remove my birthmarks or at least lighten them significantly (I’ve secured a sponsorship for this so stay tuned for more updates! I can’t wait!!!)

4. Foster and build stronger bonds and greater relationships with people who are impt to me includes solving and sort out problems and eradicate them completely if possible (linked to my previous post)

5. Taking this blog to greater heights

6. To change job – one that excites and challenges me.

7. Register and pass the conversion law course provided it commences this year

8. Attain my driving licence? (This is totally under pending because with the new regulations, owning a car is so exp nowadays. I’m practical like that. Many have advised that it’s good to pick up a new skill – though I agree but if I don’t have a chance to drive, I might most probably forget how to and then when I finally own my own car, I would most probably have to go for refresher course, which I think doesn’t make much sense to me. No doubt I can drive my dad’s but still not on a frequent basis I guess because he requires it for work…And well, the truth is I actually prefer to be chauffeured. Ahem.)

9. Have my braces removed. That being said, today marks the 1st Anni I have with them. What a love-hate relationship. I still cant smile properly with my teeth/braces shown and food still gets stuck all the freaking time! ARGH!

10. Improve my culinary skills! Am already working on it……

What about you? 🙂

What are your new year resolutions?

Gimme your thoughts about how effective they are/not for you!

Reflections on 2013..

I guess such a topic is mandatory as we close another chapter in our life – year 2013 and welcome 2014, especially since today marks the very last day and few hours before the wind of 2014 comes gushing out.

When I recall and reflect on the whole year, I can only think of negative thoughts.

2013 didn’t started out well and actually quite drastically bad, so much so that I still live in much pain every other day, till date.

I will not go into much details but I just hope that people can stop judging and shoot stuffs outta their mouths when they know nothing.

Some might know but not the full story because I don’t wish to tarnish the reputation of anyone deeper.

The incidents and problems have been affecting me a lot, really a lot, and I feel that it’s almost taking over my life already.

If you’re gonna say, “Huh? What? You look okay what.”

My question is, do you expect me to cry every min and sec of my life, snap pics of those moments and post it up for public to see? Or cry when you see me in person?

No right? That would be ridiculous.

I don’t know what really lies ahead.

And I feel that it gets more difficult as the years go by.

Sometimes I really feel like giving up, but it’s really not that simple.

And if you do happen to be reading this post, don’t ask, don’t speculate. I would tell if I want to.

Don’t jump into conclusions on baseless assumptions and build ideas of your own.

On a brighter note, all is not doom and gloom.

I’ve met new people, made new friends, grew closer to some, rekindled with a few.

And my little niece came along the way in Nov 🙂

And am thankful for the opportunities I was given in 2013…hoping and looking forward to many more to come 🙂

I hope your 2013 was great and that 2014 would be awesome for you!


“If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.” ~Winston Churchill 


Am I getting married?

That’s the question more and more people are asking me nowadays, I guess that comes with age.

I’ve friends who have made plans, got engaged, gotten their bto/houses, married, given birth, given birth like their 2nd/3rd time…

Correction, most of these friends are my bf’s friends whereas for my own group of close friends, they are either single or attached.

And just that, nothing further.

Why do I keep getting that question again and again?

Sometimes, it does annoy me, to be honest.

The bf and I have been together for 5 years + and whether we made plans or not, it’s really kept between us.

Some of our friends know our plans whereas some don’t. Dont read too much into things. For all you might know, I might say no plans yet but actually have made some, or I may have said, yeah we have already gotten a flat but am lying…HAHAHA!

*I hope this confuses you* 😛

I don’t see a point to publicise to everyone until we are both ready.

I mean you can keep guessing, whether we applied for a BTO, whether we got shortlisted, whether I was secretly and quietly proposed to, whether we secretly got married… Maybe I’m preggy at my 1st trimester? Maybe this, maybe that…

Maybe I’ve proposed to him?! HAHAHA

It’s anyone’s guess.

And whether we are ready to settle down, whether we think we are The One, whether blah blah blah is up to us.

Sometimes divulging info to others would lead to more unnecessary questions, lead to annoying comparisons and attract even more nosey parkers.

And I hate that.

Exchanging useful info is okay but if you’re gonna compare at stage your relationship is at, the price of your BTO, the price of the engagement of interior designers, the this the that… then please get lost.

So bottom-line is, no hard feelings to those who have asked though, but questions that surface so frequently recently do get me thinking :-

1. Does the length of the relationship determine marriage?

2. Am I of the ‘marriage-age’ already?! i.e. OLD.

3. Questioners, are they really concerned or just plain nosey? More often than not, it’s the latter la.

For now, it’s best that my bf concentrates on his education first. I guess that’s more important more than anything else, in the Singapore context and based on my upbringing.

OH YES! Before I forget, I was really pissed at the person who said straight to my face, “You’re waiting for him (to propose) right?”

SHIT YOU. (I usually curse in a more crude way though).

Don’t make me sound as if I’m so despo to marry off right away! Before you forget, I’m still studying for my Masters too (graduating next year tentatively, YAY!) and I’ve not even settled my own career path proper.

And why the hell would you think my current bf would be the one I want to marry and live together for the rest of my life? Maybe I don’t think he’s The One? You know, being together in a relationship and marry someone (chuck the divorce issue aside pls – given a choice, nobody would want that) is totally 2 different and separate issues!

On a brighter note, I’ve received red bombs (i.e. wedding invitations) here and there and will be receiving even more soon, especially next year…and I’m really happy for them…well, most 😉

A friend in need is a friend indeed…or not?

Let’s put aside all those beauty talks and food reviews for the moment and ponder over more serious topics such as friendships.

Do you have friends?


Do you have trustworthy friends? By ‘trustworthy’ I mean friends whom you can count on when you require help. Say for example, when you require them to lend you notes when you missed a lesson, or if they discovered promotions on products/services which you know they would know you would be interested in and shared it first thing with you? Or more feasibly put, are they willing to lend you cash when you urgently need it?

Putting aside all exaggerations and extremity aside, including bad habits, for example, let’s say A is earning averagely but spends money like water and has a best friend B whom he/she always borrow money from. Is this acceptable? Once or twice may seem okay, but if A is not able to manage his/her finance properly, thus causing inconvenience to B, who has other commitments as well, or worse still has a worse financial situation than A, is it fair to call B an asshole if he/she subsequently refuses to lend A money? Is B not looked upon as a true friend now?

How about getting help from someone else who are not your immediate friends, say for example, your friend’s girlfriend. You guys may not be close and only meet up when there’s a group gathering including your bf’s presence, are you willing to help them?

Sometimes it feels as though ‘friendships’ are forged due to selfish reasons. You befriend someone because you know he/she is or will be deemed useful for your own sake.

It’s a very common problem to see friends ranting over people who only finds them for a reason, a selfish reason to be precise.

Reduced to simplicity, don’t you think that friendships are actually created out of the fear of loneliness? You need a friend to fill your emptiness, because you’re afraid of being alone, to shop alone, to dine alone or you just need to interact. No doubt human beings are naturally social creatures.

“No man is an island.” – John Donne

Of course, you will need to interact. Even though how much you loathe socializing, you will still need to socialize.

But I’m actually directing towards ‘obligations’ as a friend.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

2 questions then automatically appear at the back of my mind :-

1. Is there any motive for the helpful friend to help you? Does he/she want something back in return? Is it ultimately a valid reason (or excuse) used by him/her to seek assistance from you in the near future?

2. Being your friend, your acquaintance, your ‘ok’ friend, friends you chill with, have fun etc, are you under any obligations to help? ‘Obligations’ itself is such a strong word to use.

So let me rephrase that.

Are you obliged to help?

There is a stark difference between being under an obligations and being obliged to help. The latter allows discretion while the former does not.

Many at times, I find that the lines are blurred between the two and many at times, I feel exploited.

Of course, this is my blog and I can rant whatever I want (although this stand may be easily shot down by legal considerations).

People come to me for help, as if I am their slave and that I am under serious obligations to help them solve their problems.

If I can help, I will, but I have a choice whether to or not.

But I am so sick of people exploiting me, asking me to help them as if it is compulsory. Or implicitly put, if I don’t agree too, I’ll be put in a bad light.

Yes, a true friend would help but are you treating me like your true friend in return? Would you help me if I seek help from you? Or will you shun away?

Would you help your friend if you know that they are only looking for you for their own gain and for the other 364 days, you do not see/hear from them? Or they are not as ‘friendly’ towards you compared to days when they need your help?

Lastly, as the seeker, after being provided help by the other person, do you :-

1. Thank them and mention about owing them one and mean it.

What is this ‘one’ anyway? A meal treat? Money? Return them a favour when they require?

2. Thank them and mention about owing them one and DON’T mean it? i.e. saying it for fun/out of courtesy

Sure, if you are truly helping a friend, whether they return you a favour does not matter.

But would you easily forget that ‘they owe you one’? Especially when they efface from your life, unless they have other problems to throw at your face for you to solve again.

I get that many at times, so should I treat your words as bullshit or should I take it very seriously (then I’ll be put in a bad light again for being greedy to get a favour in return). But who in the right mind, unless you’re an extremely thick-skinned person, to go claim your ‘prize’.

My point is, when you seek help from me, remember these points :-

1. I have a choice whether I want to help or not (can’t understand? then place yourself in my shoes? must you help me if I seek help from you?)

2. Mean what you say. ‘Owe you one’, I’d rather you not say this if it is purely out of courtesy.

*This blog post is not directly to anyone in particular, but from my personal experiences dealing with such situations and people.

Tips on losing weight Part 2 – How to eat and still lose weight?

Those who have been following me on my Facebook page would know that I have been trying hard to eat healthily only because…


Here are some of the food that I’ve been having…

You will see that they are very easy to prepare or sometimes, require no effort and time at all… Unless you’re saying that opening the fridge door, washing the fruits and opening cans/packets is a tedious job…

And only because, yours truly has absolutely close to zero culinary skills and knowledge!


But but but, I will make an effort to brush up my non-existent culinary skills… so gimme a chance lah, heh.

Heh, so anyway here are some snap shots of what I’ve been eating recently…

Kellogg’s Mueslix!!!

This is my new found healthy food 🙂

photo 2

The thing about cereals is that you have substitute your meals with them or just snack on them. Very convenient yet healthy too 🙂

For this ‘dry’ version, I added plain low-fat yoghurt with blueberries!

It’s time to stock up on those berries – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries….

Read here to find out why berries are good for you!

photo 5


Then here comes the ‘wet’ version, wet sounds wrong but I can’t technically call it ‘soup’ version like mee pok dry and mee pok soup right?

photo 1 (2)

And when I have mixed veg rice…without the rice. Ahem. You can actually substitute plain white rice with other healthier carbs such as brown rice (if possible but dont think its possible when you’re eating out and brown rice tastes yucky!) or bananas (high carb but at least it’s healthier than plain white rice).

photo 1 (3)

And then I went to get these health food after my evening run.

Nuts are fattening yes but I plain to add them into salads…So give and take 🙂

Multi-grain bread with loads of wholesome grains and low GI simply stands for low Glycemic index. Low GI actually helps you to feel fuller for a longer time, so as to prevent you from snacking on other food again. Read here to find out more on the benefits on consuming low GI food! 🙂

photo 1 (4)

One of my DIY salads…

I prefer to DIY my own salad because, firstly you get to customise it to suit your own preference (there are some veggies which I don’t take such as capsicums, celery, pickles, cucumbers…)  and they cost so much cheaper than cafes and restaurants! In addition, you can opt for a healthier dressing such as lemon juice, vinegar or even olive oil! And of course lastly, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction after preparing your own food 🙂

Ingredients used :

  1. Iceberg lettuce
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Picnic ham
  4. Raisins
  5. Low-fat cheese

photo 2 (2)

And another one of my own salads…

Ingredients used :

  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Boiled broccoli
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Tuna mayo (supposed to use tuna chunks instead but silly me opened the wrong can tin)

photo 3 (2)


Was pressed for time so I’d used a the multi-grain bread, the remaining tuna mayo and tomatoes!


photo 3 (3)


One of the pre-made salad I got off-shelf from Cold Storage…doesnt really taste that good because of the lack of dressing…and am not a fan of carrots, which were quite hard.

photo 4 (2)


And in the pre-made pack, it contains wild roquette too, which is quite bitter compared to other veggies but here’s why you should try them out!

You may consider reducing its bitterness using those dressings I’ve mentioned above.

photo 3


I bought 2 packets so I had to finish up the other one before it expires.

Decided to improvise for better taste so I’d added raisins and tuna chunks! These tuna chunks came in olive oil so I just added a little into the salad as its dressing! How convenient right? 🙂



And besides veggie salads, you can have fruits salad too.

I think it should be alright to add fruits and veggies together as a mixed salad… 🙂


photo 4 (3)

Of course, if you’ve read my previous post on tips on losing weight, you would know that in order to lose weight, you’ve to reduce your calorie intake and increase your calorie output….by exercising!

So you need to starve yourself, just reduce the serving portion or choose healthier alternatives that contain less carbs, sugar, fats!

Exercising regularly perhaps twice to thrice a week would expedite your weight loss target too! I’m still kinda lacking in this because weekdays are a little tough to have my evening run… Remember to do your cardio AND strength training to tone up those flabs 🙂

Hope this helps you in staying healthy and/or losing weight!

Remember that the saying “NO PAIN NO GAIN” is really true! 😀

Food Review – Brotzeit

Had dinner at Brotzeit with the girls 2 weeks ago to celebrate 1 of their bday in advance 🙂

Photo 07-05-2013 06 52 56 PM

What’s a celebration without booze? We ordered original ones in 0.5 pint. Can’t remember the names because they were all german beers.

Photo 07-05-2013 07 04 25 PM

The sausages were alright except for the whitest one, it was mashy and disgusting. We didn’t finish that.

Photo 07-05-2013 07 04 32 PM

The pizza was alright but not for those who can’t take spicy, like me, because I fell into the chilli traps a few times because they were hidden inside, and then now when I relook at the picture above, besides the small green ones, the huge red ones are chillis too! OMG. How blind can I get? I’d thought they were tomatoes.

Photo 07-05-2013 07 04 39 PM

The fries were the tastiest! Not sure if they were truffle fries but they were comparable to mac fries! Highly addictive too! 😀

And this is us 🙂

Photo 07-05-2013 07 09 07 PM

Thanks for the invitation girls, really appreciate it. xoxo.

Dian Xiao Er + Sungei Buloh

Hope you guys had an enjoyable weekend again!

By the way, there’s a long weekend nearing with Good Friday falling on a… Friday?

I’ve no plans as of now, but I guess I will have to start cramming up for my upcoming exams! 😦

Nevertheless, celebrated 2 friends’  bday last Friday at Dian Xiao Er. For those who know, Dian Xiao Er is famous for their duck dishes.

There were 11 pax of us and we ordered Family Set for 10 pax.

Ap0logies for the size of the images. I have no idea what went wrong. Resizing doesn’t help either. 😦

I had a hard time chewing on the duck, especially on the skin and the ribs due to my braces. The fish was quite tasteless as well. The veggies were alright but the prawns were not fresh. But this was the branch at Tampines 1.

Overall rating :

Dian Xiao Er

10 Tampines Central 1,
#04-07/08, Tampines One,
Singapore 529536
Telephone: 6783 6068


Bf wanted to participate in my company’s event to Sungei Buloh. It was not sponsored and neither was it compulsory as well.

I guess it’s a different experience from the usual dating all together 🙂

Thank god for the nice weather. It wasn’t hot and sunny in the morning but started to be when approaching 12 noon.

Monitor lizard. I squatted to get near to it for a close-up. How brave I was.

Several fishes. Wonder why the croc doesn’t eat them?

Okay, this might sound silly. I could actually see the little bird up in the tree when I snapped this, but now I can’t even find a single thing in this picture! :S

That’s my beloved adjusting his camera settings 🙂


Hidden croc.

Close-up. Submerging in the river.

Croc went up to us real close. Of course it was few metres away above the bridge where we were. Our guide, Allan who is 65 years old and a friendly guy, told us that this is the first time he had encountered the croc coming so close.

He has been a guide for the past 20 years by the way.

A little while bird.

This is Allan. He’s 65 and still as hearty as ever. He arranges trips to Malaysia as well and is very meticulous in looking out for creatures and plants in the wild nature.

Can you spot the frog?

Some artwork by kids.

Pencil roots.

I love these scenic views.

Spotted a huge mud skipper.

I’d thought the signs were interesting.

Very hot as it reached 12nn, couldn’t take it so had to tie up my hair.

Us 🙂

Monitor lizards swimming ard when we were abt to return.

And they were resting. 2 of them fought over the resting raft.

The view back. Say hello JB!

I know the photos are reeaaalllyy damn small. I will be uploading the pictures on my facebook page, so if you’ve not followed me yet, do so soon!

And other with other social media apps :

Facebook page : www.facebook.com/JeanGanBlogger
Twitter user ID : shootingstar_18
Instagram user ID : shootingstar18


Met up with my good friend while the bf was out for his friend’s stag night (groom-to-be).

Thanks for reading! 🙂



Valentine’s Day Celebration!

Phew! It has been quite a busy week for me with all the CNY and Valetine’s Day celebrations. So much so that my dark circles are getting the better of me. In actual fact, they are taking over my life. 😦

On a cheery note, let me recap on what’s in for me on V Day 4 days ago! 🙂

Bf reserved a table for two at Beach Cabana (location stated in the menu below) early this Feb during  1 of his friend’s bday celebration.

I would say it’s quite value for money! 🙂

Here’s the menu :

Bf took the steak while I had the fish. 2 reasons for my choice was because firstly, I’m more of a fish over steak person and secondly, I can’t chew well with my braces.

The food tasted acceptably well and satisfactory.

Ambience-wise, it was ok. Located at East Coast Park, you can expect sea breeze and dining in an outdoor experience. Only thing was, it was raining. I mean almost the whole of Feb was pouring and still continuing to do so! It’s really a hassle when you intend to head out during this CNY period as well. And worse is, CABS ARE ALMOST NON-EXISTENT!!!

Back to topic, we witnessed a toad hopping around the cafe, but it was alright because it seemed harmless and it was about 1m away from us.

We were welcomed with a bouquet of roses at the table.

Bf didn’t get me any flowers because not all girls expect them on Vday, you know? Moreover, he did present me a bouquet of blue roses for our V day last year 🙂

We think that it’s such a waste of money because they don’t last and usually, keep dried flowers attract icky insects and eventually they would have to be thrown away. Totally not worth it.

In addition, we merely had this simple V Day dinner together and agreed not to buy any gifts for each other. We would rather spend it on our upcoming 5th Anniversary! 🙂

Guess that’s more private, personal and special to us than the commercialised day on 14th Feb 🙂

I had champagne while bf had white wine. Not really a fan of wine. The white wine tasted like a mixture of beer and liquor together. But since bf said wines are beneficial to health, I took some several sips. Haha!

We were first served with our appetizers. Scallops and cream of mushroom soup! You may refer to the menu above for the actual full name.

Both tasted good. Was satisfied 🙂

Close-up view of the scallops!

The only thing that annoyed me a little was that the shell was broken and a piece of its remnant was hidden with the sauce and scallop meat and I had chewed on it. Other than that, they were fine, though too little in quantity, haha!

And before our mains arrived, we toasted and cheered for our everlasting love! 🙂

Here comes bf’s steak with pepper sauce. The beady balls are pepper. I preferred his mushroom than mine.

The beef was quite chewy and was served as well-done as requested. But I had a little difficulty in chewing it completely before swallowing it down.

Portion was alright but don’t expect those thick slab ones.

And this is my main dish.

It was rather small in portion. The asparagus were alright, not too hard in my opinion. My mushrooms were a tad too little for one’s consumption and they were sauteed and dried, instead of those served with bf’s main.

This was the dessert – named Coffee Panna Cotta. This was the main disappointment I faced. It was quite small, though I didn’t manage to finish it. It tasted like mousse cake sort of texture and softness. The brown seed was a coffee seed. I wasn’t very satisfied by ending my dinner with this.

Realised we didn’t manage to snap a picture of V Day but decorated 1 of our CNY pics anyway 🙂

Thank you for the wonderful Valetine’s Day dinner as well as our quality time well-spent! 🙂

I hope your Valetine’s Day was as fabulous as mine!

For all those singles out there, fret not. Don’t rush into any relationships just because you are feeling lonely or left out.

Take your time to understand the other party before committing to prevent complications.

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My (Advance) Bday Present!

Yipeee! I’m so elated with my new gadget which my beloved bf bought it for my bday present in advance! My bday’s is just next week, while part of me looks forward to it (mainly due to the forthcoming presents and it’s a happy occasion), another part of me is dreading it as well for contradictory reasons – I’M GETTING OLD!

Mentioned before that it’s gonna be my quarter-life crisis and while I’m honest and courageous enough to reveal my age, though not explicitly, there’s something pulling me back all together as well. I think I’ve finally understood how other women feel when asked of their age. As you age, you are just not that ready to disclose your age anymore. Come the next year and the subsequent years to come, I’ll just keep my lips sealed tightly… unless you take note of the calculation from now. Haha!

Nevertheless, I had an enjoyable weekend last week, with Friday going to St James (impromptu decision), bought my present on Saturday and stay home on Sunday for movie marathons! 😀

Thank you love! 🙂

Movie marathon with Starbucks Mocha Frappe Venti! 😀

We watched Cold War, Frankenweenie and The Watch ! Honestly, I love stay home weekends like these. Quality time well-spent together, I must say. Plus, it helps us to save money too! Or more particularly, it’s because we are broke already… HAHA!

But yes, we are saving up for our own individual future as well as our future together 🙂 ❤

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself and by enjoying, I mean away from work, studies and basically stress. When you’re entrenched in a relaxed mood, weekends just fly by, every-single-time. I loathe that.

Recalling that bf is leaving for bkk soon for 5 days, I’ll be missing him then. A weekend without him seems a little meaningless. But on a brighter note, I’ll be going on a shopping spree with my bestie! 😀

And hopefully to get myself occupied on days like these and learn to be more independent, no? 😉

Plus, am looking forward to my bday celebration with him and my family! And CNY! And V day! And our 5th anniversary come March!

Hopefully things will turn out perfectly fine for us this coming new year 🙂

I love you ❤

I think this picture is sooo cute and true! 😀